Rooftop Meeting

June 29, 2018:

Diana Prince and Spoiler meet to discuss criminal activity unfolding in Gotham City.

Gotham City

Ontop a building, at night, Gotham City midtown area.


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Diana had caught wind of a pending attack on an orphanage in Gotham… Normally she doesn't tread too closely to Batman's 'territory' but she wasn't against it. Sometimes people needed help anywhere in the world and if she could help, she'd go there to do so.

Its 9:45pm at night. There have been police lights casting eerie shadows off of the buildings in this non-descript location near midtown Gotham for the past hour. A fight had broken out and Diana had been at the center of it. She'd stopped a moving truck from making its way to the orphanage where the children were reportedly going to be attacked, either killed or captured… human trafficking was a ever present issue in Gotham after all.

Now though, Diana had spoken to the police and she is standing atop a building about half a block down from the incident. Her shield and sword rest on her back, she stands on the ledge of the building and has placed a call out across her JLA Commlink, asking for a member of the Gotham Bat Family to meet with her at this location.

To say this was an odd call at an odd hour for this town was… Nah, Spoiler's just gonna go with it. Call received, Spoiler pings that she's enroute, and she spins her skycycle to the location that's blinking in her HUD.

It doesn't take her long to arrive, able to avoid the winding streets and the police presence and all the rest of the general traffic issues of ground based travel. Her bike is dark against the dark Gotham sky, not cloaked but camoflauged well enough against the shadowed Gotham sky. Hovering above, Spoiler's thermal option on her AR lenses spied the woman, alone on the roof. With motions smooth from practice, the blonde batling leaves the bike hovering in wait and follow mode above her, just out of most normal earring's ability to catch the faint hum of her vehicle's engines. She steps from the bike, plummeting down to the roof below, letting the grapple line from her belt to her bike arrest her fall to a quick but gentle descent, cape flaring to help slow her the rest of the way. Spoiler lands delicately enough for a non-flier on the roof a polite distance from Wonder Woman.

"You rang?" she says, letting the cord reel back up to her waiting skycycle. She has a grapple gun on her belt to get her back up later. Her voice, like the others, has that slight digital effect overlayed on her natural voice which is pitched a bit lower than she talks during the day. Like the others, her eyes are covered by the white, very faintly glowing, white AR lenses, though hers has a very slight lavendar undertone to the hue.

Though Diana is capable of a great many wonderous feats, she's found that her hearing is one of the most beneficial to her duty and everything that revolves around it. Its her hearing that gives her early warning on so many things, and its her hearing that helps her seem to know things before they even happen.

Case in point… Spoiler's arrival.

Diana has already turned to her left, turning back to look at the roof as the young woman in the dark speaks out to announce her arrival. "Hello." Diana responds to the voice modulated woman, knowing all too well how the Batman operates, though this particular member of his little community… she has yet to meet.

"Spoiler, yes?" Diana asks, her voice laced with a thick and prominent Greek accent. With a soft inhale, Diana dips her chin once toward the Batling. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Diana of Themyscira, which I am guessing you are more than well aware of… but, introductions are always bets when given with pleasant intentions." She shows a faint smirk then.

Diana's eyes glance back to her right, the distant police lights still reflecting off the city. "I am sorry to call you to these circumstances, but I wanted to give you a lead on some criminals targeting children in your… neighorhood."

Used to Batman and how he seems to just KNOW, Spoiler is not at all surprised that the Amazon is unsurprised by her presence. Lips painted dark purple smile at the other woman, showing that this batling is not all brood and grump.

"Yes," she replies, nodding and stepping forward into the light a bit more. It's actually a bit thrilling to know that this caliber of super hero knows of her. Not that Spoiler's going to admit that to Diana, but still. It broadens Spoiler's smile a bit more than it otherwise would have been.

"I agreed. It's a pleasure to meet you," she offers then, moving closer and actually holding out a hand. Because manners are important, even when in the mask. Personable little batling, she is. The smile fades as Diana mentions the purpose of her visit.

"Oh…. Thank you. That's been… yeah. What information do you have?" Spoiler asks, the smile replaced by a frown and then a grim little line.

Diana has certainly heard of Spoiler, she has to get as much information from outside sources about the Batman as possible, and these outside sources provide information about who runs with Batman as well.

When the younger one approaches and offers the hand, Diana appreciates it while smiling softly and extending her own to take it and offer it a squeeze and a shake. "It is always good to get a chance to meet any who are able to keep up with him." She says, of course referring to Bruce.

With her hand dropping back to her side after the shake, Diana glances once more down the road and then back toward Spoiler. "A criminal operating out of Manhattan. He goes by the nick name of 'Seventh Heaven'. He is looking to take in wayward children and deliver them to a shipping center… for people. He hopes to utilize the Gotham City docks, as well as the Manhattan docks."

