A Comedy Of Errors

July 11, 2018:

On a mission to rescue mutants from horrible testing facilities, the X-Men run into the Brotherhood (+Jessica Jones), who are there for 'that reason, but also another one.' Complications ensue. GMed by Peter Quill.

A Tiny Island in the Pacific


NPCs: Many, most of them terrible


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Fade In…

The legacy of Bolivar Trask lives on. In all of its disturbing glory.

The chaos of the fall of Genosha helped to mask the families rise to prominence in North America. The mutant controversy has swelled the power of the family as they push for registration and arrests. As they push for worse than that. Always though, always they maintain the high road. They don't /hate/ mutants. They wish to save them?

…some people know just how much of a lie that is?

…in the pacific. On a tiny island under the sun sits an abandoned military base. At some point in world war two it was used as a supply point. A no name base on a no name island in the middle of nowhere. Buildings rust in the sun. Collapsed fencing half reclaimed by sand. No nothing /should/ be there?

Which is why finding a trio of figures in paramilitary fatigues sitting outside the largest remaining upright structure playing cards is odd. Weapons lie against the card table as the trio quietly passes the time.

It took a lot of work to find this island. For some it was chasing down leads. For others is a quietly ghosting in where none others should be. It was dragging information out of zealots and sifting through reams of data and information on weapons and mysterious shipments that seemed to just disappear between point A and point B. It was months of work to even find this place existed.

But now the hunters had a target. In that tumbledown wearhouse was a entrance to a bunker.

In the bunker? Who knows what horrors might await.

The trio outside are all armed. Top of the line assault weapons lean casually against the table. The door to the old werehousse sits almost invitingly open, just on the other side of the three guards.

…it looks so inviting. So easy.

It always starts off like that, doesn't it?

Constructed millions of years ago. Transported from the far-future. Graymalkin maneuvers as leviathan gliding beneath the surface of what is conventional reality. Settling into a geo-synchronous orbit above the island it begins to scan ?

The Danger Room flared to life. Photons constructing the distant reality. Assembling a facsimile of sand and sea. Soldiers playing cards. An inviting door.

Cable; Seemingly the technological fusion of a man and a cybernetic-weapons platform. Dressed first in combat fatigues and then overtop them he wears a chest piece that appears to be a naval warship's plate belt-armor that has been shaped to fit his torso and a similarly styled gorget has been affixed atop that to protect his neck and throat. Upon the left pauldron there is a squarish rocket-pod which looks to house at least a dozen futuristic missiles but otherwise his entire body bristles with pouches and bandoliers that appear to have a mix of back-up firearms, reserve ammunition, 30th century grenades, and anti-personnel mines.

He wield a meter long weapon that appears to be the fusion of a rifle

Taking his hand from his neck he puts the fingers of both hands together and then spreads. The simulation spirals as if suspending them in the atmosphere and giving a bird's eye view of the island.

"Shadowcat, I'm transporting you and Colossus to this location. Once you've materialized descend. If you find the hostages tag them with a transponder and radio for extraction." He points to a portion of the island behind the building which sends a shaft of orange light into the sky, "The rest of us will insert here," he indicates a point near the beach at the guard's six-o'clock, "Elf, Polaris, shield our advance. X-Man, cloud the guards. That will give us a few seconds."

"Get ready," and so they all collect together in two separate groups, "Body slide."

And they are all disassembled, digitized, and deposited on the shore.

Easy. If only everything was as easy as it looks at a glance. Along with the other X-Men, Shadowcat - dressed darkly for infiltration and with her hair tightly tied back into a braid about her head. Lockheed remains wrapped squarely around her shoulders like a purple tactical scarf…if such things came in designer alien dragon.

And so it is by Cable's plan that Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin sneak their way toward the designated area. Grabbing Piotr's hand she gives him a look. "Okay, this may be a long way down. Take a deep breath and keep a hold of me." She knows he already knows all this, but she can't help but remind him. If he lets go of her, he'll be killed in solid ground. If he loses oxygen, he'll suffocate even as she pulls him through the ground and into the bunker below them.

The signal is tucked safely into her bag and Lockheed gives a scaly thumbs up - well acquainted with Kitty's opening lecture.

"3…2…1…" And then Kitty takes a deep breath and the pair swiftly disappear into the ground.

The fact that Piotr's hunch paid off gave him only a very little satisfaction. They were finally able to track down the facility and get information that there was human testing, more accurately mutant testing, happening was far too disheartening. The heaviness of it has weighed on him throughout the planning process. His usual quiet stoic demeanor only growing more so over the days.

But though the day to do something about it has arrived. There is now less of a weightiness to Piotr's air, and more of a determination. He is dressed likewise in a darker combat uniform than the usual bright red and gold. It's sparse though, since he doesn't really require much in way of cover or armor.

The large metallic Russian smiles patiently as Kitty preps him for their entrance. They have done a similar maneuver enough times in the past that it is not necessary for her to detail it. However, it brings them both a sense of assurance to go over it again.

"Da Katya. I remember. And remember, when we find them, get them out for extraction. I will be fine in the meantime.."

Piotr assumes that he will have plenty of things to punch to keep him busy while Kitty handles any extractions. But he is a good passenger and takes a breath, and holds her hand as they sink down, down. down.

Bodyslide? Bah.

What happened to piloting the Blackbird? Nate loves piloting the Blackbird. Not that he ever gets to the pilot seat when Scott is around.

Still, he is starting to dislike this Bodyslide thing. Maybe because he is used to Illyana's stepping disks. Maybe because Graymalkin systems keep confusing him with Cable and messing up his psychic template. "Ugh, my eyes… feels like someone stabbed me," he comments/complains. "Lets see… quick psy-scan. Aha, I got three blips and…" he winces. "I think some kind of psi-shield - that explains why Cerebro was not scanning well this island. Anyway, who wants a mind-link?"

Down the pair sink into the ground. Past the sand, their tiny little icons worked out in Danger Room photons for all to see. Its a familiar tactic for the pair of them…

And then it of course all goes wrong.

Kitty hits the roof of the actual complex, thirty feet below ground. Worked into the side of the flow of the ancient volcano that makes up the island. She sinks past that roof and into the room below…

…and her and Piotr's icons flash and scatter into nothing. Communication goes down. Psi-links are scrambled. The pair down there is well and truly cut off from the rest of the X-men.

…and the room they are in…

Well it is a lab.

Full of computers and what looks to be chemical testing systems. The light that Kitty just phased though snap-crackle-pops as it fizzles out which causes the heads of a pair of science type people in lab coats shooting up to stare at the apprition.

One of them stands frozen.

The other one…


…the other one is a little high strung as he goes running for the door to the room. Screaming at the top of his lungs.

…which is when Kitty and Piotr might notice the little cross on his lapel of his labcoat.

Yay. Zelots.

"Okay, I admit I'm not totally familiar with how things work here, but we all know it's not going to be that simple, right?"

This is the contribution of a lone, young redhead rummaging around in an overlarge crate parked inside the Danger Room as it roams through the Shi'ar hardlight-constructed virtual reality of the inviting warehouse and its minimal security detail. She hasn't even bothered to look behind her yet since the first time. She doesn't really need to; she knows the lay of the land that they're allowed to see.

Hope Summers also knows it's also mostly tripe.

"Trasks might be weasels but they're not idiots. Most of the time." Most of these people are unfamiliar faces to Hope — the fact that they're not unfamiliar names, however, thanks to her countless history lessons, just somehow manages to heighten the feeling of distance she feels gathered around all of them. It's like going back in time and meeting Abraham Lincoln going on shopping sprees and living it up at a barbecue. Disquietingly surreal, meeting historical figures in the flesh.

"One way or another, we're going into the crunch the second we go in there, right Nathan? We're basically walking into a shitstorm with eyes wide open."

Which doesn't stop her from speaking her mind, of course.

Red brows knit inward. Lips press together in a thin line of consternation as the sound of shifting metal fills the air as things are shoved aside. And then, her expression brightens. Brows lift, an exuberant smile splits her lips.

And up she stands.

Holding the biggest, ninetiesest gun that has ever existed.

"So that means I can bring Big Bertha, right—?"

Seriously, it's almost as tall as she is.

She's honestly not listening to any dissent, either, because she is still holding onto that thing like a death's grip the second they bodyslide.

