Clean Up in Aisle 3

June 16, 2018:

Wolfsbane, Nate, Dani and Molly clean up after the alien attack.


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To say the backyard is damaged is a little bit of an understatement, but destroyed? Not quite there yet.

However, it's definitely going to take more than a couple pounds of sod to fix it.

That's where the students (who are still here) and faculty (again who are still here) come into play. It's now clean-up time and with large chunks of cement that litter the ground the school called out for those that can lift rather heavy things.

And that is where we're at. Dani is out in the yard, as it were, helping to move things. Not necessarily pick them up, but move them thanks to her Asgardian steed Brightwind. He's the one doing the heavy lifting as he drags a chunk of cement to a generalized pile of things that will need to be disposed of.

The pool got fixed firsts, see? Now all the rest. It is amazing how much destruction a dozen and a half super-powered combatants can cause in seconds. They had also a couple spaceships firing each other.

Fortunately superpowers are also sometimes useful for cleaning up and repairing. High end telekinetics are every handy. Still, there is a lot of shattered concrete, brick and some fallen trees to remove. The gardening team of the school is not having a good year.

Xavier estate had not been attacked in three years, and now it has been attacked three times in eight months.

Just back luck, right? "So, where are we dropping all the debris this time?" Asks Nate. "Did Jean put you in charge of the cleanup, Dani?"

Walking back toward the main area, Molly has on her shoulder what appears to be a massive chunk of cement. She hefts it over to wear Brightwind puts things and then stretches her arms up and points, "Over here, Nate!" She then nods her head and then walks over toward Dani, "K, that area over there is free of big heavy things. Where else do big heavy things need to be moved?" She grins and then stops and considers, "Hey! You're like affiliated with the Norse folks and all. Can you get me a meeting with Thor?" She then grins wide.

It's been a busy few days for Wolfsbane, who was away from the mansion, off at Muir Island in fact. Moira required some assistance with a few projects, and it was a good excuse for Rahne to reconnected with her adoptive mother.

As such, she missed the latest attack on the mansion. Oh, she did hear of it, and after being assured all was well it gave her the time to finish up things with Moira before returning as swiftly as time reasonably allowed.

Back on the grounds, the wolfen mutant dropped a travel bag off in her room before heading outside, following a familiar sense - the psychic bond shared with one Dani Moonstar. They're outside. Soon, she is as well. "Och, th' area around here took a beating," she calls over, moving closer somewhat cautiously.

Nate's question about whether she's in charge or not earns a wry look from Moonstar, but apparently she is.

That's fine. She can direct.

"Apparently." Is what the Cheyenne woman finally says to Nate, to that question of his. "And since I am, why don't you use that TK of yours and picks some of the heavies up. Brightwind is starting to tire." And when she finishes that the winged-stallion just turns an affronted look to his rider, which Dani dutifully ignores. Men they're all the same no matter what form they take, right? Right.

It's at Molly's rather chipper voice that Dani shifts her attention to the young woman. "Thanks, Molly. I'm glad you're around to help haul some of this away. If you want to grab some of the fallen trees and bring them over we can start chopping them for wood in the winter. A shame we couldn't save them."

And while she was just about to turn her gaze in the general direction that Wolfsbane approaches from, Dani's attention re-focuses back on Molly at the girl's last question. It pulls something of a laugh from the black-haired woman, "There's the potential for that, yeah."

Then it's to Rahne, as Dani turns her brown eyes towards her friend. "Sure did. We lost the grill, but we managed to save the day so -" Something of a fair trade is silent implied there.

"Tomorrow we rebuild the grid, yeah?" Points out Nate. "Lets see…" his left eye flares with light and pieces of rock, alien metal and broken trees slowly rise into the air. "… how many can I haul at once." Weight is not much of a problem, but juggling many objects is where Rachel and Jean have been far better than Nate for years.

"I still don't know where to put all this. Breakstone Lake's fishes might not have recovered yet from Alex power testing his plasma a few months back," he points out. "So I guess we shouldn't just dump it there."

GIving a salute, Molly grins and nods, "Awesome!" She then smiles over at Wolfsbane and waves, "Hi!" She then skips off toward the fallen trees nearby. Her eyes begin to glow a little as she literaly digs her bare fingers right into the trunk of one massive fallen log and then her fingers dig into another and she hefts them up like baseball bats and walks them back over to the pile.

