Community Day: Mutant Town

July 09, 2018:

In which Mutant Town holds a 'We're Tired Of Dealing With Stressful Things' block party and it draws all the nicest people. Or this is what we get when we're bored and would like a social scene.

Mutant Town


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Mutant Town does have some redeeming featuers. It's a close-knit community, closer than some boroughs that have been around for much longer. A block party has been set up in a district park, and spills over into the streets around the park for most of a city block. Food and fun abound, children play and chase each other, and between the incognito vigilantes and some of the more reliable criminal elements, peace has been assured for all present.

It's a sunny, shiny, pleasant day, and it seems a good part of the borough has turned up to enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Food trucks and mobile prize booths are set up as well, and a local four-man band plays at one corner of the park.

Approaching the Mutant Town area, Adara really didn't have much reason to be here other than simply to try to relax cause she heard there was a bit of a party over here. She looks around as she walks, smiling a little at the sight of various people moving around. She pushes hair over her ear as she walks, holding idly on to a strap of a bookbag over her shoulder as she moves. She glances at the various people moving about and then finally stops at a food truck. She looks up at the man behind there and orders one bottle of water and one of those funnel cakes.

Once she has her funnel cake and water, she steps away to allow others through and idly picks at the food as she walks along, further into the odd atmosphere.

The sunny day and the festival-like atmosphere are all well an' good, but beneath it all lurks something else. Something tense. Maybe not for everyone present, but given everything that's been going on lately one can't help but just keep an extra eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Then again, maybe not.

For Logan, on the other hand, recent events have given him reason to suspect foul play at a large gathering of powered folks. And it's not the powered folks here he's concerned with. A recent run in with a group of government-sanctioned lunatics has him on edge. So he's here to scope things out and make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible. And be the one guy chainsmoking cigars.

Trudging down the street, his weary eyes scan the crowd as he makes his way through the sea of people, not that he can see too much considering his height disadvantage. People bump into him left and right as he moves through them but he hardly seems to notice. He's just making his way towards the park where there is a little more room to stand and observe. He never was a partyin' type anyway.

Caitlin had called Stephanie up: Community day! In Mutant Town! Come ON!!!!

To say that Stephanie had taking a bit of convincing would be fair. But, she was in the area - office in Hell's Kitchen - so when she'd finished up for the morning, Stephanie made her way over to meet her friend, at a pre-arranged location of course. Car parked in a garage, purse slung across her chest, she found Caitlin nearby and moved to fall into step by her side to walk the rest of hte way to the community day. That she had been at work is telegraphed loudly by the almost bank teller business suit in soft dove grey over a jewel-tone amethyst blouse she's wearing. Her hair is loose, however, spilling down her back. Her right wrist is braced.

"Alright. Alright. Oh my god. I'm here. You can stop blowing up my phone now!" she's grousing at the very tall red-head at her side. Grousing, tone sounding so completely annoyed, and yet there's a hint of a grin on her lips.

Caitlin stands up and stares at at Stephanie as her friend approaches. "Geeze, I thought you were just ducking my calls," she tells the blonde girl. Contrary to Stephanie, Caitlin's risking a dangerous amount of sun for a ginger— brief khaki shorts, a tank top, and slipper style shoes. She collects Stephanie in a hug anyway, her own purse hanging loosely at her hip and her hair messily bunned up to keep her neck cool. "C'mon! Let's get some food. The funnel cake smell is literally killing me," Caitlin says. She tugs on Stephanies hand and heads towards the food cart, on an interception path with Adara and Logan. Focused on Stephanie, she's likely not paying enough attention to her path among the busy fair-goers.

