Son of Nel: Attorney to the Gods

June 27, 2018:

Thor hires Foggy Nelson to defends his goats.


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“Hrm,” Thor makes a low discontented sound his heavy fingers moving across the tissue-thin pages of the phone book, “There are so many. How does one typically determine which attorney will be victorious?”

“Well,” Clive, the building doorman says, “When I got divorced I just used the same guy my brother did because things went okay for him.”

“Went okay for him …,” Thor repeats the phrase and there’s a pause as he fully considers its meaning. Remembering something, the Thunderer’s face lights up and he grabs Clive by the shoulders explaining, “My ally, James Barnes, was in some trouble and I believe it ‘went okay for him’ as he now spends his days attending to Jane Foster’s needs,” fingers squeeze and then release, “but I do not know the name of this attorney.”

“That’s easy,” Clive says Thor’s constant adventuring having dulled him against things as inconsequential as ‘ ally is James Barnes..’, “James Barnes. Trial of the Century. Nelson and Murdock.”

Heavy footsteps in the hallway. A long shadow crosses before the smoked window pane. Shortly thereafter a heavy form follows the shadow filling the entirety its frosty pane, “Nelson and Murdock,” a voice reads the words upon the door.


The glass rattles as he strikes it with his finger, “I have found it! Google, your services are no longer required.”

A synthetic female voice says ‘Make a U-Turn and turn right. Your destination will be on your left.’

For nearly a minute the figure outside the door struggles with something. After a while there is sounds of plastic splitting. Then a few moments later..

The door opens to reveal — Thor Odinson; God of Thunder. The Asgardian Prince is dressed in a sleeveless leather hauberk buckled with four large metal circles. A crimson cape is affixed at his shoulders adding that aire of royal turned superhero. Currenty, He bears a manila envelope and what looks to be a phone and its battery. A heavy mallet hangs from his belt.

He peers into the law office, “I have come to speak with Nelson and Murdock,” he announces loudly enough that if there were other clients or meetings occurring the rich timbre of his voice would be audible. And then he takes a step forward.


Foggy is just crossing the reception area when the glass rattles. He pauses, blinks toward the door, and half-turns toward it with a half-expectation of something bursting through it. He watches the silhouette in the glass of the door fumble with something, and his brows arch higher and higher up his forehead until the door starts to open.

Some unfounded instinct has him quickly crossing the last few steps to duck into his office, half-stumbling over a wooden sword that Kennis left during her last visit. He's not hiding, he just didn't want to get caught staring, gawk-jawed at whoever it is who is at the door.

He grunts just as the booming voice announces its owner's arrival. He runs his hands back through his hair, trying to secure it behind his ears before he lazily walks back out, trying to look casual. Until he recognizes who is at his door.

"Holy… shit."


Thor strides casually into the offices. Catching the open door with the side of his boot it swings closed leaving the Odinson in what appears to be an empty office. Blond brows furrow slightly and just as he’s turning to look at the words upon the door again …

‘Holy … shit.’

..snapping his attention backward. Upon seeing Foggy, Thor’s blue-eyes dip slightly in silent appraisal and then wonder; This is the man who will train him to do battle in the court? He has heard that James Barnes is not a man to be trifled with and so despite his appearance the man before him, Nelson or Murdock, must also be a man of great accomplishment.

The appraisal in Thor’s gaze shifts to one of admiration. He gives the other a welcoming smile, as if they were old friends, and then comes forward, discarding the phone parts upon the desk, “I am Thor, Son of Odin. Prince of Asgard.” He clasps for the man’s shoulder in a fraternal way, “It is an /honor/ to meet you..” Voice trails at not having Foggy's name as his fingers squeeze gently.


Foggy Nelson is gaping and there's nothing he can do about it. He steps forward dumbly, and had been ready to offer out a hand until his shoulder is clapped instead by the strength of an Asgardian. Ow.

He clears his throat, finally managing his words through his surprise. "Franklin Nelson… um, Foggy. Foggy Nelson, sir. Uh. Lord. Uh. Mr. Odinson."

Dude. Get it together.

"Welcome to Nelson and Murdock." He looks down at the phone parts now on the receptionist desk, and his wit is head of his brain as he reports, "Man, I hope you got Apple Care."


“Well met Foggy, Son of Nel.” Thor replies and relinquishes the man’s shoulder at the wince of pain. Following the barrister’s gaze to the desk he chuckles, “Ah, that is of no consequence. I have merely removed its battery so that Google will know that I have arrived.” He collects the phone, battery, and back one item at a time and tucks them into a leather pouch affixed to the wide belt that cinches his waist.

