Cutscene: Faith

July 01, 2018:

Right after Coercivity


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Frenzy's disappearance from New York is barely noticed.

And Joanna Cargill's return to the City is likewise under the radar.

Physically nothing has changed for the woman, but inwardly - mentally - everything has shifted. The core of her self-conviction, her self-worth, has loosened. There are cracks now where strength had once been.

Cracks that threaten the foundation of this Acolyte's belief system.

Of what she's fighting for. Of what she's doing. Of who she's protecting.

If she were more expressive agony might be seen upon her face, but all that can be seen is a stoic mask. Stone-like and cold in its rigidity.

Now the question remains - can the Lieutenant of the Brotherhood reconcile who she was to who she is and to who she will become.

It's hard to say what the answer will be.

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