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July 09, 2018:

Caitlin and Diana talk video games: religion: jobs and other things in a casual cafe encounter.

Cafe "The Coffee Bean" Upper East Side Manhattan


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Caitlin's internet is down.

This is problematic, because she allots a certain amount of time each week for gaming. She needs her fix!

So hustling down to the cafe, she set up with an earpiece, laptop, and ordered their biggest coffee and four large scones. Set up in the corner, she's hunched a little awkwardly over her computer, shoulders rolled forward and making rapid clicks on mouse and keyboard. Khaki shorts, a salmon-colored tanktop, and Converse sneakers make for an informal look, and her hair's piled messily atop her head to keep cooler in the heat. Glasses hang low on her nose, almost to the point one could argue she's not really using them. Fortunately it's a slow evening, and there aren't a ton of people congregated in the cafe's eating area as the business districts are emptying out and folks head back to their apartments.

Diana was already present in the cafe. She'd had a couple of early meetings today but was taking the afternoon ot herself and as such she'd come to the cafe to relax and read a book. Said book rests on the table in front of her and she's dressed casually, which helps her blend in with the rest of the crowd, as much as a woman like her is capable of blending in. Especially since she's knwon to live in this part of town, people have come to expect to see her. So… she's already been approached twice today while reading, but she's taken it in stride and politely chatted with the people who've come up to her.

Right now though, she cannot help but look upt when she sees the young presence moving around frantically setting up their computer and getting all… game-geared up.

Diana smiles when she sees who it is, gently shakes her head right to left and then raises her drink up for a sip before raising her other hand to wave at Caitlin, sending the younger one a soft smile.

It takes Caitlin a second to realize Diana's sitting there. And then waving at her. She glances at the motion in the corner of her eye, focuses back on her screen, and resumes playing. She looks again, startled, and literally goes 'meep!' when her brain catches up to her senses. She swiftly shuts the laptop lid, then realizes she's slouching and forces herself to sit properly upright. Some nun got her hooks into Caitlin early, it seems. Realizing she looks foolish, she takes off her earpiece and quickly packs everything, then heads over to Diana's table.

"Hi Diana!" she says, her voice politely quiet but still inordinately pleased. "I didn't even see you there. Brain was a million miles away. How're you doing?" she inquires, standing opposite Diana's seat with her hands folded in front of her. "Are you working?"

Diana watches the young one rustle up her stuff once more and scurry over toward her table. She's now grinning at the girl and motioning to a seat across from her own. "Sit yourself, before you drop all of that and damage it." She says in a good humored tone as she leans back in her chair, up straight while her hands drop down to her lap. "And no, I am not working. I am just… taking a moment to enjoy the sounds of a peaceful day." A horn honks outside as a cab driver is yelling a bike delivery cyclist. Diana glances toward the window and then back to Cait. "Mostly peaceful day." She alters her words, then shows a slight grin.

"What brought you in here like an arrow from a bow?" She asks, looking to the computer. "Are you working on a project of some kind?" She places her right hand around the base of her drink and raises it up for a sip.

Caitlin beams. She's got good manners and doesn't sit until invited, and clearly appreciates Diana's quick suggestion. "Thanks!" she chirps. She sets her food and drink carefully out of easy spilling range, and pulls her chair out. She settles carefully onto the chair. It squeals in protest, but doesn't collapse under her, and she exhales in relief. Still, she hooks her ankles under the chair for a bit of balance and keeps her back straight. At Diana's question, she pinks on her high cheekbones, but finds herself laughing through a smile as if alraedy knowing how silly it'll seem. "My internet died on me," she says. "I was right in the middle of playing a video game with some friends and I was doing something time-sensitive. I had to hustle down here and finish it up," she clarifies. "It's—- silly, I know," she mumbles, waving a hand airily.

Diana's cup is lowered back down to the table's top while she watches and listens to CAitlin, smiling at the girl's exuberant nature toward the stuff she's talking about. "Wait, so you have friends waiting for you regarding something time sensitive in a video game and you are denying them your assistance by… coming to talk to me?" She asks, her pointed chin dipping slightly as her dark eyebrows raise up. "I hate for your friends to be without your need in this… what I am sure to be… a very serious video game situation." And then a grin creeps across her red hued lips, Diana showcasing her sense of humor some?

