Defending Childhoods

June 19, 2018:

After being retained by a 5 year old wanting him to build a case against Evil Faeries, Foggy sets up a meeting with her father. Emery wants to apologize and say sorry. There are boozey cupcakes.

Secluded New York Park

A random secluded park in New York. At night.


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Mentions: Jessica, Kennis Papsworth (NPC)


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There isn't a category in Emery's training for the type of apology basket to create when your child tries to hire a lawyer for a case she will not tell you about. He looked. That is why on the phone, in that gentle Irish lilt he apologized and arranged a meeting. And because he is paranoid and by nature rarely traditional he has given the address to a small park. One of those parks with picnic tables and a pond and trees and a nice view, maybe a bench…but off the beaten path enough to never hardly be populated.

After work hours means night time for the Irishman, who is dressed in a dark brown leather jacket, fitted dark jeans, a white Henley and his hair mostly tucked into a light grey beanie that matches his boots. As it is night, he has secured a picnic table but is lighting candles for extra light as he has a few bottles of beer resting in bucket of ice and he has a couple of those large round covered pastry dishes resting on the table.


Any other circumstance, Foggy Nelson would be paranoid as all hell about meeting a client at the designated hour in the park. It definitely means that trouble is bound to be happening, but something about Emery's voice and apology that relaxes the lawyer and he's comfortable when he approaches the table. He's still in his work clothes — a brown suit with a canary yellow shirt and pale blue tie. He only looks a tad rumpled, and his hair is finger-combed back from his face in a decent shag.

He smiles as he nears, drawing his hand out of one pocket to offer a personable wave to Father of Kennis. "Mr. Papsworth?" He offers out his hand once he's in a good distance, smiling his comfortable smile to the man. "Foggy Nelson, we talked on the phone."


The Irishman looks up from where he is lighting the last candle and shakes out the match as he gives the approaching stranger a once over. Eyebrows raise a fraction before he flashes a grin with a hint of dimples, and reaches for the offered hand. "Saints preserve us…aren't ye a cute one." He nods slowly. "Emery Papsworth, Professional Butler and Certified Personal Assistant at your service."

Even as hands are joined and he pats both hands with his free hand as he shakes firmly…he is nodding towards the picnic table. "Have a seat Master Nelson, would ye care for a drink?"


Foggy isn't entirely sure he heard the Irishman right, for he was just called cute by the ageless, swarthy gentleman. Had it been a few months ago, Foggy would have been more than a little uncertain by the exchange. Today, he's just wondering what this guy's superpower is, because ain't no way a handsome Irishman with a daughter out to sue faeries is just a Professional Butler and Certified Personal Assistant.

"Oh uh, thanks." Foggy takes a seat after disarming his messenger bag, setting it beside him as he slides across the picnic table bench. "And sure, a drink sounds fine." He pauses before continuing. "I hope you weren't too hard on Kennis. She was real worried about you when she showed up at our door."


"Weellll…according to Kennis, I was the meanest daddy in teh world because I said she couldn't go to fencin' practice for a week and had to write an apology to the nice an' expensive babysitter who quit soon after that." Emery removes a beer from the ice bucket and uncaps it using his ring, setting it within reach of Foggy.

And he has a seat himself, across from Foggy, reaching out to remove the covers of the display platters as he speaks. "I…I just wanted to say sorry again. I have it on good authority that you wouldn't sue me over it from a friend of mine that you also support." A long pause. "Okies, over here we've got ah…teh chocolate cupcakes with Guinness in the ganache and all, buttercream frosting. Then the light ones are like a white Russian almost, with a wee bit of vodka in the cream filling." He gestures towards the first dozen of cupcakes. "And this is a coffee cupcake with Bailey's, and then just a wee bit of lemon cupcakes with tequila…" He gestures towards the second dozen on the other tray. A helpless shrug. "I jest, was not sure…what you liked…so…"


Nelson takes the beer without hesitation, palming it between his hands as he listens to Emery. He starts to chuckle at the punishment, shaking his head before he takes a modest sip from the beer. He sets it back down on the table. "You don't have to apologize, Mr. Papsworth. She honestly didn't cause any trouble at all, and in fact… the kid may have a future in law. She's pretty good at presenting a solid case."

Then he's distracted by food. He blinks in surprise at the presentation, finally recognizing that there's quite a bit of a spread in front of him. He blinks several times more before he breathes out a heavy sigh. "So much for my summer diet." He then looks up at Emery with a wry smile. "Thanks, Mr. Papsworth… but really… Kennis didn't cause any problems. In fact… she seems really set on the idea that I should become your lawyer and help you sue a Court of Faeries." He takes another sip of the beer. "I did a bit of research… so are we talking Aes Sidhe?" His pronunciation is quite precise, the 'sidhe' is pronounced like the 'shee' in banshee. He's a bit proud of that.


Emery is as he nods to Foggy and recovers the trays. "Mm, she wants to grow up to be Queen of the Faeries and also at teh same time working as a Solicitor. So. She practices alot." There a tinge of pride in the exasperated tones but even as he is swiping his own beer and uncapping it, his expression sobers when Foggy continues. "Oh please darling, its just Emery."

