Ain't Ready For This Jelly

July 03, 2018:

Lorna runs into Jelly on the run from some shadowy government-types.


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"COME BACK HERE GIRL! YOU NEED TO GO BACK!" The black and yellow uniformed men shout as they chase what looks like a mostly homeless girl into the park.

"DON'T MAKE IT HARD ON YOURSELF KID! DO THIS THE EASY WAY!" Another of the uniformed men shouts to the girl who is still trying to get away. She starts moving toward a nearby Alleyway.

"Looks like she wants to do this the hard way." The man pulls out a gun and cocks it. He levels it onto the girl.


In that instant the girl shifts transluscent. The bullet rips through her body and out the other side with little to no resistance. The bullet hole closes and she reforms herself into a solid girl. Darting into an Alleyway, she quickly goes transluscent once again and quickly moves herself up a drain pipe.

The two men quickly race into the alleyway to find no sign of her. "Dammit! How did she get away this time!" They look at each other and keep going.

The strange Jelly like girl slides out the drain pipe and reforms herself. Gwen sighs, "Gods that was too close." She frowns and moves back into the park. She definitely looks a bit stressed after that.


Lorna frowned down at the burner phone in her grip, dyed hair black and stinking of hair dye solution. It was growing more and more dangerous to be out openly as mutant in the city, especially with the deaths in Hell's Kitchen and that disaster. So as anti-mutant sentiment spiked and people looked for someone to blame, it became more difficult for travel into the city. For aid, for help or for anything really.

There were check points going in and out of the city, much of it was closed off even without a badge or paper work…

At least this part of the city was more or less intact. The currently black haired mutant talked in a pair of ripped shorts and a simple tank-top. "Well supposedly the last known location was in this area.." Lorna confirmed, glancing toward Remy. Of course.. then were the not so distant sound of gun shots.

"So, wanna place any bets that's where we should be looking?"


*Click click* The sound is undeniable to Gwen. She knows it way too well these days. Her body shifts again going transluscent as several more gunshots go off. The bullets rip through her body. Damn does that sting. She quickly pulls herself together as she turns to face the men who are shooting at her. Even without color and definition, its clear how pissed she is over this now.

The clear, gelatinous girl takes off running towards the two black and yellow clad men. In the blink of an eye she dives at them. Her body begins contorting in various ways that really shouldn't be possible. Fists fly from everywhere. Every attack is well maneuvered. Turns out she can fight fairly well. Within moments the two guys are on the ground and she's reformed into her more human looking form.

"Okay boys, Lets make this really clear. I'm not going back. Not now. Not Ever. You tell them to stop hunting me. Its getting old. I will not be sold off to the highest bidder."

One of the men coughs up a little blood and glares before speaking. "The Highest Bidder? You're a failed experiement. You're lucky if we sell you to the lowest bidder. You have no use to anyone. We will never stop coming." For his trouble he gets a kick in the face.


Lorna and Remy separated, one going one way, the other looping around the longer way leading toward the sound of gunshots. Of course.. Lorna could sense the guns and bullets so it wasn't really a fair contest. It was however, too damn hot to be running out, personalized magnetosphere blocking nasty radiation or not. Still, it wasn't long before Lorna skidded to a halt as a second round of gunfire followed. A stray bullet flew past the intended target her way, only to be caught in midair and dropped to the ground.

On soft foot steps, Lorna came up slowly behind the woman over the coughing men on the ground. "And here I was in a hurry to help someone before they got hurt.." She joked lightly.


Gwen's heart practically jumps from her chest as she hears a voice behind her. She quickly turns around half expecting someone else in black and yellow. She lets out a soft sigh of relief when she realizes that its not another one of the guys hunting her.

Gwen laughs a little, "Well. They were shooting so… I didn't think it would be too bad to put them down hard. I mean, at least this way they won't be shooting at anyone else today." Not like they had another target in mind. She steps closer towards Lorna and gives a little smile. "Sorry. Didn't mean to cause trouble." She gently tugs at her jacket. Yeah she's wearing that thing even though its really warm out. "So you were looking for me? Or for these guys?""