New to this world. New to the mission. New to having allies in such a strange place. New to… did Cable just call her 'Elf'? It sends her blinking into reverie, perhaps in a way that might suggest she is offended, and yet such is the brusque nature of this half-metal man that she could hardly call it surprising.

Istriel found she had more than one name not long ago, and as other code names dance in the air as a plan is spun and teams sent to task, she takes no umbrage to this new title, given with little love but great purpose.

"As you wish, Lord Cable."

The plan is set, but something tugs at her mind as these people, so accepting after she was responsible for destroying their wading pond, had taken her in.

And so she looks to Hope Summers as she draws forth her weapon.

"No doubt named for Idraneth Bertha, a Hobgoblin warrior of great stature. Indeed, I believe she rose to a prominence most approximate to your shot-thrower, which seems as long as she was tall." Every word brings her a step closer, graceful in all the ways fairytales tell of her kind. "But before we ride to battle on wings of magic and owe, I heard of the loss you suffered in saving my life, Hope, born to Summer. I pay recompense, meager but well intentioned."

As if from nowhere, she produces a small cask of paper, scrawled in strange adornments. A '7' overlaid with the word 'Eleven', red in color and holding an aroma not all that different from something at the BBQ.

The lid to said cask opens, showing the Big Bite Hot Dog within.

And then the bodyslide takes them, and be it throwing a fit at the magic she pulled the treat from, or otherwise showing incompatibility with something made from volatile materials, the whole of the hotdog remains behind, floating in silence for half a second before falling to the ground with a bounce.

When Istriel arrives opposite Hope, she can only look down and stare in brow-raising sorrow.

Kitty has nothing against the Blackbird. In fact, it is quite a good way to travel. She may, in fact, be wishing for its escape as she and Piotr drop from the ceiling right into the lab, scaring the lab zealots as one freezes in horror and the other screams bloody murder. The mind link she agreed to with Nate Grey is suddenly broken.

Even, as they fall, Lockheed leaps off of Kitty's shoulders, becoming tangible. That really doesn't do much to help what may or may not need to be their 'non-demon' arguments. Frankly, she doesn't care. These murdering scientists can think of her as a demon if they wish. As soon as she touches the ground, she lets go of Piotr, allowing him to do as he wishes unimpeded. Her own actions involve running right through the counters in her single minded pursuit of the lab technician. Once close enough, she makes her hand solid. Reaching out, she grabs the rabbiting scientist by the collar and yanks him back and throw him away from the door where he is attempting to escape.

The thing about tiny tropical islands is that they're not usually that dense with the vegetation. Especially not on the beach. On a shore like this, you can see for miles, much less 'just over there to where the bunker squats, foreboding and invitingly open.'

Therefore, it's pretty easy to see it when a distant flash of red light sparks far down the beach. Four new life readings appear. They are still for a moment… and then one of them moves fast.

Really fast.

A sharp wind blows past the guards and through the open warehouse door behind them. One of them loses his cards, and reaches down under the table for them with a grumble. "I told you we should have closed the door," he complains, unaware. "it's fuckin drafty."

A second later, the three remaining figures translocate. They are now within the bunker. Not too far within, certainly not all the way to where Kitty and Piotr are. They're just in a storage room off a hallway not far from the exit, beside a flight of rickety stairs heading downwards.

"I think I saw some others arriving," says Quicksilver to his companions, already shouldering open the door to check the hall. "Move fast."

From the big man's perspective Piotr sees nothing wrong with their entrance. He has no idea that their comms are cut off, and that anything is amiss. The cutting of the mind link does cause him a momentary concern but he expects something may have distracted the telepath up top. The frying of electrical components is just one of the on the job hazards the has come to expect from this mode of travel so he doesn't even blink his gleaming metallic ball bearing eyes.

"Demons?" Piotr looks over his shoulder and sniffs? "I did not think Nightcrawler is on this mission." But the big guy can always hope, right? But then he sees the cross and realizes with an eye roll that the idiot means him and Kitty. "Oh. Ridiculous. We did not even step through limbo… this time."

Piotr solidifies and glances at Kitty who takes off after their rabbit, or screaming goat of a scientist. He instead quietly approaches the one who did not run. It doesn't take much for a 7 foot tall man of steel with ridiculous muscles to be intimidating, particularly to those who already hate and fear his kind, but the furrowed brow and quiet voice are certainly effective too. He attempts to lift up the man with one hand, pull him close to his face and ask him calmly, quietly

"Where are the mutants being held? You have one chance."

One of the four figures that arrives with the Brotherhood is one Jessica Jones. She has donned bulletproof clothes for this affair, as well one might, though thanks to Tony's long-ago help these just look like her normal street clothes. Jeans. Grey-tee shirt. Leather jacket. Combat boots. Fingerless gloves, the taser type, currently inactive. Were one to look really closely they'd see she's wearing a gun holster too, but the weapon itself is undrawn, concealed beneath her jacket.

When they arrive she looks just a little green around the gills. She presses her hand to her mouth for just a brief second, then drops it. Certain modes of transportation have never agreed with her. Guess where teleportation falls on that list?

'Move fast,' Pietro says, and a somewhat wry look passes over her features. Still, she doesn't waste time, falling into step with the rest of her party, features settling into a look of grim determination.

"Oh my god! Fine! I'll shut the damn door!" Complains goob two as he flings down his cards and turns towards the open door. "Just cause I'm on a winning streak…" His back is towards the beach…

…his friends though are now not distracted by the game. Now peering around. Bored. Not really alert. Which is why when they spy people on the beach they stare…

…not knowing at all that someone just superspeeded past them.

"Hey…is someone there?!"

…that poor man.



Kitty scruffs the running scientist by the back of his neck cutting his screams short as he is hurled back into the room. She stopped him from causing an alarm!

…which is about when all the science equipment she just ran though starts to spark. Some of it explodes. One of the beakers catch on fire to poor thick acrid smoke into the room.

…and the fire alarm goes off. Drenching the whole room.

And now there may be a commotion in the hall.

And smoke filling up Kitty and Piotr's room.

The other lab tech takes one look at Piotr. "…d—demons inside you…." He squeaks and then just faints dead away.

7 foot tall metal men just is too much for that lab tech.


…Jessica heads down the stairs, they shift under her weight but at the bottom of the next floor she sees something that might be difficult to get by.

A massive security door. High tech. Super tech even. Ten feet tall, six feet wide. With some kind of super-tech scanner system for a lock.

It's going to take more than a credit card.

Just before departure Cable had smiled at Hope, "Of course you can, Pumpkin," and then sing-songs in familiar nursery rhyme, "without a *Die*-nce-/phalon/ a man /fails-on/-*death*." No reflexive shot.

In a cascade of energy. The Askani'son appears on enemy soil. Meter-long gun at the ready and braced wholly upon his robotic limb he moves forward with slow even steps that roll over one another. The rush of air past the guards is not unmissed as robotic eye captures a single blurred image and relays it about his brain.

"The Brotherhood," Cable announces as human hand pulls a small black sphere from his bandolier, "is on-scene. They are /friendlies/." He tosses the object, "/Friendlies/ unless they move against us."

The light-weight device lands at the center of the table. It's surface rippling in spikes that erupt in a silent *SHUNK* impaling all the men with seven-inches of sharpened morphogenic material through the face, throat, and diencephalon.

Translocation is something Frenzy is used to, but doesn't necessarily like. So, when she arrives upon the island the woman gives herself a subtle twitch and then a second as they teleport again.

The storage closet they reappear within causes the woman to glower slightly - affronted with the closet itself. Thankfully that thought slides away as her gaze turns to Pietro and Wanda and then Jessica. It's really Jess that gets the longest look as she considers the vaguely green around the gills woman. "Breathe." Is all Joanna Cargill says, before her gaze shifts to Pietro. "Yes." Then the group moves and when Frenzy steps out into the hallway her gaze sweeps the length, going for the rickety stairs. With (perhaps surprisingly) light steps, Frenzy quickly makes her way down those steps behind Jessica Jones and when that door is seen Frenzy smiles.

"I got this." She states to the group and then, the woman with the muscle steps right up to the security door. Briefly Frenzy touches the door with her fingertips and then, with very little fanfare, the Strong Arm of the Brotherhood brings her arm back before she sling-shots it forward, aiming to punch the security door with all her might.

