Charlie Work Pt 3

June 26, 2018:

Gambit and Rogue get their Mutant Nullifier Collars removed by Doctor Banner and Betsy Braddock.

X-Men Base Lab


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Fade In…

Dr. Banner was not present in the lab, and inquiries would have told those asking that he'd return mid afternoon as an estimate. He was on a very vague 'trip' somewhere. Regardless, though, he's returned, and his voice comes through the lower subbasement. "I'm just going to check my messages, and on a project I left to compile while we were away. Are you hungry?" Bruce's relaxed, mild tone is a little tired, but pleasant enough as he heads down towards the lab, drawing keys out in one hand, fishing for glasses in a pocket with the other.

Betsy smiles, and shakes her head. "Bet you are tho. This was bound to really take it out of ya." She has been watching over Bruce cautiously, for any signs of fatigue. So far, she's been happy with all outward signs.

Just like out of a movie with Tom Cruise… well, sort of like that… Rogue suddenly slides out of the locker room without any pants on, except she's wearing a blue/white/red hockey jersey with the Ranger's logo on it, and white socks on her feet. "Doctor Banne'ah!" Rogue says, having heard the voices from inside the locker room and rushed out to intercept. "Oh, Betsy too! Excellent! You're smart too! Ya both can figure this out!" The southern belle rushes toward the two of them, and glances back over her shoulder. "Come on!" She shouts back into the locker room. "They're here!" Her hands go up tot he collar around her neck, she shoves her white/brown hair out of the way whilst walking right at the Doc. "You know how t'get these damn things off?" She asks, speaking about the collar of course.

From outside the door Rogue slid in, a voice calls into the room and it's beyond obvious that it's the cajun. "Rogue, ya know Ah don' like ot'ers seein' our role play!" The voice declares before a tanned hand and arm pushes the door the rest of the way open and Remy steps in. He's wearing an X-man costume, weird in and of itself as he usually refuses, but the thief is wearing one of the 'slimmer' more feminine cuts. And he's walking JUST FINE in heels. "Oh, doctah Bannah!" He says, his hand pulling from the doorway and waving before he sets it on the large collar device on his neck and just leaves it there.

Bruce doesn't startle, he turns to look, with a low key, patient curiosity. Taking things as they come, whenever he can. Weird outfits? Well, okay. He rolls with it. "Hello, Rogue. Ah, that looks like…" Banner trails off, skeptical, brows lifting, and he approaches her and the collar, taking a closer look without touching. And glances at Remy's. "… it might be giving you some problems," Banner deadpans, with a reassuring smile. "Let's get a better look, come into the lab, and I'll get a better idea of what you've found. How did it end up on your necks?"

Mebbe someone thought they'd make fantastic pets?" Betsy offers in a chipperly-accented lilt. She looks between the two, then, and shakes her head. "Nah, I cain' even see someone mistakin' these two for good pets…" But she smirks, looking between them, supremely tempted to pick their precious little brains.

Rogue glances back at Remy and she exhales and shakes her head, then looks back to the Doc as he inspects the collar. She grins and raises her hand as he's turning away to place the BARE PALM AND FINGERS against the side of his face! But nothing happens. "If ya call these problems, Doc. Yeah." She draws her hand back as he turns to go and she glances to Betsy and grins at her whilst following. "I bet him ten dollars he couldn't fit inta one'a Jean's suits." She looks back at Remy then. "I guess I owe him ten dollars, and also have to question just how feminine his figure really is…" Rogue looks ahead to Bruce then. "Sorry to hit ya with this weird stuff, we got these slapped on us while at a job, tryin' t'liberate some stuff from a crime gang… thing. Group'a nerds."

Remy's hand drops from his collar and in a not so stealthy fashion, he sends it behind him to tug at the onesie, clearing it from bunching up at his backside. "Easiest ten bucks evah." The cajun announces before he walks all the way in with a rather peculiar waddle, but he doesn't draw any further attention to it. He gives a glance towards Betsy and then back to Bruce before he explains Rogue's answer further. "We was attacked by some … terminator two t'in', and we were barely able to get away." The brown eyed X-man says, as he stops walking and stands next to Rogue.

A hand that supposedly saps souls out coming at his face alarms Bruce, of course. His reflexes are not amazing, though, so Rogue's bare fingers do find his cheek, and his reaction is a shade delayed. He overreacts, a muddled flux of green running along the veins of neck and across forehead. "Whoa, hey. Good. Yeah," Bruce backpedals, tamping down on his anxiety as he jerks away. And then his blush comes to the surface, which rather does combat and drive back any visible green. He turns away to hide it.
"Weird stuff is my area. So are nerds; you're in lucky. 'Slide' on in," Dr. Banner adapts, hurrying more into the lab. "Have a seat. Are you injured at all?" the scientist asks, shifting into an efficient pace, turning systems on and then moving across to a desk to dig through equipment. And then approach Remy to use a device to scan across him, and then measures the distance between two sections of the collar, and retreat to his bins of parts again.

"He did they they them on ye?" Betsy asks coolly, taking a look at Rogue's collar. "O'er yer head or aroun' the neck?" She didn't even seem to react to the possibility of Rogue injuring Banner, but does seem a tad concerned with his reaction. She watches between him and the collar till he disappears to go dig in his nerdy bin.

Rogue slips into the lab and finds a seat to perch herself upon. She places her hands down upon the lower hem of her jersey to keep it modestly positioned on her thighs more like a dress than anything else. She glances at the Doc "Sorry about the touch. I get a little weird when I can actually do it, ya know? Cause I know once these collars are off, its back to be treated like I got a disease by everyone again." She shows a half cocked smirk at that, MOSTLY having come to terms with it yuears ago, mostly. Rogue looks then to Betsy. "Like Gambit said, this guy… was like that liquid metal dude from that old ass movie? He dripped down from the ceiling and snapped them on around our necks. Then chased us outta the building and back inta my car. We sped away from'im though. But once I get this damn thing off… I'm goin' back there to whip some ass."

