Stark Relief

July 10, 2018:

Peggy Carter asks Pepper Potts for some Stark Technology to aid in the investigation to the Hell's Kitchen Bombings

Stark Tower


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The investigation into Hell's Kitchen has continued and tensions remain high. There is pressure from all sides to find the culprits and as SHIELD digs deeper into the horror, the answers only seem to lead to more questions.

Peggy Carter, as one of the leads on the case for SHIELD is not against using outside help - especially when the need calls for it. And this, of course, calls for it. Today, that help comes in the form of a meeting with Pepper Potts and a hope to secure some extra technology and possibly another expert or two. Fresh eyes can be helpful…as long as they are reliable and discreet.

While always impeccably dressed, there is a general sense of weariness that the agent carries with her, despite masking it rather well. It's a general gait of a woman who has stayed up many late nights, many times in a row.


Peggy's arrival is greeted by Dmitri at the front desk who sends her straight up to Pepper's office. Said office has soothing music and the aroma of freshly brewed tea wafting out, and Pepper greets her at the door.

"Agent Carter, please, come in, have a seat. How can we be of assistance today?" She's already pouring a cup for Peggy as she offers the greeting.


Agent Carter thanks Dmitri for his guidance and makes her way to her intended target. As per usual, the first time she enters a room, she looks about in both appraisal as well as checking for exits and/or danger. Not that she generally expects Ms. Potts to be awaiting this moment to set the ninjas out on her, but because it is an ingrained habit that many agents have.

"Thank you." Reaching out to shake her hand, she stops for a moment when she realizes that the other woman is already pouring tea - no hands free for a shake. Letting the hand drop, she smiles and makes her way to her seat. "And thank you for the meeting. To get straight to the point, I had hoped to formally request some technological assistance of Stark Industries in our continued investigation of the Hell's Kitchen bombings."


Setting the tea cup in front of Peggy, she pours for herself as well. "We would be only too happy to assist. Even if Tony say no, I say yes. Though I know Tony wouldn't do that. So, what sort of tech did you have in mind? Bomb sniffing tech is too easy, go for something challenging."

She takes a sip of her tea then leans to say a bit conspiratorially, "I love watching the R&D boffins scramble to find something that does what I'm requesting."


The request being so easily fulfilled brings a bit of a relax to Peggy's shoulders as she picks up to cup of tea and lets it cool just slightly in her hands before taking a drink. "Thank you. I was, of course, sure that you would be glad to offer resources, however I feared that the DEO or the NYPD might have asked first and attempted to stonewall the other agencies. Even in times of tragedy, politics seem to reign supreme. The amount of calls I have had to field first telling us we are not moving fast enough and then from other agencies only giving bare minimums to meet a public face is…not unsurprising, but disheartening."

As to what sorts of technology she is requesting, she thinks for a moment. "The requests from those in our labs are intensive, however I have no doubt it would be doable. I do believe it entails imaging technology and entails advanced chemical detections. I'll have our HOD send the list."

Setting her tea cup to balance on her leg, she asks, "Stark Industries suffered no damages, did they? The building is close by."


"No, no damage. Tony's made this building about as explosion-proof as he can, but mostly for himself not for outside sources. Though we did close the building for a couple of days so our employees could remain safe." She nods in understanding of the hell that is bureaucratic red tape. "I do know that the Maria Stark Foundation's relief group mobilized as soon as we heard, but that's to help the people who live in the area, no so much to track down who did it."

At Peggy's mention of what kind of tech she thinks will be useful, Pepper glances at the ceiling. "FRIDAY?"

"A database search has found a chemical analyzer design that might suffice, Miss Potts. Shall I have one fabricated?" the faintly Irish-sounding female AI offers in reply.

Pepper seems unsurprised even as she smiles. "Yes please."

"Estimated time to completion, fifty six minutes."

"Thank you, FRIDAY." She looks at Peggy with just the faintest hint of smugness. "Can you stay for an hour or so?"


Tony making the building explosion-proof is met with a bit of a smirk. Yes. That definitely sounds about right. Peggy nods in understanding as the building was closed for a few days for safety. "A wise call." While the Stark Building may be safe, the commute to it could be through some of the worst of the bombing site. The name of Maria Stark is met with a bit of a nod and a pause. "Yes, there has been quite a bit of charity work that has gone on in the area, as I understand it."

The sudden chime of the female AI is not startling, but it does cause her to tilt her head just slightly. The smug look is met with a smile. "Yes, of course. It would be good to simply sit and enjoy some tea instead of take another angry phone call from the lieutenant governor about why he hasn't gotten a status report in the past three hours."

In regards to that, she takes another sip from her cup. "It might also be good to borrow a scientist or two that might bring fresh eyes. One that doesn't mind confidentiality agreements, of course."


Pepper smiles. "You're welcome to stay as long as you can get away with, and of course my entire tea collection is yours to peruse." And there are no less than fifty tins on display in the credenza.

"FRIDAY, which of the R&D staff came from the UXO group?" Pepper asks the ceiling after another sip of her tea.

"Mr. Muller. Shall I arrange for his temporary assignment to Agent Carter's task force?"

"Excellent, yes. Thank you again, FRIDAY." She smiles at Peggy. "Ask and ye shall receive. Mr. Muller is a retired Unexploded Ordinance Disposal technician and he's been with SI since before Tony shut down the weapons-making division of the company, so there likely aren't many bombs out there that he hasn't seen at some point or other."

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