For her part, Adara is not really suspicious of anyone. She's eating Funnel Cake, drinking water, enjoying the festitivites and is also on a collision course with a taller, much more physically imposing figure of Caitlin and then not watching where she's going and then blinking in surprise and then potentially slamming into Caitlin and pushing Funnel cake between herself and Caitlin and dropping water and, "Oh crap!" She declares as she steps back from Caitlin and looks down and up and hten around and then lets out a sigh, "I'm so sorry…"

Hanging around this sort of thing is not Logan's typical idea of a good time, but there is something about it that is comforting. Seeing all of these people together and having a good time seems like a rarity given the political climate that he's used to. Gun to his head, he might actually be glad on some level to be here.

He continues making his way through the dense crowd, only a few steps from Adara as she manages to run into Caitlin. The bottle of water drops and sprays down the legs of his jeans. Chewing on his cigar, he grunts as he bends down to pick it up. He's got less ground to cover anyway bein' so short. Rising, he silently offers it to her with a glance towards Caitlin and Stephanie and gives them both a slight nod, "Here ya go, darlin'."

"Food smells can not literally kill-ohmygodwatchout!" Stephanie's eyes widen as collision was imminent. There wasn't a thing she could do to stop it, so she stood, mostly frozen as her friend collided with someone. Water bottle dropped and Stephanie stepped out to reach for it, only to be beaten to the punch by cigar chewing man. Gentleman? Probably. Better treat him so until proven otherwise.

"Thank you," she says politely to Logan, her voice a delicate feminine high note. Her injured hand tucks a lock of hair behind an ear as she looks to Ciatling and Adara.

"I'm sorry too. We were going to get funnel cake too. Can I.. buy you a new one?" Stephanie offers to Adara, before sliding her gaze to Logan and sort of including him as well.

Running into Caitlin is a lot like blundering into a utility pole. There is just no give when Adara blunders into the redhead. It's not until Adara rebounds off and the food goes flying that Caitlin realizes what happened, and her wide-eyed response is to suck in elbows and tiptoes, covering her mouth with a mortified expression. "Ohmygosh! I am so sorry! I should have been paying more attention!" She offers hands to help stabilize Adara and the things in her hands, and the towering redehad gives Logan a grateful smile as he recovers the dropped goods. "Oh, thanks so much," she murmurs to him.

"Golly. Lemme buy everone some funnel cake, that's on me," she says, digging in her clutch for a credit card, and stepping into the queue quickly.

A blink as everyone seems so eager to help and she is the one feeling like the big clutz. She looks at her shirt and at Caitlin's and then at the ground and then has her water bottle back. She just kinda looks taken aback by the whole thing and then nods to Logan, "Thank you." She gives a half bow and then to Caitlin and another and she nods, "Thank you…" She then looks at her half-empty water bottle and idly pushes her hair back again and then lets out a sigh.

She certainly doesn't want to insult Caitlin so she lets her do the buying thing and then just looks over at Logan and then at the other two before saying, "Sorry." And then she clears her throat, "Wasn't umm, exactly how I was hoping to meet new people." She laughs a little.

Nathaniel rarely visits Mutant Town except maybe from above, when he does a patrol sweep over lower Manhattan. As fascinating as this part of New York is he doesn't feel particularly welcome most days.

But today it is an exception, since the community day means the neighbor has opened the doors to the rest of the city, not just the tourists. So he found a couple hours to come here. Because he is pretty much a tourist still. Not just for Mutant Town but the whole 21st Century.

And mutants? They will rarely be as common and as free as they are right now. And they will be essentially extinct by the 30th Century. Unless the Avengers manage to change the timeline.

He didn't expect to find anyone he knows here. Maybe Billy? But would Billy Kaplan remember Nathaniel? Maybe not. Definitely he didn't expect to see Stephanie. When he does, he moves to intercept, waving to try to draw her attention.

The smell of the funnel cakes is enough to ward Logan away from them. He likes fried food as much as the next guy, but something about funnel cakes makes him want to steer clear. When he's included in the offer for a round of them he simply shakes his head and holds out a palm, "Tryin' t'quit." He says that with a thick stogey perched in the corner of his mouth.

