Green Tea Milk Cream

July 08, 2018:

Emery Papsworth is enjoying a night off with ice cream, booze and Princess Aurora when a Rich Ninja and a Drunk Hood decide to join him. Serious conversation and confessions ensue.

Danny's House

In his house there are many rooms


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Mentions: Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, Kennis (NPC), Luke Cage,Wilson Fisk

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Fade In…

Okay, so its been a strange week and a half. Time divided between plenty of time spent with Kennis and then providing relief in HK parts and also spending time doing his actual job. Meals have been more homey, comfort foods and three meals a day but he's not been getting super fancy lately. Just to make people feel better , or something.

It has been a strange week and a half and Emery barely uses it when he's at Danny's but he has made use of a room i the man's house for the last few days. One claimed as his own. Door has been left open, and in the room that he has he's pushed the bed up against the wall. There's a large TV in there and its very spartan and kept clean as can be.

This is where Emery can be found…wearing a black tank-top, a pair of black silk boxers with soccer balls on them, and settled on a couch he's pushed in the room. Hair still damp from a shower so its curly and long, he sits with a cardboard box filled with bottles of whiskey, bourbon, and rum beside him on one side and a cooler at his feet that holds pints of ice cream that he has as he is watching the manliest of things. Sleeping Beauty. Eyes glued to the screen, he slowly brings chocolate ice cream to his mouth via a spoon and then takes a swig of Jamenson, humming softly along to the musical track.

After his run in with Daredevil Owen decided that he needed to lay low for a while. To think this through. To make a plan. To get really drunk. Not necessarily in that order.

Thankfully Owen has enough bartending friends in the city that finding a place to drink for cheap is not an issue. A little dive bar in Alphabet City works nicely for this purpose and puts at least a little distance between him and Hell's Kitchen without resorting to heading back to Gotham.

But one of the dangers of day drinking is that you might end up well and thoroughly sauced well before it's late at night and Owen finds himself in such a predicament. During his latest cigarette break he once again pulls out his phone to watch Luke's video message. It's obvious he sent it to other people. Which means they are working on this. Owen should help. They could use the job as an in, a way to track the Kingpin, err Fisk. And try as he might not to, Owen keeps coming back to that little square that Luke flashed in the video. It's at Danny's.

That's not why he's texting Emery. No! He's a concerned friend who wants to help nail the bad guy. And to check up on his friends. But if it just happens that Luke leaves that wonderful little patch lying around somewhere… there's no reason to let it go to waste.


Text to Emery » Yo. Think it's okay if I crash at Rands tonight? Too drunk to find a couch to crash.


It takes the Irishman a moment to find his phone between the sofa cushions, groping around blindly after sticking his spoon into his personal pint of Chocolate Delight. He scans the screen and swipes a finger across the screen before raising the phone to reply via a voice message. "Come in through teh back, ye have the new codes and head up to me room if ye are trying to avoid the others." Then he presses send and drops the phone again on the sofa and returns to his Disney Movie and Ice Cream.

After a moment he just pauses the movie and shifts forward on the couch to idly toy with his spoon and stare at nothing in particular. So many movie pieces, so many troubled souls, so many issues piling on top of one another and its throwing his preference for schedule and routine off. Emery takes a deep breath and reaches for his phone again, opening up that video again and sucking his teeth in quiet exasperation as he focuses on the patch lifted up for the camera to see.

His phone is tossed to the side again so he can focus on scraping the last of the ice cream from the bottom of the pint.


Danny doesn't actually inhabit the master bedroom. That means he's got to go up a flight of stairs if he wants the really goood shower. And that rainfall showerhead with programmable settings and jacuzzi tub adjacent to steam room is definitely worth walking up a flight of stairs for. He's wearing a fluffy spa robe that Joy probably left behind. He walks past Emery's open door and pauses, rapping gently. "Hey man. How're you doing?"