Lorna was a little disoriented as they slid onto the island, but at least she'd been prepared for it. She caught herself quickly enough, though she vaguely missed other means of travel, but generally was happy to not be on the Blackbird. Unlike Nate, she rather hated traveling by airplane. Any kind of plane really. Still, she was ready for their arrival, magnetic fields bursting into a protective field around her and those nearest to her.

Her hands stretched out, helping her to bolster and focus, just in case. One directing a localized EMP through the area, cutting most cell reception, and cameras that typically made up security. Surprise flickered to life on her features as Cable called out The Brotherhood's presence and further more… deemed them allies? Well, that certainly made her life easier.

"Gotcha there." She murmured, following along as she glanced warily around the beach. At least she was finally doing something, she felt productive for the first time in a long time. She felt useful. Bunkers she had experience with. Granted those had been with Magistrates.. but still. Experience was useful.

As that silvery blur blinks by, and provides spatial coordinates and a stationary spot for a certain hex —

— a doorway opens from swirling scarlet, lighting the dark with its ambient light. A teleportation entrance, sculpted in that swirling, ethereal power, admits first Jessica Jones, then, patiently, Frenzy.

Finally, the Scarlet Witch passes through, her eyes glowing red, her outstretched hands pushing the walls of her wormhole wider, before she simply lets go — and lets the doorway fade at her back.

While others come dressed for war, efficiently and durably, the Witch wears a different sort of armor: one of her black dresses, steeped with a cloak that runs red down her back like gouting blood. The beads of her headdress shine against her dark hair.

The glowing light fades from her eyes, though her irises still shine scarlet, turning about and back — seeing the things she does. The Witch senses much, but there is little time to let herself astray. She stands behind the far more physical presences of Quicksilver, Jessica Jones, and Frenzy, similarly — momentarily — stopped by that security door.

The Scarlet Witch is patient, hands twined at her back. "Ladies, if you please," she requests. And Frenzy is already obliging.

"I lost Shadowcat and Colossus," mentions Nate, rubbing his eyes. "They are inside the psi-screened area, I guess. Comms should work," except no, they don't. He grunts, feeling for an instant a few more minds blurring. Four?

Quietly, he touches the three poker players. See nothing, hear nothing, and keep playing. "We might have… some other guests. I'm not trying to push to find them, but…"

But he thinks he knows two of those minds. More like knowing an eacho. Deja vu. Or maybe it is the incoming headache of the psi-screen. Not sure. The Brotherhood, says Cable. Aha. "They did an okay job with Trask's collar factory, I guess," grunts Nate.

Which basically means he thinks the X-Men are moving too slowly in that issue, by the way.

Hope all but beams for Cable's allowance. See? This is why Nathan is the best adoptive future apocalypse dad. She's about to say something, and then —

"Idobertha who now?"

At least Hope Summers is nothing if not honest in her blank-faced stare of zero recognition as Istriel regales her of the tale of the mighty Hobgoblin of great note.

"You mean like one of the goblins around New York during this era?" No, she really doesn't get it. But any confusion falls away as unimportant in the face of the greater mission — and, more importantly, in the face of that 7-Eleven gift box. She might recognize the label — 7-Elevens probably survived through most apocalypses. But that smell…!

Green eyes widen. She reaches outward with an almost tentative hand towards that opened box as the prize is revealed. "Seriously? But wait — I don't think we have time — "


And with that, they are all pulled apart by bits and reassembled in another part of the world nigh-instantaneously in a technological flourish of displacing matter that Hope has grown all too accustomed with. And by the time they rematerialize…

… Hope's hand is completing its motion grasping on to nothing more than empty air where once was a hot dog.


The frown that slowly settles over the redhead's lips is an eerily calm one as her fingers curl inward into a fist.

And that is precisely when she wheels around, yanking her weapon around to jam the butt of Big Bertha into the nose of the nearest guard, dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

She walks past, irritably, shooting him in the solar plexus as she goes.

It's fine. It's just a stun round.

She's not that angry.

Just close to it.

"… couldn't have just given that to me like five minutes ago huh…"

'Brotherhood' will register in a second. Right now she's just… grieving, as Nate (not Nathan) delives his news.

"If we can't get ahold of our people inside, should we send some of us in afterwards for backup…?"

Woe is the world as it falls before her, layered in despair made of various unrecognizable meats spun into a tube-shape. Now, gone. Gone like all of their futures, should they fail here today. It is not, however, until Hope dashes her namesake from Istriel's very breath that she feels the weight of her failure.

"I.. it is a simple matter to procure another, accept my most humble apologies a-"

Gunfire calls her reflex to action, arms churning through motion that might invoke the magical, and those attuned to such thing will feel her calling upon the leylines of the world for arcane speed. But only so that she might throw green and blue and white shields of hardlight into the way of their opposition, shielding allies as she races forward.

One step, two steps, Istriel uses the discs like a ladder as they crack and spiderweb with the force of hot lead, leading her high into the air so that she might spin arcane power into a ball of force that she lobs very much like a grenade.

Stunforce catches a man in the back, sending him for a tumbling sprawl directly in Hope's path, while Istriel's descent has her land next to Cable. "Lord Cable, Sir Grey-Fire, there i-"

It is with harrowed blink she stops, a tremor of eldritch power washing over her from somewhere within. "I sense a being of great power, perhaps arcane, perhaps divine. It's truth eludes me like something hiding behind a newly bloodied sky, streaking red as if to drown us all in power and death."

Gunfire rings out, but it is short lived.

The two guards at the table? Well they become pincushins in short order as Cable's grenade explodes. The third one turns just in time to see a giant rifle butt careening towards his face.


The sound of his nose crumpling as he falls might assuage some of Hope's rage. Even as she stuns him.

The X-team though /do/ hear something very loud at the end of Cable's shouted warning of the Brotherhood's presence. The scream of tortured metal as as half a security vault door caves inward under Frenzy's flurry of blows. Its an impressive display. Stunning even.

…and loud. Very. Very. Loud.

This isn't a stealth mission anymore ladies and gentlemen.

Alarms echo both in the werehouse and down below where Kitty and Piotr are now…well wet and smoky. The rubble of the door clears just enough to reveal scrambling figures in flowing dark cloaks emblazoned with a white cross. The hooded figures are armored and even before the dust of Frenzy's punches clear there is a disturbing click-hiss of a weapon being charged. Then twin gouts of fire roar out of the ruined doorway as the flame weapons spit death at the Brotherhood gathered there.


Gotta love these guys.

Well, a fire alarm is a different kind of chaos. It's not about intruders so much about what might be fire. Smashing the lab assistant against a counter to knock him unconscious, she looks to Piotr and then the lab assistant to faints dead away in Piotr's hand. "Man, you can't get any good interrogation out of people these days, can you?" she asks dryly before acrid smoke starts to fill the room.

"Hold your breath!" she's quick to tell Lockheed and Piotr as the smoke fills the room. Okay, so, she probably should have thought that through, she was singleminded and has been hanging out with the Guardians too much it seems. Lockheed makes a quick dive to her shoulder. Running from corner to corner, she phases just enough of her face to see between rooms. The hallway is filled with people running to figure out what happened. The room to one side is much the same. To the other, is a storage closet.

Making her way back to her teammate, she gestures with her hand. 'This way!' Holding out her hand, she tries to lead the metal mutant to the storage closet so they can have a moment to regroup and then find the people they need to rescue while the chaos downstairs - and now upstairs - ensues.

An growl through clenched teeth is all the answer that Piotr can give to the passed out scientist in his hand. He disgustedly sighs and throws him over his shoulder like a sack of feathers, normally it's potatoes but those are kind of heavy, this spindly idiot is not.

"Katya. We should perhaps leave this place?"

Piotr ever the understater makes his way towards Shadowcat and the still hysterically screaming scientist. The flames and the smoke have little effect on the big man but he crosses the space quickly. His free hand reaches out to snag up the other scientist and give him a light shake.

"Can I assume you are as useless as your coworker?"

He doesn't wait for an answer now though, instead he's throwing this one over his shoulder. He follows Kitty though he does say off-handedly, "You keep forgetting I do not actually need to breath in this form. But thank you for the concern."

Crammed in a closet with two scientists over his shoulder Piotr momentarily regrets feeling the need to save his enemies. The feeling passes quickly though when he considers the alternative.