He glances down at the leg of his jeans after the onslaught of apologies and shrugs. It's just a little water after all. If any of them had seen the state of his clothes a few nights back they'd have been mortified. "Don't mention it," he says in his gruff voice, managing to offer the trio a smile that deceives the roughness of his features.

Caitlin comes back with an armful of funnel cakes, and distributes them to anyone who wants one. "So silly. Sorry, again, I'm sometimes bad about looking where I'm going," she tells the group. "And it's really OK," she asssures Adara. "I'm Caitlin— this is my friend Stephanie," she says, making with the introductions. "So nice to see people out at the party! It's too nice a day to be cooped up indoors, innit?"

The issue of colliding peoples and dropped food and drinks and who's buying hte next round resolved, Stephanie relaxes a little, finding a smile on her face again.

"It's alright. Sometime's it's good to bump into people…. maybe not always literally.. What I meant was.. nevermind. It's good to meet you. I'm Stephanie," the blonde yanks her ramble into an introduction, offering her right hand to Adara and Logan each in turn. The brace is visible and if her handshake is accepted, her grip lacks strength and coordination. Ever aware, Stephanie's eyes flit from the two in front of her to the waving hand of..


A brief moment of surprise drifts across her face as the familiar greeting from someone she knows but whom she is starting to question only knows her on one side of hte mask. The only time they met out of it, Stephanie started to question, and so she finds a smile somewhere in there, and when hand shakes are done, she lifts her braced up right hand to return the wave.

Nerves are a thing!

Nathaniel smiles pleasantly to Steph, giving her friends a brief glance. Fairchild is a known face from the news, of course, although they have yet to meet 'in the field' so to say. "Stephanie, good to see you," he greets. "A lucky coincidence, then again it seems many people have come to this event."

And why not? It is a sunny day and the New Yorkers trying to get over the recent tragedy not far from here. Despite how many people dislike mutants, it looks there are also many that either like them or do not care. "Or… do you visit this neighbor often?" He adds.

The short runt of a man nods back at Stephanie as she offers her hand. Noticing the brace, he is careful not to grip too firmly or shake more than necessary, "Logan."

This isn't quite how he had planned for the day to go either. His plan wasn't to go out and socialize but he should've known better. He takes a few steps back to get out of the way of people trying to make their way to the park as Nathaniel also shows up. For now he's content to stand back and let the others catch up and enjoy their funnel cakes. He'll enjoy his smoke.

"I'm Adara." She nods her head as she takes Stephanie's hand briefly and then nods to Logan as well, "Nice to meet you all." She then brushes off the powdered sugar as best she can before taking a new funnel cake. She glances briefly at Logan as he declines the offer but shrugs a little. Not her business. She just takes a bite only to glance at Nathaniel.

Caitlin goes around the circle, and offers a snack to everyone. She's considerate that way. She catches Logan's name and hesitates as he breaks from the group, but still meanders over to offer him a treat as well. "Did I hear— it's Logan, right? I'm Caitlin. It's nice to meet you," she tells the fellow. "I hope you're having a good day so far."

Sensing Nathaniel looking at her, she glances over at the fellow talking to her friend Stephanie, and flashes him a friendly smile in lieu of an immediate 'hello'.

"Oh… hi.. Mr. Richards, right?" Stephanie replies, cheeks dusting pink as she moves to feign with the I've only met you once so I don't really know you act. After all, she has only met him once… in civies. The rest has been in uniform, at Avengers Mansion or on assignment.

"Umm.. Not really," she adds, hoping not the make it sound like Mutant Town is sometimes on her patrol route for New York. Most of hte heavy hitters on the Avengers team busy themselves with wiating for those Global Threats. Spoiler deals with the street-level crime.

"Thanks, Cait," she replies tot he red-head, her tone familiar, as she accepts the funnel cake with her good left hand. Right hand is offered to Nathaniel.

"Nice to see you again too, though. And meet you all, Logan and Adara," is said as Logan moves from the group. Stephanie watches Catilin move away after him, and faintly nervous, Stephanie shifts her weight from one foot to the other.

