A night upon a Manhattan rooftop

July 05, 2018:

Flamebird and Spoiler run into each other while on a night time patrol.

//Lower Manhattan - New York City //

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and
City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east,
and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied
neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street.

From the arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich
Village, SoHo, and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled,
working class districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower
Manhattan is one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything
can be found here, and often is.


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Mentions: Nightwing, Red Robin, The Flash


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Fade In…

New York. Nighttime.

The issue in Hell's Kitchen is slowly calming, and unable to do more for the area, Spoiler focuses her efforts elsewhere on the Big Island. Resting between the stopping of street crime, the aubergine batling lays on her stomach, skycycle hovering near silently just off the edge of a rooftop. It's a perch where she can see the city below and have her HUD scroll through her Twitter hashtags and her chapter notes for class tomorrow. She's got a final. And then the afternoon free. Resolutely, she is not thinking about the lack of plans for that afternoon.


Bette Kane doesn't don her costume all that often when she's in New York, but every now and again the urge to get out and do some good kicks in. And thus Flamebird finds her way onto the rooftops.

Her red and yellow costume isn't exactly meant for stealth in a brightly lit city like New York, but thankfully most people don't really bother to look up. There's a distinctive clink-whirr of a batgrapple striking stone and reeling in, then moments later Flamebird hauls herself onto the rooftop and makes a neat little gymnasts tuck and roll.


The sound draws Spoiler's attention and she turns her face to look as the bright yellow and red suit tuck rolls neatly onto the rooftop. The purple and black presses herself up and has the skycycle spin very neatly in midair so she can face the person fully.

"Neat grapple. Where'd you get it?" Spoiler asks. Because the sound is distinctive.


Bette Kane rolls her shoulders, it's important to stay limber while climbing after all. "Ah I didn't know this rooftop was occupied," she says with a smile. "On patrol?" The grapple gets hooked back to her belt. "This little thing? I made it myself, but the design was based on a gift from a friend."

Flamebird gives a friendly little wave as she moves a bit closer, her eyes skimming over Spoilers things. Doing a quick weapons check and looking for the sort of obvious B&E tools a more nefarious type might have.


"The rooftop's not," Spoiler quips. Her purple-black lips smirk.

"Spoiler Alert: The motorcycle flies," she adds as she leans back a bit to let the outline of the bat on her chest be visible, along with all of her utility belt. A moment passes before she leans forward again, knowing she's being appraised.

"Yes, actually. It's a quiet night, for the most part. You?"


"Nice! I knew some of my gear was a little dated but that's quite a step above gliding by cape," Flamebird admits with a laugh, moving over to the edge near where Spoiler is floating, then perches on the edge. Legs dangling precariously over the side. "I haven't found anything of note. To be honest I just needed to get out and about, was worried I was getting a little out of shape."


"I've got friends," Spoiler quips, moving her bike so she's hoveirng next to Flamebird so that talking is easier to manage. The bird-motiff on Flamebird's chest is noted with a grin.

"It's like falling off a bike. Hurts, takes a bit to get back up, but you'll get it eventually. Whos' the friend?"


"The friend who gave me the grapple? I believe he goes by Nightwing these days," Flamebird explains, shifting forward until she's right on the edge. "Oh I'm not /that/ out of practise. But you know what it's like. Obligations in other parts of life." She shrugs. "Any rumours I should know about if I'm helping out in the area?"


"Oh, yeah. I know Nightwing," Spoiler says, nodding thoughtfully. She watches Flamebird scoot to the edge, without comment.

"Hmm.. I get that. Civilian life…" Steph flicks a glance at the notes in her HUD before looking back at Flamebird.

"No? Not really. It's not as uptight as Gotham gets. If you're in trouble, drop by Avengers Mansion over on the Upper East. Drop my name. They won't kick you out, and I'll drop a note on their system that we're acquaintances. I'm Spoiler, by the way."


Bette Kane nods. "Flamebird, it's a pleasure to meet you." She flashes another grin. "I'm usually pretty careful about how much trouble I get myself into, but I'll keep that in mind. I've got encrypted comms for emergencies too. My gears not /entirely/ old school!"

"Truth be told I prefer working outside of Gotham. Sure the rooftops here are more brightly lit but at least the buildings aren't quite so run down. You never quite know when a building in Gotham'll give way."