Quicksilver's inheritance from his father might be primarily in looks and personality — Magneto's temperament, his vices, his strengths and weaknesses — but he has one small grant from his shared blood: enough magnetoreception to tell true north when he's going thousands of miles an hour. Enough to tell a few other things, too.

He glances up abruptly as something happens outside, his gaze aiming back up the steps towards the warehouse they just left. "Lorna," he guesses. "That means that's probably the X-Men upstairs. Wonderful. I don't want to get into an ethics debate. See the prisoners freed and get what intel we can, but top priority is still wiping this place off the map."

Nor — though he does not say it aloud — does he want to get into a potential shouting match about the Hell's Kitchen bombings, and whether the media's shrill blame of the Twins' Brotherhood is really true or not.

As the door caves in under the titanic force of Frenzy's blow, Pietro grins. It's a wild sort of look. Stealth? THat's not the Brotherhood way. Here, at least, is some shock and awe violence he won't lose sleep over at night.

The men face them down with flamethrowers. Pietro shoots half a look at Wanda, eternally checking on her by habit before he bolts forward and tries to simply push the weapon of the rearmost defender aside, throwing off his aim — and pointing it at his companions instead.

"Can't waste time here," he reminds his company.

'Breathe,' Frenzy says ,and Jessica Jones nods and takes the advice. She is all too happy to let the larger woman take the door.

When their opponents come out, spitting fire and fury, she actually ducks behind the larger woman. Using larger people as shields has become part of her repitoire of late. Sue her. When she feels there might be a pause, she takes a leap dive into the room, aiming to get up and over their heads. As she does, she'll lash out with one foot to try to take one of them by expedient of…

Well. Punting him into the wall like a proverbial kickball. But. Gently. As Jones kicks go. Enough to knock him out, not enough to pulp his skull. Unless she misjudged it. Her control is fantastic, but it gets harder when the shooting starts.

"What are these guys? Templar rejects?" Jessica demands, when she sees their get-ups.

Quicksilver reminds them not to waste time, and she just nods, even as she goes to sort of haul up another to try to slam him into the wall before he can get another shot off.

Mutants are demons. Check. Flamethrowers. Check. Die Abominations. Check.

"Those guys are Purifiers," decides Nate. He will know for sure when he sees the pamphlets on Striker's rallies and bible quotes. There is always tons of those. "Polaris, can you hit them all with a really big pulse? I need to get through that psi-static field and I rather not to end with a mother of a headache."

Which is already on the way, of course. But that is normal.

Whatever Lorna does, Nate is going to push hard on the psi-screen. If Lorna does not fry it, he will overload it sooner or later. Besides, it looks the Brotherhood has the Purifiers pinned and as much as he likes punching them he has the impression they are hiding something important behind all that anti-telepathic measures.

"Gimme some cover, I am going all out Astral-side," he decides, pouring all his psychic power down, towards that static field.

It's rare for Frenzy to be able to employ all of her strength, so when she can -

Well, she's a happy camper.

It's enough to pull a feral grin from the woman as the door caves inward. Her expression continues to hold that wild note even as the interior is revealed to hold men with flamethrowers. Seeing those weapons causes the Bruiser's expression to tick into a faint scowl. "Fools." Is all she says, and as Jessica ducks behind her for cover, Frenzy twists lightly to reach for the broken door. A hunk of metal is torn free with another *skree* of noise and then, like a throwing discus, Frenzy lobs the hunk of metal at the nearest flamethrower.

And while she could spend all day throwing hunks of metal at these terrible people, Pietro's prompt has her moving forward. It's Jess' question that does cause Frenzy to say, "They are the enemy. The people who'd kill us if they had a chance."

And as they move further into the room Frenzy steps for the nearest man to literally pick and and slam into the ground. There's no gentleness in her movement, nor any charity - her attacks aim to kill.

And as always, an eye is sent over to Pietro and Wanda, to make sure her charges are safe or as safe as they can be.

Kitty and Piotr and their 'guests', one of which has gone from historical screaming to just gibbering now. Something about needing to purify the evil off of his skin with fire. Or holy water. Or something. The cramped room they find themselves in at least has a much more thin door.

So the pair of X-men can hear outside a strident voice. A take charge kind of voice.

"GET THAT ROOM SEALED! Who cares if there is a fire! Bring out the weapons! We're under attack!" The voice in the hall growls. It sounds like it belongs to a big man. Professional sounding. Not panicked even in the middle of all this that is happening.

"And get the specials woken up."

"Sir," A hesitant woman's voice intrupts him. "They haven't finished the last round of regulation. I don't know if the'll be functional."

"The'll be dead if the mutants get here, do it."

"Y-yes sir!"

A pause again as the growly voice drops lower. "…and you,"

"Sir?" This voice a lazy, cold voice. Almost devoid of emotion. With a slightly almost metalic edge to it.

"Get down to the pens and…" Piotr and Kitty can just /hear/ the sneer. "…liquidate the subjects."

Lorna followed along toward the inside, there was too much metal, electrical currents or anything for her to pick up on any of the reverberations of power that were her half-siblings. The Brotherhood was there, and didn't care about stealth, judging by the scream of the sirens and metal below. It was just as well, she could handle it either way. A glance at Nate followed and Lorna pursed her lips, trying to focus on the swarm of electrical currents that made up the shielding.

"Yeah, yeah, give me a sec-ond." She muttered, closing her eyes briefly as she hurried along. Her hand out stretched as if feeling for something just in front of her before she pushed.

A violent surge of electromagnetism, hoping to not only shut off those annoying sirens but also to fry the Psi-shield as Nate had asked. After all, when Cable and Hope and all were bashing in heads, what else could she do?

That's quite enough. Piotr has been trying to be patient, to bide his time. But overhearing talk of liquifying the mutants is his breaking point apparently. He looks once to Kitty and it's clear from the deep silver crevice of furrowed brow that he has reached his breaking point. The storage room door flies of it's hinges from a backhand. He stalks through the flames to kick the door of the lab open, hoping to send it off it's hinges into anyone behind it.

"Where are the mutants being held?"

Piotr is of course the big scary distraction that might allow Kitty time to follow anyone tasked with disposing of the mutants. Any concern for the two scientists on his shoulders seems to have left Piotr's mind though as he swings them now like human clubs at anyone brandishing weapons at him.

Those welcoming gouts of fire reflect across the lenses of the Witch's eyes.

Of their small group of Brotherhood (and ally), Wanda is the only one who does not deign to move. She meets Pietro's glance only, something communicated inside that brief look.

Otherwise, the Scarlet Witch assumes her place, with a timeless patience, her lashes lowering, her hands still twined at her back, and otherwise unmoving as Quicksilver, Frenzy, and Jessica retaliate and dispatch of their attackers. Fire heats the air hot enough she can feel — hot enough that old memory returns, unbidden — but it does not compel her to move a step. Not for them.

"Old friends of ours," answers the Witch to Jessica's question. "One of many."

Her eyes flicker. "They do not realize humanity already purified me many times by fire. Their crucibles take nothing from us."

"Well," Hope begins as Istriel begins to detail a harrowing threat of unknown arcane origin, threatening a cleansing flood of death and blood on the horizon.

Her response is to very calmly turn up the output on Big Bertha until it hums with pent up violence.

"Okay, then."

But there's more immediate problems on the horizon — such as the sound of people punching in metal like it was tissue paper, and the sound of other people spewing bigotry, and also fire, and also /that is a lot of fire/. Hope can see the flickering tongues of flame from her position, but even without that, she knows the roar of fire when she hears it; they're old friends. Green eyes narrow. Frown grows severe. She ratchets the power on her gun down, just a skosh.

"Alright, first we deal with this, -then- we deal with the angry end of the world oceans of blood thing. Sound good?"

She doesn't really wait for confirmation, or orders. She has an idea in her head — a displaced anger that sparks at the base of her skull, and Hope is not one to ignore what she thinks the right call is, angry or not. She needs a quick route down — and so she's already reaching out, imprinting the genetic code of someone else here. Someone to whom walls are no burden.

"Be back in a sec, Nathan!"

And that is the story of how Hope Summers dropped through the floor in a semi-translucent shimmer.

Straight towards a river of fire. She sees the armor. She knows what it represents. She knows all too well.

