Explosive Emotions

June 18, 2018:

Lorna and Marcos get into an argument about how to best protect Aurora


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Fade In…

The sun had set on a hot and humid day as Summer days stretched out the hours of daylight. Lorna's training regime had begun to be a bit obsessive, in and out of the Danger Room at all hours. What time she spent out of it, was with Aurora, on a tablet, researching madly everything she could get her hands on in regards to Trask and the company. She had a stack of notes on a pad and sat on the bed, pillows propped up behind her. She held Aurora against her chest, the infant dozing softly. Her blue hair mussed gently against her mother's chest, tiny hands curled at her sides.

Lorna shifted carefully, gently tapping away at the tablet as she read, her features cast in the cool illumination of its light. She tapped, tapped again, and scrolled. Her expression cool and detached as she typed something on it with skill.


Marcos had gone off to run an errand after Lorna told him that she could watch the baby.


It was just a simple grocery run. Nothing mafia involved at all. He's innocent! SERIOUSLY. anyway, Marcos walks back into the bedroom with the associated provisions…to find his wife and daughter safe and sound, but the former definitely way to focused for her own mental safety. "Hey there my loves." he greets warmly as he enters, kissing Lorna on the cheek and then kissing their daughter on the forehead.


Lorna flicked the tablet off, her expression still far too focused and intent on what she'd been reading previously. Still, it was set aside as Marcos approached the bed and she flashed him a smile. "Hey handsome." She murmured, her gaze lingering on him as he came over and greeted the two. Lorna tucked her hair back behind an ear, carefully shifting her grip on Aurora as Marcos bent and pressed a kiss to the sleeping infant's forehead.

"Tuck her into the crib, yeah? She's making my arm go numb." She teased softly. Her smile faded though as she passed the sleeping Aurora to Marcos. She held back a sigh, sitting on the edge of the bed.


Marcos smiles to Lorna "Hey yourself, beautiful." he winks to her, accepting Aurora as he smiles softly. "How's my baby? tired?" he smiles as he moves to the crib that he and Lorna had built for her from scratch, settling the baby in nice and neat, then tucking her in with the blankets. Hopefully she doesn't learn a new power that would make it easier for her to escape.

Nevertheless, his eyes now turned back to Lorna now that the baby was squared away. "What is it?" he asks, sitting down on the bed after changing into some pajamas, wrapping his arms around Lorna. "What troubles my love?"


Lorna watched, her expression troubled by the furrowing of her eyebrows and the way her hands curled into the edge of the blankets. She glanced away as Aurora was settled to sleep in her crib with only a sleepy gurgle and murmur. The infant curled up in the blankets happily, and returned to sleep as easily as she had in her mother's arms. Lorna waited for Marcos to settle down beside her, and as he did, her figure didn't ease beside him.

Rather, she sat back, twisting around to face him and taking his hands in her own.

"We can't keep Aurora, Marcos." She whispered.


Marcos looks at Lorna with a small smile, though he noticed that she didn't lean into him as she did before. Something was very wrong. His arms wrap around her a little tighter. "Lorna, what is it?" Then she tells him.

That might as well have turned Marcos into a walking Nuclear bomb.

"Over my dead cold corpse." he stares her right in the eyes, a silent anger. "What are you even thinking? Giving away Aurora? You…out of everyone should know that's not the right way to go. Did Magneto tell you this? The grandaddy of shitty fathers?" He asks her, as if he had a mind to give the Master of Magnetism a piece of his mind.


Lorna's expression twisted into grimace as Marcos reacted just about how she imagined he would. She closed her eyes, waiting until he was finished speaking, at least, until he brought her father up. She scowled, "Marcos. It has nothing to do with my father, though he agreed with me. You heard what Cable said about the Sentinels. By 2029 they'll have wiped out mutants. By 2030 something? Most of humanity. Marcos, a war is coming and we can't protect her. We can't raise her. I can't fight and protect her at the same time. The cook out proved that Marcos." She dropped his hands, crossing her arms as she stared at him.

