Titanic Welcome

June 24, 2018:

Vic welcomes Nico to the Titans.

Titans Tower

Sekrit Sub-Basements


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NICO MINORU has probably been recognized in the systems of Titans Tower because she was brought in by Tim "Fills Out The Forms" Drake and has not really made, like, demands.

Other than having made people wait for a minute so she could drag out like three trunks of… something from her squatted loft apartment somewhere in the really garbage part of Gotham that is an ICP album by night and a moody folk-rock alternative album cover by day - and that, mind you, is on a good day.

After this she had apparently disappeared.


It's some horrible hour of the morning or night.

Nico Minoru is wearing a slightly dirty pink T-shirt and some pajama pants. She is seated on a folding chair near the microwave in the inevitable fridge-and-chill nook that you get in any hangar. She is looking at her phone with slow and dawning distress.

Inside of the microwave is a frozen curry from Trader Joe's that she found under a thin layer of hoarfrost in the freezer. IS THIS THEFT MOST FOUL? Maybe.

"At least it's still June," Nico mutters. "Ugh. I must have needed the sleep." After this she raises her eyes up, searching desperately for that most precious of fruits: the Wifi password.

Victor Manch— Stone. Cyborg. He sees all. He knows all. He scans all. Titans Tower might as well be an extension of the one that calls himself CYBORG with the way he keeps tabs on everything that goes on inside the Tower of Titans.

Especially when it comes to New Recruits.

Granted, there's not many people that Cyborg trusts without having to second guess their thoughts and the Red Robin is definitely one of those people. Vic's own father doesn't even make that list. So it's a very interesting and short list of personages worth having Vic's trust at such a high level.

"RedRobinLaidAnEgg66." Cyborg's voice rings out the moment he steps out of the shadows and into the light. Granted, the fact that some of his parts glow probably makes it easier to spot him in the dark parts of this area but he's making his presence as known as possible without being too much of a stalker. "That's the Wifi password. If you don't have it yet."

The terrifying image of a half-man and half-robot-thing is probably very much shocking to most so Vic doesn't even try to hide it anymore. He tries not to care about how people react but he's grown used to looks, stares and even fear. He's playing it as cool as he can in case the New Goth on the Block has any of those types of reactionisms.

"You won't find a faster ISP in this whole city. It might even be faster than Bart. Maybe."

"Oh, thanks! Is that caps in each word? Yeah it'd have to be," Nico says, tapping it out with the dexterity of texterity and only slight clacking from her black-nailed thumb. "I feel really weird asking this but is he named after the -"

Nico looks up.

She does not recoil. Her eyes do widen suddenly and immensely, the sight of a luminous man half-clad in machinery is revealed to her. "Restaurant," she finishes saying.

After two slow blinks, she finishes typing it out.


"It's not working," she says. "Wait, hold on - okay, I'm sorry, this is rude of me." Her eyes close, she puts a hand to her forehead, takes in a deep breath, and then steps forth, proffering a hand. "Hi," she says: "I'm Nico. I met your animal friends in Gotham, they gave me a lift. I really appreciate it, all of you. I'm sorry I didn't come say hi to people earlier but I really needed to sleep."

I wonder what his code name is, Nico thinks. Maybe — orca? That'd be kind of cool. Orcas don't get a lot of respect. Why am I thinking about this. Jesus, Nico.

"It's all good. I got the reports all up here." Cyborg taps the side of his head as if he were pointing to some kind of hard drive or something. Which is probably not too far from the truth. It's probably super obvious that he's a walking computer trope. He's a freaking techno-gadget in the half-flesh. Or something.

"Vic Stone. Cyborg, if you're nasty." Cyborg reaches out to shake the offered hand of Nico and flashes his pearly white smile of Titan Welcoming. With his one optic probably scanning her all kinds of different ways. He can't help it. It's what he does. It's also his job.

Just like it's his cybernetic hand's job to run Nico's fingerprints.

