Practice, Practice, Practice

July 09, 2018:

Molly and Lorna hit up the Danger Room


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It was hot outside, and muggy with humidity thick around the mansion beyond the bounds of AC. It was strong in the sub-basement, which was nice considering all the technology down there. Still, for her part, Lorna had found someone able to babysit Aurora, again, freshly back from her time in jail and other nights out with Logan. More than a few times she'd come back late and looking pale.
But today, she was up and about, and looking for people to drag into the Danger Room for training. Molly had been about and the green haired mutant had suited up, typing in her codes to get in. Regardless on whether or not Molly had codes of her own yet. Considering that the room let her in, she must have.
Either way, Lorna had set up a city scenario on auto, a mimicry of Hell's Kitchen's bombings almost, only now it was Mutant Town that burned. And more than a few bodies lay on the ground, screams distractedly trailed around them.
"Mission goals are to find the survivors and get them to the safe zone. There are at least 5. In here are at least one squadron of DEO agents, and modified Sentinels that were found on Genosha. Plus at least one unknown element. Any questions?"
Arriving to this, she was excited. Molly loves training more than any other thing she gets to do at the school. It's always so exciting and it gives her a chance to really use her powers. She has been in a few real world situations but those were only against the Juggernaut really and that guy really grates her. Molly gives a thumbs up either way to Lorna and nods, "I got it!" She's currently wearing a generic outfit she got because she's still working on her own outfit. The only thing different about the generic outfit is the frog eyed hat she has on.
Lorna for her part had ditched her beat up jeans and a tank-top for her more form-fitted armored 'uniform' such as it was. High boots with guards, gloves and a face plate of black edged in green kept her hair from blowing into her features. "Alright, you've got ground, I'll take above. I've got comms on." And up she rose in a wave of magnetic currents. She flew up above the burning buildings as ash flurried down. The heat was intense the further they got into the simulation, fires still burning and buildings collapsing beneath the flames. Sirens blared in the background.
Directly in front of them on the road a building suddenly gave out, the ground rumbling beneath them as the tenement fell into the street.
From the hot current of air, came a scream as a small looking mutant child came running, covered in ash and chased by a spidery like robot that spun and rotated after her with a mechanical hiss.
Blinking as she watches Lorna go up, she nods her head and givves a small salute, "Got it!" Molly declares and then starts forwared in a hurry only to blink at the sight of the child. She then waves, "Over here!" She calls to the child, "Get behind me!" She then rushes forward and starts to glow a little as she jumps up into the air, easily jumping into the air roughly 20 feet. She then lands right in front of the incoming spidery robot and drops her foot back for push off than suddenly pushes forward to try to smash her right fist right into the robot.
Lorna watched from over head, flying above as she watched Molly take control of the situation on the ground. "Incoming.." She drawled, though it was impossible to miss. Molly's leap left the hard light projection of the mutant child running beyond her as the young mutant faced the spider sentinels the other X-men had fought on Genosha. The spider sentinels coming at Molly leaped at her, the punch landing only to have the legs close tightly around Molly's fist and squeeze.
Meanwhile another three more of the silvery looking spiders came crawling out of the fallen building to attack.
"More coming, try to hit it directly on top. That worked well in Genosha. Above the eyes.. They're easy to take out but swarm."
Wincing, Molly grinds her teeth a little and then she looks up, "Got ya." She lets it squeeze and then grips her hand into a tight fist and her eyes glow brighter as she cranks it up to her first level of power. She yanks backward and then spins to try to fling the one squeezing her right into the ground with a whipping motion before turning quickly to try to toss it right into another of the incoming swarm of robots. "Swarm this!"
Lorna let the young mutant handle herself with the Sentinels, keeping eyes on the Danger Room's skies as the fires continued and the sirens blared around them. The spider on Molly's arm went flying right into the small cluster of spiders with a loud crash. The incoming ones stumbled and scattered, the one that had been thrown sparked and sizzled where it landed in a dent of pavement.
Now three came after Molly, rolling and separating to try to surround the young woman on the ground.
"We've got drones in the sky, Bruiser. The DEO agents are likely to be on the ground, they'll try to make an exclusion zone. We've just recently updated the profiles on their agents thanks to our recent run ins. They'll shoot and ask questions later. They'll interfere with our ability to get any survivors out. We've got four more to go." Lorna more or less kept back, letting Molly get in the training she needed, the experience. This was the type of war-zone they might face, the one they had to prepare for.
A look over at the incoming spiders, Molly turned and started running away from them further into the zone. She spoke into the comm, "Got it, I'll try to watch out for them." She nods her head, "Just means though that I got to keep my power running." She nods her head and her eyes continue to glow as she runs. At this level, she can maintain for quite a while at least. Either way she starts to watch for and look out for the survivors.
Even as she rusn forward though, she glances back toward the incoming spiders and hmms.
A little mutant girl comes running out of the smoke and ashes raining from the sky to latch onto Molly, sobbing and crying as she shook in terror. Of course, the spiders hadn't yet stopped their chase either. "Well you've found two out of five survivors. Congrats. I don't think she'll get to the safe zone on her own though this time." She flew over head, and sent a few drones crashing to the ground.
