After Action Reporting

July 13, 2018:

A small meeting of X-People to talk about the recent conflict with the enhanced Purifiers

Xavier's Mansion


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Originally Nate wanted to wait until Jean or Scott were available. But really, he wants to leave New York again tonight and they can watch the video of the meeting. Besides, Rogue is here, and she is a senior member, so it works.

Despite Cable having vanished again. Damn guy. He can't even find him telepathically, and that is bad considering they are pretty much the same person.

"So yeah, we should have more people here, but I think this business is pressing. The Purifiers are all about getting the highest mutant body count possible." He grabs the closest chair and clickclicks on a tablet, sending a report into the X-Men intranet. "I have been talking to the imprisoned mutants. Happens three of them are inhumans, so it looks like those assholes are also after them."

Rogue looks around at the others from her chair and then sits up a little higher. "I haven't had any involvement in any'a this outside of a scout trip north'a here to a strip mall where Scott'n Lorna'n I were about t'start a thing, but…" She glance sin Polaris' direction. "A situation started with Lorna's pregnancy and we had t'get out before we were able to find any real information out. Which was unfortunate cause I think I was gettin' on one'a their good sides when shit went south and we had'ta bail."
Rogue reaches forward and picks up a cup of peanuts she'd brought with her to the meeting area. "I'm happy t'go back and poke around any time though, but I gotta be kept in the loop. Otherwise… I mean… I didn't even know we had any prisoners. Or captives, or whatever we're callin' em these days."

"….Hi," Dr. Banner says relatively brightly as he comes into the room, hesitating by the door. He has a cup of coffee, a tablet and a standard notepad. He looks in, moving aside a little to not block others from coming in with confidence behind him. He has a disoriented awkwardness to him, as if unsure if he should be present or not: but he did get the memo to show up. And so, here he is. He comes in, finally, picking a chair to one side.

Lorna had been in the thick of things, all the things. From scouting, to go into the field (more than she should really), or sending messages to Genosha to reference to their intel against what the X-men had (this she really never let on, save to Logan). But results had been spotty, if not pure chaos. She'd spent many sleepless nights pouring over information repeatedly and coming up short. There was simply too much yet unknown to make any clear assumptions or answer the big questions.

She'd gone with the party to raid the island connected to Trask along with Nate and crew. And she'd come back late. It was decidedly a good thing Marcos was back and able to shoulder watching baby Aurora once more as other X-men came and went.

The green haired magnokinetic sighed as she sat back in a chair, her arms full of a fussing Aurora, the blue haired infant constantly spitting out her pacifier and crying when it fell. Green eyes flickered toward Marcos as the thing went flying toward him. "Your turn." She drawled, as it landed by his feet.

Her focus returned to the subject at hand, pursing her lips as Rogue mentioned the last scouting mission they'd gone on.

"Hey, blame this one. Not me." She shrugged and exhaled a breath. "We've been trying to track down leads on Trask's facilities. The collars most particularly.. though what we found the other day, was completely different."

Marcos Arrived with Lorna to this meeting room as he tried to comfort baby Aurora as she made a bit of a fuss, as he had the usual gift of being able to do so. But of course, the baby spits out it's Pacifier, picking it up and cleaning it off with his shirt before offering it back to their child, wanting to see the baby smile…which sometimes happened when he just looked at it.

But, he needs to be focused on this.

He wasn't a part of the raiding party, but Lorna told him bits and pieces about it when she got back, so now he has a chance to hear the whole story as he took his seat next to Lorna, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as he looked on.

"Different? Different how?" Marcos looks to Bruce and gives him a bit of a nod and wave with his free hand while he also looks to Rogue. Lastly back to Nate. "Inhumans? Geez, sounds like they just don't like anything that isn't strictly a boring, non-powered human."

"Yeah, this could be related," states Nate, looking at Lorna. "Those mutants were collared. Although I think they were older model inhibitor collars, not the new Trask stuff."

To be honest Striker's Purifiers are about the only group of anti-mutant fanatics that did not seem involved in Genosha, but Nate suspect Striker was just too clever to get caught there. After four years the DEO seems unable to link him to the Purifiers.

"What we found was… well, looks like the Purifiers were trying to find out what diseases and poison works the best in killing mutants," explains Nate. "Which is bad enough, although I think all the rescues will survive. But what was unusual is that three of the Purifiers had superpowers. Strength, speed, regeneration and heat powers. One of them stood up Colossus for a while. Then he exploded when dead. We couldn't get any of those superhumans alive, although I think we captured one of the Reavers. Cable got him. And Kitty got some info out of their computers."

Rogue raises her hand up from her cup of peanuts to wiggle a few gloved fingers at Doctor Banner when he makes his appearance, she smiles at him pleasantly and then glances back down to her salted treats. Her head shakes though as she listens to the others, Lorna in particular. "I don't blame ya at all, Fried Green Tomatoes." She says back to the Lorna lady. "You had a complication with your pregnancy, it was completely outta your control. Just bad timin' is all."