"Not the restaurant but his service is just as delicious?" Cyborg can't even make that one work. "We hit him with the 'Yum' at least once a month. He's going to kill us all one day. I can feel it." Cyborg's jokes lead right back into normal conversation. "How'd you sleep?" Is that even a thing people ask anymore. He doesn't sleep since… becoming this thing so… whatever.

"I try not to be," Nico says as she returns the handshake.

Nico has no criminal database recording. There might, perhaps, be records from the California foster care system a few years ago but that is as far as it goes. There are probably multiple people with names kind of like that, and, of course, 'Nico' might be an alias.

She makes a sort of snorting laugh at the jokes. "I'll ask him for fries," she says, before

"Oh - hold on, let me get this out. I'm sorry if it's yours, I'll get you back, but I was like, dying?" Nico says as she gets out the tikka masala thingy and kind of slops the meat over onto the rice with an experienced motion. She also has a white plastic fork, from god knows where.

"I slept really well? It's nice here," she says. "I was using that room in there with the TV cuz it had a nice looking couch. While I have you here, where are theeee showers?"

She then eats about half the curry.

"I look like , I bet," she says, wistfully.

"So," she continues, "these are cool. I'm not exactly a STEM major but — comfy?" she asks, sort of swirling the fork as if to indicate all the augs. After this she finishes off the food with murderous ease, possibly while listening to the explanation.

"I've seen worse." Cyborg offers a grin and moves to lean up against the nearest wall because he's not even worried about the food getting eaten. It's definitely not even his food.

"And don't even worry about it. Our food is your food. If you've been given access to the Tower, you're one of us. We'll just add your favorites to the next shopping run." Cyborg grins in the midst of this.

"It's a good couch. Don't remember where we got it but I've pretended to sleep on it often." Cyborg winks his optic and a holo-schematic of Titans Tower appears in the air in front of him. One by one the various shower locations light up in red. "Showers." is added, just in case Nico's not down with reading between the holo-lines.

"And thanks. They tried to ugly me up with all this chrome and metal but my fineness cannot be contained." Oh Vic. Just getting down with the welcoming committee antics to make Nico feel right at home here.

FOOD: Gone.

"… Oh, Jesus, uh - I mean I'm fine with anything," Nico says, sounding startled. "I'll come up with a couple of requests…?"

There has to be some catch here, she thinks. Maybe they want me to do magic for them. I guess that's… not… awful, she decides, before glancing around long enough in search of a trash can to be startled at the holo thing. "Oh, awesome! Damn! - I can barely get a static picture, wow." She peers then, raising a finger to point - "So we're… here?" she asks.

Then she giggles, as if startled. "Yeah. I mean, it looks awesome. I'm sorry if I was staring, I just didn't expect anybody. Like do you guys do stealth training? Because what's his name, the Cradle of Filth guy, he LITERALLY FELL OFF THE CEILING at me."

"We do everything. We're kind of like a buffet of superheroes. I'm the main course, though."

Cyborg makes the holographic spin around so that there can be some viewing from all sides of the 3D model of justice. Titan Justice.

"If you want to learn how to be stealthy, we can teach you how to be stealthy. If you want to learn how to punch the Joker's teeth into next week, we can teach you how to knock the Joker the hell out. If you want to learn how to throw an eighty yard touchdown pass with no line and a center with a bad snapping habit? I got you on that too." Cyborg grins and extends an arm, pulling up another holographic image: A Shopping List.

"There you go. You can write on that one." He nods in the direction of the screen that's hovering in the air. "Use your finger or the keypad below to tell us what you want. And don't worry. It's on Red Robin's tab." Wink.

Nico giggles again. The model gets spun.

"Is that that psycho killer clown? Or is that the rappers?" Nico says. "I'm from LA, sorry if I'm kinda - oh wow, cool, thanks?"

A pause.


After this Nico starts punching things in. The initial things are pretty reasonable: canned tuna and some spices, instant noodles, dried apricots.

"I don't know what I want to do," Nico says. "Do you want to hear the whole, like, tragic story? I guess if you're going to trust me I should trust you back; I was kind of not eager to tell of this to… Raven… and also we had the whole goat explosion thing going on so it didn't feel like the time?"

