Of Magnet People and Space Sharks

July 02, 2018:

Atli Wodendottir wrestles a space shark into the X-Men's pool, and meets more Mini-People of Magnets

X-Mansion back yard


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Mentions: Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Magneto


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And what might one spy should they happen to glance skyward on such a starry, cloudless night, but all the wonders of the univer-rainbow. Yep. That's a rainbow. Or something very much like several rainbows bowing in on themselves, shimmering in space much like they did not but a few weeks past when a certain Elf fell from this very sky. Higher up perhaps, at least near the stratosphere, it ejects less this time around.

Well, less by sheer volume, though it's close!

There hanging in the air, four objects fall, one a spear that tumbles first, and will impact with a TWANG when it sticks in the concrete around the pool. The others? Very much living things. There is a great roar, and a rearing of a shark-snout. No, this isn't SKOL, LAST SCION OF JAU-SUM, but very simply… a shark. A great, big, 30 foot long shark. With a hide that glistens with rainbow light, and bristles lasers from it's nostrils.

A space shark.

In it's mouth, a most terrified goat, which screams and wails and does it's best not to be crushed to death by those fearsome jaws, while Atli Wodendottir, Goddess of Thunder, Lightning, and all that sort of thing, wails on the shark with her fists, punching the thing with all her might until finally she grasps it by one fin and headbutts the limb.

The shark cries out in such pain as it loses all locomotion, and plummets the last few hundred feet to very suddenly, very violently crash on the X-Men's grounds.

Right in the newly repaired pool.

Water splashes outward, nearly emptying the pool with such gravity-driven violence, but the shark does not stop thrashing Atli finally reaching for the goat to yank Toothbender bodily from the shark, horns clipping teeth and sending those razor sharp bonelets scattering across concrete.

"Verily my friend, you have been through so much already, but my spear is just out of reach. Forgive me!"

And then Atli uses Toothbender as a weapon, smashing the goat into the head of the shark -

-until the shark is out cold.

It is not until that moment that Atli Wodendottir realizes she may have lost the trail of Pietro the Perfect, Wanda the Jellyfish Whisperer, and both of their delightful glutes. Here she looks up, and certainly, she surmises, wiping water from her brow, that she is not in Taipei anymore.

Lorna was trying to spend time with her infant daughter, trying being the operative word. The sky above was a beautiful cascade of twinkling, shimmering stars above, a near full moon and a cloudless sky. The blue haired infant was half asleep in her mother's arms, cooing softly as Lorna sat on a chair beside the pool. The green haired woman rocked her daughter back and forth, enjoying the quiet of being outside on a summer night. The other students that had stayed over break were inside or out and working to help with the massive issues in Hell's Kitchen.

Lorna? She couldn't find a babysitter and Marcos … well, her marriage troubles were endless. Considering that she planned to give her daughter up.. to hide her way, whatever time she could steal was precious.

Which is why when a shark falls from the sky, followed by chaos with a goat and some kind of flying woman…? She was angry and she was on edge.

The green haired mutant didn't much care for the damage she added to the mess, as she floated up into the air, protective of her infant daughter, as all the pool chair floated up to grasp at the knocked out space shark, trapping it in a folded metal cage. (Knocked out even as it was.)

Somehow, other bits of metal swirled around them threatening and yet just as much a security blanket for the magnokinetic as she floated down toward Atli's person. The lights in the yard all turning on and centered on Atli with a wave of Lorna's hand.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

There is a sound much like a snort or.. something when the metal clamps down over the drooling shark. Can sharks even drool? Who can tell, really. Cracks spiderweb from the whole of the pool, and thankfully Atli had already made her way up the shark's prodigious tail before the metal came SLAMMING in. There is a blink of course, and then a whirl as she watches the Shark nearly meet the same fate as those soldiers she saw crushed by…

There, a gleam in her eye as she slowly turns, looking up to the sky with an expectant awe. Here she must lift a hand at the suddenly blinding light turned in her direction, and though Toothbender howls and chomps, trapped under some metal, she does not turn to aid her goat.

"Woe, could it be?! Does fate bring me to the heels of he, the Swollen Man of Magnets, so rippling in his form that it haunts my very dreams. Verily, such a burden to bear! Really, it is a curse. Is that you up there, all white hair and brutal warrior spir-Oh!"