Rogue looks over to the baby with Eclipse when he sits down next to Polaris and the southern gal just does that 'awwww' sort've thing. "Little Marie is lookin' so cute t'day." She says, showcasing a slick grin, knowing full well thats not the kid's name, but in her world? Maybe…

"Sounds like everybody did a good job in that situation then. I hope Colossus is okay… I know its summ'ah though, and I try t'stay away from him this time'a year. You could stand Pete out in the sun for five minutes and cook a steak on him." She pops another peanut in her mouth then.

"So are these fellas related t'the ones that attacked the school? That day that Remy's leg snapped like a twig when the cannon got dropped on him?"

Dr. Banner adjusts his coffee cup a little with his fingertips and looks attentive at least. He makes notes. Purifiers - Imprisoned mutants. Three. Scout trip at mall - Didn't go well. Trask facilities - attempting to find them. Collars (?). He smiles a little bit towards the baby, but otherwise just listens. At least, until Nate brings up that they have maybe a Reaver.

"Do we have samples, scans, anything from the Reaver I can dig into, if not an actual person?" the scientist asks hopefully. Of course the biology interests Dr. Banner.

Lorna's lips twitched faintly at Rogue, even as she shifted Aurora over to her side to rock gently as Marcos returned the pacifier again. At least this time it seemed to stay. "I always time everything to be at the worst possible moment." She grinned, her voice dry and bemused as she leaned back into her husband's frame beside her. Green eyes flickered toward Nate and she shrugged.

"Look, I assume they all hate us and they're working together in destroying us, or at least, I'm sure they'd love to work together.." She muttered, her expression turning sour.

"I hadn't thought of the group that attacked, but it makes sense? These guys though, they had super heating abilities and could take a hit. I had molten metal going through 'em and they kept coming at me. Still stopped at a bullet through their head though.." She exhaled a breath, looking to Banner. "The Brotherhood sort of blew up the facilities, the whole island, actually.. So the bodies are.." She made motion with her free hand.

Marcos seems to look at Dr. Banner, perhaps just a little bit disturbed at his offer to analyze an actual person…hopefully he doesn't intend to dissect. Anyway. Marcos historically is untrusting of doctors. Nevertheless, he happily holds Aurora between himself and Lorna, simply happy to just listen to the happenings around him. With that in mind, he looks to Nate as he speaks. "wait..powered people among the purifiers? is this a 'enemy of my enemy' kind of thing or a mind-control deal?" He asks curiously.

Because purifiers are already hypocrites, but this is the big proof of evidence.

"diseases and poisons huh? Hm." he seems to ponder this with a shake of his head, looking to Aurora before he looks to Rogue with a smile on his face. "Thank you. I think she might be trouble though in her teen years if she ends up with her mother's looks…" he teases just lightly in a side whisper before his eyes are back on topic.

A bunch of good questions. Sadly Nate does not have many answers. "I don't know, Rogue. We have not found yet any solid link between Trask and the Purifiers, but my guts tell me it must be there. Cyke was quite sure Trask is behind the fake Brotherhood."

Ignoring Aurora at the moment. Seriously Lorna, bringing a baby to this kind of meeting? Sheesh, wait until she is older (say, about 10) before taking her into discussions about murderous fanatics, kidnapping and war crimes.

As for Banner question, at least he has something for him. "Yeah, it is in the report. The Reaver goes by Cutter. Extensive cyborg enhancements to one arm and both legs. One of which is fairly mangled thanks to Hope. His memories are scrambled, so unless Jean can fix that we still don't know where they get the cybernetic enhancements. He is a bigot, probably a psychopath. No regrets or empathy about the kidnappings and experiments they were doing."

A nod to Marcos. Of course they are hypocrites. And mutants are immune or very resistant to half the diseases that afflict humankind, but there are still plenty of them that can harm mutants.

Feeling a little out of the loop on information, Rogue's mind just goes to the most simplistic of anwers. "Trask is some kinda mad scientist? Like out've a movie, yeah?" She says, setting the cup of peanuts down between her thighs, she dusts her fingertips off together and then grabs hold of her gloves which were laying over the arm of her chair. "And he doesn't like Mutants… And… he knows that this school has a buncha mutants at it. So…." Her eyes look around at the others. "I mean, I don't think its a leap t'assume that this sonovabitch is manufacturin' Frankenstein monsters t'throw at us and see which one finally manages t'wipe us out. Then he can probably take them mainstream and start workin' on the rest'a the planet!"

Her head shakes side to sides, the white bangs framing her face waving gently as she does so whilst glancing down in front of her knees. "We should just find the A-hole, go over there and bust up all his nerdy lab shit." And her eyes then look over at Banner. "No offense, Doc."

Dr. Banner misses the look that Marcus gave him, but Bruce tends to collect distrustful stares most of the time, so it may have been just taken in stride as usual anyway. He had his attention in his tablet, starting to fiddle with it. "'The report'. How can I get access to the report, please?" Banner asks, politely. "I'll have to submit also a request to see what…. You said someone named Kitty - found? Is Kitty here?" he inquires. All the questions.

