Misogyny Will Get You Nowhere

July 07, 2018:

Pepper's business meeting has … problems. And they actually aren't because both Amora and Darkedge chose to show up at perfectly inopportune times.

Central Park, Manhattan





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It's not at all unusual for Pepper to be working on a Saturday, it's actually very much the norm. Attending an off-site meeting on a Saturday is less common but still nothing to fret about. But when the man requests a meeting in the middle of Central Park, after dusk, and in an area known to have slow police response times, she is more than suspicious. But. If the man's claims of a local, honest, and scrupulously-run manufacturing group are real, it's something that she is willing to investigate for investment.

Thus, just after the sky over Central Park goes completely dark, Pepper is standing at the agreed meeting place in one of her nicer business suits — pencil skirt, killer heels, the works — with her teal shoulder bag tucked close against her side and her phone in hand.

She seemingly idly fidgets with a bit of jewelery made from green stones, possibly real emeralds.

The Enchantress was bored, and really, that meant getting into trouble. For in the long life of a Goddess, Asgardian.. witch.. being bored was one of the worst things imaginable. Right up there with bad food and wine. Like all Asgardians of any rank or merit, she had followers, worshipers, nothing like Thor though. That God seemed to get all of the prayers across the universe without actually doing any public relations work. So utterly unfair.

But Amora's name had never been particular to those wishes, but prayers of lust, desire and want? Those were so very frequent it was hard not to pick up on them.

Besides, mucking about on Midgard was always entertaining.

The goddess shimmered into being with a burst of golden light and showy elegance.. only to find herself not being oggled at in a very promising way, or even at a fashionable establishment. But a park. At night. A huff, and her hand rose to settle on her hip, waspish like irritation twisting her too beautiful features into wrathful grace.

A cat-like flickering glance around had her green eyed gaze falling on the mortal woman walking alone in the park. The over the top, slinky gown shortened, and dimmed to a reflection of the suit Pepper wore, though green and cut low and tightly in all the inappropriate places.

Amora was there in and instant, between one blink and the next, striding beside Pepper. "Well, I suppose someone must be desiring you, darling. That or you've some very strong desires yourself." She mused.

The night allowed a certain darkelf free movement in the human realm. He had his usual haunts, places he visited, peopl ehe checked up on. People like Pepper, whose absence from her usual room at the top of her usual tower was of great suspect. Darkdge cast his senses out, searching for that whisper of his own magic, that embued into every gem he shapes, to tell him where she would have gone to.

A moment of sensing, and he finds it, not so far away, in the jungle of green amid a jungle of steel.

Darkedge steps, shadow to shadow, until he was within sight, and there was the human he was after… and another, so very familiar. The elf inhales, pulling in the feeling of magic as if scenting for a perfume, wondering if he is right about who the blonde is, while his eyes skim the shadows he too often calls Friend for any risk to his human.

Don't tell his Queen that, please. KTHXBAI

Having NOT expected someone to just appear next to her — much less someone who looks like she stepped out of one of those movies Tony used to watch (and try to participate in) in the 90s, Pepper startles. Badly. And yet she somehow manages to not so much as wobble on her towering heels while one hand reaches toward the brand emblem on her teal shoulder bag.

And then, before she can ask the green-clad blonde woman who she is, a man in a slick business suit approaches them, calling out a greeting to Pepper even as his eyes roam over both Amora and her. "Ms. Potts, you did not tell me you'd bring someone with you."

Thinking fast, Pepper takes a step forward and offers the man a handshake. "My apologies, Mr. Cawl. There was a last minute change. This is my, new assistant. Pamela." She hopes her brief hesitation in the introduction isn't noticed, though the way the man's eyes roam up and down the blonde woman again, he likely didn't notice.

Amora made to loop her hand through Pepper's arm, as if it naturally belonged there, as if she weren't some strange blonde that made men go weak in the knees at the mere sight of her.. As if you know, this is what mortal did when walking along side strangers in a park. Still, the Enchantress was nothing if an actress at some level. And one that was looking for trouble.. well..

As Pepper startles but doesn't brush her off, Amora's smile widened, luminous green eyes danced with barely concealed joy and merriment that crested in the corners of her smile. As the man stepped out… the Asgardian witch could only tilt her head in assessment, and all at once made a passing judgement. "Ah, that's why I'm here. Yes. Hmm." She barely seemed to register that Pepper was introducing her as some Pamela woman. But the rake of the man's gaze over her had earned a bridling lean of her upper figure.

