May Checks In

December 01, 2014:

May checks in with Oracle about Tim

The Nest


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It took a few hours, but Jericho tracked down Alex's parents. While that was happening, May was able to convince the kid to eat something and try to nap, and since he seemed to want her to stay close, she had time to kill. Being here at the Nest reminded her of dropping Robin off here for medical attention away from prying eyes, so she gets out her comm link and keys it to a specific non-SHIELD frequency. It's probably like hearing a TV turn on in another room for Jericho. She watches the boy nap for a moment longer before saying, "This is May."

Oracle has been expecting this contact for several days, so when the frequency comes live and the voice is heard, the red head smiles grimly. "And this Oracle. Nice to hear your voice Agent May. My thanks again for your assistance with Robin last week." She's in the Clocktower, having returned from her second visit with Robin and feeling much more confident about the teens recovery.

Jericho is in the kitchen washing up. He instantly detects the transmission. Oracle's communicators are encrpyted and he'd never bothered to try breaking it. He's not really feeling like it now because he doesn't need to. The hardware is right in the next room. All he has to do is tap the reciever and mic directly and… viola. Hello Oracle. Not that he says that.

"You're welcome," May says quietly, her SHIELD issue comm unit designed to pick up low voices. "That's actually what I was wanting to ask about." Her eyes drift over to the sleeping Alex again, hoping his will be a happy ending. No way to know for sure, though. Not yet. "I had to get back to New York, and by the time I was able to stop by here again, they told me someone in a black car came to pick him up. She'll likely deny it, but it's been bothering her not knowing what became of the teen.

"Not knowing about the facility you had taken him too, I was concerned…" Oracle lets that bit trail "Your intervention allowed me to free other resources to pick Robin up and have Robin transferred to Bat care." She pauses "It wasn't until Mr Drake gave me the details of the facility that I understood what you had done. For that you have my deepest gratitude and my sincerest apologies for not taking the hospitality offered." Oracle scrubs at her temples, that day had been nearly the worst of her life… there's only one day she'd rank higher in fact "Robins recovering. He had extensive injuries and has been sleeping a lot until yesterday" Her visits are not mentioned, only a few know that Oracle is a person… most aren't sure.

Jericho smiles. He is for the moment content to listen. He's not sure May knows he's listening though he knows the SHIELD agent knows him well enough to guess. He's not sure if Oracle knows either though he's guessing no. It's not like she can see in here. He… thinks. He may say something but right now he's interested in what they have to say.

Melinda May knows that Jericho is capable of eavesdropping, but since she's not actually thinking about it right now, she's not even guessed that he'd be doing so on this conversation. "I couldn't think of anywhere closer that could give him medical care and not want to pry into his identity… or I would have taken him there." She's quiet for a moment before adding, "I'm glad he's getting better." She still owes that clown, and she's got the time right now to think of suitable punishments. Death is too quick and clean. Maybe a plain white room with no human contact and electrified walls. Hm. That seems almost humane.

"His identity… " Oracle blinks a few times "on top of what The Joker had done and said to him, had his identity been compromised I dread to think of the results. It was fast thinking Agent May. Would you pass on my thanks to the others as well?" The discussion with Bobby still bothers her "Mr Drake and I had some sharp words… and for that I am sorry." another pause "I have news on The Joker that may interest you though, Agent May."

"Since when do you play with clowns, May?" Jericho mutters it but doesn't transmut. He does get up and walk over toward the doorway, unobtrusive. Most everyone's in bed. Gwen's avoiding him. Poor girl. He knows it isn't personal. But it… kind of feels personal.

"Oh?" She hears someone moving about and likewise stands and steps toward the door to see who it is. Her eyebrows draw together in a silent question at Trent, but she doesn't say anything to him. Not yet. She does gesture to her ear, though, to indicate she's communicating with someone. You know, just in case he actually didn't bother to listen in.

Oracle sighs "Vorpal, I'm sure you know him… went after The Joker as soon as had heard what had happened to Robin. He got lucky, May, very lucky and put The Joker in Arkham… " scant pleasure in that news, when the stakes were so high.

That Jericho heard quite clearly. "Arkham has the all of the holding properties of…" He pauses… "Cheese." Clearly the demon tainted hacker isn't convinced Arkham will hold the Joker for an amount of time worth really considering and is not-convinced enough about this to transmit it over the comm channel. "Also hello, Oracle."