Nathaniel chuckles at Steph's formality. Yes, he is not supposed to know her secret identity for some… batreason, he guesses. "Please, call me Nathaniel, or even Nate. Unless you want me to call you Ms. Brown?"

Which is fine, really. He can be a strange today, there will be some teasing next time they are in the Mansion. The young man looks at the others, "Nathaniel Richards. Good afternoon."

Logan's eyes casually scan all of the people wandering back and forth as they move about and enjoy the festivities. He's starting to realize he may have just been paranoid about anything going down. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't wanting to run into Chapel again. For now he'll try to relax and stop giving off the grumpy vibe he's usually rockin'.

When Caitlin steps over to him, his feral gaze turns towards her and his lips curl into a slight grin, the tips of his canines poking through, "Ya heard right, dalrin'. Nice meetin' you, Caitlin." He glances around the area regarding all of the people in general, "Seems like it's a sucess so far, eh?"

His eyes stray back towards Adara and his nostrils flare slightly as he gets an unusual scent from her. The combination of the cigar smoke and the overwhelming sweetness of the fried foods in the area made him only now start to notice it. The muscles in his jaw ripple as he keeps an eye on her without drawing attention to his interest.

A nod to Nathaniel and she smiles to him, "Adara." She nods again and takes a bite of funnel cake. She glances over at Logan and Cait a moment. She looks them both over, clinically in a way for a moment. Her eyes scanning each and hmming to herself. This is Mutant Town. That might explain the big woman. She kinda gets a sense that Logan is at the very least not an ordinary passing guy.

She shrugs though and walks closer to Stephanie and smiles at her, "I am having fun. I didn't intend to meet this many new people so quickly. I just got back from Norway." She nods, "Studies and such tend to slow down the social life." She then looks over at Nathaniel and then at Stephanie, "Is this normal aroudn here?"

"I think so," Caitlin agrees with the stout fellow. "It's nice to see people out socializing. We've had some rough times lately— seeing people having a little celebration and some picnic time just… feels right," she says. It wasn't too long ago that parts of Mutant Town were hit hard, but the destruction feels just a memory away with the uncertain but spirited gathering of the population doing what they always do in the face of adversity: rallying and supporting one another.

Caitlin's enthusiasm is somewhat infectious, and she turns to give Nathaniel one of the cakes if he didn't grab one. "And its… Nathaniel? Did I hear that right?" she tells him. "I'm Caitlin, it's nice to meetcha," she says, with a lot of corn-fed manners and a gently polite handshake.

"Normal?" Nathaniel glances at Mutant Town, usually the crappies, dirtiest neighborhood of New York. Today the streets are fairly clean, though. "No. I mean, the so-called District X has some interesting spots for tourists, but it is not a good neighborhood. Racial tensions are higher they have been in a decade. Today is a rare moment of peace, and I think most New Yorkers are more worried about Hells Kitchen than mutants, right now."

He nods to Caitlin, "yes, it is nice to see everyone being friend… oh, thanks," for the cake, which he almost fumbles, but somehow ends in his left hand so he can handshake's Caitlin with his right. "Pleasure is all mine."

"Of course, Nathaniel," Stephanie replies, cheeks coloring pink again as he chuckles. Whether it's because she's taking the comments as flirting, is embarrassed at being called out on her formality, or just plain feels uncomfortable being called Ms. Brown is clear only to those able to feel emotions or have a very very keen nose for how human emotions smell. (So, page me if this is you!) Her eyes flit back to Adara.

"Norway? That's really neat. This? Hmm. Sometimes? I mean, Fourth of July was a week ago? Maybe it's just another after party?" Stephanie guesses. Her gaze slides to Caitlin as her tall friend engages the man she's not supposed to know. Stephanie looks back to Adara and finally takes a bite of her funnel cake. .oO( Oh, man. I need to pawn this off to Caitlin asap. Way way too much empty carbs in this, and I have patrol tonight!)

