Pete's 1864

July 10, 2018:

Rogue meets one Adara Hong outside of a favorite tavern in Manhattan. Some casual banter is had!

Pete's Tavern - Gramercy Park - Manhattan


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Having returned not that long ago from studying abroad, Adara was now using a bit of spare cash to enjoy herself today. She has taken a bus all the way out to as close as she could get and is now invading Pete's Tavern, so to speak, in order to get some delicious tavern food and drink. Sitting out front, she's enjoying watching people come and go along the street as she chows down on fried mozzerella and a glass of Pete's 1864 Ale. Even as the day is winding down for most people, it has already wound all the way down for her. She leans back slightly in her chair and just lets out a slow breath of a pleased patron.

Rogue is a pretty big fan of Pete's Tavern herself, she's been coming here off and on for the past several years and knows the staff who works here 'fairly well'. Enough to get a few free drinks out of them if she smells and plays nice. So tonight she's done just that, but instead of sitting inside she's come out to sit down and enjoy the summer evening in Manhattan out here herself. So with her brown/white hair tied into a ponytail and the white bangs framing her face, the young 20-something mutant settles into a table beside where Adara is. She sets her own drink down at the table and then pulls her phone out of her pocket… but since she's wearing a long black glove that goes up her arm past her elbow, the phone slips out and clatters across the floor to a stop beneath Adara's feet.

"God damnit…" Rogue mutters.

"Mmmm." She says as she pulls a long bit of cheese from a particularly gooey stick and winds it up into her mouth. She licks her lips only to blink at the clattering sound. She looks down and notices the phone and looks up to Rogue with a smile, "No worries." She picks it up and looks it over, "Not a scratch." She offers it over, "You really ought to be careful if you're gonna wear gloves like that." She nods her head, "Makes things like that extra slippery." She chuckles and nods her head before offering over a hand, "Adara."

Rogue stands up again and steps over to Adara's table to accept her phone back. She grins at the other's words and reaches out to accept it in both of her gloved hands. She's got a dark green tshirt on and a white scarf around her neck, some blue jeans and leather shoes. "Thanks… and yeah… you're right about the gloves. Its a new phone, my last one got dropped inta the ocean. I gotta get a new case for this one, rubbery one or somethin'." She says in her thickly Southern accented voice. She offers her right hand then, gloved of course. "Sorry to interrupt your meal, those cheesey things are eff'n amazin', right? Name's Marie." She says back to the other.

Nods her head, "They're some of the best things I have had. With the glaze on them, I just can't believe it!" She grins and then takes a sip of her beer next before holding it up, "Good beer, too." Adara then looks back over at Rogue's table and then at her own before gesturing, "Care to join me over here?" She hmms and tilts her head at Rogue.

Rogue shows a grin then at the words about the glaze. "Yeah… I gotta try extra hard t'keep myself from goin' at those things too often. Here 'nd there though? I'm all over it." She replies on that topic before she's back at her table just a step or two away. She takes her drink in hand then with a napkin to fend off some of the summer perspiration on the glass. "Sure. I'd be happy to." She accepts and walks back to sit across from Adara. After a exhale and a bit of clothing adjustment, Rogue leans back in her chair and takes a sip before looking to Adara again. "So what brings ya here tonight? Sight seein' or are you local?"

"Newly local." She nods her head and smiles, "Was overseas studying and now I go to Columbia." She chuckles, "Well, I kinda always went to Columbia. The overseas program had a lot to do with my being at Columbia but anyway." She shrugs, "Now I'm just taking a minute to go enjoy some of the sights and food." She shrugs, "You sound like you're a regular." She chuckles.

Rogue takes another sip from her own beer (of some variety) and she grins a second after lowering it down to the table again while listening to the other. "Miss Fancy ove'ah here." She says back to ada, teasing her playfully a bit. "I've done some travelin' myself, but I got my college education at a community college in Westchester, nothin' as nice as Columbia." A glance is given toward the street to her left and then she looks back to Adara. "I'm twenty six now, been livin' the Manhattan area since I was eighteen. So I've grown use t'the hustle'n'bustle'a this place, overall anyhow." Her accent makes it clear she's definitely not from her originally.

"From further south originally, I imagine?" She hmms and chuckles before looking down at herself, "I'm personally not from New York. MY parents immigrated here and opened a restaurant down in Gotham." She nods her head, "I'm from there originally but it's not the same. People here have some more hope, so to speak." She shrugs and then Adara takes a breath, "Wouldn't really call it all that fancy." She looks up into the sky, "Though it wasn't my dream, getting into a doctoral program and the opportunity to go overseas are two big things for me." She shrugs.

Rogue is all grins when she says that first part about her origins. "Yeah…" She nods her head quickly two times. "Mississippi. Been awhile since I been there, but it is the place'a origin for my crazy butt." At the rest of what Ada says then, Rogue leans forward then to place her elbows ont he edge of the table and fold her forearms together, staring over the table at her. "See, now thats like me. I used t'dream'a seein' the world, Europe specifically… Paris even more specifically. When I was young, I thought that other places would be far far better than…" She glances to the street again. "Well these places." And then she looks back and down at her drink. "After I got t'check'em out, I realized they were pretty much the same." Her eyes go up then and she flashes a little grin. "Some prettier'n others though, naturally. But hell, New York is really as good as it gets, overall. Way nicer than Gotham at least… no offense."