Bruce chuckles a little at Rogue's statement. "I agree with you right now, actually. I'm willing to try to bust some 'nerd shit,'" Bruce says, in his gentle way, which makes the swearword slightly ridiculous sounding.

Lorna exhaled a breath, rocking Aurora back and forth carefully. "We don't have anything solid anywhere. We know Trask, his facilities, studies.. whatever, there's a bunch of reports Nate on him going back, right?" She glanced back to Banner and exhaled. "We have collars, new ones, more effective. We have fake mutants that attacked the mansion. We have Genoshan Scientists that helped run their tech and mutate program here in the US now.. We have this facility, and the thing more local, that Scott had us looking into. The last two had ties to Purifiers. So, all of this is very nebulous right now. A lot of anti-mutant hate groups out there. How interconnected they are or aren't.. we need more information to know. Basically. We also aren't sure where all these labs are, or might be. Only a few hints to investigate and follow through. Right?" She tilted her head, glancing to Nate to be sure she covered it all.

It was a lot. So many people hated them.

Green eyes dipped down to Aurora in her arms and her jaw tightened.

Marcos seems to just remain quiet then, holding Aurora in his arms completely as he rocks the baby in his arms as if to calm the hcild further. "There you go baby, shhhh." he says with a smile on his face in whispers to he and Lorna's daughter, before he looks over to his wife as she speaks, tilting his head lightly. "Well, guess we follow the leads. Unless on the off chance we have a mole somewhere around here? No? Okay." He says with a bit of humor on his face.

"Hey, if you can bust out the nerdage, that'd be great Doc." he says to Bruce before his eyes shift to Rogue as she speaks. "Pretty much. I'd make the same guess." he agrees with Rogue before his eyes look to Nate as he speaks.

"Hm. Well, they always do resort to experimentation. Mutants, other people…just sick." he says with a shake of his head before he falls into silence.

"Actually I heard Bolivar Trask is an anthropologist that wrote a book about the danger of mutants years ago, about the time Xavier opened the school, but it seems he is also a very wealthy guy," explains Nate. No, he might not have all the facts right either. "And currently the mouthpiece of Trask Industries is Simon Trask, who pretty much parrots Graydon Creed. But Bolivar came with the idea of building Sentinels," so maybe Bolivar is a mad genius. Anthropologists shouldn't have the skills to build giant robots, right? Definitely there is some kind of secret story there to investigate.

He returns to his tablet and sends Banner the report he wants. If the good doctor didn't have the clearance Nate will weather Scott scolding with his usual aplomb. "I don't know where Kitty is. Lately she hangs out in Gotham, I think."

Lorna gets a glance and the young man nods. Nate is quite sure they are all linked. But proving it has been impossible so far.

"Nerd rage can be frightening," Bruce deadpans with a smile back to Marcus. He takes in the whole of the sheer amount of hatred that Lorna is describing, from the variety of sources. It's hard to cope with all of that all at once, but he does continue to take his notes, a sadness behind the attempt to stay focused on the content itself. And the assessment about Marcus on experimentation makes his jaw tense. Ouch.

"Hopefully we can understand what they're doing, and how to best stop them," is what Banner has to say aloud. "Before things get worse. I'll do what I can; I know I'm not one of the X-Men, but I'm here to help however I'm able with whatever information I'm provided," Bruce offers.

Lorna's lips remained pursed as she rolled her shoulders back, passing Aurora off completely to Marcos as she squirmed and wriggled unhappily otherwise. The pacifier once again spat out. The green haired mutant crossed her now freed arms, sitting up a little straighter. "Mad scientists, anthropologist.. whatever bigoted ass is all it really boils down to." She rubbed the bridge of her nose, glancing toward Banner.

"Well at least we can fight science with science, yeah? That's gotta be a point on our side. I can try to track down someone from the Brotherhood that'll talk to me. See if they have anything we missed. I don't really care what Scott will say on it. These are dangerous people to ignore. We managed to work well enough this time. It can't hurt to compare notes." She muttered.

A glance spared toward Nate. "Unless you've got other ideas for me to run down in the mean time?"

Marcos picked up the pacifier and stuck it back in Aurora's mouth. For now, everything was good and well, so as he listens to everything goin on, opinions seem to be spoken for him, and thus he falls into silence, happy to seemingly be background noise. He stays close to Lorna, though as she speaks, he takes a small nod. "Alright. It's dangerous, but you could try." she has the connections at least. Though his eyes then look to Banner.

Huh, learn something new everyday.

Nate doesn't have any other decent idea. And he doesn't disapprove Lorna being in contact with the Brotherhood. As long it is not Magneto. Magneto is a bad influence to Lorna, in his humble opinion. "Yeah, you know what Scott would say about that. But I am not saying anything," he offers the green-haired girl a grin and stands up. "Meeting adjourned, or whatever. Good hunting, people."

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