Cutscene: Vigilante Video Mail

July 07, 2018:

Luke sends a message out to the Defenders.

Nowhere USA


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, Owen Mercer, Emery Papsworth, Six, Matt Murdock

Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Luke is slowly adjusting to new fangled technologies, and that includes becoming better acquainted with his Stark Industries phone. He finds the video feature and sets it in a lean against a stack of books and arranges himself so that he’s in the middle of the frame, appearing in a hoodie that has dozens of new holes in it. The background he’s chosen is a nondescript wall that could be anywhere USA. As a double precaution, he has found and turned off the geo-tagging for the recording.

“Hey, thought this would be easier than a text. Wanted to get this to all of you in one go. Those of you that haven’t heard, Owen got tipped off about the activity in the Kitchen. Some chick that calls herself Ariel dropped the name Fisk and called him the Kingpin. Went out with Dee tonight, and shook down some dealers. Turns out Ariel is part of a network of high volume, high level suppliers calling themselves by the names of Disney princesses. They’re young, good-looking women. We heard about a Merida and a Belle while we were out there. Couldn’t shake one of them out though, but I think they might lead us to the bastard. They’re selling this –“

Luke holds up a square patch to the camera. No markings, no branding.

“It’s a new synthetic heroin. One of the things it boasts is not showing up on tox screens. It’s not out for distribution yet, but I got my hands on a few samples. We all know how much our boy loves making pharmaceuticals. We follow the drugs, we might just find Fisk, but we need an ‘in’ with one of these ladies.”

He looks awkward for a second, not sure how to sign off on something like this so he just ends up reaching forward and clicking the recording off. Thanks to Stark, he can encode the message and he sends it off to each person individually. Jessica. Emery. Matt. Six. Danny, for good measure. And lastly, Owen.

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