A look to Nathaniel and she nods a little, "I don't know, I just heard about it and thought I'd come over and see it. I thought maybe more people would be here." She shrugs, "Ya know, people to meet anyway. I really have lost touch with most of my old friends who are all over now." She nods her head and then looks back over to Caitlin. Watching hte interaction.

If she notices Logan looking at her, she's not mentioning it. She isn't even seeming to noticce it. She just instead looks over at Stephanie again and smiles broadly, "Yes!" She nods her head, "Norway was really neat. Got to do a lot of field work and get a lot of good experience." She nods, "Now I have to spend time studying and writing and hopefully in six months it'll all be over." She laughs a little to herself before turning her gaze then to the others, "I guess it is nice to have a fun thing like this with all the chaos I have heard about lately."

Caitlin's enthusiasm snaps Logan's attention away from Adara and back to her, his grin slowly resurfacing. Couldn't have said it better himself, really. Hell, the students could use something like this. Maybe he'll give the Institute a call and suggest a group come down with a couple'a chaperones. They need to know that people are out havin' fun and being safe.

He still isn't sure about Adara. His eyes occasionally find their way back to her just to watch her movements. He's not sure what he's getting from her but something about it makes him a little uneasy. It's almost familiar in some way, which is why he needs to keep watch on her.

He also slips a glance towards Stephanie as she speaks to Nathaniel and picks up on her reaction. One thing about social settings is there's no shortage of interesting things to learn about people when you have a sensitive nose.

Caitlin keeps making the rounds, and finally ends up facing Adara. She smiles down at the woman who's started the whole conversational party! "I'm sorry, I didn't catch /your/ name," she apologizes. "I'm Caitlin," she repeats, probably un-necessarily. "And again, I'm /so/ sorry for bumping into you. I always forget where my elbows are," she says, with sincere humility. "Are you from the area, or just here to enjoy the festivities?"

All the chaos lately. Stephanie's smile falters ever so slightly, hardly noticable as she nods her head in agreement. One more bite of unnel cake is taken. Blue-green eyes slide to her friend, and when Caitling draws near again, Stephanie unceremoniously holds out the fried confection. It's a move that speaks of a closeness that comes with trust, like sisters, and rings with the unspoken: Save me!

A look over at Caitlin and she nods again, "Adara. And no, I'm not from this particular area though I suppose I'm kinda from the overall area." She shrugs, "I was just telling your friend that I came back from studying abroad in Norway." She nods her head, "And kinda busy trying to make new friends. Plan was not to bump into them literaly but…" She shrugs and smiles, "And don't worry about it. It was kinda my fault, too." She laughs a little and looks back over to Stephanie and tilts her head a little before she sorta inwardly laughs and smiles wider at that look.

Nathaniel gives Steph an amused glance when she blushes yet again. Then he tries his cake, which gives him some time just to listen and observe. A quiet glance is sent to Logan, who seems to be somewhat outside the conversation. Then back to Steph, "this cake is pretty good," he comments. "How long have you known Caitlin, Stephanie?"

Caitlin takes the food from Stephanie without even thinking about it. Because A) she's helping Stephanie ,and B) It's food. Caitlin's height alone suggests a strong metabolism, but the balance of muscle to body fat borders on its own improbability. She must eat like crazy to maintain her weight.

"Umm…. two… three?" Caitlin hazards, looking down at Stephanie. "No— wait. Four?" She counts on her fingers, then shrugs and nods at whatever Stephanie comes up with.

Turning back to Adara, she refocuses on the woman's explanation. "Wow, Norway? That's awesome! I've never been there, but I hear it's really pretty. How was it? Would you go back if you could?" she inquires of the woman. She seems a little unaware of Logan and Adara's flcikering olfactory recognition of each other, though her politely proper posture is at least relaxed enough to be accomodating instead of stiff.

Logan exists outside of most conversations and where many people may look or give off an awkwardness, he seems to be completely comfortable when he's not engaging in chit chat. That being said, he's also not trying to give off a rudeness. At least now. For now he's silently entertained by the underlying drama that he may very well be the only one who can sense. Other than the 'save me' glance Stephanie hits Caitlin with.