"There's too much at stake Marcos, I need to be able to fight. To protect mutants everywhere, not just Aurora. We have to stop it from happening, and I can't do that with her in my arms."


Marcos looks upset especially when she tries to scowl at him. "If that's the future that's alread yon the way, then what can we do. If anything, you trying to fight would leave Aurora motherless in a worst case scenario. Not only that, but you don't need to be a goddamn hero every chance you get for mutant kind Lorna." Marcos stares her right in the eyes. "What's more important to you, our family staying together or 'protecting mutantkind'?" He asks her in quiet rage as he leaves her side, and promptly storms out of the room.

She'd notice that the footsteps he left in his wake were practically glowing.

He. Was. Ripping. Angry.

A rare sight for the always calm and optimistic Marcos Diaz.


Lorna kept her arms crossed, her eyes flickering with her own anger. "Protecting mutant kind is protecting Aurora Marcos! If these Sentinels come and slaughter everyone then what will stop them from killing her? I have to fight to protect her Marcos. Don't you see? There are mutants that don't have powers, they'll be slaughtered first, the kids.. She'll only be 10 or 11 when these Sentinels wipe out mutant kind according to Cable. But that's only a chance, it's a possible future. We can fight to change that, to give Aurora a chance at a future!" Her expression pinched as Marcos got up, as his bare feet left a glow behind him as he stormed out of the room.

Anger and frustration pulled at her expression as she pushed off the bed to follow after him.

"Marcos! " She hissed after him. Her feet slapping against the hard wood floor that sizzled black under his own steps.


Marcos kept walking. Nearby objects either shined or became absolutely scorched. He was on the warpath(mutant puns!)

When Lorna called after him and apparently pursued after him, he snaps back around and he stares her right in the eyes. "That's NO EXCUSE!" he raises his voice, likely a few kids who happened to watch scurry back down the stairs to be out of the way. "We are NOT tossing our child aside to some random family where she'll probably won't even know her parents ever loved her until when, Lorna? When? When she's a grown woman?"

Marcos's words had a venom. It was like Lorna was doing the same thing that happened to her to their child. "I don't care who's whispering in your ear or who's willing to terrify you enough to turn you into exactly who your father has turned out to be, but we will NOT turn to cowardice and hand off our daughter just because we're afraid!"

and with that, he stares her right in the eyes. "and I will die first before I let it happen. I won't let her be like us." and he turns heel once again. Clearly scars of the past and the emotion that they finally have a family is getting to him. Needless to say…it's probably not safe to talk to him right now.


Lorna pressed forward, only halting as Marcos snapped and twisted back around to face her, his voice raising. She shook her head. "She'd be loved, she'd be watched, she'd be protected. Safe. Able to survive. Don't you get it? Marcos, how can we protect her? How can we save her? I'm not going to lose my baby girl to a bunch of bigoted humans Marcos. I won't lose her. How can you be so selfish?" She snapped back, her hands curling into fists as she stared at him.

Of course, then he continued on his own, throwing one last parting comment toward her before trying to depart again.

"Don't be stupid Marcos, I'd rather have someone else raise her than bury her."


Marcos pressed forward even after her words. "You don't know what will happen! Nothing's even happened yet! Trask collars, and that's IT! If there was gonna be a mutant genocide, it would have happened already! She's LOVED" he points at the ground to emphatically state it. "HERE! she's safe, HERE! there's an elite battalion of mutants including us between them and her. For fucks sake, STOP MOVING TO THE MOST EXTREME SCENARIO YOU CAN THINK OF WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!" he raises his voice at her once more, before He'd hear no more of this.

He'd walk away, and smash his hand against one of the walls, severely denting it and leaving embers in it's wake.

Even as he went outside to clearly blow off steam. "Then you'll have to bury me first." Marcos dares as he kept walking, clearly in absolute rage to even think clearly.

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