"I wish I had had these games I was a child. Some of them look very impressive and… just grand scaled as the stories I used to read in our libraries back home. It looks like a wild imagination come to life in a more interactive way." One might think Diana Prince to not like video games, but thats not true at all… so long as they're played in moderation.

Caitlin pinks a bit. "Well— I mean, I got the thing done," she assures Diana. "But— er. Golly," she mutters, palming her forehead in embarassment, smiling still. "They're still playing. I kinda went through a phase in college where I was playing games more than studying. I try not to let the game interfere with real-life, and seeing you kinda constitutes a priority shift."

She tilts her head curiously at Diana, parsing her wistful remarks. "Gosh, I don't know why it's so hard for me to visualize Themyscira as not having computers. I literally am aware of this fact, and I keep spacing it." She hesitates, then digs out her laptop and opens the clamshell, spinning it around to show Diana the game. "Here, this is my favorite. It's called World of Warcraft. There are humans, and orcs, and elves, and mythological monsters. You run around slaying the monsters and collecting treasure from them." She shows Diana how the rudimentary controls work so she can pan and tilt the image, or move the little avatar around on the screen.

Diana is nodding her head softly to the initial words back from Caitlin, while taking a light breath before quietly replying. "Yes, schooling is… much more important in the grand scheme of things. But even before video games, students would find ways to avoid schoolwork." And she grins again faintly before the laptop is turned around and put on display for her.

Diana's eyes roam over the screen and the various bits of world detail, the character on display, the user interface and such… She's no dummie to these things, she's been apart of the 'main world' for over a hundred years now… she's very proficient with her own computer, even if she doesn't outright play games herself.

"I hope that they truly are monsters and that you are not harming innocent creatures just because they are different." Diana says, which probably makes her sound like an old lady even still! She looks up then to Cait. "Does the game consider things such as that?"

"I think that falls into the category of overthinking it," Caitlin tells Diana, cheerily. "But almost everything you meet in this game is hostile. Pirates, violent goblins, angry dragons. If it's friendly— see, the circle is green? You can talk to them and sometimes they'll give you quests. If it's red, it'll attack you if you get too close to it."

It's not really a role-playing game. There are some really great ones out there with complex morality and ethical scenarios. This is a clicky, fast paced fun game. All tactics, I guess you could say, with little goodies falling out of the monsters sometimes. It's pretty addictive."

Diana listens closely and raises her tea up for a sip, holding the cup between both of her hands. "Oh, I see." She says then. "I guess I an understand the appeal of that. It means that your mind is constantly on the next task, as you move from one thing to the next." Her blue eyes lift up to look over the computer to Caitlin. "It helps curb boredom in the youth, hmm?" She asks, smiling just a little. Her eyes drop back down to the screen then. "I think… I would probably enjoy one with a bit more complexity though, as you say." Diana then sits up in her chair again and looks over to Caitlin. "I was in a video game, you know." She tells the young girl, grinning again. "Last summer, I visited a game production studio in Maryland. They scanned me in my full armor and instantly had a replication of me on their computers. I… do not know what happned with the game itself though, whether it is done yet or not. They said it may take a few more years to finish. Which is amazing that they would take such a long time…."

Caitlin blinks. "Oh, wow! I heard some rumors about that. It was —- I think someone said it was gonna be an official League-sanctioned merchandise thing, right? For one of those superhero type games, they were gonna use some of the League's big names as support cast. I was wondering what happened to it, it sounded so promising and then nothing from the studio. Weird, right?" she remarks.

"Games can take a long time to make. Two to five years, sometimes even longer if there's hardware changes or a new director comes in. They call it 'stuck in development he-ck'," she says, catching the h-e-double-hockeysticks at the last moment. "Did you have fun doing it? Getting scanned in and seeing what they were doing?"

"Oh absolutely." Diana replies to the questions regarding the game. "The scans were great, but it was the motion capture I liked mostOf course I was not in armor for thatI was in this… bodysuit thing, with these little… ah… ping pong balls attached all over it." She motions at herself with her hands then a bit, still grinning because she's amused but it. "I felt like a very very silly person, but it was fun." She then nods two quick times.