Not all the story, Nico tells herself even as she misspells 'asparagus' twice.

Cyborg just makes the Tower model disappear in favor of pulling up a GCPD dossier on The Joker. Complete with playable audio clips. Y'know, kind of like those dossiers from the Arkham series of video games. But way better. Cyborg spends a lot of time just collecting information on everything. Never know when it'll come in handy.

Cyborg leaves the shopping list up for more additions. Even though the misspelled words get AutoCorrected. Cyborg's AutoCorrect is godly.

"Hey, never let it be said that I wasn't down for a good origin story. I just wish I had—" Cyborg cuts himself off and adds 'Popcorn' to the shopping list.

"Alright, New Girl. Let's hear it."

"That dude looks like Jared Leto," is Nico's immediate comment.

Then she takes a deep breath, and keeps entering things.

"So," she says, while listing a couple of vegetables she wants, "my parents were bad people. I don't mean they were like, business criminals, or like jewel thieves, or drug deals, I mean I saw them murder a homeless person for ritual purposes."

A few seconds pass. Nico inputs 'more frozen curries like that one, but hotter.'

"Don't worry about them. Anyway. It's like… a family thing…? It's hard to explain, it sounds stupid now that I'm trying to spin it out. They were like this whole little mob but it fell down. I have a friend, kind of, who's at this mutant camp — not like camp camp, I mean like it's a school but it seems to be real luxe — upstate? And… I guess that's why I didn't leave the area."

"Look at me, already saying upstate like a local," Nico says sourly.

As she starts going for stretch items like 'frozen lobster tails' and 'kreteks' Nico says, "I can't show you the stuff I do right now but you can ask Red Robin or - uh - Webman? Spider-Man. Or Raven, I guess. They saw it."

A beat passes. "It's magic," she says. "Magic is real if you didn't know. I… should have probably led with that one."


Cyborg is decidedly impressed by the ease in which that story was told. "That's effed up what your folks did, though. Glad to see you didn't turn out like they did. That'd suck. Cuz then I'd have to shoot you in the face."

Cyborg raises his other hand to show off a gigantic beam cannon in place of a hand that was there before. "With a li'l somethin' like this." Just a bit of a warning in case this ends up being some kind of spy thing.

"Magic, huh?" Cyborg rolls his eye and his optic. "It's real?" Cyborg holds back a snicker as if he were so much holier than people that believe in magic. "I dunno if I'd go that far. Pretty sure anything you think is magical can be explained or rationalized scientifically. That's just the way it is."

"… you're taking this really easily," Nico says, with an obscure sort of annoyance. She also tries to hit 'save' on the shopping list.

"I - hey!!" Nico steps back, hands coming up as she looks at the arm cannon. "Hey! I'm not! I swear! I don't want to hurt anybody except maybe that Jared Leto guy and even then only like if he kills somebody in front of me!"

The tension winds down.

"I want to agree with you," she says, "about magic, but, I can't. Like — Look, in a couple of days I should be able to. You'll see then, if you want." Nico sweeps a hand through her hair.

"Ugh," she states then, definitively. "I should get that shower. Um. Vic - though - I have like one last question. Is there like, a gate code or something? I can just leave my stuff here?"

UNMENTIONED: 'stuff' is like three full costume trunks; but then, that's perhaps not too atypical.

Cyborg grins and makes himself look as harmless as he did when he first arrived. Which may still be creepy considering just how half-human he is. Freaking monster of a man. Funkenstein's Monster.

Cyborg reaches onto his chest where a slot has opened up and he plucks out a Titans ID card, with swipe stripe and everything. "It's fine. We'll make someone move your stuff upstairs later. After we add a few hundred rocks to make them heavier." Vic's always thinking of them dang pranks.

"But for now?" Vic flips the card between his fingers and then offers it to Nico with what may be a little bit of fanfare playing lightly from some speaker on his body or something.

"Welcome to the Titans."

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