Which is probably why she doesn't even hesitate to fire on that pack of Purifiers the Brotherhood contends with as she drops, the calm control of her gaze only barely betraying the spark of her rage.

She doesn't quite notice the Brotherhood (plus PI) there yet. Give her a moment.

Giving them a moment of surprise is all that Kitty can do for the pair. They're without the rest of the X-Men they expected to come back them up. Out of signal and mental link, they have to do what they can on their own. She has faith that the others are on their way to back them up. If they aren't, there is a good reason.

"Help Piotr," Kitty tells Lockheed in a whisper. The purple dragon nods and lifts off, spreading his wings and adding to Piotr's intimidation by swinging upward above his head and breathing a burst of fire at the man that he has attacked. Looking fierce and ready to set people on fire, he lends to Piotr's intimidation check.

Meanwhile, Kitty takes Piotr's intended distraction and moves to the side. Moving slightly through the wall an the closet, she keeps an eye on the man tasked with disposing of the subjects. He's a man devoid of emotion, who she assumes will simply leave the moment Piotr bursts into the room. She tracks him intently, phasing into walls when she needs to in order to avoid detection.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a zealot.

…wait no it never pays.

This time though is especially bad. As the mutants that they choose to douse in flames seem to…well…not be too bothered by it. Beyond being /really/ angry.

Flames move in slow motion as Pietro steps past them and shoves the barrel of the flame projector towards an alley. Eyes widen behind armored mask as the cloak he wears, fire retardant it may be, doesn't quite hold up to the full brunt of the weapon. He staggers, starts to scream, and then Jessica comes dashing in. Out of cover to crash her strength into the flaming man. He is lifted from his feet, his body armor dented as he slams back against the wall.

Alive or dead it is hard to tell. But he isn't moving.

His partner screams and starts to reorient only to be grabbed by the Bruiser of the Brotherhood. Treated like a rag doll the snap of his bones is audible as she slams him against the metal floor hard enough to powder bone even with his armor.

Two more start to turn, one pulling a grenade from his robes before Hope's sudden gunfire, precice and deadly, drops them both where they stand.

Further down the hall of the complex a woman in a labcoat franticly pulls at a door. She opens her mouth to scream.


Into an intercom as she slams the security system activation again and again.

Turrets pop up from the walls and ceiling, dozens of high-caliber weapons. Barrels spinning up to spit death at the intruders…and then Lorna's EMP blast slams into them. Rolling though the facility like a shockwave. Turrets go haywire. Some shutting down, some starting to fire randomly as lights flicker and the emergency lighting kicks in bathing the whole scene in a ghastly red.

The psi-grid is pushed to the limit, fighting with Nate even with the help of Lorna's EMP. It seems to have emergency systems as well but it at least is lower power. He can spike his way though, enough to make contact with Piotr and Kitty and see a mass of lifesigns all over the three floor complex.

Speaking of Piotr and Kitty….

Kitty is easily able to follow the lanky figure that lopes away from Piotr's explosion of rage. He moves…fast. Faster than he should for a normal human. Though the fact that his right arm is made of gleaming metal might explain some things.

Down to a stairway and down two floors to a massive werehouse like room. Filled with cages. The lights flicker, the ruddy glow of emergency systems even worse here. Reflected in dozens of terrified faces of mutants in cages.

"Good news." Drawls the emotionless man. "You are all to be released…"

Piotr…takes a more direct route. The three figures he faces are dressed in paramilitary fatigues. One of them is flattened by the flying door, the other one opens fire with a submachine gun which does little but flatten led against Piotr's metal skin.

The third one, a tall, broad man with a ragged beard and dark hair going gray at the temples just sneers towards Piotr.

"Dead by now if the're lucky. You'll be joinin em soon enough big boy. Come on then…" He unfolds his hands from where he had them crossed across his chest. "…LETS GO!"

…and with that he swings for Piotr's face with what /seems/ to be a normal human fist. But hits with the force of someone five times as strong and seems to flare white-hot just before it hits its target. If it hits at least.

Old friends of ours, Wanda says calmly. That gets Pietro to finally stop moving, Quicksilver finally at rest. Even if only for a moment.

"Ah, Purifiers," he says, primarily for Jessica's benefit. He, Wanda, Joanna, mutants all — they already know their ancestral enemies. Their predators. "I didn't miss them. They are about as zealous, base, savage, and short-sighted as they look, and their iconography certainly bears no subtlety." Are the ones they just put down alive or dead? He does not check. He does not appear to care.

Quicksilver turns as the X-Men burst onto the scene, however, making short work of the defense turrets that were midway through spinning up. Pietro moves immediately between them and the Scarlet Witch, head lifted, expression hard. "I hope you're here for the captives being held here," he says bluntly. "That would save us a good deal of time on having to do it ourselves."

Which of course implies that the Brotherhood is here for something else entirely.

He gives the group of them a glance — his gaze lingering on Lorna neutrally — before he jerks his head at his own people in a clear 'follow' gesture, moving off unless they are stopped. They have a Scarlet Witch to escort to the heart of this wretched place.

Though he does have a remark for his sister, in mental passing: Did you see that redhead? I swear they're multiplying.

Frenzy gives the robotic response to her joke, and Jessica comments: "Frenzy. You sure your code name shouldn't be…I dunno. Spock? Data? Castiel?"

But Wanda and Quicksilver explain all the more, and she remembers why the Brotherhood is so serious. She copes with snark, but with a wince, mostly after looking this long moment at the witch, she decides to subside from it.

She does for some reason see a pack of cigarettes poking right out of the pocket of one of the unconscious Purifiers. She nabs that. It's not even her brand, but she does. Into the inner coat pocket that goes. It's done fast, in passing, a quick duck dive as she moves. That tells her she's got another body on her personal tally sheet. Damn it.

Then she's taking up her escort position with Wanda, following along indeed. "You guys are here to do that right?" She asks, of whomever-the-X-it-is, because if not, well, that's probably something they need to know, right?

The two scientists in Piotr's arms are flung aside when the machine gun fire starts. He might be willing to use them as weapons, but not as shields, especially shields he does not need. The gunner just draws another frown from Piotr before he looks up at Lockheed and chin nods at the man, the dragon correctly interpreting this as a good time to burninate the gun.

"I would not recommend that. For your sake."

Piotr is angry but still calm enough to try and warn someone off fighting him. Of course that warning proves to be a little unnecessary when the man manages to clock him good and send Piotr reeling to the side. He stands back up, arms raised now.

"Good. Now I do not need to feel guilty when I smash your face through the wall."

Piotr wastes no more time on 'banter' as he uses some light jabs to get close enough to combo into a cross and then try to grab the man's head pulling down and bring his knee up into it.

«Nate? Katya is in pursuit of the captive mutants. You may need to mentally freeze someone from killing them if she is not fast enough. Katya. Please be fast enough.»

The art of mentally communicating with your teammates while fighting your opponent is something they have been trained and drilled on for hours. Piotr makes a note to thank Scott for that later.

Others might crack a smile at Jess' joke, but not Frenzy. Not right now. Especially not as the X-types arrive. Those newly arrive garner a long look from the Bruiser of the Brotherhood and then disdainful silence. Silence that judges too.

Stepping over the unmoving body of the man she just pulverized, Frenzy moves closer to Pietro and Wanda. She moves to keep her body between the Twins and the others, even though both groups are here for the same thing, right?


« Kitty, Pete » Nate rebuilds the mind-link with the two missing X-Men now the psi-screen is mostly down. His thoughtstream is, as usual, loud and messy, bordering the coercitive in intensity. « There are a lot of people down there - prisoners. Hurry up! » He considers his own options. Punch through all the earth, concrete and crap? How soundly built are secret bases in mysterious islands? Probably not very good. Cave in the prison feels like a phenomenally bad idea.

"Hope," since she is already down there. « Coordinates - if you are copying Shadowcat. They are right (the Broterhood) this is a -rescue- operation for US. »

Not that he is going to be shy on the mayhem and destruction part. They are Purifiers, after all. If there weren't so many friends and allies on the way he would be blasting down there. So instead… a crazy pyshopath? They must mean 'crazy psychopath #237', yes? Freezing. That is, trying to fry his brains now.