"And yes, the game was meant to help foster a good impression for how we interact together and are trying to do our best to keep the world safe. But I have left it all up to our legal team to let me know if I need to ever return to it. I… I should probably look into that. Now I am very curious all of the sudden." She laughs a little.

"Yeah, that's probably worth following up on," Caitlin says, wrinkling her nose and laughing along with Diana. "MoCap stuff is really cool. I almost went into game design when I was going to school, but I decided engineering would be better in the long term. It's still really neat— the technology's getting better all the time. They can even do scans of your face and render you speaking in the game instead of manually animating it."

She blinks, as something occurs to her, and rests her neatly interlaced hands on the table. "Hey, can I ask you a totally off-topic question?" she inquires. "I made a friend the other day. She calls herself the Magdalene. It's… she's a figure from Church lore. Really old stuff. I-I'm Catholic," she clarifies, and presses on. "But I know you pray to the Greek goddesses. How— um… can you even—" She makes some gestures left and right, trying to imply a connection there. "How does that work? Are you even allowed to tell me?"

Diana is smiling through the talk about the game design and she's nodding her head lightly along with it. "I had a wonderful time, its true. I could see the appeal of that being a career choice. They were all such friendly and funny people."

But when the conversation topic changes, Diana's hands come together on the edge of the table with her left overtop of her right. "How do I pray to the Gods?" She asks. "Or how do Amazons in general do-so? Personally… I do it privately in my room at the Embassy. I have my own routine to give thanks for the gifts given to me. And I pray to give said thanks in the mornings and in the evenings, after and before sleep."

A breath is taken then and Diana lowers her chin a little again as she stares over at Caitlin. "On Themyscira, there are temples to the Gods. There are large organized gatherings for stories to be shared about the Gods, and there are private ceremonies for individual Amazons to come and silently meditate and pray. Though… some of them are not so silent." She grins as she thinks of particular Amazon women she knows. "A few will shout their prayers to the statues on display. Believing that if they shout then the God shall hear them better."

Caitlin nods along, raptly attentive to Diana's words. "The Amazons— most of them— they remember being made though, right? I mean, literally brought to life. When you pray to Athena or Hera, you're broadcasting thoughts to them. I mean, sometimes they talk /back/," she marvels.

She exhales, brow furrowing as she tries to assemble her thoughts into something cogent. "I… I mean, I pray. But there's not a cause/effect there," she remarks. "We have to do things on faith, hoping for the best and trying to do the right thing. I've never had, y'know" she wiggles a finger skywards "had a Vision or anything. It's all one way. I just… I'unno. I guess I'm not sure what I'm asking," she apologizes. "It's weird suddenly having some kind of proof. I don't know what to think about it."

Diana softly nods her head to the girl's words, sensing the conflicted feelings in her quite clearly. "Religious beliefs are never an easy thing to hold, Caitlin." Diana responds. "Even choosing -not- to believe in a religion is a difficult path to take, because then you are faced with the cold reality of a potentially very sad ending to life itself. Irragardless of the deeds you perform while amongst the living."

Diana then raises her right hand and motions out the window to her right and Caitlin's left. "But you have your proof." She says, motioning to the 'world' out there. "It is all around you. It is the sun rising and the winds blowing. It is the blue sky and the ocean's waves. Your proof is in life itself. The Gods that I have grown to worship may be a bit more… evident, in a traditional sense, but it means you have to just… look a little deeper to find the answers to your prayers." And with that Said, Diana's hand comes back down to the table with her other. "And that being said, trust me when I tell you that sometimes it is much better to not have your God respond to your prayers." And this is said with a bit more attitude in her tone, followed by a calm smirk and a sip of her tea.

Caitlin follows Diana's gestures, and there's a little easing of tension from her shoulders and back. She finds herself looking outside, at the life and movement and Humanity seething out there, and Diana's words seem to give her some measure of contemplation.

Then she catches Diana's tone shift, and blinks twice before turning wide green eyes on Wonder Woman. "I'm sorry, beg pardon?" she remarks, jarring her train of thought back on the tracks. "It's— is it bad? I thought it was supposed to be a good thing," she ventures, a little concerned that she might have triggered a nerve in the raven-haired Amazon.