It doesn't take long for Owen to make the journey over to Grammercy. It's actually quite nice out though and he meanders through the streets. The reply is played over speaker and Owen just chuckles at the fact that Emery is not even pretending like Owen isn't shirking everybody right now. But he's going to Rand's for a reason. He should talk about it. Just get it out there. It could help, and who cares if it makes him look like shit. He already feels like shit, may as well just let everyone know how much of a dick he is. They won't be surprised.

He stands swaying at the door taking a few tries to get the new code punched in and then making his way up through one of the back stairs. He is just about to mentally congratulate himself on his stealth when he approaches Emery's room and finds Danny standing there. Oh well.


Owen exclaims as if it's both a surprise to see Danny in his own house and as if they are old friends reunited. That's probably the liquor. Probably.


"Ahhh, Master Danny. C'mon in, join me. I'm just watchin' Telly and eatin' deconstructed adult ice cream floats." Emery takes a deep breath before tilting his head to the side as he gestures for Danny to join him. "There's ah, this Green Tea flavored ice cream ting for you."

Then…there's Owen and he just blinks slowly as he takes in his appearance and his state. He's quiet before smirking gently. "No fair pre-gamin' before ye actually get to the real party mate. Come, grab a pint..I've got…" He holds up two pints. "Bubblegum or Bust and…Cinnamon Vanilla Swirls. Grab a pint and a bottle." He nods towards the cardboard box of booze.


"I was just about to have a shower, but I can't say no to ice cre…—-" and then, there Owen is. Danny blinks, takes a breath and then goes, "Hey man." It's a little more of a guarded hello than he usually gives, but it's been a strange few weeks. He steps in to Emery's room. hands finding their way into the pockets of the fluffy robe.


Owen is well and truly drunk, even for him so he's just breezing past the awkwardness in Danny's greeting. It's not that he doesn't notice, no, he's fully aware of it and even has a few good guess as to why. Granted he also has some terrible guesses, but those can be chalked up to booze.

"Vanilla Cinnamony buns or whatever. No bubble gum. God, please no more bubble gum."

That odd answer is given as he makes his way into the room to flop on the couch unceremoniously. "I told you I was drunk. But no takin' advantage of me in my bedrunken state. Only Harley can do that… or Luke."

Wait, what? No, Owen has a point that was really clear in his head but came out wrong.

"I mean the video. That dick. With the video, just.. I mean, don't get me wrong. I get what Jess sees in him. And he does have baby soft hands.." Okay now Owen is getting a bit more far afield in his drunken ramblings, but really the amount of joking between Luke and Owen even sober about this is a bit much for some.

"I mean it worked. Obviously. But still kind of an asshole move.."


"He's a dipshit who makes stupid decisions, Master Danny, but that just makes him human. Its not contagious." Emery offers to Danny quietly, gesturing for him to join them on the couch as he passes Owen the pint and a spoon. He is watching him and listening with a roll of his eyes. "Until your girlfriend decides she needs a threesome to keep tings spicey, you are on the no touch list, darlin'. As much as it pains me in a way that it does not."

Then the Irishman holds out the green tea ice cream pint to Danny as he quirks an eyebrow at Owen. "Mm. Do ye really want to talk about arsehole moves? Do ye really want to talk about how teh feckin' elephant that stalks you stomped on your common sense again and how ye again forgot to call me? Because the chick that tipped ye off better have had an amazin' set of tits on her or else I am going to shove me foot so far up yer arse the next time ye even sniff a bit of smack you shout my goddamn shoe size…" He keeps his voice calm as can be. "Or do I have it wrong, did you just get a tip because of your charm? Not because ye were somehow mixed up in the Disney Tea Party from hell?"


Danny is good at a lot of things. Martial arts, obviously. He's not a half bad dresser when he actually tries. He can make people not hate him despite the stupid things he sometimes says and does. What he's not very good at is uncomfortably reaming out friends for bad choices.

Instead, Danny just takes the pint of ice cream from Emery, jams the spoon in, bites, and sort of…watches while perched on the edge of the couch. Like he's watching an immersive stage play.


The ice cream is opened and sniffed at, much like an animal testing to see if something is safe to eat. Owen takes a bite and shrugs as if to say it's not poisonous at least. It's a hell of a lot fancier than anything he's ever eaten for ice cream.