Lorna eyed the downed men curiously, then back to Gwen with a slight furrowing of her eyebrows. She shoved her hands carefully into the pockets of her jean shorts, even as she sneakily broke down bits of the guns's internal mechanisms, making them no longer able to fire. A careful, subtle work of magnetism that wasn't obviously her work by any gesture or hand movement.

"That's a fair reason to knock some heads around. The city's on edge, so, unless you want to get a visit from the DEO.. we should clear out.." She offered, tilting her head down the street in silent offer.
"As far as who I'm looking for? I heard gunshots, I came to make sure no one needed help or something."


Gwen takes a deep breath, "you're probably right. I have no desire to mess with more government types." She doesn't know that those guys weren't government. "I'm pretty sure there is no escape for me though. No helping for me. They will keep coming as long as I am free."

She begins walking away from the fight scene. "Didn't mean to cause a disturbance. I didn't ask them to try to shoot me." She lets out a little laugh. "I'm a little harder to take down than they expect." She gives a little sigh and speaks up, "I'm Gwen Bell. I guess you'd call me Jelly. Those people work for a group who were trying to turn me into a weapon. They said I was a failure. They are wanting to sell me to the lowest bidder."


Lorna stepped quickly alongside Gwen, the woman didn't look like she was responsible, and judging by where the guns were.. well, she had been sent to the area to help. So… here she was, helping. Yep.

The black hair dyed mutant shrugged, moving along as Gwen introduced herself and quite frankly gave her a rather depressing little introduction. "Lorna Dane, I go by Polaris.. and as far as issues with the government.." She pursed her lips. "I try to avoid it. Pretty sure I'm on several watch lists as it is." She kept her pace brisk, turning down a street and trying to put distance between them and the downed men.

"Don't tell me that the group was a bunch of former Genoshan scientists."


Gwen Bell shakes her head, "I'm pretty sure they weren't from Genosha. I am from Santa Ana. They brought me to New York I guess a few years ago. Do the Genoshan Scientists wear black and yellow?" She asks curiously as she keeps moving.

"Anyway its nice to meet you Lorna… or Polaris. I was just trying to get away from those guys. They drew guns and started shooting. So I took care of the problem." She sighs. "I know how to fight but, I only half know my abilities. They taught me to fight hand to hand and wanted to see what my abilities were before they taught me anything else. They were looking to sell me to some foreign military or something. Then I guess I was a failure. I guess my powers weren't good enough for their use or something."


Moonstar arrives from Danny's Home.


Lorna shrugged, her hands still kept in her pockets as she walked along, though now she was keeping a roaming gaze on the sidewalks ahead and behind as best she could. Still, she seemed intent on trying help Gwen one way or another. The woman's story struck a cord of uneasiness, and reminded Lorna of the stories the mutates on Genosha told her. Of how they'd been forced one way or another through experiments to gain powers and then forced to do… whatever the government wanted them to do.

Lorna bit back a shudder, her expression pinched and her lips pursed. "A few years ago? Oh.. I just ask.. well, since a bunch of scientists from Genosha fled the island in the last year since it fell. They were forcing people to do.. basically the same thing. Slave trade over there for mutates was pretty nasty.." She murmured. "I don't blame you for fighting back. Not at all."


Gwen nods. "I just wish they would stop chasing. They never said who they were or what they wanted. I think I remember a few letters from when they were messing with me but I am pretty sure that won't help much. H and I."

Quietly she looks around. Her eyes fall on a black SUV moving towards them in the distance. Without warning her body goes transluscent and she drops into a puddle. She does however keep moving but doesn't do much more to draw any attention. "sorry."


Lorna made a sympathetic noise at the back of her throat, "Isn't that what everyone wants.." She grumbled, mostly to herself. Still, she walked, her pace fast as she tried to find a good way to get off the bigger street and onto something less populated. The last thing they needed was to get stopped by some check point and draw DEO attention. The city was a ticking time bomb of tensions, people on edge and scared, many in mourning. It made her itch to get off the street.

Gwen obviously needed help. Even if she was or wasn't the person they'd been sent in to help.. she was now.

Of course, then the woman melted into a puddle. Lorna yelped, nearly tripping over her own feet in her shock, but she recovered quickly enough, coughing. "Shit, warn a girl or something!" She muttered, her gaze darting around. "Why'd you… what did you see?"


