An East End Checkup

June 24, 2018:

Batman checks in with Catwoman in East End, giving status updates, and a word of warning.

(Backlogged to June 08)

East End


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With bigger messes to clean up, there really wasn't much reason to press the issue with Catwoman or anyone in the East End. Especially with Batwoman and others out and about picking up some of the slack.

Tonight, Batman is making no attempt at stealth, the Combatmobile being taken out tonight and driven out for this meeting. Launching from the cockpit, his forearm grapnel is fired at the edge of the roof to pull himself up and over. The cape flicks this way and that in the night wind as the black and red Batsuit comes into full view of Catwoman as Batman stands up, near the edge.

"You've been busy. I've kept my distance, but recent developments mean we need to chat." Batman states, that modulated voice easily heard as he starts to walk over, "Joker is back in Gotham."


By the time he's up there on the rooftop with her, Catwoman's already heard the roar of whatever tech-driven vehicle Batman's rolling around in this time. So it is that as he arrives, she's stopped walking this way and that in favor of leaning against a wall that has an access door built in, arms crossed in a casual demeanor.

She studies him through the tinted lenses of her goggles, looking him over with a level of scrutiny that's showed in the past for different reasons. This time, the intent is to figure out what she can about him and his reasons for calling this meeting, requesting it, begging her for it, or whatever his approach was. It probably wasn't begging, but a woman can see things the way she wants to.

The whip remains coiled at her side as he comes near, then a hand goes up as if to say that's far enough. They can keep a respectable distance between them and have a conversation that way, at least to begin with. "So I heard," is all she says of the Joker news, leaving it on him to elaborate. "And you know what they say about what happens when the cat's away. Too many mice running around down there to be allowed to play the way they want to."


It's easy to read the wariness, even from here… and Batman seems to have no interest in pressing her buttons as he stops mid-stride. He stands there, almost unmoving, as those red eye lenses simply stare at her. "His motives seem clear cut this time, but it might be a distraction. He seems interested in making an example of one of his former lackeys… but we'll see. Keep vigilant." Then, Batman looks in the direction on the street, off to his right. "I've heard you've been busy doing your own brand of organization out here." Batman looks back to Catwoman, "You're looking to clean up East End?"


"Which one?" Catwoman asks, though she likely already has an idea just by knowing some of the history between Joker and a certain someone. But, she'll let Batman be the one to confirm her suspicion as correct or establish it as off the mark, without her giving up that information first. All the same, her eyes narrow at the information thus far. One way or another, it's potentially bad news. "This city is better off with him someplace else. You're the vigilante, though. I'm just the catburglar."

Her position is maintained, but the angle of her chin indicates a cursory glance away, down toward the streets below. "I'm not what you probably think I am. Not completely. I actually do look out for some people, in my own way. Do you think all of that stuff with the guns a few months ago was /just/ to scratch that little thieving itch of mine?"


"You know enough people out here to sell off those guns yourself, if you're not afraid of getting on the bad side of the dealers. You didn't bring enough people to grab the crates last time though, so either you took some hardware for yourself, or you were there to make sure no one got them." Batman reasons out to her as he watches her check the streets below. "You have an interest in keeping your people safe, but your thrill-seeking tends to get the better of you."

Batman squints slightly at her, "if you wanted to make yourself more of a nuisance, you have the skill to do so, but you haven't. I'm not looking to rock that boat."


Catwoman is perhaps too quick to tell him, "Hey, I can look after myself. And, I wanted those guns out of East End. All they do is cause problems nobody needs. I didn't do any of that to help get them into somebody else's hands."

The topic of people and their safety coaxes a little more out of her. "They don't have anyone else to look after them. How much do you really see of that from your..wherever it is you actually hole up? Some of these people can barely afford instant noodles, and they have to worry about getting shot just trying to get to work or school?"

It's a matter the black-clad thief obviously feels strong enough about to tell him about her perspective, but she stops short of asking for his aid. She ignores the talk of thrill-seeking, focusing instead on feigning hurt with a hand up to her forehead. "A nuisance? Oh, come on. You can't tell me you've never had something you're good at, I mean /really/ good at, and you just have to keep doing it. Besides, I only go after people who can afford to lose something. They probably just write it all off anyway. Isn't that what the 1% does with everything?" But, what he says isn't lost on her as a small smile creeps into place. "What's this? No 'Stop or you're going to Arkham' any more? Have you turned over a new leaf?"


Batman listens. Batman keeps like a statue as Catwoman continues venting. Eventually though, The Bat squints just slightly at her, "There are a lot of problems with Gotham, and not just from the gangs." Batman agrees, before he looks to an apartment complex just down the street, nodding to it, "there are a lot of people in this city who don't have anything else but working for the mob. Gotham can be better, will be better… but it'll take time, and effort. Meanwhile, there are people who need help right /now/."

Batman, finally, turns to regard Catwoman, his arms going to his sides, "I can be where I need to be quickly… but you're not as insane as some of the others who want to ruin Gotham for their own ends." About as much of a compliment and admission of not being a priority as Selina will likely get from Batman as she can, at this point.


"Yeah, and maybe I'm trying to do a little good in my neck of the woods, to make this dump of a city a little better. As bad as it is sometimes, it's still my home too," Catwoman explains, a hand remaining against her side. "You know, shine a little light on the darkness, blah blah blah." She /seems/ sincere enough about that, though.

Still, she rolls her eyes at the Bat. "Not as insane? You sure know how to charm a woman, don't you? I'll remember that when it's time to update my profile on the dating sites. Just picture it." She holds out her hands, spreading them as if reading from a marquee or the like. "'Catwoman: not as insane as others, said by Batman.'" All the same, it gives her enough of an indication that Arkham might not be a big concern if she plays her cards right. "Since you're being so kind, maybe I can focus my fun on the people who really deserve it the most."


"I could think of worse ways to describe you." Batman 'concedes' as he stands there, watching her, "You have your heart in the right place usually, even if your methods can attract the wrong sort of attention." A beat is given, before he starts to head for the edge of the roof, then, where he came from, "I dam up against the worst excesses of the insanity of this city. Other people try to help in their own ways. Wayne does what he can to stabilize the economic situation here. You maintain your own turf and try to main life easier for those who can't find a way out."

He stops near the edge of the roof, back turned to her, "You haven't been a bad kitty for a while, so I don't have any reason to put you on notice. If you're serious about trying to bring some order to Gotham, we might have something to talk about later."


Catwoman tsks softly. "Worse, or better? Wait, wait. Nevermind. Maybe I don't need to know." She sniffs in apparent amusement at the comment about the wrong sort of attention coming her way. If he only knew. Maybe he does, depending on his sources and information. "I think you know by now that I'm not the biggest problem you have. Whatever that means to you, that's the way it is. I'm happy to be lower on your radar, you know." Or would she rather it be another way? Who knows for sure?

"Oh, I can be /such/ a /baaaad/ kitty when I want to be. My claws are still sharp. Don't you forget that," she more or less purrs, though she stays put. No chasing after the Bat. "But you keep checking in around here. See if the gang problems don't get cleaned up a little bit. Maybe I'll leave you a little present once in a while as a show of goodwill."


"I'll leave that to you to figure out." Batman vaguely asserts as he steps towards the edge of the roof. The cape -from this angle- conceals his body language… if he had any. The man is a master of projecting what he wants to project. "I'll keep in touch." Batman gives with a tone of finality, before he steps off the roof.

A few seconds later, the sound of the Combatmobile can be heard below… followed by the muffler being activated, allowing the hi-tech monstrosity to blend into the night as Batman drives off.

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