There is a furrow of her brow when she finally sees Lorna, reaching out to call her spear to her hand, the whole of the thing turning to a bolt of lightning that then zaps towards Atli and forms once more, just resting against her shoulder. "Greetings there… Mini-Woman of Magnets." This, as Lorna gets closer. "I am Atli Wodendottir, Goddess of Thunder, and Princess of Asgard. As for what I am doing, well, I was on the trail of Pietro the Prideful and Wanda the Wondrous when I was set upon by a Space Shark. Dastardly things, but I dare not fault them for loving goat flesh, for it is quite tasty. Do tell, what place is this that I have fallen into such good graces as a host such as thee, who clearly has power and… is that a baby?! Does this line of magnet-people have no end? You must get on like rabbits for their to be so very many of you."

Lorna stared, her arms holding onto a squirming, unhappy baby that whined and wiggled in her mother's grasp as she floated back down to Earth. Given that the shark was now in a metal death trap.. and the woman.. the woman was waxing poetic about her father and talking about her siblings.. and green eyes narrowed in confusion as she gaped. Whatever exactly was going on seemed to take Lorna far too long to process what Atli was saying.

A blink. Two. Three. Silence.

Followed by a slow furrow of her brows. Boots clicked against the pool side as Lorna stepped forward. "What?"

"Wait.. wait.. you're talking about my .. my father? What?" She made a face and glanced up to the sky and back as she finally processed the comment about Princess of Asgard and some kind of goddess. She'd already met Thor before…

"I didn't pray to you..?"

"Ah! I knew it! You have excellent jaw structure, just like him!"

This she shouts to the heavens, and then she points right at Lorna, and looks back at Toothbender. "You see, Toothbender! Another of them! They breed like rabbits! Magnetic Rabbits!"

A few firm nods at the wailing goat, who finally chews himself a hole big enough to climb out of, and promptly shakes his furry coat to rid himself of the water with a defiant snort. At four feet tall, the space goat is most ominous with it's strange eyes and… well. It would be ominous. Except for walking right up next to Atli and flopping over like a defiant cat.

This forces a frown to form on the Girl of Thunder's face, and she nudges the goat with a boot, right about the time Lorna mentions prayer.

"Ah, no, of course not. I doubt very many people of Midgard know of me just yet, though I am a bit of a hero. I once went with Lord Stark to the land of Genosha where the Swollen Man of Magnets makes his Kingdom. I had not realized so many of his children lived in this place. Indeed, now that I think about it, most people only really pray when they want me to leave."

Her brow furrows and she makes a squinty sort of face. "Which I don't quite understand. Verily, I am a delight to be around. For instance, what if that Shark had just fallen without me around to knock it out with a goat! Such things, I cannot abide."

Few things about Atli can said to be at all restrained, but there is a special space on this spectrum of absurdity for the smile she flashes in Lorna's direction, filled with the bright light of someone who is beyond earnest in all of her endeavors, as well as her capacity for good. "Tell me your name, Mini-Woman of Magnets, and the name of your little Magnetling, and perhaps why you all have such wondrous hair. Verily it is a secret that defies even the gods. Look at this blue! One day soon your little one will be a fierce, blue-headed force to be reckoned with, almost certainly all because her hair will be beyond reproach!"

In many things she judges Midgardians wanting, but in this, she comes with a simple truth: The family of Magnets, all of them, have a hair game on fleek.

Lorna blinked again, shifting her grip on Aurora as the baby squirmed and gurgled, turning wide brown eye on the stranger. The green haired mutant pursed her lips, even as she stepped closer to keep from raising her voice and causing more disturbance than she already had. Curiosity had won out in her interest in who and what Atli was… People didn't typically like her family. Not her father, much less her siblings..

Still, she frowned, brows furrowed as she considered the Asgardian, trying and failing to really process everything she'd said or asked.

"Uhm.." That magnetic rabbit comment was definitely not going to be directly addressed. She eyed the goat. "Genosha…? What.. uhh.." Her gaze landed on the shark next and the tangle of metal around it. "I… I don't think they come to.. Earth frequently.." She murmured.

A glance followed to her daughter, wriggling in her arms. Why bother lying to a goddess? Asgardian or not, they were the only 'gods' Lorna had seen actually respond to prayer or even show up. "I'm Lorna.. and this is my daughter Aurora… uh… the hair is .. uhm it's genetic. With my father and I it.. it's uhm dealing with the melanin being magnetized…" She trailed off, glancing at Aurora as the infant coo'ed and sparks danced along the baby girl's finger tips as she reached out toward Atli.

"She's already a bit of a force.." She offered dryly. Normally over protective to the point of violence, the Asgardian had thoroughly disarmed Lorna, earning honest answers as a result.

"Hmm. Genetic Melanins. I don't know what that means. But it does sound very powerful. Yes! Hello there!"