The green haired mutant barely registered that Hope had slipped through the floor, leaving the entry party down another member. Still, as the EMP rolled through the complex she frowned, having stretched the bounds of her limits and still unable to completely short out the Psi-blocker it seemed. She could feel the network of wires and electricity that still fed it, "I need to get closer to knock it out more Nate.." She grimaced, hurrying along down the hall. Her gaze finally landing on the Brotherhood, briefly, between the automated system's malfunctions and sparking guns that failed before them.

Her brows furrowed faintly, but she certainly didn't look all that concerned or even worried to spy her half sibling through the chaos. Instead she offered a nod, and half salute of her fingers tips. But otherwise? She didn't seem all that interested in stopping them or hindering their ability to go on with whatever it was they sought there. She glanced back to Nate, "Right, where do we go?"


Of course there'd be Purifiers here.

Hope Summers feels raw relief and some form of catharsis as she sees those zealots drop beneath her barrage — and the Brotherhood's. Swallowing down the slight surge of fear down to the cold pit of her stomach, those green eyes linger on the armored forms of relentless hatred beneath her as she lands in a crouch. Different timeline, different Purifiers.

But not different enough that it doesn't evoke thoughts of just how she came to be where she is now.

"…" Without a word, Hope pushes her way back on to her feet. Slinging Big Bertha over her shoulder, she pats off her knees, feeling the heat roll raw against the surface of her skin as she slowly coaxes her fists to relax and reopen. It's only then that she takes note of the fact that the Brotherhood is right there, plus also Jess, lids squeezing together in an incredulous squint as she gives each one a critical look over in the aftermath of all that violence. Especially when Frenzy evil eyes her.

Judgmental stare for judgmental stare. No one is safe!

"So you're the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, huh," she mutters like someone who's never actually seen them anywhere before. Which is true enough. The 'of Evil Mutants' part she knows isn't accurate. She just needs an outlet and one of them is conveniently /mean mugging/ her in the way that inevitably leads to clashes in the Thunderdome where she comes from.

I hope you're here for the captives being held here. That would save us a good deal of time on having to do it ourselves.

Her frown just becomes even more severe.

"Yeah, because that's not suspicious, or anything," she mutters, easing one hand gently back and closer to her gun as she turns around…

"Xavier's has a lot of people here, so I think I'll just tag along with you. How about that."

And follows after Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Brazenly, without even a hint of trying to sneak. They're right there, after all. What's the point of trying to be subtle?

Or at least, that's her intention — at least, until she hears Nate's words over that mind-link. She looks down beneath her. Back towards the crazy woman screaming about weapons. To the Brotherhood. Towards the ground.

"Ng," she mumbles indistinctly, a quiet curse under her breath. She gives one last look towards those assembled Brothers and Sisters…

«Alright. I'm en route.»

… before she starts sinking into the floors, trying to angle herself in Kitty's direction as best she can. Phasing through floors is a strange feeling.

Especially when you are actively trying to make sure you do not phase through the entire planet or something. Because that would be bad.

For a moment, the Scarlet Witch remains in clear view of the X-ers — small, shadowy, and, in the midst of all this panic, strangely serene — decorated in her customary red.

Her head tilts, red eyes immediately, and curiously drawn towards her fellow mutants — those who should be the Brotherhood's enemies, yet for the moment, are not. She, too, looks at Lorna with that same, shared-blood familiarity, before her interest inevitably swings to Hope Summers. The Witch senses enough, whispered to her, to hold a too-long stare on the redhead.

Then Quicksilver inserts himself in the way and takes her from view.

The Witch makes no move to rebuff him, remaining in the wings of the short confrontation, a background presence that makes little desire to exert herself forward. She waits patiently on for escort, and whatever plan the Brotherhood has with this tainted place.

Or tries to wait patiently, with that last-ditch screaming of that woman about the WEAPONS.

Agitated, the Scarlet Witch gestures outward with one hand, red sphering through her fingers. A simple, insignificant hex —

— to make that woman simply fall apart into a squirming, writhing mound of centipedes, all trying to escape in a hundred directions.

"Evil is such a deterministic word," comments the Witch, before they are on their way.

The Brotherhood regroups as the woman at the end of the hallway screams entirely incoherently now. Wailing in terror at the demons come for her soullllllllllllllll.

At least that is her view of it.

"Doctor," The intercom crackles on its emergency systems. Everything else is jammed. "Weapons deployed. On their way to you!"

She struggles with the security door, trying to wrench it open with her own meager strength now that Lorna's friend it entirely.

She really should have done more upper body.

It slowly opens for her though…just…not fast enough…and then there is a pile of bugs where she once stood. Wriggling away in terror from the Brotherhood.


The psycho slowly smiles as he draws out a pistol. Then pauses a moment and smirks, an evil light coming to his eyes as he pulls a knife instead. The captain will keep them busy long enough that he can have some fun with the freak—-

And something punches deep into his brain. Eyes widen as muscles lock up and freeze. Eyes roll back in his head as Nate's mental force slams into him. He isn't doing anything…


The big metal man trades blows with this strange human. The jabs knock him round but somehow they don't put him down. When he /is/ grabbed and his face slammed against the X-man's knee Piotr can /feel/ bones snap and give way. The man should be dead. He doesn't seem much more rezelient than a normal human. Hurled back against the wall hard enough to crack it the body lies there…

And then strange jets of light flicker under the figures skin. The jaw resets, the eyes roll back fowards, broken bones knit as teeth fix themselves before Piotr's eyes.

"Ow." Says the strange agent before he leaps forwards, hands held like knives as he tries to sink his white-hot fingers into Piotr's chest. Fingers hot enough to melt steel.

Kitty is close behind the man she tails. It is not a perfect tail. As they move through the hallways, she gets more desperate to keep up with him. He's moving fast…too fast!

As she can hear Piotr through the mental link, she realizes she's back in contact with the others and Nate Grey. «He's metahuman fast, I don't know if I can reach them in time. Shut him down.» It's the mental equivalent of yelling as she keeps running. Forgoing the hallways and the walls, she opts for an all out sprint. Still behind the runner, she doesn't wait to see what Nate may or may not do. Seeing the man pull out a gun and then freeze, a smirk crosses her face. Not slowing down in the least, she crashes right into him, hoping to either knock him out just so she doesn't have to worry about a mental lock.

A crack is heard as the body collides with the floor. Rolling, Kitty is up and looking at all the scared faces of the mutants held in cages. A hand clenches at her side. "There's one thing he was right about," she tells them. "We're all getting out of here."

Immediately, she goes to start phasing people out of cages. "Stay here. We're going to get out together, I promise. I'm here to help you." Two people are through the cages and then Hope is there, through the ceiling. That brings quite a bit of a blink. Revision. "We're here to help."

She keeps going until all the mutant subjects are free.

Behind that security door though, it seems an elevator. Powered by the emergency systems is whirring into place. The doors open perhaps twenty feet away from the little knot, just as Hope dissipears though the floor.

Three figures are there, dressed in hastily donned clothes. One of them is just wearing a hospital gown. Two men and a woman, all in their mid twenties or so it seems.

They stare down the corridor.

"DIE DEMONS!" Screaches the man in the gown as he suddenly rushes forwards. He is the biggest of the three of them and he moves faster than any human should. In fact he rushes right for Frenzy, normally someone hitting Frenzy is a futile thing. Espicially a charging human. This time though…there is true inhuman strength behind the charge. Then the tackle. Then the leap.

Enough to take Frenzy off of her feet and then some.

…in fact. Enough to take Frenzy out of the building all together. Which is why Nate and Lorna will see two figures suddenly explode from the roof, arcing away from the island and towards the ocean.

…The Brotherhood thought the weapons they were looking for, the ones they were tracking were new Sentinals.

…but no. This is something much different. Much worse.

The other two figures look at each other a moment before they shrug, and charge forwards at the remaining mutants. Hands beginning to glow with heat enough to make the metal walls run.

The sight of a woman falling apart into a mass of centipedes reflects in Quicksilver's cold blue eyes. If he is disturbed, he makes no indication of it.

He's probably not. He might have wavered at the idea of thousands of innocents dying, but this situation — the people — read squarely to him as enemy combatants on the stage of war. Them or us. Survival. When did a human calling for WEAPONS to be unleashed ever lead to good for the mutant race?

He does spare a roll of his eyes for Hope's remark about the Brotherhood of EVIL Mutants. Wanda's response covers most of his reaction, but Pietro can't quite resist — "Yes and what are you? The Sisterhood of Jean Grey Lookalikes?" Come on, everyone has seen Jean Grey before. It's really uncanny.

