Not Truly Gone

July 10, 2018:

Marcos returns after being absent for several weeks.


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It's been…a proactive few weeks for Marcos.

Despite his extreme rage at Lorna about giving Aurora away for her safety, not wanting her to grow up like they did, Marcos eventually calmed down and he and Lorna spoke a great deal about it.

They still talk about it, no decision having been made.

But…Marcos has been gone for weeks. He went after Sinister. Despite managing to find more than a few promising leads and kick the shit out of a few henchmen, Sinister's whereabouts are still widely unknown. Thus does Marcos return home after targeting what scared his wife.

His steps are heavy, and he's clearly exhausted as he practically slumps into the entryway at the School.


Upstairs and tucked away in their little room off the end of the staff wing, was Lorna and Aurora. She hadn't agreed to anything that Marcos and her had spoke of. The bitterness that gnawed her gut, the fear that stole away her breath had not lessened. Not with the few hushed and terse conversations she'd had with her husband. All of which had nearly led to more arguments, more irritation and more issues unresolved.

Particularly when Marcos left without a word weeks ago. It wasn't like he could tell Lorna of his plans, she'd have demanded to go with him.. or that he shouldn't bother at all. Both were equally as likely.

So weeks had passed and Lorna Dane had found herself keeping busy with less than.. stellar activities. Hunting Genoshan Scientists with Logan. Helping with the clean up of Hell's Kitchen and getting arrested.. again.. It was a spiral of bad choices that were only getting worse. Worse because Lorna was dangerously on the edge of a manic high. The kind when she would listen to no one and plow forward with whatever plans that struck her. The kind of manic highs where her father tried to take over the world on more than one occasion.

The little room where she lived at the mansion was packed with baby stuff, and that baby stuff was more or less packed away in boxes. Labelled and taped. Save a few necessities.. the room looked starkly bare compared to what it was when Marcos had left. Clearly, Lorna had moved on her plans to hide away her daughter else where, to give her up… and was delaying. Struggling with the choice, even though to her mind, at that moment.. stretched the impossible void of being a single parent should Marcos have died or been kidnapped or killed in the Hell's Kitchen bombings..or .. or left them and gone back to the Cartel.

So that was where he'd find her when he dragged himself up the stairs to their room. On the bed, Aurora in her arms as she lay curled up, watching the television as news casters went back and forth on whether or not Mutants should be registered or not. The same old arguments as when he'd left.


How could Marcos ever leave them? They were his whole world and no matter how hard Lorna tried to come up with scenarios…none of them involved Marcos leaving his family. As soon as Marcos entered their room, he found her and his child curled up and watching television programs about mutant registration. He simply walked over to the bed, set his bag down and slowly got back into bed. Looks like he took a beating at some point with how gingerly he's lying down.

It's almost like that classic moment when dad comes home from working way too hard and work and he almost instantly naps. the same thing almost happens to Marcos.


His eyes fall upon Lorna and Aurora, though he says nothing at first.


As soon as the door had opened and Marcos stood clearly outlined in the hall's lights Lorna was springing up and to her feet on the opposite side of the bed. She gaped, her eyes wide as she stared at him as he came over to the bed and more or less collapsed on it. His state, the bruises and exhaustion the shadows of scruff on his jaw.. They stole the first, second, and third responses from her tongue.

She stood staring, clutching at a now squirming and awake Aurora who began to fuss and whine at the hold her mother hand on her. But Lorna stared, holding the blue haired baby to her chest tightly, her arms wrapped around as if she were afraid the baby would fall at any given moment.

"Marcos." Her voice a hushed whisper, before tears burst into those green eyes angry, and livid and storming with relief among other strong emotions. The TV turned off and the lamp sailed across the room to crash against the door and fall to the floor with a thud.

"You damned asshole! How dare you leave just like that without telling me where you were going or what you were doing! I was worried sick!" Her voice climbed in pitch and the lights above flickered on and off. But it wasn't Aurora this time, it was Lorna as tears streamed down her face.

"I thought you might've died or been killed in the Hell's Kitchen bombings! Eight thousand people Marcos! Eight thousand! And I didn't hear from you. I went down there every day fearing that they'd bring up your body from the rubble. Or that you'd been taken by DEO agents or some mutant hating mob had gotten to you. Or-or Cortez, or the million other ways you might've died!" Her voice warbled and by now Aurora was wailing in her mother's shaking arms.


Marcos looks to Lorna. "Lorna." he whispers back, before OH HOLY SHIT SHE'S MAD!

Though he doesn't flinch. Doesn't even move a muscle, instead moving his hand to caress Aurora's cheek to help calm her. He looks his wife directly into her eyes, before he eventually just hugs Lorna and Aurora. "I'm sorry." He says simply. It was extremely heart felt, sincere, and Lorna could feel it with his warmth, the tone of his voice, how it shook very softly.