He idly tugs the cigar from between his teeth and pinches it between his thumb and index finger, putting it out, then stuffs it into his jacket pocket. His observance of Adara suggests she's a capable fighter based on the subtle movements. The revelation doesn't come as much of a surprise given the surroundings. There may be a couple'a fighters here trying to relax today.

Thankful for the culinary rescue, teh blonde eyes Nathaniel, gaze sharper than it was a moment before, before looking to Caitlin. The expression clears slightly into something a little more like faint worry before Stephanie is nodding right along.

"Four? Five? Soemthing. A long time. It's not important," Stephanie rings out, voice a quarter tone too high. Caitlin shrugs to agree with whatever she just offered and so Stephanie giggles lightly and shrugs, shifting uneasily again. JUST PLAY IT COOL STEPH!

A smile widens on her lips as she hears Nathaniel talking to the pair. She listens to the answer of that question, too, though she does continue with Caitlin more directly, "I would." She nods her head, "Even though I was mostly there for study, I did enjoy my time." She chuckles and nods before looking over at Nathaniel a moment and stepping closer.

"Sorry to not include you in my chats here so far but meeting lots of new people. You two are friends?" She looks between Nathaniel and Stephanie, "If you dont' mind me asking, how do you two know each other?" She hmms and then looks to Caitlin and Steph, "You two as well. Honestly, feel like I'm being a bit overwhelmed." She chuckles, "I am interested though."

She glances to the side a moment at Logan. She hmms a little at him and then looks back ahead. Adara just returns to her normal smile either way.

Nathaniel nods to Adara. "We met recently, due to the events in Hells Kitchen," offers Nathaniel. That he has known the blonde for years is better not mentioned. Because Stephanie is here being friendly with two rather public superheroes, one from the Justice League and another from the Avengers. Awkward for that secret identity thing she wants to keep.

"I'd like to think we are friends," he adds, giving Steph a questioning glance. "And if we aren't, I will try harder," he adds with a grin.

Needs to keep! Needs to keep!! Stephanie had turned to Nathaniel, inhaled to answer, and then just exhaled when he answered. She keeps watching him, brows pulling down faintly.

"Well.. we only just met, so…" Stephanie hazards, eyes shifting away.

"I met Stephanie when I was in school," Caitlin explains, cheerfully. "It was… I can't remember if it was a class we took, or something, but we've known each other for a while."

She finishes her (third!) funnel cake and carefully wipes her fingers on a napkin, then blots her lips. She's a tidy eater, at least. "So Logan— what do you do?" she inquires, pleasantly. "Do you live in the area, or are you just down here visiting friends?" It's not hard to guess he's a meta of some sort. The canines alone are suggestive, but it's hard to miss that preternatural awarness around him.

Logan folds his thick arms across his chest and silently observes his new acquaintances as they get to know one another, his eyes mainly drifting between Adara and Stephanie, as they're the ones who are either giving off a variety of chemical reaction odors or underlying auras of interest.

Blinking reflexively, he turns his glance back towards Caitlin and purses his lips thoughtfully, "Teacher, in a manner of speakin'." Most unusual looking teacher you could imagine. He thumbs over his shoulder in a vague direction, "Not far outta th' city. Just visitin' for the day to see how the festival goes."

A blink as she hears Logan is a teacher. She was interested in other stuff but that one caught her off guard. He's…what? A shop teacher? She shrugs a little and looks over at Nathaniel and chuckles, "That's good. I hope you two were unhurt or didn't lose anyone in that mess?" She asks and then looks over at Caitlin and nods, "Cool, I'm still working on my thesis in school but I really hope to finish up soon. Met some good friends even if we can only keep in touch from afar that way."

Nathaniel shakes his head. Not losing anyone, but also not willing to talk about what happened in the Kitchen. He knows too much and also too little. And it doesn't seem anyone here has recognized him, which is perfectly fine in his book.

