Airport Interlude

July 05, 2018:

Clark and Lois talk at the airport.


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Airport pickups are reserved for truly best friends. Certainly the more awkward the hour, the higher that friendship requirement. This is an early pickup, but nothing too drastic: it isn't 4am, after all. Still, a morning trip to pick up Clark is not what Lois would probably prefer to be doing.
And there's Clark, jogging along the Arrivals terminal area, pulling his little rolley-suitcase. One of the wheels gets stuck on a cement curb and he has to stop to fiddle with it, get it loose, and pull it awkwardly over to where she is. He's dressed for travel, in a sort of bland way: khakis, brown plaid shirt over a tan t-shirt, ill-fitting as usual. With a press of glasses up his nose he waves a little and drags the little carry-on over to greet her, relieved and apologetic. "I'm sorry; took ages to get a terminal, we circled and circled."
Clark has been away for a week or two, off at the Kents' to help with summer 'things,' like erecting a new barn, or the like, no doubt.

Early was an understatement. Alright, it really wasn't. Lois usually burned the candle at both ends; awake at all hours of the night well into the morning, usually only running on three hours of sleep and looking put together enough to seem as if she were well rested.

Like now. Her own attire was something casual. Jeans and a t-shirt. Hair in ponytail. Carrying a coffee that wasn't meant for her, for hers was already sipped and practically guzzled down as if she were on her last leg. Spying Clark, her hand lifts as well as raising upon the tips of her toes, not bounding towards her friend, but smartly waiting for his approach so that she could shove the coffee towards his chest.

And thankfully not into it.

"It's fine, Smallville. I didn't mind the people watching. You see all sorts around here." Ready to walk, she turns halfway. "How's the family?"
On approach, a scent carries with Clark. Smells like some mix of sunscreen and somewhat strong aloe vera. The man is probably sunburned, even if it isn't apparent by just a glance at his face or hands. He reacts a little belatedly to the coffee in the chest, adjusting his grip on it carefully, but with his usual mild tolerance and even appreciation. It's coffee, it can be shoved, that is fine.
"I really appreciate the favor, though. —- The family's good! The barn's good. Less flat, now. More barn shaped," Clark explains with a quick smile, following along to fall into stride next to her as she turns. "I have more baked goods in my luggage than I can eat alone, too. Ma sends her love in pastry shape."

"Well, I was busy doing other things that didn't require picking you up.." Lois jests. Though, with hands free, she immediately tucks them behind her back to prevent from gesturing. "That's good. I wonder what happened for you to go there. Though, I could have used a break from Metropolis and New York, you could have asked me and I would have came." She grins aside, then moves forward.

"I should probably call her, maybe take a trip out myself. Us women have to stick together.." Though, her smile fades as she reaches for his luggage, her hands just needing to do something. She was restless, itching for a.. something. Some bit of action. "..I -am- on a diet Clark. I have to work for this figure." Lies.

Clark doesn't fight her on the luggage, doesn't even seem aware that she took it. He's looking at his coffee, and seems maybe tired. But sitting on a plane, particularly one circling for a while, could probably do that to anybody. "Well, I'll just bring them to work. If some disappear, they disappear," Clark says amiably, not at all putting her on the spot about diet or not. His smile is relaxed and mild, non-judgmental.
"It's strange to be away; like being in another world." If she only knew. "A few of my contacts that I haven't talked to for months tried to get in touch. Did you get the email one I referred to you?" Clark asks, hopeful, looking at her over the coffee as he takes a deep drink from it. "I don't trust just anybody with those," he reminds, with a unassuming smile. With a bit more chat about ongoing stories, they head out together.

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