Then he is just quiet when the man lays out the foundation of Kennis's case. One swig of beer. Two swig of beer. He takes a deep breath and rubs a hand over his face before just letting out a breathless chuckle and shaking his head. "It is hard to explain to a child as smart as Kennis…certain tings. I use fairy tales and I guess she. Her whole world got turned upside down last year and she is trying to make sense of it." This is what he was afraid of, at first handshake, that this adorable man might have been told something that might make Emery have to kill him. But he stays his hand for now, just shaking his head.


"Yeah… she's knighted me 'Sir Foggy Bear'… not as cool as Sir Ian McKellen, but you know… Gandalf and all that. Hard to compete." He then holds up his hand a bit at the insistence of being called Emery, and he smiles. "Alright. Emery. But you can call me Foggy."

He smiles a bit apologetically at that. "Look, man… I'm not about to refute the idea that there are faeries in this world. Have you seen what's been on TV lately? In the world lately? Now, whether or not I can actually sue a bunch of faeries is totally not something I've really explored… but… she came to me because she wants to protect you. Faeries or not, she made a decision that the best course of action is to find someone who can approach your problem without violence. Mad props to her for that, right? She could have gone for the Hulk Solution." He takes another pull from the beer bottle, eyeing a cupcake.


Emery hmms softly as he regards Foggy with a quirk of an eyebrow and a small smile. "Wizards are over rated luv, overly obsessed with their own staffs." He winks. "So, hey, a knighthood is a knighthood." Then he is quiet again, beer idly swirled in the bottle as he stares down at the table.

"There are faeries out there, I have no doubt. But they pose no threat to us." There is bit of glisten in his gaze. "When she was born, I was terrified. Happiest day of me life, because I…I finally has a purpose of me own. Something to fight for that I cared about. Now she worries about protecting me when its my job to keep her safe." A hand moves to wipe at his eyes as he chokes out a soft laugh. "Gah, fuck…something in me eyes. But yes, it makes me so very proud of her to know she can see beyond the violence." He nudges a tray of cupcakes closer to Foggy, Its a Butler instinct.


"Yeah… we call that emotion, man, the stuff in your eye." Foggy's voice continues to be apologetic, but he smiles all the same. Then he takes another pull from the beer, drawing his hands around the bottle to turn it slowly between his palms. He glances up toward Emery after a heartbeat. "So, here's the real question… how can I actually help you? Kennis came to me for help, she's pretty serious about getting it, and there is probably something I can do to help you out."

At the nudge of the plate of cupcakes, he hesitates just a moment before he captures one off the plate and begins to un-peel the paper around the bottom. He takes a bite after a moment, pauses, and then melts into the bite with a noise of satisfaction. "Dude… who are you?"


"Shit, its conflicting with me masculine swag. However will I go on…" Emery drawls with honey glazed yet light sarcasm at the emotion comment from Foggy, smirking a bit and blinking quickly to try to clear his eyes. But the question bears thought, and thought means sip of beer. "You can keep her dream alive. Work her case and make her feel like it will get better. That there is hope. You cannot sue the criminal underworld or its rich benefactors as a whole to prevent potential kidnapping attempts. Its finding out who knows what and who is hiring whom and getting them shut down that is the hard bit."

At the question about who he is, laughs softly. "I told you good sir…I'm a butler."


Foggy starts to nod, taking another bite of cupcake with another satisfying sound. Then he sets down his half-eaten cupcake, brushing his hands together before he digs out a notebook from his messenger bag. He flips it open, and with a pencil, starts to take a few quick notes on the yellow-lined pad. "Well, I'll work on her case… for you. Plus, she's a sweet kid and I could use the distraction."

He scrubs at his scalp a bit before he grins sheepishly at Emery. "Yeah… well… you make a mean cupcake." He then takes another swig of his beer. "Mind if I come by and talk to Kennis again?"


"I am even willin' to pay. In money and baked goods. It may seem like a silly ting, but this is a case to protect her childhood." Emery lets out a soft exhale. "There…may be something you can help with, Some sort of legal ting to keep any schools I enroll her in from sharing tings like her home address and such. Like a NDA on steroids or someting that…"

Then he offers a wry dimpled grin. "You arre absolutely adorable, Foggy Nelson. I always appreciate a bloke who speaks well of me sweet…offerings." He mimes fanning himself before waving a hand vaguely. "You are more than welcome. Finding reliable childcare is a bitch in this city, especially the kind she needs, so just need a heads up to make sure someone like Miss Jones or someone isn't already taking her out or minding her for a bit."


"When you're five, everything is a big thing. It's all about perspective." Nelson then hesitates, thinking about the actual legal request. He nods slowly, and then makes another note to his yellow legal pad. Then he hesitates, blinking up at Emery before the laughter takes over and he shakes his head.

"Jessica is probably a great babysitter," he says, with an honest-to-God straight face. "But, I'm happy to come by." Then he looks over the cupcakes. "Um, I can take these with me, right?"


"Miss Jones is someone I trust with her life." Emery replies, grinning at the laughter and then nodding emphatically. "Aye, these are allll for you. To share or hoard as you please."

He pauses before just offering softly. "Thank you." It's sincere gratitude. "Just…thank you."

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