Atli makes faces at the Miniest of Magnets, wiggling her fingers and making little sparks dance at the end of her own fingers, as if she were helping to communicate some shared language. It's the least she can do, being a Goddess of Thunder and Lightning and all that sort of thing.

"Don't worry little one, once I earn the favor of Pietro and Wanda I'm sure I'll be around all the time. Perhaps your mother here can.. you know…put in a good word! Really, I'm only looking to prove myself worthy of their company. Maybe show them a good time of revels out on the town, and, who knows? Perhaps you could come with us! And.. and maybe you could ask your father."

Here she beams at Lorna, absently rolling her sleeping goat over with one foot, almost like she were kicking a rock. "Maybe right after he were done with some heavy lifting of some sort that would require him to be without a shirt."



"In any case, it occurs to me that perhaps we should already be fast friends. For if your father is King of that island, that would make Pietro a Prince, and you and Wanda both Princesses, and I'm a Princess, and really that's all you need to look into joining the House of Asgard and the House of Magnets. Not that I'm suggesting, say, some sort of political marriage that might strike fear into the hearts of your enemies or anything, but one does wonder who would stand in front of us should I become allies with The Many Magnet People of Midgard. Also, I claim not to have your hair quality, but I like to think I do alright. Isn't that right, Aurora? See? The child agrees with me."

Lorna stared, how could Asgardians supposedly be so beyond them in development and yet not get what melanin was..? The green haired mutant shook her head again, feeling as if it as all she was doing. It was awkward to say the least. Still, Lorna glanced at her daughter's spark then quickly back to Atli, hesitant as she watched the Asgardian carefully. Aurora gurgled happily at the return of sparks and electrostatic, and bounced happily in her mother's arms.

"Pietro and Wanda… are uhm…" She hesitated, trailing off as Atli continued about her father.. and suddenly it was like the light bulb went off. Finally. She made a face, her brows furrowing as she rocked her weight back on her heels.

"My father.. isn't allowed to leave Genosha. If he leaves.. he's the world's most wanted terrorist. He's murdered thousands of people…" She trailed off, her brows furrowing as she swallowed down a gag. Gross. He was so old. This was almost on parr with meeting that other world's half brother.. with Rogue.. Ew.

Lorna stifled a shudder. "And he's not King of Genosha.. he's becoming the democratically elected president… so no.. Not Princess.. or whatever.." Not that it stopped the Acolytes from calling her Princess anyways. What was this woman going on about..? Political marriages? Ew. Ew. Ewww..

Aurora giggled and bounced again.

"Ah, yes. I have heard tails of your father's adventures. I'm sure he's misunderstood. After all, what warrior doesn't have a few thousand kills to their name!" This, said by someone who certainly doesn't. But not everyone needs to know that. Especially not Pietro, with his hair antenna fluttering in the wind, so fierce, so…. pristine. Is she staring off into the distance.

"Yes, well. Best of luck to him with all of that electing and whatever that is. I am sure if he simply shows all of his wondrous muscles he'll do just fine. But you were saying about Pietro and Wanda? It is quite important that I find them. Perhaps you can arrange a meeting. You see, I was certain I saw them somewhere near Hela's Kitchen."


Hela's Kitchen. Certainly not Hell's Kitchen, that place that just blew up, and which the Brotherhood is taking the blame for blowing up.

"…and you see, Lady Wanda did send me on a quest to fight some very onory Jotuns, of which I have brought the skull of their captain. Which.. is slightly cracked, but that is a long story. AH! But, fear not, such spoils can be spread around the magnet family. Here you are, little one."

Here she produces a single Jotun tooth. It is ice blue, somewhat gnarly, but not sharp or anything. She promptly lays it in Aurora's grasp. "There, now you can be as much a hero of the nine realms as any of us. A trophy for the ages. All of the other tiny, incoherent creatures will certainly be jealous of your might. Verily, where was I. OH, yes. Your brother and sister. I was hoping you could at least point me in the right direction, as we have a very important sandwich to make."

Just about when she says that, she pulls a flask from her belt, opens it up and takes a long swig before offering it Lorna's way as if it were perhaps the most natural thing in the world.

At Aurora's giggling, the goat snores, and the shark groans. No really, shark groans are pretty harrowing, it even forces Atli to make a little face. "I am speaking to the future of Midgard. Quiet, you stupid shark!"

Lorna blinked again, staring, even as her daughter bounced and wiggled and gurgled happily in her mother's arms. At least one of them liked Atli it would seem. The wave off about how many people her father had killed? That was new.. definitely new. Nor was the fact that the woman wanted to meet Pietro and Wanda again… without the intent to arrest them. 'Hela's kitchen' was completely new.