"I didn't /forget/ first of all. And I checked in! Just.. quietly. And .." Owen goes quiet for a second and leans his head back. Like way back. Uncomfortably back. And then it flops to the side to look at Emery.

"Well. The good news is her tits were fantastics. I mean just.. great." Here one hand lifts to show an approximate size, because drunken Owen is extra classy. And then he laughs a little at the fact that he knows that doesn't make up for any of it, but the fact that Emery said it would get him at least partially off the hook does crack him up.

"And I got the tip cause I'm an ass. An easily manipulationable JACK. ASS." His head still lolled to the side, his eyes roll up to look at Danny briefly. He normally would at least keep some of this to himself but he intended to talk about it. Just probably not like this. Oh well, no time like the present.


"Not to tell me that ye were not dead. To tell me that you were being tested again while your brain was addled and fucked with. To tell me that somebody put ye in a situation like this in the first place." Emery pries open another pint of something with chocolate chips and mint. There is a long pause as Emery works on unpacking the information and processing it.

There's shrug of his shoulder as he analyzes the estimated boob size with a critical eye and nods slowly. "Well, at least ye got that and mebbe the high out of it. Not worth it because I could've taken ye to a strip club and provided ye with something to tie ye over if the craving was that bad." He then regards Owen and Owen's head, expression softening slightly.

"If ye had not gotten the tip, then ye could not have saved the few people that you were able to. Me daughter would've been left who knows where. If I had never made it back, ye would've at least warned the people that could keep her safe and never ever ever tink, that I would be mad at you for that. Do ye hear me boyo?" He looks to Danny and then back to Owen. "You are not a jack ass, you are a fuckwit and a drug addict. Now. Is there anyting you need to tell me and Master Rand?"


Danny stays more or less silent. The green tea ice cream is slowly turning into green tea with milk in his hand. He sort of looks down at a spot on the floor. He raps the spoon on the edge of the pint, then re-caps it and hands it back to Emery. "I think…I'm going to take my shower." He looks up at Owen only fleetingly, then he looks away. He seems…disappointed? Uncomfortable? Both? "We can talk more when you're sober," this to Owen, even though he doesn't look directly at him when he speaks.


"I left a note. Harley's phone. In the place? With the bombs?"

Owen did think he was doing better this time in not disappearing entirely without word. But that was before Emery got back. Crap. That's right. His head swims a little at the timeline of things. "Oh. Right, you were still not here."

"I .. " He starts to explain but then Emery tries to rationalize it. Or make Owen feel like less of an ass about it. He picks his head up enough to say, "Stop. Save the rah rah speech. I .. don't think it'll sound the same in a minute." And suddenly Owen sounds much more sober than he did a minute ago. Or at least much more serious and maybe a bit more sober.

And then Danny's headed for the shower. Owen frowns a bit and says "Suuper. I'm lookin' forward to that." ANd it's not that he meant to sound sarcastic but it sure doesn't sound genuine.

And then Owen's back to facing Emery. The ice cream is set aside and he exhales hard before coming out with. "I didn't get the tip from Ariel. I got the fix from her. The stuff Luke had in the video… it's … " Owen seems to struggle for words and finally just settles on "Mind blowing. But then as I came back down I met him. Fisk. The Kingpin. He gave me the tip. When he offered me a job."


The Irishman was holding out a hand to receive Danny's Green Tea Milk pint with a shake of his head. "What teh fuck am I supposed to do with this, ye've got it all warmed up, its not gonna freeze teh same again…" But he's nodding in understanding about the shower. "I'll have breakfast ready in the morning." He mouths to Danny, because he's listening to Owen.

Then there is a long pause as he zooms in to the last bit of what's being said. Or zeros in. Either way he's just staring at Owen for a very long time. "Ah." He looks to the green tea pint and back to Owen and then back to the melted ice cream. Then he's uncapping it and reaching out to try to dump it out on Owen's head. "That just means ye can get me his full name then. God fucking damnit, if ye get /hurt/ because of this shite…if they come for ye because of this shite…" He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. "On the plus side, this might actually age me a few years. I've been waitin' me whole life for a hint of grey…" Shake of his head. "Out with it then, did ye just get 'Fisk' or did he introduce himself fully?"


