Catch a Falling Star and Put It in Your Pocket

June 29, 2018:

Felicia learns that "finders keepers" doesn't apply when what you've found is a superhero.


Bakerline, Metropolis


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Fade In…

Something very shiny and bright is plummeting through the night sky. A shooting star? Maybe. It falls with a shower of light sparks, not quite a firework, but not quite something like debris, either. It streaks through the late night across a residential area, to land with an enormous wet splash sound. Whatever it was, at least, found a backyard pool to land in, as opposed to being smeared across some pavement. If it is something like a meteorite, it might be fine either way, though. Steam rises in a column where it hit, suggesting any heat is dissipating.

Shooting stars are lucky. Isn't that what they say? They're probably even luckier if they land in your back yard. And luckier -still- (at least for the star) if they land in a swimming pool instead of on the pavement. So what are the rules regarding said star landing in the back yard pool of a house you're pilfering through to find proof of a stolen artifact? The Black Cat is left alone with this ponderous thought as she peers through the blinds of the back window, at the pool where steam is pouring out. Does the good luck even factor into an equation where a Black Cat's bad luck could easily outweigh it? All valid questions. But right now there's something /moving/ out there, and while the house is empty, the motion-activated camera she avoided on the back patio is now rolling.

Slipping outside the sliding glass door, the Black Cat places a small black device on the wall next to the camera to destroy whatever evidence it gathers. Whatever just fell out of the sky is HERS, and God help anybody who disagrees with that claim.

What did the camera catch? A smeared blur and a huge 'FWOOSH' of water. The area all around the pool is slick and wet, darkened by the moisture. The sliding door is splattered with it, as droplets shudder and fall when the Black Cat moves it. The steam is coiling and moving with a lingering mist, but already starting to fade, as the pulse of heat was minimal. Nothing has emerged from the water yet, and as the lights are off, it is simply a dark black pit overed in that steam.

Looking upwards from the bottom, and the massive dent in the pool's bottom shows a murky gently moving surface of water, the back side of the steam, and the night overhead. The pollution masks the stars, and he is not pushing his vision, so it is still a smear. Still, he's back home, and gives in to the urge to lay there for just another long moment: even if he isn't actually taking a 'breath'.

Whatever fell out of the sky, fell out of the -sky- because anything falling from outer space would have obliterated the pool and left a crater where it sat, instead. The Black Cat slips up quietly to the pool, trying to peer into the water from above. She lowers to all fours, to try to see what's at the bottom, but in the darkness, very little -can- be seen. She pulls a small but powerful light from the belt of her fur-trimmed catsuit and shines it into the water curiously. Sure, she could go in after it with gusto, but what if it's one of those chunks of blue ice from an airliner toilet? Gross…

"What…are…you…" she asks idly, to no one in particular except the hunk of whatever's in that water.

Ah, there is someone there. He can hear her, of course, asking the good questions. He collects himself, preparing to be what he needs to be for whoever is above the pool, and sits up, then rises slowly up out of the water. He emerges from the black water and steam, entirely soaked and streaked with various singe-marks, but otherwise appears fine. Soaked and the blue of the suit is darkened by the poor lighting and the water, his hair somewhat slicked more than usual, but there's no mistaking that giant S on his chest, the dripping red cape, and naturally heroic, strong posture.

"A little wet; thank you for your concern to check on me," Superman replies, calm.

Oh, it WAS a hunk. "Well I'll be damned. It's you…" Felicia finds herself on hands and knees before his Oneness, the Supes. "You're…all right? That was a nasty fall." In her head she's squealing about all the tee shirts she sleeps in that bear that same 'S,' but outwardly, she maintains her composure despite the fact that she's prowling in a mask on all fours at a place that isn't hers in front of the one guy who'd probably do something about that. "Oh..I mean you're welcome, it's all good. I'm a little wet, too." She rises and brushes off the droplets from groveling in his splash zone.

Superman doesn't hang there over the water, he moves to the area just next to her. While tempted to fling the water off, he decides not to just yet: it would shower her. He can be soaked a little while longer. He does wring his cape out in an easy motion, then releases it in a flutter against his back and heels. "I am all right. I have had better landings," Superman chuckles softly. "Reports of my perfection are possibly overstating the truth." A humble smile follows it, but warm enough. He looks at her more steadily, and his brows move in thought. "We have met, have we not? A rooftop, maybe a year ago?" Superman asks. He gaze moves more thoroughly over the home, and back to her, questioning without actually asking.

"Y-yeah. We met." Her eyes are averted to follow his as he looks over the home. "I didn't think you'd remember." Her tone comes across a little more humble than usual. Ok more humble than -ever-. "It was kinda the highlight of my year." She bites her lip to stifle a half-smile and shifts her weight a little. "Sooooo, how have things beeeeen? Saving people and fighting the good fight? Falling into pools? I hear all the cool kids do that."

"I've had the good fortune of doing those, yes. Less of the pool than I might have liked. A small vacation, I rarely have excuses to cause that kind of splash," Superman answers, with a quick flash of perfect white teeth. He's friendly, amiable. "I hope you've kept to a relatively clean moral code?" Superman asks, in a fashion that hopes that he might be proud of her for doing so. "Within limits." The smile softens a little. He isn't here to give her too hard of a time. Just a mild one.

Felicia glances sidelong toward the house. Oh, he -definitely- knows that's not her place, she decides. She could go into it all. The contract, her efforts to retrieve an artifact stolen from the personal collection of Azazel himself. But then she'd have to go into how it got stolen from him in the first place. And no one - not even the one who hired her to find it - knows that. Except maybe Azazel himself. "Yeah! Keepin' it real. Found work cleaning pools…"

She peeks up at him with one eye closed. "Hopefully I get to keep whatever I find in them?"

While she debates and glances around, she gets to also watch him slowly cross his arms over his chest, in a very well known Disapproving Superman pose of heavy bicep muscle. He just watches her, as if entirely willing to wait for her to decide to come clean instead of lying. He isn't upset, perhaps just disappointed. "Is that how that works?" Superman asks, quietly.

Felicia flinches. "Ok stop that. Do you know how it feels to disappoint someone? Especially someone like you?" She takes a deep breath. "Of course not, you've never disappointed anybody in your life. Listen, I'm doing what I can, okay?" She crosses her arms over her chest, too. Well, under it, because over it would be a little uncomfortable. Her posture, however, is one of self-defense, not disapproval. "An artifact was taken from someone who had good intentions for it. I have reason to believe there is information here regarding its whereabouts. I'm not taking anything, I'm LOOKING at things. Nothing wrong with looking, right?"

She pauses and sighs. "This means I can't keep you, doesn't it?"

Superman's expression smooths out a little, and he chuckles. "We all have those we'd like to make proud," Superman replies, but shakes his head. "We do the best we can." He doesn't push her on it, he seems to weigh her reply, and lets it go for now, though he's clearly a little skeptical, there also isn't enough reason to act.

"No, not tonight. Sounds like you have something else to do, besides." Superman zones out a little, and then looks back to her. "Good luck in your artifact recovery. Please excuse me, I am needed elsewhere." He begins to lift from the ground, but gives her a parting nod.

"O-oh, right. Of course. You're off to fight the good fight some more. Well, I'll be in there going through some nerd's stuff, if you need me. Never too busy—"

Then there's that parting nod, and the Black Cat nods back. "Please be safe…"

She watches him go, but when he's gone, a smile tugs at her painted pout. "Not tonight? So…you're TELLIN' me there's a chance…"

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