Lorna's acknowledgement gets a look, and her lack of movement to stop them is quite quickly understood. "Preferable to jail, isn't it?" he does remark dryly, before he turns to move on.

Except Hope is following him. Quicksilver turns again, annoyed. "The invitation did not include you — " he starts, pointing, only for Hope to sink through the floor. He frowns, the wind taken a bit out of his sails, before he turns back again with full intent to move on.

Then Frenzy is taken the f out, by the weapons the Brotherhood was here to try to destroy. Except they're not Sentinels. They're…

Quicksilver growls under his breath, before reaching towards his twin with an imperative gesture. "Enough," he clips in her and Jessica's direction, his patience clearly run out now that Frenzy is in jeopardy. "ENOUGH. Enough dallying. I mean to set the charges now. Learn what you can — save what you can — before they go off. We can only wait so long." He's already poised on the edge of a run.

Piotr takes no joy in smashing his opponent's face. The crunch of bones is nothing to celebrate for him. The toss of his body is merely being efficient, he needs to get free to help Kitty get those people out of here. He has turned and started down the hall when he hears the man speak..?


The leap catches him off guard and he falls back onto his back. The hot fingers are able to heat his chest in a way that he didn't think possible. Piotr grunts and grabs at the man's arms holding the hands back, and slowly bending them outward. A headbutt should re-break those mended facial bones and then he keeps going with the arms, far past the natural rotation points, just short of tearing them off altogether. Using his legs for leverage he tries to send the man flying over his head into the wall again.

But this time, Piotr does not leave 'the corpse' unmolested. He picks up the door from it's place on the ground and uses it to try and decapitate the man.

"I believe this is what Illyana recommends for things that come back to life."

«Katya? Nate? Are the subjects okay? We are facing some sort of meta enhanced purifiers it seems. I believe that qualifies as ironic.»

It happens sometimes Purifiers come with Reavers. Reavers being cyborged-up mutant-hating humans. Nate has been trying to track down where they are built almost since his first year in this world.

When he sees Frenzy flying he figures out that is it. A Reaver, one with good emp-shielding. But no, it is worse. Reavers are obvious cyborgs, that is not an obvious cyborg.

The information is relied through psi-link to all the X-Men instantaneously. Looks like they got something that turns them into metahumans. Piotr probably already has noticed it. « Got him. Piotr. I am going to try to knock him out » *stabstabstabinthehead* « Kitty and Hope are rescuing the prisoners but lets try to get your guy alive for a throughout mind-scrubbing. »

Mid-door smash, Piotr looks around guiltily. «Uhm. Nyet. Oops.»

"Shit," Jess Jones mutters.

For a moment she just looks sick. From the 'Evil' moniker, to the centipedes, to…well. This. Some sort of bio-engineered, living, sentient weapons meant to take out the likes of Frenzy. And Pietro's revelation that they brought bombs, which turns her a hint paler. All the same…

Monterey Shock all over again. R&D on helpless innocents, taken because someone felt entitled to their lives and freedom.

She has already killed one man tonight. By mistake, but she's done it.

Here are people who will never stop, zealots who will never be brought to justice, people who have decided to act like monsters.

Who have decided to become monsters.

Life or death. Kill-or-be-killed.

She launches into the air, hovering near the ceiling. Pulls her Sig Sauer.

Points it at the head of one of those zealots. Deep breath. Aim. Steady hand. Squeeze don't pull.



For all of Lorna's experience in bunkers, she'd never actually fought alongside quite so many mutants in one. It was far more cramped than she would have liked, and it made it harder for her to sense the little intricacies of the elevator. She barely noticed beyond to the screaming woman above the din. At least, not until red light bloomed all about and turned the screaming woman into a silent mess of.. of bugs.

Green eyes blinked, staring, a thought crossing her mind of. «Holy shit, Wanda is a bad ass.» Perhaps not the best thought to broadcast. A woman was dead… right? Kinda? She wasn't a woman anymore either way. What might've made Lorna shudder and scream in utter terror before was a quiet relief that at least they were working together this time.

Then of course the elevator was opening and Frenzy was blasting off through the ceiling. Well, that wasn't a good sign.

Lorna moved as the walls melted with heat, and cold look of determination crossed her features. She flung her hands out, pulling the molten metal and sharpening it to stab at the two, to try to slow the two 'weapons's charge down the hallway if she couldn't puncture their skin.

Nate's telepathic update made her stomach not and she felt sickened at the sight of those … things. Whatever they were. Didn't stop her from trying to help end them though.


Hope Summers knows how to project. However, as Banshee is not currently hanging out with them on this super cool operation, Hope Summers does not have any sonic powers to bogart to project through /several feet of concrete/.

And so for the people on the floor above, her protest comes out more like:


Oh, she's not done with them.

Not by a long shot.

But, for now, if there's one thing Hope knows, it's how to focus on the mission. She'll table that obvious and incredibly shady plan Pietro and Pals were up to to think about for another time. For now? She floats through layer after layer of concrete, trying not to tire herself out figuring out how to properly control Shadowcat's gift without partially phasing half her insides in a wall. Feeling Kitty's presence through that mental link, Hope eventually hits concrete floor —

— right in time for her to see Kitty just tackle an asshole into the earth.

"Damn," she mutters, half to herself. And then she realizes she's still sinking.

"Ugh — hold on a second — !"

One only slightly ignoble crawl up through solid foundation later, Hope Summers frowns, looking at the fallen man, and then back at Kitty. Back to the fallen man. Back to Kitty.

"One sec."

And with that, she calmly makes her way over to the fallen meta, reaches down to grab his right leg, lift, —

— and then just sort of stomp -exactly- hard enough on his knee cap to hear something pop.

And with that, she wipes her hands, and smiles kindly at Kitty.

"Can never be too careful with speedsters, right? Okay, let's go!"

And with that, she has every intention of happily and contentedly helping Kitty phase those poor test subjects through their cells.

In the holding cells the twin queens of phasing…well…one queen and one kinda sorta apprentence phaser…well they manage to free the captives. And its even worse up close. Three or four to a cage and caged more like animals than people it is obvious they have been subject to a massive number of tests. Blood sample marks scar their arms, power damping collars adorn their necks, bruises and malnutrition are written on the face of every one.

Shock and gratitude now erase some of the lines, a long with a few slight rays of hope that this isn't just a dream.

They range in age from early teens to early thirties and most of them are sick. There are thirty of them. But…with the amount of options they have? Well. They are totally willing to use the stairs.


The snap of bones draws a grunt from his opponent. The strange Purifier /tries/ to turn his arms white-hot to melt the steel man's fingers but it is too late. The headbutt ruins his concentration. The throw slows him down…

…and the door does its job quite well…he gets Nate's message just as the head rolls across the floor…

…this is fine right? Yeah. Its fine.

The creepy thing? Would be the eyes flicker a solid gray for just a moment and /stare/ at Piotr…before they fade to normal…

…but then…the whole body impacted into the wall starts to glow white hot.

That might not be good.

As even in the midst of battle — Pietro makes that delicious quip at Hope-not-Jean. And true the perfect symbiosis of Maximoff twins, Wanda breaks out of that eery serenity to —

— press her fingers to her mouth, barely able to muffle her laugh. Twin titters with twin. "Honestly, brother," she conspires, "isn't it curious how they all seem to look like her? Miss Grey's chromosomes certainly wear the pants in that marriage."

Already seemingly forgotten that she apparently dissolved a woman into a crawling mess of centipedes, Wanda reorients herself, but not without a lingering look again on Lorna. Did she hear that thought from her half-sister? Though hardly a psychic, one can suppose it's impossible to tell with the Scarlet Witch. Her eyes and ears are everywhere and nowhere. For an instant, amusement is a skipping stone on her face.

Then, Frenzy is taken out, quickly, savagely. Wanda draws closer to Pietro, stance shifting, her eyes losing their humanity as they glow scarlet. Stricken, quietly furious, she shares a look with her brother, something unspoken conferred between them. The Brotherhood's plan.

With a surveying look left on Jessica — perhaps unwilling to see their ally alone, though she may have cover in the presence of temporary allies — Wanda lets Pietro blur them both away.