"Black SUV! 6 blocks down the road. Whenever these guys come at me, its always in a black SUV. Didn't mean to freak you out." She quickly moves into a side street. It is a little awkward to see a puddle moving on its own like that but hey, there are worse things. After all, She could have come out of everything completely disfigured so she had to wear a red and black suit!

Gwen tucks in behind a dumpster. Her transluscent gelatinous body forms into a crouching human figure as she returns to looking like a normal teenage girl. "Surprise? Its how I could handle getting shot without getting too hurt. It still stings but when I am in my other form, I am really hard to hurt."


Lorna didn't glance backwards or around for the black SUV, but she definitely flung her magnetic senses out, feeling it's outline in her mental senses as clearly as if she'd looked for it with her eyes. Perhaps even better.. Still, she kept her pace moving alongside Gwen. "I guess the name Jelly is more literal than not then.." She drawled, stepping down the side-street (or was it more of an open alley-way?) alongside Gwen as she reformed beside the dumpster.

A low whistle followed as she listened to the young woman explain how her powers worked and why the bullets hadn't actually led to her death. "Guess its a good thing they didn't try to taser you then…" She muttered, glancing behind them. She finally pulled her hands from her pockets.

"I can stop bullets pretty easily, so long as you're with me, you're good. If we can get closer to Mutant Town, we might be able to lose them. There's a few check points though.. Think these guys have the paperwork to deal with those?"


Gwen Bell shakes her head, "Probably not. And I really don't wanna feel how bad a taser would feel. If I had to guess, I probably wouldn't be reforming for a bit if that happened. Most other things though don't mess with me too much when I am like that. Not like I can be stabbed or shot. Too much heat could hurt and too much cold could freeze me I think. It does make for some fun. Anyhoo, I guess lets go to Mutant Town. I dunno what I am though. They said there was a gene in me that needed to activate. This is how it happened."

She stands up and moves to peek around the corner. The SUV is still there and she starts shifting between solid and liquid. Yup NON-NEWTONIAN! :p "Its still out there."


Lorna pursed her lips, "That sounds stupid of them not to try it though. If they really want to sell you off…" She muttered, shaking her head as she kept her position near Gwen, defensive and decidedly protective. There was no quicker way into the magnokinetic's good graces than needing help to get away from some shadowy government type organization that forced powers onto people.

"Gene? Sounds like it could be a mutate process. Like the Genoshans. They activated the X-gene that makes mutants.. well, mutants." She murmured, frowning as she sensed the SUV's presence lurking there still.

"C'mon we'll keep moving down the street here.." She reached out behind her, the doors sealing to the car magnetically. "They're not going to be able to get out of that for a while."


Gwen nods, "Okay!" She follows along with Lorna keeping a fairly decent pace. "I have been hiding out on far from here in an abandoned house. " She comments as she keeps moving.

As they move within visual shot of the SUV she winces a little. "Its… not them. I am so stupid. I'm sorry. They always use those SUVs and they scare me.I hate it. Its at the point that whenever I see one I get freaked out."


Lorna shrugged, moving with a lightness in her step that hadn't been there before. Her hands loosely held at her sides as she walked quickly to get down the road and put some more distance between them and whoever might be following. Of course then Gwen looked toward the SUV and winced.. Lorna arched a brow, and then shook her head, trying to usher the jumpy woman along. "Hey, better safe than sorry. Okay? Black SUVs are like prime kidnapping, shadowy government props. Don't beat yourself up for doing what you need to to survive. All I did was magnetize their doors shut. It'll wear off sooner the more distance we put between us and them. Okay?" She wasn't going to unmagnetize it on the off chance that Gwen was wrong about it..

"So. Yeah. Mutant Town. I've got a friend that has a safe place there. You can hole up there and get out of the heat."


Gwen flickers once more between solid and liquid before she seems to settle down a bit. "Thats probably a good thing. I've been living in a condemned building. I sorta have been crashing in a bath tub. Its kinda hard to keep my form when I'm not awake…" She shrugs.

She looks around. "They sorta held me in a pod which kept me from droping my shape without me wanting to. They should have probably made sure I couldn't let myself seep out because thats how I escaped." She laughs a little. "I don't think they really got as much of an idea of what I could do. They just thought I was a puddle."