"None taken, Gotham sucks…and when you were young?" She asks, "You said you were 26. I really hope that 26 isn't old." She sticks her tongue out before laughing, "I'm only 4 years from it." She then looks down at her chest a ltitle. Something is under her shirt attached to a chain. She idly pushes at it before looking back up and saying, "Either way, I'm here now and enjoying some work." She nods her head, "I'm just trying to make my parents proud, really."

Rogue laughs at the bit about her age and slow-nods one time. "Yeah… it depends on who you ask. Teenagers at the school I work at? They say I'm old." She grins then and notes the other adjusting whatever that is on her person but doesn't comment on it as she just assumes its a necklace. "So what is it that you do then thats gonna make those parents proudof which, I imagine they already arebut yeah, I get your drift, entirely. If mine were alive, I'd hope they were proud too."

"Well…I kinda always wanted to be a hero and well, ya know." She shrugs, "It's not so simple to just put on a cape and fly away." She laughs, "So, instead I went into microbiology. I'm no good with person to person doctor stuff so Instead I'm gonna try to find cures for diseases." She looks up with a smile and Adara shrugs, "I will hopefully within the next couple of years be Dr. Adara Hong."

Rogue leans back in her chair again and holds her glass of beer in her left hand while listening and watching the other across the table from her. "Wow." She says softly after hearing that. "That is a noble endeavor ya got there, Doc." She shows a hint of a grin then. "I mean, yeah, curin' diseases and just generally helpin' t'push the medical field along is a big thing. There's just as many sick people out there are there are people in… ya know, the kind peril that a cliche super hero goes and saves." She then snorts a little and sips her glass. "Shoot, there's probably a ton more sick people, come t'think of it. So I'm rootin' for ya t'be the best at what you do."

A chuckle and she actually blushes a little, "Thanks. It's not really what I dreamt about growing up but I'll take it." She nods her head and looks distant, "Though, maybe one day."S he shrugs, "I might do something even more." She laughs a little, "Anyway, enough about me. What is your dream, Rogue?"

The mutant with the white bangs just grins and looks away again after hearing that last question. "Shit." She curses lightly, sips her drink again and after a second or two she just shrugs her shoulders inside of her tshirt. Her eyes go back to the other across from her. "I don't rightly have any idea. Used t'be t'get married and such, have a family and some kinda sappy romance. But now?" She raises her free hand up to brush some of her hair out of her face. "I just wanna have fun before I'm old and unable t'even move. I've been through quite a lot in the past nine or so years and I'm just ready ta… t'not go through bad shit, and instead, just focus on the good shit, until time runs out. If that makes any sense."

A grin and she chuckles, "As good a choice as any, I suppose." She shrugs, "Just don't be evil during it. No one knows for sure what comes after this but either way, being a jerk on the way there likely doesn't do you any favors." She grins and finishes off her last cheese stick before picking up her beer, "I Just kinda hope to do more than just become a doctor. I want to leave my mark."

Rogue flahses a knowing smile then at that series of words sent back to her. "I've done my part t'help the world, I think… And intend on doin' as much more as I can along those lines." Another sip is had of her ale and she tilts her head then as she stares at Adara. "So what other kindsa skills do you got t'make those marks?" She asks. "You hidin' some kinda mutation that ya ain't displayed yet? Like a healin' power or some kinda power that lets ya identify douchebags out've a crowd? That'd be kinda nice…" The southern girl smirks softly at herself. But she hasn't outright spilled the beans on herself being a mutant, because she doesn't know Adara or how she might react to that information… some handle it less than elegantly after all.

A laugh, "No, I never got anything." SHe shrugs, "Trust me, growing up I kinda always hoped I might end up being some kind of special person but it's not all that common." She shakes her head, "Mutation is rare and other stuff even rarer. Just a good martial artist and really smart." Adara laughs, "Nothing wrong with those that did get something but eh, I'm just a standard human…" Well, sorta, but she's not at all sure of that either. She just idly rubs a finger over that jewelery again before saying, "But hey!" She looks up, "My trip overseas was rather exciting,s ot here's that."

Rogue shows a warm smile, a soft one, toward the 'normal human' and she nods once to her, dipping her pointed chin. "A lotta 'normal humans' do great stuff. Firefighters, police officers… medical workers." She shows a light grin. "Ya don't gotta lift a bus over your head t'be a hero." The irony is that Rogue lifted a bus over her head to throw it at some enemies last week. "Just knowin' that you got that kinda attitude tells me that you're a good person at heart, and thats a god damned gift t'have been given right there. Don't need laser eyes or nothin'… Just use that t'make life around you better, and bam… you're livin' the sweet life, Doc!" She shows a larger grin to the other woman then.

A chuckle and then she considers something as she looks down at her beer. A good person? Part of her always wondered. Either way she looks up and smiles, "Either way, I gotta start packing up as it were." She pulls out a bit of money and drops it on the table, "It was nice meeting you, Marie." Adara grins and slowly pushes up, "I hope to meet more fun folks like yourself as I make my way through this city." She ocnsiders and then writes something down and offers over her number, "Give me a shout. I'm online, too. Adara Hong."

Rogue watches the other as she moves to depart and drops the cash down to pay for her food and beverage. The southern gal looks up when Adara rises and she nods once to her, smiles all big and dopey while offering a nice casual salute to the woman. "I'll do that, see if I can't get ya on some'a those terrible social media things. See how your Doctorin' path goes. I'll be a cheerleader for ya, I promise." She grins then and waves more normally to the woman. "Nice chat, good luck out there, Doc." And with that, the Belle leans back in her chair and reaches for her phone again, time to browse the world wide web of weirdos!


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