"I'm sorry I left. I wasn't even near Hell's Kitchen when it happened. I was looking for a trail to Sinister. I figure if I ended whatever scared you…we could be happy again, at least for a short while." He looks her in the eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Because I know you would have either gone with me, or demanded that I never pursue it at all. But…I needed to protect my family. I found more than a few leads but…they all grew cold." he sighs lightly.

"I'm sorry, Lorna."


The anger went out of her when Marcos wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Aurora was crying, unhappily wailing in her mother's arms as tears streamed down both mother and daughter's cheeks. Lorna buried her features against Marcos' shoulder, her arms still cradling Aurora carefully against her as she sobbed against his shoulder. She'd held up well enough when he was gone. When she thought he was possibly gone for good.. She'd found ways to keep busy. Ways to keep herself from thinking.

Still his name had been a chanting rhythm in her mind. Over and over again. The relief, mixed with other tangled emotions stripped anything else from her as she sagged in his arms, crying softly and struggling to hold back the torrent in vain.

His voice, his explanation was a dull murmur in the back of her mind as she inhaled struggling breaths and managed to free one arm to wrap around him and hold him tightly. Her hand clutching at the fabric of his shirt. "Don't do that to me again. Please. Don't ever do that."


Now…now Marcos was surprised when all the anger just left her when he embraced his family. He feld her arm tighten around him, the way she held him so close that he was like a lifeline. He was holding her just as tightly. Without Lorna or Aurora? Marcos might as well be a dead man. He loved them both beyond his own life. Without them? Who is he? What is he? THeir names rang through his head like a gong.

"I won't. I promise you I won't. I love you both so much." he speaks then, burying his head into that little nook between her neck and her shoulder, just happy to be wit hthe woman he loves all over again. Happy to be with his child.

Happy to be with his family.

"I missed you both…" he says shakily. "So much."


Lorna lifted her hand after several long moments of struggling to breath, of struggling to compose herself enough to not cough when she inhaled and tried to talk again. Marcos' words, blurred with emotion and shaking as much as her own nearly brought another fresh bout of tears to her eyes. Instead she shifted to try to settle them back on the mattress, her grip on Aurora corrected as the infant continued to cry and howl and squirm.

She tried to hush her daughter, rocking her weakly back and forth, but her arms were as useless as leaden weights from the strength of the emotion that had roiled through her. Lorna leaned closer to Marcos, pressing a kiss against his jawline as she let her weight settle back against his side.

"I don't know what I would've done if you'd never come back.." She whimpered. Even as she struggled to quiet Aurora down.


Marcos was more than happy to just hold his wife. Until at the very least that she pulled just slightly away with Aurora in her arms, his own wrapping around Lorna's waist so he could help her hold their blue-haired child. With a soft smile on his face as Lorna kissed his jawline as she normally did and set her body weight firmly against him in an affectionate lean, he leans back against the pillows, happy to snuggle with the love of his life.

"Neither would I….but, you're brilliant. You would have found a way. and I would have found a way back to you." of course, his words were absolutely ridiculous, but he didn't even care. He'd fight death as hard as he possibly could if it meant that he could just…BE with Lorna forever. He turns his head to kiss her forehead and along her cheek, until he found her lips, his finger playing with Aurora to see if he can get her to amusedly calm down while he kisses her mother.


Lorna's figure settled more firmly against his, a sigh of exhaustion pulling at her as she simply collapsed against his warmth. She'd missed it. Missed waking up tangled with him holding her close, with the AC on full blast in their little room so she could enjoy the warmth that was so uniquely his. She had missed everything about him, and in her misery she'd been willing to twist the knife even further. To spirit Aurora away without him knowing at all…

Aurora slowly settled as her mother calmed, and at the sound of her father's voice. The pealing ribbon of light that bloomed around them as Marcos leaned in to kiss Lorna and enclosed the trio in glimmers of the aurora.

Lorna leaned back her head slightly, Her cheeks still damp from tears. "Not everyone comes back from the dead, Marcos.." She muttered, giving him a look. Because Nate had come back from the dead. The X-men had an odd relationship with death.


Marcos was happy to settle firmly with Lorna, kissing her sweet lips once more even as he was reminded of how cold her body was. She always made him shiver when they made contact, but it was a warmth that could not be described with simple words. With that in mind, he smiles very warmly to his beloved and his child, still managing to calm down Aurora with Lorna's help. Something about Parents being loving is more than enough to silence a crying child to make it happy and at peace once more.

Though as she tells him that not everyone comes back from the dead, he chuckles very softly. "I know. But just saying…" he teases her softly, before he seems to give in to his exhaustion, with Lorna and Aurora soon following suit.

A family reunited.

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