"Is it? Nice. I'll have to get your code then, so we can communicate. Just in case," Spoiler offers, before nodding about Gotham rooftops giving way. Her smile fades a bit, recalling that very scary moment when the roof exploded/collapsed and Robin nearly… Spoiler's eyes close and her head tilts away then back in an almost shake to clear it.

"Yeah. New York is lighter, that's for sure," she comments now.


"I always wonder if I made the right choice with my costume colours," Flamebird muses. "I picked the codename first, then the outfit. And while the bright design is bold it's not exactly amazing for sneaking about." She shrugs again, fishing around in one of the many pouches on her belt. "It does the job though. If you want my comm code I've got one of these." She presents a little scanable chip device. "You can either slot it or if you've got a scanner there's a little code on there."


Spoiler leans forward, lips kicking up in a grin at mention of the suit.

"Better than a painted mask from Hobby Lobby," is retorted while the chip is taken and both slotted and scanned so the commlnk information can be integrated by the suit (scan) and the bike (slotted).

"And not everyone is meant to be sneaky, you know. Sometimes bold and bright is needed," Spoiler offers, pulling the chip out once the bike has the information and offering the chip back.


Bette Kane slots the chip into a device on her belt. "Oh god. I remember when I first started out," she says shaking her head with amused dismay. "I got most of my 'gear' from a sporting goods store. If I ever go back in time I'd want to have words with younger me. I know I wouldn't listen but still." She grins. "Sneaky is, believe it or not, my stronger suit. I'm not exactly bullet proof. But it /does/ help to make an impression and even if it doesn't inspire terror it at least shows them /I'm/ not afraid."


"That's its own form of terror, don't you think?" Spoiler suggests, stil grinning from thoughts of what she'd tell younger her. Don't fake your death, might been one of them, except that Spoiler's met a speedster, who's has issues with Speed Force Timey Whimey Weebly Wobbly Mess. If she ever finds herself face to face with younger her… No, nothing will be said.

"I got mine from Target, mostly because I had a Target Card and charges wouldn't be questioned," she returns, smirking again.


"Well it's good we both made it through our foolish phases," Flamebird replies, leaning forward and looking down. "But we /are/ wearing superhero suits on top of a building. So maybe we're not entire home free on that one! Still, I'd like to think this does enough good to be worth it. The little things add up yah know? An arms dealer here and a drug dealer there. It all helps in the end."


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together," Spoiler quotes, turning her face back out to the city they are helping to protect. Her tone distance and wistful even through the digital voice modulator in her suit. "I'm not relaly sure I /am/ over my foolish phase…"


"Let me guess," Flamebird wonders. "You're dating another superhero? That's probably the most foolish thing I can think of. Admittedly that's also how I find myself meeting the most interesting people."


Let me guess. Spoiler looked over, ready for Flamebird to guess just about anything.

/You're dating another superhero?/

Except that.

Beneath her cowl, her eyes go wide. Her purple-black lips part slightly at just how close to the mark she got with those four words. Five words? One of the words is a contraction, so does it count as one or as two? Or as one and a half? One and a half. So, four and a half words.

"I am not, currently, dating a superhero." Spoiler says, flat and monotone and this is her Believe me Voice, because Spoiler's life is Complicated. Like, more complicated than the Facebook Status, Complicated.

There's still the thing for Red Robin, and her guilt over what she did to him. There was Flash. She's still not over that one, but then, she was always the slow one in that pair up. Then Cassandra? Which boggles Steph's brain because Steph really isnt' sure she's into girls that way. It just hasn't ever come up for before and she'd rathe rnot thing about it. Then Nathanial's trying to get her attention, and Spoiler's pretty sure she slipped up and now he knows who she is outside of hte mask and just… It's awkward.

And then there's that mutant boy. Sweet, adorable, funny, and really really nice. Date number one was.. and scheduling date two is up to her and..

Complicated. Spoiler is sticking with: Not Currently Dating a Superhero, since technically the mutant isn't superheroing in the sense that Spoiler and Flamebird are superheroing. That counts, right? Right!


Bette Kane holds onto the edge of the building and, tentatively, lifts herself a few inches. A simple enough move for a trained gymnast, but one she maintains long enough that it's obvious she's got some experience.

"That bad huh?" Bette teases. The modulator might take out the tones but the word currently speaks volumes of it's own. "I'm not really a beliver in the whole 'avoid romantic complications to reduce personal risk' thing. Love can motivate you to be better than you would ever think possible. Sure it's hard knowing someone you care about could wind up in danger but… being by yourself forever? Eugh that'd be so empty."