Diana shakes her head then at the posed question and she has to dismiss it for having given the young woman the wrong impression. "I apologize." She says firstly. "What I meant is that…" A light exhale is released then from the Princess. "It is a common thing to believe tha a God… is devoid of a personality that might contain all emotions. Negative ones included. The God's of my people have… rich personalities, to put it kindly. Like all the people of the rest of the world…" And again she glances outside for brief second before looking back to Cait.

"Our Gods can be in good moods, and foul moods. They can do good, and do very bad. We can be mad at them as much as we can praise them for all the good they have done. It is a complex relationship, filled with its own highs and lows."

Caitlin blinks slowly. Diana's words are clearly having an effect on her, and she absently tugs at her up-do and yanks down half the ponytail. She tugs on it with both hands, a somewhat adolescent expression of uncertainty.

"That's… not so different from Church, actually," she remarks to Diana. "The Old Testament is pretty hardcore. 'Vengeful, wrathful' God comes up a lot. But in the New Testament, its'… more about how to be a good person. Y'know? 'What you're doing wrong,' then a 'how to do it right'."

She looks out the window, then back at Diana. She smiles gratefully. "I apprecite you explaining it. It was just something that kinda has been picking at the back of my brain." She reaches for her coffee to take a sip. "It's nice to know that we're not all so different."

Diana is sipping her drink again while Caitlin speaks and its set down once more atop its paper coaster on their table. "We are not so different in this regard, no." She speaks softly. "And if you would like it, someday when Cassie and I are returning to Themyscira for a trip, we can bring you with us and you can attend a ceremony to observe it. If this truly is a thing you find intriguing and interesting, then you would be more than welcome to see how our people handle their own beliefs." Diana's right hand is raised up to touch fingertips to her chest. "Perssonally, I believe the more experiences we have in lifesuch as thatmake us a better and more complete person. 'Well rounded' is a popular turn of phrase for it. The more looks we get around each and every corner, the better we understand our enviroment and can traverse it that much more effectively and efficiently."

"I think I'd like to see that," Caitlin tells Diana. "I mean, someone once said everyone's got a little bit of the big picture in their pocket, if you know how to listen to them. It'd be really great to see religious services with my own eyes."

Her smile spreads to a dimpled grin. "I think I might have to wave off participating, though. I wouldn't want to insult anyone—" she glances skywards reflexively.

"When d'you think you want to go back to Themyscira? I mean, when it's convenient, of course," she adds quickly. "I'm in the middle of job interviews and I'm waiting to hear back on my PEO exam results," she clarifies.

"Probably not for a little while yet." Diana responds to this last question. "I was there for Christmas time… I took a friend there who needed to get away from the city for the holiday." She shows a faint smile then. "But yes, we would want to make it a planned affair so that all of our busy lives might find a moment to unclutter themselves and allows the freedom to be away for at least a handful of days."

Diana nods her head softly to Caitlin then. "If you do find such… a string of free days in the future, let me know. Perhaps one of us freeing up will help the others all fall into place and we can find said time. But yes, you could simply observe the ceremonies from outside all of it. There would be no expectations for your to participate, only observe. My people have somewhat grown more accustomed to having visitors that I bring, somewhat…"

"Soon as I have a work schedule, you'll be the first to know," Cait promises Diana. "I know planning big trips is a pain no matter what— anything I can do to help get the ball rollling, I will. I've got a few applications in and I've had callbacks already. I'm just waiting to hear back from Frost Industries," she tells Diana, wriggling with excitement. "I applied for a management position on their development side. I think I'm a little underqualified compared to the other people applying, but it'd put me on board with a really top-flight corporation. Fingers croooossed," she sings, doing so with both hands.

"Fingers crossed." Diana agrees with a single soft nod. "And… I know you likely wish to make things on your own merit, but remember that I am always willing to reach out to a potential employer and put in a good word for you. You are better at what you do than you give yourself credit for. I admire how much you are always displaying that you 'know' on any given topic. Even your questions just now about religion, they beg to show just how great of a mind you have. How it goes into deeper places than many others care to ever go. You deserve to be in a 'dream job' … as they call them. So if I can help, then let me do so. I would do it happily."

Caitlin's eyes bulge at the offer. "I… gosh. Thanks, Diana," she says, hands lower. She looks extraordinarily touched and humbled by the offer. "That's incredibly nice of you. /Generous/ of you," she amends.