Danny goes from avoiding eye contact and looking uncomfortable to full on eye contact with Owen. His jaw is clenching. There's a little tick in his eyebrow. "Fisk…" he tilts his head. "…Fisk offered you a job? Did you…" he pauses to watch the ice cream fiasco. Then he finishes more quietly, "…did you take it?"


"Yea, I ain't worried 'bout me. Wilson Fisk, which by the way means shit to me, but the Kingpin is not someone ya fuck with. He's not playin. But.." Yea, it's probably not necessary to say that about someone who probably just blew up an entire neighborhood of New York. That kind of speaks for itself.

The the melting green tea ice cream shower is lazily swatted at, like a confused cat. A drunk, confused cat. But Owen tries to focus on what he was saying regardless.

"It wasn't like a job.. it was /a/ /job/." He tries to stress the singularity, but finds it doesn't translate well. "Like a hit. But not a .. hit, persay."

He sighs and shakes his head. "He specifically said Jess and Luke. Told me I should warn them not to be in Hell's Kitchen that night. Not why, just that something.. " He trails off and then sighs at Danny's question.

"I didn't say no."

It's not the same thing as saying yes. At least that's what Owen's been telling himself.


Emery shoots Danny a look, its a 'careful there' look. The kinda look people shoot each other when dealing with a tranqed rhino. Its a valid question, and Emery gets his own question answered as he hopes the remaining cool of the ice cream shower assists with brain clarity for Owen. The sofa be damned.

Even though he's up rather quickly, fetching a towel to drape over Owen's head and face as he moves with another to start sopping up a stain.

But he is listening.

Then he's very quiet, very very quiet and he sighs softly. "That means ye've kept the window open, the power is still in your hands. If he's given you a target and given you a name…that means he expects a result. Either you take out your target or you get taken out." He takes a deep breath and looks to Danny and then looks back to Owen and then back to Danny. "He bought you all some time. Work wit' Luke. Make yourselves a pain in his drug operation's arse. Its gonna shake tings up for them a wee bit."

Then a look goes to Owen. "How bad are these cravings? Be honest wit' me. Because I will chain ye up if need be after letting Danny here punch that pretty face to knock you out…we need your head in the game, so be honest with me. How bad are ye jonesin?"


"Why? For god's sake, why, Owen? If you needed money, newsflash, you know a guy who is literally a billionaire." Danny motions around himself. "Instead you get into bed with a man who has actively tried to ruin the lives of people you know. People who consider you a friend."

He prides himself on his zen, but the events of recent weeks have worn down the resolve and shown that it must have taken a very long time for him to actually achieve that state. The layers are peeling back, and there are glimpses of the decidedly un-zen young man the monks of K'un L'un had to work with. And unlike his butler, he doesn't really understand the psychology of an addict. "Emery. Please see him out when you're done talking. He's not staying here. And change the codes." He turns now, to leave the room, to head towards his intended destination of the shower to try and calm the anger and frustration and hold on to the last few shreds of his chill.


Owen lets out a small 'heh' of laughter at Danny's question.

"I didn't go to him. He had it all figured out, brought me right to him. And it wasn't a job for money." Owen's not proud of that fact, but he does feel the need to clarify. But at the part about being seen out he just nods. That makes sense. It was only a matter of time, so good. Let's get this over with.

But he turns back to Emery, because he does have things to discuss before he goes. "I tried turning him down. The night of. I was .. that was a fucking nightmare." Owen still has been too tripped up with his part in it to talk to anyone about it. But he can't focus on that now.

"But I have a plan. How to use the fact that Fisk doesn't know which way I'm leaning." And it is just leaning still. A slip of the tongue but a good indicator of how slim the margin of decision actually was. "He wanted me to box up a hero for him. So I say we send in something unexpected. He doesn't know what the Satan of the Subway looks like. So toss some tracers on me, dress me up in some sassy red armor and deliver me. Ya'll can see where it goes. I can build the armor and the tracers at Starks."