"My siblings are … difficult to get a hold of.. if they don't want to be found." She pursed her lips trying to figure out how to best process and explain the complicated layers of human laws and suspicion that fell on mutants.

"Hell's Kitchen.." She added, softly, looking down to settle her daughter higher in her grip. Particularly as Atli made to give her daughter a … a … nail? A tooth? A claw? Lorna made to take it from her daughter's grasp before the infant could injure herself on it.

"I'll.. hold onto this for her, until she's older.." She cleared her throat, glancing back to Atli, gaze drifting to the shark and back. Her hand rose, and metal tightened and wrapped around the space shark again.

"Have you tried asking for them in Mutant Town?" She hedged.

Behind Atli, the Shark's mouth hangs open in a silent scream, black eyes staring tot he night's sky. Atli, ever a fan of magnetic prowess, watches in utmost awe as the shark is nearly squashed by such things. Of course, if it were a normal shark it'd probably be long dead already. But no, it is a space shark, and made of tougher stuff.

"Hmm, Mutant Town, I'm not sure I've ever heard of such a place. But if the Mini-Man of Magnets and the Witch of Scarlet are there, I shall endeavor to find them and present them with their prize. I must say, you hold your family's name in high regard this day, at least with the people of Asgard."

You must understand, Atli can only speak for herself, her sisters, and Old King Odin. It is a much different Asgard, where she's from.

"Know that for your kindness and direction, and for having such wonderful hair and such excellent jaw structure, among other fine qualities, and for having a daughter that has sparkle hands, you will have a friend in me. Also, Toothbender will be your friend, isn't that right Toot-"

The goat has drooled on Atli's boot, which sours her expression immediately, and sends her hopping a little bit, flinging the goat-drool off of her boot with a little, awkward kick. "Yes well, I assure you the goat is a loyal beast if nothing else. That's right little Aurora, Goddess of Sparkles, one day you will get to ride a goat through the cosmos. Well, as long as you have your mother's permission."

There is a bit of a kick to the goat to get it up, and it shakes the drool from it's snout as Atli begins walking back towards the shark. "In the meantime, I shall take this shark from your sight an- OH! I do apologize, it appears your pond is now leaking. I do hope you did not have any pet fish in it." She means the pool of course, cracked through and through. Ah well. One hand wraps the shark tail and she begins draging the beast from the pool with absolute ease, metal still clinging to it. "Tell me, Lady Lorna, do you have any messages to bear to your brother and sister that I might deliver?"

Lorna was still confused, still having a hard time trying to figure out what to make of the strange woman… But, other than to roll with it, she didn't have much else she could do. "It's in the city.." She trailed off and figured that if Atli didn't know where Mutant Town was already, she'd struggle with what might qualify as a city..

A glance followed to the shark again and she released her magnetic grip on it for now. Her focus returning back to her gurgling infant and Atli's…. address. Interesting. "Uhm… actually her powers are electrical based.. and ah.. she's a bit young for a goat ride.." She pursed her lips together, hesitating for a moment.

"Ah yeah.. the pool gets damaged pretty easily around here… it's for swimming.. and it's okay.. I er… no.. thanks for offering.." Pietro definitely was going to give her a lecture over this stranger trying to find them.

"Ah! Much like my powers!"

A raise of her spear, and somewhere far away, a poor tree is struck by lightning. It will reflect in baby Aurora's eyes as the low rumble of thunder cascade over all of them. With her spear shrinking down to it's sword form, she stows it in the sheath to her back and steps closer, dragging the shark behind her.

A hand comes up, taking hold of Lorna's shoulder to give a friendly squeeze, and just a little shake. "Then when she is older, I will take you both, in return for the kind hospitality you have shown me." Speaking of hospitality, she looks up to the enormous house behind Lorna and gives an appreciative nod.

"I only just noticed you have an absurdly large house. Hopefully your servants won't mind cleaning up this mess. I think the shark may have released it's bowels. In any case, I bid thee farewell, Lady Lorna. Your manner is as glorious as your hair, and you are well on your way to raising a child in good stead, strong and filled with the ability to melt her foes as they scream in horror with but a touch."

How she says that all with a gleeful smile is anyone's guess, but there it is. This done, she straddles the goat, simply holding the shark by the tail. "Toothbender! Prepare your hindparts, we make for Mutanttown! But first we must leave this shark on Stark Tower. Verily, that should be close enough to space for it to make it's way back without much of a fuss."

Atli looks to Lorna.

"Right? Hmm."

Atli doesn't wait for much of an answer, the goat powering into the sky and taking Atli with it, trailing space shark.

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