Melinda May can only sigh and shake her head at hearing that Vorpal went after the Joker. It's sheer dumb luck that the cat survived and actually managed to put the insane clown into custody, however briefly it'll end up being. "Is there anything we can do to make sure that … person stays in Arkham this time?"

Jerichos' voice is recognised immediately. "Why doesn't it surprise me you're listening in, Jericho? Hello to you too." She opts to use his first name. "Arkham…Gothams answer… which as Jericho so eloquently put it is like cheese, particularly for The Joker." Oracle shakes her head "Let's just assume he'll be back on the streets in no time, May. Next time you get a chance to take him, do so. I would say use extreme prejudice, but that's not the way of the Bats I'm afraid, but you could put him on the moon for all I care. He owes me for two things now. And yes, I'm counting."

Melinda May makes a face as both Trent and Oracle agree that Arkham simply won't hold the Joker. "I'm very sorely tempted to ask a person I know to use his skull for target practice." But she won't. Damnit. "Well, I'm not a Bat." And that's all she says about that for now. "And I'm counting too."

"I'm not a Bat either." And it's a good thing. Jericho'd be dead if he didn't kill people. The Villians of Gotham may respect the Bat-no-kill policy but Hydra just tends to put bullets in skulls, and keep trying until one of you is no longer capable of doing so. "But Gotham's not in my usual line so I'll let you two keep that under control. I have to ask, though, how on the radar is this place now? It was designed for use as a refuge so I'm fine with people coming here. Actually May I'm glad you trust us enough to do that. But I need to know if I need to take precautions now that it's actually come up."

"What place are you referring to Jericho? I don't know what you're speaking of" Oracles answer comes back. "To clarify…. You and yours did us a kindness and I've kept no records" Indeed with a photographic memory she doesn't have to "All I've told the Bats is that Robin was taken to an independant facility, where people I trusted maintained our secrets. They don't know the details." Sitting forward, Oracle adds "I trust that answers your question."

Melinda May looks at Jericho completely deadpan and answers without any change of expression. "Last week I took a Quinjet on a post-maintenance shakedown flight. Today, I'm waiting with Alex in a hotel about three miles from here on I-95. The Quinjet is concealed in some private land nearby to keep people away from it. I hope the landowners aren't militant about enforcing a 'No Tresspassing' sign."

Jericho shrugs. "They're not. Generally." That does more or less answer his question, but he'll ask Star to keep a closer look on the area. Neither SHIELD nor the Bats are likely to have been followed but both have enemies that may not believe that the Nest is a private asset and not a covert one. Fortunately, in addition to the Nutates living here, who would defend themselves, a strike team of Outsiders willing and able to kill for them is never more than a distress call away.

"So one of yours got put in traction? Sounds like the Gotham underworld is getting bold." He knows that he's run into mob outfits and worse in his war with Hydra. Sometimes contract killers hire out.

Melinda May crosses her arms, starting to frown faintly. She glances over toward Alex to make sure their conversation isn't waking the boy, then looks back at Jericho. "SHIELD has a hands-off policy with Gotham. If the underworld there is getting bold, there's nothing I can do."

"And for very good reason, May" Oracle nods to herself "Batman and the Bats are very territorial, SHIELD would simply complicate matters." The line goes silent momentarily, the red heads eyes narrow as she thinks and sighs before she responds "As I've said… if you get a shot at The Joker… take it. I won't be shedding any tears." Well maybe tears of joy, but noone need know that.

Jericho just shakes his head. "If you have a line on them, Oracle, you may want to advise them to get a handle on things. I don't often go to Gotham and SHIELD may have a hands off policy, but if things keep spilling out of it someone's going to put big stompy bootprints all over Gotham. If you're particularly unlucky, it'll be martial law and the National Guard." People who will break out night vision, predator drones, M-16s and other fun toys on the vigilantes and criminals alike. "I've heard that the notion has been floated in Federal circles several times." And stuff like Gotham names running riot in New York and Metropolis does definitely not help the case.

Melinda May looks about to say something else when her cell phone rings, indicating a forwarded call. She looks at Trent, then steps aside to answer the call. After a brief conversation, she hangs up her phone. "That was HQ. They've heard back from Alex's parents, and we should take him to them." She moves to wake the sleeping boy so they can be on their way. "I'll call again later, Oracle." She taps at her comm unit, setting it back to its default frequency.

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