"There's a few downed buildings up ahead, you might be able to use the debris to give you some reach against them." She offered, totally helpful. Yep. At least she wasn't throwing metal chunks of rubble at Molly?
A look ahead and then at the child and Molly nods, "Come here, this way!" She calls out and then turns to face the spiders and considers, "I don't need reach, I need close." She then turns and runs back toward them. She leaps high into the air and then flares with purple light for a moment as she comes crashing down to try to hit the ground right in front of the spiders with her foot in a massive stomp…well, massive strength wise but really she isn't all that big so its her power she'll be using to try to shake up the ground the spiders are on.
The green haired mutant laughed, even as she flew to perch on a building currently not on fire. She watched Molly, perched on the edge of the building as she was. Molly's kick into the pavement caused a massive amount of structural damage to the immediate area, and two buildings already shaky in their standing collapsed inwards, crashing down on top of the pit where the spider sentinels were currently climbing their way out of.
Everything was still for the moment, the little mutant kid clung to Molly's side, shaking. "You can likely get over a street or two and get her back to the safe zone." She offered, looking ahead and taking off into the air once more.
Of course, with that bit of breathing room came the sound of bullets up ahead, and screams.
A frown as she hears the screams and bullets. Molly picks up the girl quickly and her glow fades back down to her eyes as she starts rushing toward the safe zone. Save who you can first and then go back for the others. She just looks back at Lorna and then calls through the comms, "Gonna save her first, I can't put her in more danger. I'll rush to save the others as fast as possible." SHe then is back to running toward the safe zone.
Lorna shifted her position in the sky, peering down at Molly from above still as the little hard light projection that made up a very really feeling little mutant girl sobbed into Molly's arms and clung to her tightly. "That's going to be the tricky part. I have yet to find a good way to hold onto a sobbing child and get through a combat zone easily and still manage to fight. You typically have to pick one or the other. Unless you're lucky enough to have powers that let you do both." She drawled, not offering particularly to help Molly in this case.
The gun shots grew closer, as the agents made a sweep of the street coming closer toward Molly's position. "And remember these are humans. So you shouldn't actually kill them."
Rolling her eyes, Molly looks up, "I'm aware I shouldn't kill humans." She states and then looks over at the girl before frowning and considering her. She holds her tight and then closes her eyes a moment. She starts to look in the direction of the bullets and then looks at the kid before shifting her to a hip and holding her with the left arm. She moves over to a nearby downed car and takes a deep breath. She then pushes the car up and on to its side. She then closes her eyes and clenches her hand on to the center axel of the car and her eyes start to glow then the rest of her. She begins to glow rather brightly and then begins to push forward.
The vehicle begins to grind as she pushes and her feet pump faster and faster as she pushes right in the direction she needs to go, trying ot keep the car between her and the direction of the bullets as she runs. Sweat begins to form on her brow.
The car was admittedly brilliant, Lorna thought as she watched the car more with her senses than with her eyes. The spray of bullets halted for the moment as the DEO agents came around the corner. They spread out, guns aimed at the car where Molly pushed it forward. As the car began to push forward, the rain of bullets focused fire on it. Even as shouts for the agents to spread around to the sides or back up followed the faster that Molly pushed it.
Bullets ricocheted off the ends and sank deep into the metal insides.
However, when Molly didn't stop, they were forced to scatter back. Calls over their comms and shouts of brief retreat opened up the path for Molly to get the 2nd survivor to the safe zone.
The DEO agents had no idea that she wasn't out for blood so when she gets to the point where she can duck around a corner, she hefts the car up and struggles before throwing it generally at them. She's aiming to miss but people tend to be afraid when giant hunks of metal are heading their way. She then stops glowing and keeps running. S he is breathing hard as she heads back toward the safe zone to drop the girl off and then turns her eyes back to the way she came.
Lorna smirked as the DEO agents scattered and pulled back, leaving Molly free to run the second survivor back to the marked out 'safe zone'. It was as good a stand in for the black bird or some other X-men safe house. It was vague, but that's what happens when Lorna helped work on programs. Still, there were three more survivors to find. And Mutant Town, simulation or not, continued to burn.
The green haired mutant followed in the air above, watching with her arms crossed.
"Good job, how you holding up?"
Looking up, she gives a thumbs up, "Just had to use a lot more of my power than usual to one hand a car." She nods her head, "It's not an easy task." Cars might only way a ton but forcing it to slide like it had wheels on its side was not something you could do with a small feat of strength. Especially not with one hand. She turns and starts running out again and calls up, "Any chance you have seen or heard where the last of the survivors are?"
Lorna nodded, "That's what this is meant to do, push your limits and see how you deal with unusual situations. Cities are always a little tricky. Particularly there are multiple factors to consider." She grinned, watching as Molly made her way back into the fray of fire hot streets and crumbled buildings. The roads were lined with chaos and littered with rubble now.
"No signs yet, but the program will likely throw them at you at the worst moment possible." She shrugged, as if it didn't truly matter.
But otherwise it was quiet, screams and sirens muted all around.

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