Cutscene: #HKBombs #WeAreAllHK

June 30, 2018:

News coverage is all over the place on the matter of the massive bombing in Hell's Kitchen. Meanwhile, one hero takes a moment to rescue something precious.

Hell's Kitchen, NYC

It's a mess out there.


NPCs: News media (Kingpin)


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"…called the largest mass bombing in New York City's history. No terrorist group has stepped forward to claim credit for the event which claimed over 8000 lives, with a death toll that continues to rise as aid workers continue the grim and grisly work of searching for survivors. Eye witnesses report multiple sightings of individuals suspected to be a part of the mutant terrorist group known as the Brotherhood of Mutants., making them the prime suspects in this heinous tragedy."

One thing at a time. That's a good mantra. One room of one apartment of one building. One thing at a time. It's the only way to be sure that Luke has cleared the Brownstone and can move on to the next, following the call of crying voices and screams of agony.

The Daily Bugle

Teen Titans Lead Force to Save PS 35

Hell's Kitchen, New York, June 30, 2018 - In the wake of so much tragedy, glimmers of light. Over 180 lives were saved at PS 35 when the Teen Titans stepped in. Detective Sergeant Brett Mahoney of the Hell's Kitchen Police Department reports the bomb squad was unable to arrive in a timely fashion, but a small force of heroes was able to arrive hours before the mass bombing to find and disarm six major explosives planted beneath the K-12 public school. The Titans found the building laced with thermite.

"We had no idea this was part of a larger pattern as we received no other bomb threats that day. This threat came in two hours prior to the start of the blasts," Mahoney says.

Blasts began at 7:00 PM. See (Nightmare in Hell's Kitchen, front page). The Titans disarmed the bombs with 4 minutes to spare after evacuating the school. The school had been on lockdown status until police received confirmation of a true bomb threat.


It's when he starts to realize that there are less and less voices that it's not because they're being saved.

It's because they're too late.

Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists spotted at bombing most likely to be responsible for mass murder in Hell's Kitchen. #HKBombs

The Brotherhood Enigma: Miraculous tale of child brought back to life, fires put out, rescues offered by supposed "terrorists." #HKBombs #WeAreAllHK

Brotherhood of Mutants - everyone acts like we have the whole story. Do we? #HKBombs #WeAreAllHK

As he works through the night with the others, the only break he takes is when he leans into an alley, retching out soot and bile behind a pile of rubble when he's out of sight.

While he's wiping off his mouth on the sleeve of his dark green hoodie, he takes the second to thumb out a message on his Stark made Luke-proof phone. To one Jessica Jones:

I'm fine. Don't come to HK. Please.

Mayor of NYC, Governor discuss Hell's Kitchen Response. Join us at 8:00 PM tonight. #HKBombs


…"Initial emergency response was thin and fell mainly to civilians in the early hours of the attack, causing local lawmakers to discuss the necessity of additional emergency services funding. SHIELD and the National Guard reached the scene within hours, offering additional support to overloaded city services. Some speak of additional support in the form of unseasonable rainstorms brought on by the Asgardian Thor. We have not yet reached the God of Thunder for comment…"

It beeps back "message undeliverable."


And again.

The cell network is down.

Lex Corp News

"Looters began attacking the Kitchen even as rescue workers struggled to clear rubble, find survivors and triage the mess, taking everything from television sets to spray paint.

No time. Back to work. Don't think. She's fine. She's fine.

But her apartment is not.

It's something Luke realizes with cuss words slipping free of his lips. That'll be a ten-spot in Pop's swear jar.

No surprises here: most affluent areas of Hell's Kitchen receive the most support; fastest response from SHIELD. #HKbombs #WeAreAllHK

The building is still smoldering by the time he shoulders into it, taking the stairs three at a time, until he gets to her floor. When he emerges back in the street, he hasn't rescued a person or a beloved pet from Alias Investigations. No, the big man is clutching a blackened, tattered, singed and sodden patchwork blanket to his chest.

Out of all the casualties and losses tonight, he'll be damned if this quilt was going to be one of them.

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