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July 03, 2018:

Piotr Rasputin reacts to the bombings and does all he can, only wishing he could do more.

Hell's Kitchen

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Friday, June 29th 7PM - Hell in the Kitchen

The noise shakes the windows of Piotr's studio. The explosion is on the other side of Manhattan many many blocks uptown, but the noise carries. A furrow brow of concern that is often present darkens the large man's face. Glancing across the room at his communicator, Piotr waits expectantly for it to light up. When nothing comes across the channel but he does hear the sound of siren after siren after siren Piotr makes his way over to turn on the tv.

"Bozhe moi."

The soft Russian exclamation escapes his lips as he like countless others watch the carnage occuring uptown in someplace apparently called Clinton in the city.

It takes the man a few minutes to come to his senses, so shocked by the images of what's happening to his adopted home city. But slowly it sinks in and with little concern for the state of anything in progress in his studio, Piotr dons his uniform and is out the door. Transforming into a man shaped tower of steel as he runs towards the trouble Piotr finds himself desperately wishing he also had his sisters gift of teleportation stepping disks.


Sunday July 1st - Reclaim and Recovery

For a man who has been busy for days lifting gigantic pieces of fallen buildings or smashing through steel reinforced concrete to try and free survivors Piotr shows no sign of slowing down. He doesn't pause to take so much as a drink of water. The only slowing of his action is to respectfully listen to experts about the safest way to approach various situations.

For the third time a different government agency comes to remove the X-Man known as Colossus from the area. He again shakes his head and tells them, "Nyet. There is more work to do and I can do it faster and safer than any heavy equipment. I will stay."

Their pulling of badges does little to persuade him. Their drawing their weapons brings only a raised eyebrow from the man. He doesn't even seem to notice when an overeager agent fires on him, except to check that no one is hurt from a ricochet.


Monday July 2nd - Confrontation

The Youngblood team has been reluctantly called in. Some cooler heads try to protest that the metal mutant is helping save countless people and is taking risks that far squishier humans can't, but rules eventually win out. The first member of the super team to approach Colossus and pull a badge doesn't fair well. He only gets so far as identifying releasing some sort of bio-electric blast at Colossus. Piotr's approach to the young man is not even slowed by the blast. The X-Man doesn't so much as blink. He simply clamps a hand down on the Youngblood member's shoulder and says quietly,

"I am sorry my friend. But I can not allow you to distract me from this mission. I do hope you can swim."


Is about all the young agent can manage to get out before being picked up single handedly and thrown nearly three blocks over into the Hudson River. Piotr's aim is true and man splashes down safely enough, and thankfully for him he can in fact manage a decent doggy paddle.

This action only brings further resistance though, and by the time three more super powered agents show up to apprehend him Piotr barely has the patience to wait for them to give him the rundown. He just activates a signal on his communicator and one of the teleporters associated with the X-Men give him a quick exit. There is no parting verbal shot. There is no rude gesture.

Instead, there is a soft apology to the work crew, "I am sorry I could not do more."

The men who have been working double shifts and have had more than enough time with the big soft spoken man to have grown fond of him and his ability to lighten their load can only shake their heads and try to protest that he's done enough. Once Colossus is gone, then come the vulgar gestures and verbal sparring with the agents, on his behalf.


Transforming back to his non steel form safely back at the mansion has the usual effects. Piotr shrinks back to normal size. He feels a distinct rumble in his stomach and the start of a headache coming on. These are expected. The wave of grief that sinks him to his knees however wasn't. In his metal form it was like he was able to also handle that load and without the strength of his steel form he buckles beneath it. He is glad there is no one awake at this hour of night to see him breaking down so. It lasts nearly an hour, not that Piotr is any shape to keep track of time now.

Eventually he is able to drag himself to a shower, find something to eat and drink and finally after three days: rest.

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