By his speed, to countless, out-of-the-way spots around the facility. The Witch anoints every spot, whispering with a haunting flick of her hands, delivering a same hex over and over again that bathes corners, walls, and corridors in seething scarlet.

A hex that's waiting to be executed.

Two figures. Apparently humans rush forwards, the heat pouring off their bodies fantasticly fierce. Of course that molten metal is used against them, driven deep into them by Lorna's powers. Golden light flashes under their skin though and the wounds seem to heal nearly as fast as they are given. One looses a foot but it seems to grow back. The other looses an arm.

But the regenration is slowed. Whatever powers they were given the process seems incompleate. Their powers weaken as they push forwards against the assault.

…one falls.

The other keeps pushing, gritted teeth and a zealot's fury keeping him focused on Lorna…

Until a bullet cracks against his skull and his head snaps back. The eyes go gray for a moment as they stare up towards Jessica Jones before the figure collapses to the floor at the feat of the green haired mutant.

Oh, ouch. Nate withdraws from the decapitated guy's mind before he is dead, narrowly avoiding one of his least favorite telepathic experiences. Most Purifiers are dead or fleeing, he can feel it through the holes in the psi-screen and the haze of a killer headache.

All this fighting and he had to play telepathic person, no fair.

« Okay, good work » he offers to his teammates. « Lorna, lend me a hand, I am going to dig a way out for the prisoners and I need your forcefields to make sure I don't collapse the whole complex. Not that our Brotherhood friends are not going to do it, but lets hope they give us ten minutes of courtesy. Or something. » He starts 'digging'. Which involve him floating a fee yards up and massive chunks of rock and concrete being ripped off the ground in almost fractal patterns. "Where is Cable and his damn Bodysliding? I bet he is doing his mysterious side-quest thing while we fight."

Piotr's frustration is seeping away at the news that the hostages have been found and are alive and being evacuated. And the murder. That helped too. Yes, like binge drinking or eating an entire apple pie he will feel terrible tomorrow but for now he only feels relief. Until he notices the glowing of the corpse.

"Bozhe moi"

Piotr chucks the door at the body, without real purpose other than spite that he is still dealing with this zombie thing.

«Katya, are you able to get everyone clear?» Having chosen to run in the direction opposite to Kitty, he's hoping he can find a way topside soonish. He's durable but he doesn't want to test what happens when that glowing body explodes. Because somehow he's been an X-Man long enough to know that it's going to explode. That's a sad milestone.

Lorna poured effort into manipulating the searing, super heated metal, but it came apart under her grip as the figure's healing rates continued to grow back limb after limb. She was so intently focused on the metal, on pulling it up from walls that wouldn't collapse that she was left exposed to the physical threat that presented itself in the form of the charging figure. She struggled, back pedaling in sheer panic as it didn't fall like the first.. and then..

A gunshot, and it was collapsing down and landing at her feet. She jumped backwards, green eyes focusing on Jessica Jones again. The woman she'd met once in this world, and knew in another. A look of relief spread over her features, only to turn back to Nate as he spoke of clawing through the innards of the bunker below. Doubt filled her expression.

"Why not use the elevator shaft, Nate?" Her brows furrowed. "We don't have time."

They look terrible. The way hunger makes their cheeks gaunt, clings skin to bone like it was hanging off branches. It'd be a harrowing sight for most people.

But for Hope, it's much more of a familiar one.

Maybe it's why she doesn't react to it with any immediate disgust or sadness, why she doesn't seem to react at -all- beyond the pang of sympathy. She's seen it, too many times to count. It helps make her evacuation that much more efficient, at least, as she shuttles people out of cage after cage until they're all emptied, until she's quietly assessing the numbers and states of them all. Sick, weak, but alive. They survived.

And in time, they can live, too. And that's what's important.

"I'm counting thirty. Normally I'd say we take our time, but I don't think we can count on that whole…" Expression curdles, just a bit. "… Haremhood of Mutants to not be up to something." Gross. "I don't think time is on our side here."

She frowns, for a moment. Hesitation, rare as it is for her, flickers a fleeting presence across her features as she looks upwards. They have so much ground to cover. And so many layers and layers of concrete to get through. But…

… she saw the bug-antenna'd one blurring about, didn't she? She can feel it there. If she can just reach out…

«Hey! I have a plan. Just give me… I don't know. Just hold on.» Her senses extend outward, toward those myriad gifts around her.

"This should only take a second. Maybe literally. Hopefully."

Her eyes close. Her lips press tight. She reaches out…

… and tongues of flame flick off the edges of her hair as she takes hold of the genetic gift of a certain, silver-haired terrorist up above… and layers it seamlessly over that of Katherine Pryde's. Her eyes open. She can already feel the strain tearing at her.

"… Let's… let's see if this works-!"

And suddenly, Hope Summers is nothing more than a smudge of red and flame. A smudge that perceives everything slower than molasses; people are mosquitoes frozen in resin all around her as she darts to and fro, grabbing as many people as she can, phasing them alongside her —

— and using intangibility and superspeed in tandem to bypass wall after wall of solid, reinforced bunker within seconds to reach the tunnel Nate and Lorna make and deposite people within a safe radius outside that facility. She doesn't stop to make sure they're all okay, to spare words. She can't. Because this experience is like nothing she's ever felt before and it's also tearing her apart.

So she keeps going. More and more, flying through walls and ceilings and floors with escapees in tow in surges of red until she can grab hold on to Kitty's wrist.

"icandothisicandothisicandothispleasedon'tfreakouti'mfeelingreallyconfidentaboutthisright now — "

And seek to tear off with Kitty and possibly that scientist in tow.

The last time she stops, she fortunately manages to remember to release Kitty before fatigue catches up to her, her concentration shatters, and she burns out gloriously tripping over herself, colliding across the earth at superspeed until she hits some convenient barricade with a CRACK.

"… did I get them all…?"

is about the last cogent thing she manages to say, bloody-nosed and mouthed, before she just goes limp with sheer exhaustion.

Hope and Kitty manage to get all the mutants they can see free from the cages. With Hope's abilities, Kitty merely stays where she is, ready to start phasing people through the building if necessary. However, she can only handle a few of them at a time. 30 in one go? Impossible, as far as she's concerned.

Kitty gives the younger girl a smile and a squeeze of her hands. "You've got this." Hope - despite her fears - has that covered with the unlocked abilities of dual superspeed and intangibility.

Despite the encouragement, unable to help herself Kitty, holds her breath as it happens. She waits to hear something on the link. It doesn't happen for a little while. Fretting, she decides to cut losses. Pacing around the lab, she grabs everything she can find: paperwork and a few laptops. Shoving them into her bag, she moves over to the unconscious man she followed here. They need someone to interrogate. It doesn't sound as if Piotr's man is viable. This one, though? Hope broke his leg, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Taking him by the back of his shirt, she hefts him and starts running and phasing through the facility toward to surface.

As she does so, she makes sure that Piotr is out of the room she saw him last in. Then, it's upward, breath held and getting herself out of there as quickly as possible.

The base personel are fleeing at this point. Fleesing like rats from a ship. They know a lost cause when they see one and seeing one of their own turned into a pile of bugs was the breaking point.

…and likely to reinforce the whole 'Mutants are Demons' like of thinking.

/Why not use the elevator shaft, Nate?/

The answer comes as a fireball erupts below them. The shockwave enough to knock people off their feet and if there were /conventional/ and not /hexsplosives/ there would have been a chain reaction.

Piotr comes flying out of the elevator shaft, tearing the door off its hinges and leaving the dazed X-man a few meters from where Lorna and Jess now stand.

And just after that Hope starts popping jthough the floor with the poor prisoners. Prisoners that look so patheticly greatful just to be alive.

Down goes Hope again. Then again. Driving her powers to the limit. Flashing back and forth as she carries the oppressed to saftey. Living up to her name…

…and then skipping across the sand as she bites dirt /hard/. Slamming up gainst something solid and metal near the shore.

The foot of a fallen Sentinal. There are a few of them piled up, just out of sight. Cable and the Elf just sitting on top of them casually.

Everyone wondered what they were up to.

One body-slide later though, the prisoners are out. The island in abandoned.

…and then the island is quite nearly erased from existance as the hexplosives go off in a rippling thunder that collapses half the small spit of land in on itself.

…its almost enough to make one think it never existed in the first place.

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