"Darling, this man is all hunger.." She murmured, not at all at what one would consider a whisper.
You paged Darkedge with ‘I'm thinking scare him into peeing himself, and find out if the manufacturing plant he touted is real or not, then chase him off with threats of 'think unpure thoughts again and the stabby elf will remove the offending parts'.’

Hidden in the shadows, eyes able to see what most others can not in the darkness, the elf notices how the man hungers. He's seen it before, on the faces of mortal human men. He's seen how this hunger eats and gnashes. He's seen it aimed toward the too young. There are still the occassional news stories of a men found dead, stabbed once through the heart.

Now, watching how this human hungers over a human he knows and a almost human he thinks he knows but whom His Human seems to know, Darkedge is not willing to let the human make an attempt.

It's lovely how the man has a nice deep shadow behind him. It's a shadow that grows heavy until the elf is suddenly there, behind the man, dual daggers 'drawn'. The blades, shaped by magic, are pure diamond, catching the faint light and glittering ever so slightly. They are wicked sharp, and it's clear by the narrowing of his eyes and the bent of his head and shoulders that not only does the elf know exactly how and where to use these blades, he has every intention to.

"A body part, Lady Pepper," asks the elf, his voice a horse whisper, raspy from disuse; like the whisper from a grave. Is the meaning clear? Darkedge wants to know where Pepper would like him to stab the human male.

Pepper's eyes flick toward 'Pamela' at her assessment, and she raises one eyebrow momentarily as if to imply a sarcastic 'really'. Then she looks back at Mr. Cawl. "So, we were going to discuss the manufacturing plant you are representing?"

The man smiles an oily smile. "Quite all right Ms. Potts. Pamela. I thought we could discuss matters over dinner. I have a car waiting and a reservation already in place." He gestures as if to lead the women to said waiting car.

It's not like Pepper's never been in this situation before, and she never hesitates to use the taser function Tony built into her phone. But now she's got a blonde, green-clad quandary to take into account as well and…

Her eyes widen as she recognizes the shape that appears as if out of nothingness behind Mr. Cawl. And when the raspy grave-voice demands she name a body part she can only mentally curse for a second before saying, "No."

Though, was that a no to the invitation to dinner? Or a no to naming a body part?

A chortle of laughter, sweet and high. The kind of laughter actresses spend years attempting to perfect, only to fail by merit of their own mortal parts. Amora could not help but offer it up, a hand rising to smother it partly behind green tipped nails. She grinned wickedly, glancing to Pepper. "My, my, how amusing.." Whatever it was that she laughed at, or found so amusing was hard to say. Perhaps it was the round about way that mortals courted.

Perhaps it was the way the shadows moved to form the shape of the elf, with dagger drawn and offering to rend body parts.

Either way, she didn't look distressed in the least. Rather she tilted her head. "Mortals are quite capable of living without several organs I have heard. Though this one might benefit from a little less prick and a little more … else.." She murmured, grinning as she glanced to Pepper.

"Come now darling, worry not about this man's desires. They're as plainly writ as day."

No? The elf quirks a finely arches silver brow. Still he steps forward, into the low light he knows human need to see. Gleaming metallic eyes flit to 'Pamela' and then back to the mortal man.

« I see you, Lady. » the elf sends his thoughts Amora's away, remembering that Pepper is one of those rare humans who can 'hear' him. « Lady Pepper, my eyes see with joy. » is offered then to Pepper, along with the wordless feel of him wanting to see her protected from this leacherous and pitiful mortal creature before him. Of course, 'Pamela' offers him a reason to smirk darkly at the human, stepping forward once more.

"Indeed," is murmured by the shadow of an elf. His eyes gleam and glitter with each though he offers out to the ladies.

Mr. Cawl lets out an inelegant curse and gets himself out from between the women and Darkedge. His oily-friendly smile is gone and he utters a rather vile curse. "Is this some kind of honey trap? I should have known you're not a REAL executive," he spits at Pepper.

At that, Pepper stands a bit straighter, her demeanor going from normal if a bit startled to as cold as Queen Maeve of the Sidhe. "Are you trying to imply something, Mr. Cawl?" She glances at Darkedge, then looks at the man as if he'd suddenly become a rather uninteresting bug. "Do tell. Does the manufacturing plant you used to lure me out here even exist? Or should I let my associates here show you how unwise it is to disparage me?" And she hasn't even had to invoke the name of Stark yet.