Lorna grimaced, watching as Gwen flickered between solid and liquid. "Can you change whatever you're wearing that way too, or not..?" She asked, stepping out of the alleyway to another street. It would be better if they could get off the road, but that was all there was in New York. Roads. Streets. Overpasses and bridges and people squished together into tightly packed spaces.

"My friend's place is better than a condemned building, promise. It's not swanky or anything but hey, it's got running water and power." She exhaled a breath, listening carefully to Gwen's tale as much as she was straining for any hints of pursuit.

"Anything else you can do?"


Gwen keeps up well enough. "Well I can fight. Both in this and the other form. They wanted me to be some kind of soldier. They wanted me to learn to fight. They didn't know what I would be able to do so they taught me hand to hand but held off on ranged." SHe snickers a little bit and shrugs. Her entire body, clothing included goes transluscent and into a gelatin like form. She smiles. "It just takes a little more focus to bring my clothes into it. I don't think I can do this to others though."

She just stays in the transluscent form and walks along. "It sounds really nice. I can't wait to see the place. I was hoping to escape and go back home. When they started tracking me, I sent my parents a letter and said what was going on. Pretty sure they will freak out if they see me like this."

Then there is the big question. "Well. When I am like this, I am much less invulnerable. I can alter my body a good bit. Oh I can stretch out as long as I have body mass. I can flatten down and get into tight areas. Go through pipes and stuff. Just don't ask me to go down a toilet. Getting into sewers is not my idea of fun. Plus its kinda gross."


Lorna kept close to Gwen, making a looping path across streets and through alleys as they zig-zagged through the city, a slow going pace, but one that more or less avoided the check points and the more open or populous areas. It helped that she kept the conversation up with Gwen, though the heat beat down on both of them without pause. "Stay together and uhm… solid till we get to Mutant Town, okay? People are jumpy enough as it is. Being different out in public these days is just asking for the DEO or the cops to get a call about a few questionable looking women out and about.." She murmured, grimacing gently.

The subway was a possibility, but Lorna didn't want to get stuck under ground when there might be someone after Gwen..

The comments about Gwen's parents though? That had a pinched look crossing Lorna's features, and pity swelled in her green eyes. "I'm sorry." Her voice low, "..Did these guys just grab you off the street or something?"


Gwen resolidifies herself and just keeps going. "Not a problem. It does feel kinda cool to be unformed. I just thought Jelly sounded better then Amoeba!" She laughs as she keeps up well enough. She doesn't bother with anyone and just minds her own business. "

She sighs and rubs her head. "Its okay. It was just really not fun. I was with friends. We were shopping and having fun. I remember someone bumped into me and something cut me. I was bleeding from a small spot. Then… I was pulled into a vehicle. for a year and a half I was pretty much kept away from everyone. I've been on my own for about 6 months."


Lorna's lips twitched at Gwen's humor, "I went through a few names before I settled on Polaris. Don't feel like you have to stick to anything if you don't want to." She offered, crossing another street. Though that humor faded with Gwen's tale of what happened to her. Lorna's jaw tightened and she swallowed down the dryness at the back of her throat as she fell silent for sometime.

Eventually, they were there. On the edges of what made up Mutant Town proper. It had taken quite some time, and no lack of careful backpedaling here and there.. but they made it. The apartment was up a flight of rickety looking stairs, the building smelling vaguely stale and musty in the Summer heat.

Lorna came up to a door, and without need of a key, popped the door open under her hand. "You're welcome to stay here for as long as you'd like. It's not on any books, and people here in Mutant Town try to watch after their own. It'll be harder for any government types to come through here in black SUVs to try to nab you. I'm going to try to contact some other people and ask if we can do anything else to help you out. If you want… that is. I don't want to pressure you into anything you don't want. You've gone through enough for that."


Gwen smiles a little. "Thank you Lorna. This is a huge help. This place isn't so bad. I will probably crash in a bathtub. This is much better then the apartment room though. That place I was scared to sneeze in!" She laughs again.

Quietly she steps in and looks around. "Wow. Its cool in here. Maybe I should get comfortable. I am pretty sure they won't know where I am. Not like the two that were messing with me were able to follow. I sorta made sure they were going to sleep for a bit." She smiles. "Anyway Thank you so much. I really need to rest."

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