Except maybe Logan, the… teacher? Sure, why not. He is volunteering anything about his work, himself. "I think we are all visiting the neighborhood," he offers.

"It seems that way," Caitlin agrees. "Which is a good thing! Mutant Town needs… y'know, that sense of community. New people showing up. Seeing the sights." She gestures at a bunch of kids plaing some game with no perceptible rules that involves a bunch of shrieking laughs. "C'mon, that's good for the soul and I don't care who you are," she beams. "It's what makes a city a community."

She sighs happily, and returns her attention to the topic of schools. "So where do you guys teach/study?" she inquires, flipping hand back and forth. "College, high school, alternative ed…?" she says, glancing around the little quintet.

"I don't live there, but.. I work there. The office is fine, it's just been a lot of work to get things going again, but we're managing," Stephanie offers in the fray without really giving ay details. Except that she smiles at Adara's mention of thesis and Caitlin talking about school.

"College Algebra, the firt time I took it," she adds, smiling a bit warmer now. "I'm out of Gotham U, finishing up classes before I try to tackle the Bar." Caitlin's warm attitude and bubbly personality have the blonde opening up a bit and sharing into the round of school talk. Because it's nice to feel like there's something you have in common with people. Not everyone is a sneaky ninja batling, afterall!

Adara takes in the info given to her and then blinks at Caitlin before nodding her head to her, "Columbia." She states and nods her head with a smile, "It's a good school for what I want." She chuckles and shrugs before saying, "Microbiology, by the way." She shrugs and nods and then blinks over at Stephanie and smiles, "Oh, you're gonna be a lawyer?" She asks and then smiles, "That's neat." She then shrugs, "I did my Masters work overseas and some other study abroad and now." She shrugs, "Here I am!"

"I teach a couple'a things," he says, lifting an arm up to idly scratch his thumb nail along his stubble-covered chin, "Shop an' that sorta thing." Of course he also teaches students how to fight and defense themselves and help control their powers, but that's not for today's conversation. For now he's just getting to know the folks around him to the extent that he's comfortable. And he's almost reached that limit. Looks like things are going smoothly here, so he can probably take a hike an' go get that drink of whiskey that's calling his name.

"And it looks like am out of time," comments Nathaniel, checking his watch. "A pleasure to meet all of you, and particularly seeing you again, Stephanie. Unfortunately I have a meeting at the other side of the city in thirty, I better hurry up." He finishes the cake with a large bite and hurries away, offering Steph a quick wave.

Caitlin blinks at Adara, and a bright grin dimples her cheeks. "Oh no way! You're at Columbia? I graduated from there a couple years ago. Go Lions!" she says, bouncing on one foot and throwing her hands into the air. It's a poor imitation of a cheerleader's praise, but probably for the best that she doesn't high-kick someone in the face. That would be bad.

She recovers her aplomb, but her grin doesn't fade at the pleasant little personal connection. Nathaniel's departure is met with a wave of farewell. "Bye, Nathaniel!" she calls to his departing wake. She looks to Logan. "I wish I'd taken shop in college," she tells him sincerely. "Or they offered it to me in high school. I'm a materials engineer, it was a lot of work to learn how to use all the machine tools on the fly."

Stephanie returns Nathaniel's wave with a small one of her own before Caitlin's bubbly faux cheerleader catches her attention. The blonde giggles suddenly, eyes rolling in disgruntled affection… affectionate disgruntleness…? Not sure disgruntleness is a word there Steph. Shut up, it is now!

"That was bad," she chuckles at her friend, in what is no doubt a long standing arguement between them. After all, Stephanie was actually a cheerleader.

A look at Nathaniel and Adara gives him a wave before looking back at the others. She gives a soft bow and finishes her funnel cake. "I am going to have to be on my way." SHe nods to Steph and Cait, "I hope to see you two again." She nods her head as she then looks over at Logan, "And you as well." She then starts away.

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