Amora sauntered forward, her green eyes dancing with mirth and delight as the man seemed to lose his facade and simply lash out. She stepped closer as slipped free and muttered curses. She grinned, and between one blink and the next, was behind him. Her sun kissed arms wrapping around his shoulders as Pepper straightened and verbally ripped the man apart. Amora for her part, smoothed hands up his shoulders, one hand curving about his neck.

"Come now, my darling. Your desires for this red haired beauty brought me here. You'll deny me not the admittance of your oh so mortal wants." She whispered against his ear, cooing and pressing a kiss to his cheek. It wasn't as good as a kiss on the lips.. but mortal men were so very easy to play with if she so wanted.

"Tell the lady of Midgard your lustful thoughts.."

"And quickly," entones the elf, watching Amora ply her skills again the mortal. He's there to help, knowing that the blonde is every bit the sensual siren just in watching her move and hearing her speak. So, he merely displays that blade, the micro-thin of the edge. Really, human, do you WANT to keep your secrets to yourself?

Mr. Cawl looks from Pepper to Amora to Darkedge back to Amora, his aggression giving way to confusion then finally fear. When Amora gets in close to him he leans back a bit, but is caught staring at her and drawn in by whatever manipulative powers she is plying on him. Darkedge's words might not even register.

"The manufacturing plant is real," he tells Amora, and Pepper's expression grows even colder, "but it's set to close its doors by the end of the year. I knew she'd jump at a local business, and everybody knows she had to get to be CEO somehow." Those last words have a discriminatory tone to them, as if he doesn't believe a female could reach a position of authority through any way other than sexual manipulation. "I was betting I could get a contract for the plant and more out of her."

Pepper's glare could freeze and she abruptly turns away to start tapping at her phone rapidly.

Gleeful manipulations left Amora twisting around, in a cloud of glitter and leaves, of sweet scents and tangled sheets. She stood before the mortal man, pressing a kiss to his lips and leaving him nothing but a slathering slave at her whims. A man to babble and worship her feet, where she might bask in adoration for a heart's beat.. before she'd leave him wanting and in despair.

There she left him, false suit melting away into her usual slinky shape, as she shimmered out of mortal view and to a higher plane. Amusement flitting over golden features as she turned toward the elf with a wink.

"Your mortal pet is thusly spared. I care not for mortal men's prayers and wishes… a broken one such as he shall be. A debt perhaps.. to be repaid?" She teased, hooking a golden eyebrow upwards as she poofed into a bloom of sunlight and was gone.

As Amora glitters, Darkedge closes an eye and half turns his face from her. There is only so much bright he can handle, and the golden goddess toed the line. The man, crumpled and defeated, is left now, the diamond blades magically retreating into his sleeves.

« Lady Pepper, if you need an escourt to your tower, I would be pleased to assist. » he sends, turning to face Pepper as he makes the offer, not recognizing that she's about to make a phone call.

Pepper turns back in time to see Amora shed her Pamela disguise and then disappear completely. Huh. What does it say about her that she can see something like that and barely bat an eyelash? She steps around Mr. Cawl toward Darkedge. "I would love accompaniment, though now I'm remembering I haven't had dinner. Since my time here has been wasted, how about I treat you to dinner at the Silver Oak?"

"Miss Potts," a female AI voice with a slightly Irish lilt to it emits from her phone. "I have located the manufacturing plant mentioned by Mr. Cawl. Shall I draft up a proposition for Legal to begin proceedings to purchase the business?"

Pepper lifts the phone to look at its display, and a positively dangerous little smile lifts one corner of her mouth. "Yes, please, FRIDAY. And tell Michele in Acquisitions that if she can push that through by the end of next quarter I will personally take her shoe shopping."

"At once, Miss Potts."

She tucks the phone into her shoulder bag and steps toward Darkedge. "Shall we, then?"

Not really understanding the details, Darkedge is very certian that the Lady just procured a new bit of territory. Unbothered, the elf waits and when she steps to him, he offers his hand.

« We shall. » he comments ready to whisk Pepper away, through the shadow, to the Shady Oak Tavern. Sorry for the chill, Pepper! It's a good thing they serve soup!

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