Then he looks to Foggy once more and produces the manila envelope, “I wish to retain your services for an upcoming challenge. I have been summoned to the court in New York City but I do not know the rules that govern the battle. Given your success with my ally, James Barnes, I could think of no better attorney.”

He grins there, "So. How do we begin?"


Foggy can't will himself to correct Thor. He will forever be Son of Nel now. Sir Foggy Bear, Son of Nel, Senor of Hell's Kitchen. There's no going back.

He glances back at the phone, and he hesitates before he starts to nod slowly. "Well, that's one way to handle that." He watches as Thor puts the phone away, only to then be distracted by an envelope. Oh boy. He takes it apprehensively, but doesn't open it right away. He blinks again.

"You've been summoned… did you get a subpoena?" He hesitates, sighs, and nods. "Alright, come on in. Friend of Bucky and all that."

He steps back so he can step back into his office, gesturing Thor to follow him. He sits down behind his desk and gestures Thor to take a seat across from him. The big box fans spin on high, multicolored streamers spinning around in constant air flow. It's pleasant, at least. Foggy sits down, and starts to open the envelope. "So, Mr. Odison… why don't you tell me why the court has summoned you?"


“Subpoena?” Thor asks.

Then he’s walking behind Foggy half-ducking the doorframe as he enters the man’s office. Thor glances to the walls then expecting to find trophies of some sort but eventually his gaze settles upon the chair. As he approaches it he reaches to his right side looping his wrist through the thong upon his hammer and then pulling it free from his belt.

There is a faint metallic hum as the weapon comes free and it sings an even note as it is swung upward and placed, head down, upon the corner of Foggy’s desk with a THONK. This significantly reduces the girth of Thor’s waist allowing him to sit more comfortably within the chair.

“It began many months ago,” Thor says and the room begins to dim as a cloud passes by the sun outside, “When I took up residence in New York I brought with me mine goats. The Goat-Lords Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder whom I have had since my youth and have allowed me to travel the nine worlds.”

“For a thousand years they have been trained to serve me and so I had taken them for a walk when I was approached by Officer Harold Lowenstein whom stated that the Goat-Lords must be leashed. I explained to him their purpose and that they would only eat the leashes of Midgard but he stated that ‘the law was the law’,” a sigh.

“And so I traveled to Asgard and spoke with Ullr, god of the hunt, and had him craft me a sturdy harness and leash for each goat.”

“And so I traveled to Midgard again and weeks later, as I was speaking with a young lady who sought my picture, Toothgrinder did begin to eat a hotdog vendor’s cart,” pause, “Most of the cart,” he corrects himself, “And all of the hot dogs. The vendor found my gold to be unsatisfactory method of repayment and so he called Officer Lowenstein who did come once more and reprimand me.”

“One week ago, many complaints were lodged against Toothgnasher who dwells upon Peggy Carter's rooftop and oftentimes shrieks at the moon – whom it has cause to believe may be a portal to Muselpheim because once it was, or rather the portal looked quite like a moon, or so Toothgnasher thought.” Thor scowls here, “Anyhow, the complaints sent Officer Lowenstein to mine residence and he stated that I had ‘one more chance’ or else the Goat-Lords would be declared a nuisance.”

“Then, two days ago, I receive the summons. Officer Lowenstein has lied for by his own admission my ‘chances’ have not expired. They wish for me to remove the goats from the city but I say to thee, NAY, the Goat-Lords are not mere livestock. They are of royal blood with intelligence greater than than most humans and many pigs.”


Foggy looks up with a start at the metal THONK, and he blinks slightly at the hammer now on his desk. He hesitates — starting and stopping twice over before he just lets it go. He will not start freaking out about a mythical weapon on his desk. He pulls his gaze up toward Thor, and then back down to the contents of the envelope.

"Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher are pretty killer names, Mr. Odinson. Are they dangerous at all to the Midgardian population?" Look at him, using words like Midgardian. He then frowns. "Wait… back up a second… your goat… ate a hot dog vendor's cart?"

Foggy frowns slightly as he considers the Asgardian with serious green eyes. "Well… Mr. Odinson… I think that the biggest issues the city officials are facing is… well… um. We're a pretty big city… shrieking at moons, eating hot dog carts… those are all against the laws of Midgard…"

The next words that come out of his mouth are the most unusual he has ever spoken. "Um. Can you reason with your goats? They are intelligent, mightily." Did he just say the word mightily? "So perhaps you could explain to them the laws of our fair lands."