The plan is rough, but it's Owen's version of redemption. To put himself out there to make up for the fact that he put himself in this stupid thing to begin with.

Only then does Owen finally get around to addressing Emery's question. He looks at him directly and gives a half shrug and nod. "Yea. It's.." How do you even describe it? Jess would understand. At least this part. The rest would likely merit more than a pint of ice ream over his head. But he'd have the words to at least describe this. "I need some time. I can't tell but the patch thing.. it's got in my head like.. big time."


There's a flicker in disappointment in Emery's gaze as he levels a look at Danny, but there's also some understanding there. But then, Danny uses 'orders' language as a reminder of Emery's station in the house and he just narrows his eyes for a moment. "Of course Master Rand." And he slaps the formality on there and drizzles it with enough frigid air to make a Popsicle as he just shakes his head slowly.

But he looks back to Owen, nodding slowly and sighing a bit as he listens. "I know that even hoods have a code of honor that ye dun mess with. I know enough about you to know it safe to leave me daughter with you. It just not safe to leave you with you." A pause. "And that's just about the stupidest plan ye could've come up. Just. The worst. But, I'd pay good money to see you saunter around in a red leather body condom so I'm not going to try to talk ye out if."

He runs his fingers through his hair and just nods slowly. "Go get cleaned up in me bathroom. There's some clean sweats in there. Then I'll drive ye to one of me places so you can sleep the rest of this off." He gets it, probably more than Owen knows and he just sighs softly and lowers his voice slightly. "I'll…take care of ye. Just. Go get cleaned up and I'll drive ye to me place." He makes shooing motions and rubs a hand over his face. He doesn't know Fisk personally, and he hasn't been involved in all of the 'oh no Fisk' drama save for feeding people. But now, this has become personal. He came for his family.

And now Emery has a name.


Danny didn't mean it like that. He really didn't. He just didn't want to throw Owen out there and then when there's still some talking to do. He adds a contrite, "Please. Thank you." Then without looking back, he's off: to glower at white tile while he scrubs at his curls.


"What? No that plan is solid gold. I mean version one involved breaking into SHIELD to steal a life model decoy.. but I ain' got time for that. And I'm not even sure if this SHIELD uses those." This SHIELD, because let's not forget in a very different world Owen Mercer was a highly respected Agent of SHIELD. Hee.

"I mean the other option was some robot chick, Six maybe? Seven? Shit, I should probably have written that down. But I ain't got the legs to pull that shit off. I mean I ain't got the ass or rugged jawline to fool anyone for long as Cinnamon Satan but I figure at least there's a shot at that one."

Owen is getting up to go clean up now. He looks back at Emery and says "I'll be fine. I'll stay clean. You got people here that need lookin' after. They're /good/ people." The adjective there stressing how far outside of that life Owen feels just now. Funny how he thought even for a moment he could just make the switch. Too many bad habits..

"But thanks for the offer…"


"…or ye could ask The Tempting Twizzler directly to assist with your plan? If he's the target, which you have just disclosed to me, then I'm sure he'd want to help. I'm sure ye can create a gadget of some sort that could help pull this off." Emery pauses for a moment. "I do know a porn star who cosplays as him sometimes…" Then he waves a hand vaguely as he straightens up.

The Irishman folds his arms over his chest and just looks at Owen, stares at him, and throws his hands up as he looks after where Danny beat his own retreat. Then back to Owen. "Like it or not, Mercer you irritating little snot, you are in that group of good people that need lookin' after. Head to the pent house, ye should still have the key. Call your woman, and let her know you are okay. And if ye get itchy, just give me a call at any time and I'll insult ye and send you pictures of the penises that keep sliding into me DMs until the urges fade."

He turns to start assessing the new ice cream stain thoughtfully as he offers the parting words. "That offer will always stand. May come with a slap or a kick, but it will always stand." Then he's going through his mental Rolodex of stain removing techniques.

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