Once more, Diana looks out toward the street and the distance GCPD vehicles, she nods toward them. "I stopped one of their attempts to capture more children tonight… but.." She looks back to Spoiler. "He is going to strike again. He knows there are many homeless youths in this city, so it is a draw for him."

Spoiler's grip is not unlike Batman's, in that it's got the strength of a normal human. Sure, near peak physical condition with plenty of confidence and self-assurance (mostly), but still, normal human. Her cheeks color, the pink color peeking out from under the edge of her cowl, at the complement.

"Yes.. Um… Likewise?" she says, not sure if it's Wonder Woman keeping up with Batman or the other way around or what's going on with this comparison anymore. She leaves it as hands drop, and her gaze follows Diana's.

As she listens, she uses the eye tracking in her HUD to cue an information search for Seventh Heaven on the Batcomputer and Avengers systems at the same time, having DELPHI assist her in the query. Her dark purple lips press into a line, far to much like a certain Batmentor.

"What information do you have on where he might strike next?" she asks, mind fully dedicating to the task at hand, in stopping this evil and protecting those innocents.
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Diana's left hand goes to the side of her hip and she holds it there while watching Spoiler, knowing that she's already begun her index searching of the crime lord's name (she knows quite a bit about how the Batsuits work, even if she's never worn one herself!). A slight nod is given then to the question posed to her.

"I have reason to believe that his next target is a community shelter geared specifically toward teenagers." Diana's eyes look out over the street to the south, on her right. "Its name is Westerfield Grove and its in South Point."

A second after she says this, Diana's head tilts toward Spoiler. "How long have you been working with Batman?" She asks. "I am just curious, he never tells us anything about those he works with. He is very secretive."

Spoiler is careful to keep her head still as she speed reads the information her suit is giving her, and then triggering her suit to give her a map ping for that community shelter.

"Do you know when," she asks in that second, before blinking to pause the fed from her eyes so she can turn to peer at Diana quizzically at the question.

"….Six years, on and off," she replies, though the tone is hesitant, wary. "There's often a reason he doesn't say anything."

"Oh yes." Diana responds to this while nodding her head softly two times. "He is a man of many reasons to explain the things he does." She shows a faint smirk then but its gone quickly. At the more serious topic, her eyes turn to the right and she nods once toward the Gotham City Police vehicles that are still down the street several buildings to the south.

"This action here tonight may alter their plans, but based on the source that I have, they were planning to hit the Shelter a week from Friday." She sweeps her gaze back over to Spoiler then. "But again, this may frighten them into altering those plans… or canceling them all together, if luck could ever come to us."

Again Diana pauses for just a moment before asking further. "You are an outspoken voice against the corruption and perceived failures of the Gotham Police, yes? Do you work with any of them to accomplish your goals here? Such as Batman does, on occassion."

She knows that I'm critical of GPD….? Which means… "You follow my Twitter," Spoiler states. it's a statement, not a question. The urge to ask for a selfie is so strong.

"Not as such. I sometimes DM a few officers on their personal accounts, but… a more official team up? Yeah… I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but we bats really aren't well liked by Gotham PD… And I'm pretty sure me being a Twitter troll doens't help, but I can't help it some days," Spoiler rambles slightly, toeing at the gravel beneath them.

Diana shakes her head to the first question. "I do not personally, but the League's A.I. does and it then provides us with a rundown of information gathered on a person…" She reaches up and taps her right ear. "Through out comm link." She adds, explaining herself a little.

The Princess of Themyscira then shows a slight smile. "I apologize for the question, it is just that I have to take opportunities to learn more about those that I may be working with for many years to come. Batman… will not always be around, but those he trains and brings up in his wake will hopefully continue the positive sides of his work." She nods softly once toward Spoiler. "Such as yourself."

After a small breath she continues. "I am glad that you are keeping aware of the situations going on within the Police. But yes… 'Twitter Troll' is probably not a great thing." She shows a slight grin then. "So long as you are doing what you are doing here, with the best of intentions and the utmost concern for the safety of the innocent."

There is nothing the cowl can do to mask the blush from Spoiler as Diana complements, explains that she gets info much like Batman does, AND calls her out on being a Troll. The blonde nods quickly, eyes averting to the ground.

"Yes, ma'am. I try…" she murmurs of intentions and concerns.

Diana nods once to this and then exhales sharply. "Okay then." She tells the young one. "Should I learn more of Seventh Heaven and his operations in Gotham, I will reach out to you specifically." And she pauses then and grins softly. "Not on Twitter." She jests in her Greek accented English, because even Wonder Woman has a sense of humor.

Turning then, she steps fully up onto the ledge and takes a moment to look back to the woman in the Batsuit. "Let me know if there are ways that I might help you do this job. Protecting Gotham is not a one person job… Man or Woman. I can help you. I am here to help you, and everyone else who needs it."

And with that said, it would seem that the Amazon was ready to make her leave.


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