Spoiler inhales a long-suffering sigh.

"It's complicated," Spoiler notes to the tease. The rest of the words though, it's pretty much how Stephanie feels, which conflicts against what she's learned from the Bats. It's like balancing on a knife's edge without the safety net of a friend to talk to, to get perspective from. She turns her face back out to the city, glancing at her notes in the HUD. They're almost memorized. She has that test tomorrow, and yet… Spoiler sighs again.


Bette Kane nods. "Most things which are worthwhile are," she agrees. "Well, you've got my number if you want someone with… I guess distance? To talk to." She transitions from balancing on her hands, swinging her legs forward then up and over, until she's handstanding on the edge. "It's not good to build up a lot of emotional turmoil. I think that's the real danger when it comes to romance. Get unbalanced and people can uncenter you. Either with manipulation techniques or actual powers."


Oh boy is that the truth. Spoiler tries not the think about those last few days with Flash before he vanished. The offer has Spoiler pulling her gaze back, looking over at the handstanding Flamebird. Some would be worried about the girl. Spoiler isn't one. She's a gymnast too. Not professional by any means, but handstands like that… Flamebird has good form. She won't fail easily.

"Thanks, Flamebird. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. It's… nice to have someone to talk to," Spoiler says, even if she'll be keeping this number on stand by. After all, Spoiler just met her!


Bette Kane shifts onto one hand and gives Spoiler a thumbs up. If the handstand wasn't showing off at first it almost certainly is now. "Us Gotham ladies have to stick together, right?" She looks down and whistles at the view. "God I know I shouldn't enjoy the rush of being up here like this but… damn that's a view." She side glances at the flying machine Spoiler is riding. "Would it be rude to ask how fast that thing goes? Or is it a trade secret?"


Of course it's showing off. But turn about is fair play. Spoiler showed off the bike first thing out of the gate. Eyes back on the city, Spoiler hums the affirmative, head nodding, and arms folding to be leaned upon.

"Not rude. She hits a few hundred miles an hour. Pretty sure she could hit supersonic, but I wouldn't be able to hang on so… I'm holding her back," Spoiler replies with a proud roll of a shoulder.


Bette Kane whistles, obviously impressed. "That's pretty awesome. I don't think I could get my hands on anything even remotely good, not without pretty much everyone in the world finding out my real identity." She hmmms. "You'd probably also blow out the glass in the windows too. Sonic booms aren't pretty this close to the ground."


"Oh yeah. I use that speed just to get me across the bay. My price to the Avengers for joining the roster. I needed a way to quick respond if I was in Gotham," Spoiler notes, smirking at the memory of how she got the tech she got. Didn't even cost her her identity… then. It might have now.

A problem for tomorrow's Stephanie. Tonight, Spoiler sighs that away and smirks back at Flamebird.

"So, who knows. I managed it… "


"It's been a long time since I worked formally with a team. I have to admit I miss the support a little," Bette replies with a sigh of her own. "And even when I /was/ sort of with a team I wasn't /with/ them. Not properly. Too many real life pressures I couldn't get away from. I suppose now I have a little more control over my life, no more parents to hide from, but I wonder if I have what it takes to step up to that level. You must be pretty talented to be on the Avengers roster!"


Spoiler smiles, shrugging. it's a bit shy and a bit yes I am.

"It's hard to keep up with them sometimes, but I do my best, and that's all that matters. I understand feeling like there's no suppport. SO… here," Spoiler pauses long enough to ping Flamebird's comss with her own, revealing her own frequency.

"If you need me, call me. At the very least, I'll check in. Sometimes, I'm in class, or at work, and there isn't a way I can escape. But if it's urgent, I'll find a way, or I'll find someone."


Bette Kane shifts the one hand she's balancing on. Then reaches up to tap a few buttons on her mask. "I can imagine! I'll keep you in mind, especially if I run across something too big for me to handle. I have a few dead drop contacts for serious threats, probably a bit outdated, but still functional. But having an immediate contact wouldn't hurt! So thanks." She smiles. "College huh? I know how that goes. Speaking of which I probably should head home, got an early start tomorrow."

"Anyway, happy hunting Spoiler!" Flamebird waves, then flings herself over the edge of the building. Twirling through the air like an Olympic diver, before snapping her cape wings out after a five story drop and wooshing off into the night. It might not be as fancy as zipping away on a flying bike, but it does have a certain acrobatic flair!

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