Thor leans forward in his seat which groans in protest to his weight. When Foggy looks at him and compliments the names of his goats he grins proudly, “It suits them,” he agrees, “They goat-lords travel the heavens and, in my youth, they did bear me across the galaxies and throughout all the realms of existence.” A wistful sigh at his memories …

… that becomes troubled for present times.

“Yet now I have Mjolnir,” He pats the head of the hammer its handle between his pointer and middle finger as it resonates deeply, “and it vexes them greatly to see me soar through the sky holdings its throng.”

“Aye, mightily, but the goats care not for laws,” Thor admits, “on Asgard did I make recompense for any trouble they caused but on Midgard neither vendor nor taxi will accept gold coin or jewel for their service.

“but I have been challenged,” a heavy finger taps the top of the desk and the Asgardian grins once more, “I request a trial by combat. I heave slain countless giants, Officer Lowenstein poses no true threat.”


"You rode through the stars on the backs of giant goat-lords?" Nelson sounds impressed. "And all we have is giant tin cans powered by high-temperature explosions."

Then Foggy tries to get his head back in the game, forcing himself to read over the summons in the envelope. He frowns, and then frowns deeper. He looks up toward Thor with a serious expression in his green eyes.

"Well, um… Mr. Odinson… I definitely think that we could challenge some of the charges here… you obviously tried to follow the New York leash laws, and there probably should be some leniency given because you are unfamiliar with our laws and social norms."

Then comes the real kicker. "But, we don't do trial by combat here. Anymore, at least. Come on down like three hundred years ago, and we might be having a total different conversation." A conversation that would probably include stakes and witchcraft and a giant goat feast. "What I can do is set up a proper way to compensate the vendor and the taxi driver for their property, and also get the courts to give you a chance to get ol' Grinder and Gnasher to adjust to Midgardian law. Definitely gotta keep them on leashes, and you may want to consider muzzles so they don't eat things they shouldn't."

He hesitates. "I think that's the best place to start." And he smiles his best smile while masking away his uncertainty. He's going to need to give himself a serious pep talk before he starts writing those briefs.


“Yes,” Thor says to riding the goat lords, laughing with good humor at the notion, “Asgardians cannot fly,” as if such a thing were ridiculous, “and so we have beasts to bear us. Also, sometimes enchanted weapons..,” a pointed look to Mjolnir, “Though only if you are ‘worthy’.”

When Foggy speaks the god of thunder leans backwards then and the chair gives a groan of vehement protest as he replies, “Aye, it would not have been much of a fight,” to how long ago such trials had not existed, “Even then.”

His hand goes to the desk which he raps with his knuckles, “You have put my mind at ease, Son of Nel.”

Thor shifts to stand then his full bearing seemingly many times greater than his impressive height, “Yes,” he agrees, “They need more time. ‘One more chance’, as had been promised.”

Reaching backward then his muscled arm goes beneath his crimson cape and when it emerges again he clutches a leather bag whose base barely fits in the palm of his wide hand. Tossing it upon the desk then it spills forward. Gold coins emblazoned with goats spill outward. Mixed within are gems. A clear ruby the size of newborn’s fist.

“I offer you this as payment for your services this day and in this matter.” Thor declares, “The treasury of Asgard is well stocked and so none whom the Goat Lords trouble must be burdened if they would only understand the value of coin that is not plastic.”


Foggy Nelson looks quite serious, nodding his head with the mere suggestion of being 'worthy.' He gets that. He eyes the hammer thoughtfully before he is distracted once more by the giant Asgardian in his office.

"I'm happy to hear it, Mr. Odinson. I wouldn't be doing my job very well if I didn't. I will definitely see to it that you are given that promised second chance." He smiles earnestly now. He means it.

Then he starts to stand, but is stalled by the appearance of the giant ruby. He blinks several times, opens his mouth, shuts it again, and then just nods. It's a stunned response, and it takes him a good half minute to get his mouth moving again.

"Ah, oh… thank you, Mr. Odinson. I will make sure that your money is well-spent."

He shakes Thor's hand, and promptly regrets it. But then, he does show the Asgardian out with promises of getting in touch with him as soon as he has word. When he shuts the door behind Thor, he blinks at it. "Yeah… Matt's never going to believe me." And he turns back to eye the ruby still on his desk.

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