She shakes off the stunned reverie and a megawatt smile returns. "I'm almost afraid to do it. Someone's going to see 'Ambassador for Themyscira, Princess Diana' on my references sheet and they're going to think I'm pranking them, or something," she laughs. "I have a hard enough time proving my duty exclusion for League work," she remarks. "People think I'm too young to be a superhero, or something?" she says, shrugging her athletic shoulders. "Either way— Thanks. Seriously," she says, touching her sternum with her fingertips. "Wow. That made my year," she marvels. "Christmas /and/ birthday."

Its rare that Diana Prince opens herself up enough to actually laugh, but these words and expressions from Caitlin get her to do just that. A soft laugh, melodic and pleasing to most ears, like the sound of her husky hued voice generally always are anyway. "Here…" Diana says as she turns to reach for a light jacket she has draped over the back of her chair. A moment of fuddling around with it and she's pulling out a royal blue card with gold lettering, infact its a stack of about ten of them. Diana slides them over to Caitlin.

"You can hand these to any prospective employers and well… They will soon come to know that you are indeed not 'joking' or 'pulling their chains' as it where." Sitting straight again with her hands in her lap, Diana smiles. "I will be more than happy to communicate with them via e-mail or even phone." Diana leans forward and grins, lowering her voice a few notches. "Voice is more fun, you can hear the stunned pitch in their voices."

Caitlin accepts the cards, handling them like they're made of gold. Probably worth more than gold, even, to the redheaded heroine. She tries to hold back a laugh at Diana's low-voiced suggestion, and ends up snorting. Which just makes her laugh harder, until she's giggling like a fool for a good ten seconds and ignoring everyone else in the cafe as they stare at her.

"Okay. Okay. I'll save these only for the emergencies or when it'll be /really/ funny," Caitlin tells Diana.

She carefully tucks the cards into her purse where they'll be kept safe. "I can't imagine it's gonna be too bad," she confesses. "When I left Baxter, it was /awful/. I had one lousy patent and Dr. Richards never returned any reference phone calls. I was so glad when Karen hired me. Now my resume is just ridiculous," she says, trying not to sound boastful despite her pride in herself. "The PEO cert is just going to be the cherry on the top."

"You can always come and pick up some more, if you do find you need them." Diana says after smiling at the girl's actions. She hopes above hope to just help make good people like Caitlin have better lives, to see others like her as happy as can be is Diana's goal in life to help give.

"It sounds as though you have a good resume on paper, but one that in practice has been more than a bit challenging." The Princess says then. "But… Even that said. The challenges shape us to be stronger and better for it. So you shall have to keep me appraised on all that is going on. IF there are any updates? Let me know!" Diana flashes another little grin then.

Caitlin inhales and blows out expressively, cheeks ballooning. "It's been hit-or-miss," she admits. "Engineering's still kind of a boy's club. I did a few applictions where I just left my first name off the resume, and I got more callbacks— but then no followups when I showed up. It was just blind luck that I bumped into Karen at the Stark Expo, I mentioned that my internship was up and she snapped me up before my last paycheck cleared. Soooo—-" she makes a weighing gesture with both hands. "Gender disadvantage, gender advantage…" she implies a balance is reached. "I guess it worked out for me in the long run."

Her phone buzzes, and Caitlin glances down at it. "Oh, gosh, speaking of which, that's the bedtime alarm." She smiles at Diana. "Are you gonna be at the gym tomorrow morning? I wanna do more of those spear forms."

Diana raises her eyebrows at this talk of Engineering and a boysclub not returning calls. "Is that so?" She says to the younger one. "Well then, perhaps a card is not enough… If you get a chance to go to one of these places in person to present yourself as a potential employee, then reach out to me and I will come along with you. We can ask for a tour of their facility and get a look around, see if we cannot shake things up from the inside. Such old world ways need to be treated as such… to be woken up from their comatose ways and realize the world is ready to move on with or without them."

A nod is quickly then given when Cait gets her phone alert. "I will be, bright and early. So make sure that you get your rest." She tells her with a big smile. "And no staying up late fighting Orcs and Dragons." She chides the young woman just a little, for the fun of it.


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