Remy itches at his leg for a moment as he leans against the desk and speaks in a low whisper, "She does get crazy, but Ah might 'ave a use fo' dhe powah inhibitah part, if'n ya catch mah drif'?" He says, leaning over slightly towards Bruce. The tight tights not doing him any favors, but at least that's not aimed at Bruce. Remy leans back upright and says over towards Rogue, "Ah t'ink dat's a bad idea Rogue, we bot' know dat t'in' is gonna be waitin' fo' us."

Dr. Banner returns with the things he wanted to one of the side tables, and pulls one of the lamps down closer to fiddle with it. "I have something I think will hold the release pins down, but the spread across the pressure points is unusual," Dr. Banner says distractedly while he works on it. "They're of course meant to explode if tampered with, so we're going to err on the side of caution and respecting the, um, 'crazy nerd gear'." He looks over the object he adapted, then goes back to his supplies, banging around some through the various bins of parts. A return look is awkwardly given to Remy's quiet comment, and an unsure shy smile is returned. He pauses when Rogue declares she wants to go fight a liquid metal monster, and sends a look across to Betsy, then to Rogue, when she comments they are going right back there. "Do you need backup?" asks the mild science guy. "Or maybe a really big magnet?"

"I 'ighly doubt anythin' that's liquid at room temperature is magnet-reactive," Betsy replies dryly to Bruce, stating the painfully obvious. "But I could cut 'im inta so many puddles they'd ne'er find each other again." She is rambling thoughtfully, half to herself. "Mebbe if I drink one of 'em. I'll bring a crazy straw." For obvious reasons.

Rogue shakes her head side to side. "I don't even know if the thing really was metal or not. It was just… oozey, like that guy in that movie was. And he could take different shapes, almost like Mystique… but a bit more, I don't know, gross?" She glances at Remy and smirks at him. "You know I ain't puttin' one'a these damn things on voluntarily, right? Even if it does let me touch folks, I feel like a god damn mutant slave wearin' something like this." She tugs at the collar then and listens to the Doc's further words. "If ya just rip it off'a me, I can get my durability back and survive the explosion… Probably." She then glances at Remy. "Him? Probably not though." And with a faint frown, Rogue looks back at Betsy. "I'm all for more help slicin'n'dicin' the place up though. We wanted that safe full'a cash." And there's the McGuffin in this plot, just laid out there.

"Uh huh," Bruce Banner says, putting a small screwdriver in his teeth, and pulls some gloves on. He moves over as Rogue chatters about the thing being oozy, leaning in to her collar and setting up his newly altered object along one side of the collar's edge, and then pulling the leads to the front. A few clips later, a quick use of the screwdriver to pop the bottom casing off, and it makes a small click. Bruce withdraws it off of her neck carefully, moving to set it into a very solid box, lowering the top blast shield after pulling his tool out. Just in case. He then gestures at Remy, returning the screwdriver to his teeth and starting on the second collar.

"Well nobody told me he was gross." Betsy wrinkles her nose. "In that case I''d need an even crazier straw, or th' deal's off. "Betsy crosses her arms definitively, as if there was a deal in the first place.

When the collar pops off of her neck, Rogue's hands reach up to said neck and they go to slide her fingers around it beneath her hair… and she sighs… contentedly. "Thank god." She exclaims in a soft voice, then flexes her neck side to side with a tilt of her head. "Feels good t'be outta that." Her eyes go to Bruce and she smiles at him. "And we didn't blow up. See? I knew we could go t'you for this. Remy was worried we'd have t'drive all the way down to Mexico or someplace t'find help for this kinda device." She then points at Remy with her right hand. "Ya can leave his on, for not bein' better prepared for knowin' what he was askin' me t'help dive into at this damn place he told me would be an 'easy job'." And with a look over to Betsy, Rogue grins softly. "Got your cell phone on you? Take a pic of him in that suit'a Jean's and txt it to her."

The mechanical tool is put to use a second time, slightly more efficiently as practice does help, to unclip the collar for Remy as well. Dr. Banner adds the other one to the bin, and chuckles softly at all of the chatter. He's a quieter person, and the quirky various people in the lab? Clearly he isn't quite sure what to do with them, other than to gently smile. "Leave me out of that," Bruce says, both hands lifted with palms up, regarding the picture. He cleans up the minor mess of parts he made, putting things away.

"Hmm?" Betsy asks Rogue distractedly as she focuses her phone camera on Remy and it flashes. "Sorry, I was distracted, Love. Did ye need somethin'?" She turns back to Rogue inquisitively.

Rogue slips off of the stool she was on then and make sure to keep her distance from the others whilst the Doctor works on the collar latched around Remy's throat. She grins over to Betsy while she sees the other taking the photo of the man in the onesie. "Ain't so fun havin' t'squeeze inta those things now is is it?" She asks then before glancing at Psylocke and shaking her head. "Knowin' that that photo is gonna beep onta Jean's phone is all I eve'ah could ask for, sugah." Rogue says to the Purple Haired beauty.

When the collar on the Cajun snaps free, Rogue sighs over dramatically. "So much for an early Christmas…" She laments and then reaches out to pat the Doctor on his shoulder (his shirt will block her soul sapping power!). "Thank ya, Doc. You're the best. You can totally throw those damn things inta the trash too." And with that Rogue starts to turn toward the exit. "I bettah go get some more clothes on, now that I'm back t'bein' the Grim Reape'ah…" And her socked feet start to quietly pad across the lab floor toward the doorway.


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