Shaking her head, Wolfsbane looks between Dani, who gets a smile, Molly, the recipient of a curious glance at her headwear, and Nate, a nod following. "Hullo. Sorry I was no' here when this all happened. I heard naebody was seriously hurt?" Or was that just wishful thinking on her part?

Then she yawns, rubbing the side of her face and an ear. "Sorry, I didna sleep verra well th' last couple days. I'm a wee bit tired, but I'll help move around whit I can. Maybe we should find a spot tae pile it all up for noo."

She's studying Dani for a few seconds longer, appearing thoughtful for a spell. Perhaps they're sharing a private thought.

"Grid tomorrow, definitely." Dani agrees with Nate, at his mention of restoring the power grid, "And we have a dumpster arriving to haul the things away Monday, so heap it into a pile, but save the trees. We'll turn them into firewood for the bonfires." She echoes again, before her gaze slides back to Rahne a moment. There's a flash of automatic concern from the Cheyenne woman when the smaller Scot yawns. "No, no one seriously injured." Dani states a grateful note easily heard in her voice, "More property damage than anything else. And questions. I think we all have some questions on what the backstory is there."

"Thanks for helping, Rahne. How was your trip?"

When Molly returns carrying the felled tree like some kind of baseball bat Dani can't quite stop the grin that quirks a corner of her mouth upward. "Quite the muscle there, Molly. Do you have any other tricks up your sleeves?"

Nate hops to a large chunk of metal now floating a yard over the ground, and pulls other non-wood pieces of floating debris towards it. "Fine, closer to the gates, I suppose," he looks back, and pulls up the cemented chunk Molly had been hauling before, making it float towards him too.

It is bigger than the metal piece, so he hops and switches ride. "I am going to try to do it in a single trip," he decides. Which is going to be pushing his limits, so watch out. Not that he will admit it.

Looking at the trees and then at Dani she shrugs, "I can probably also get hit with one of them and not blink." She chuckles and shrugs, "Not really that much more than that." She drops both logs down and stretches, "Though I've been told muscle has nothing to do with it." She giggles a little and shrugs before looking over, "Gonna grab more trees." She glances briefly at Nate and then hmms before shrugging and idly slipping away, "Oh…" She looks back to Dani, "And I make a good nightlight." She snickers.

"It was..all right," Wolfsbane replies, though she looks and sounds distracted in some way, picking up a few smaller bits of debris while others focus on the bigger, bulkier, heavier ones. It all counts in the end as far as clean-up goes.

That sense of distraction holds steady, the wolfen mutant missing some of the conversation going on between the rest. Then, she goes back to her role in cleaning things up for a few more short trips to the growing pile.

Suddenly, she freezes and stares at a portion of the treeline, eyes widening before squinting immediately afterward. "Did anyone else just see tha' bear? Right over by th' trees?" If they look, there's nothing whatsoever resembling such a thing.

"Show off." Dani good-naturedly calls after Nate when he floats the cement and the metal tonnage away, "But yeah near the gate is good."

Then it's back to the area that still looks pretty bad. To put it mildly. Still, it's clear that slowly the place is being cleaned up. There's more neat and put together piles versus haphazard chunks of crap laying everywhere.

"A nightlight?" Dani asks somewhat rhetorically, obviously not getting the reference completely there, "When you bring the next one back let's start working on breaking them into smaller pieces." She adds, before finishing with something that's more faculty related, "And any troubles settling into student life? If there's any questions you have ask - between the three of us we can hopefully answer them for you."

Rahne's distraction isn't missed by Dani and it brings the other woman's gaze back to the Wolf quite frequently, though she doesn't ask any questions yet.

When Rahne freezes Dani's gaze sharpens and her expression only tightens more at the mention of a bear. Swiftly the black-haired woman turns to look where Rahne does, but nothing is seen by Dani. She scans the treeline for several silent seconds before she says, "I don't see anything." And here the softest edge of relief can be found in Dani's voice, her expression even. "You sure you saw a bear, Furtop?"

Nate grins at Dani, but keeps gathering more debris in a every growing pile of trash. The trick is as long as the pieces are together they are not so hard to hold afloat. Molly can take care of the fallen trees. And Rahne…

"Not a bear, for fucks sake…" grumbles the young man. Yes, bears are not his favorite animal this year. In fact they are definitely out of his Christmas' list forever. "Can you sense it, Dani. Bit too busy to scan myself."

A look over at Nate and then at Dani and she seems ocnfused before shrugging. She then walks back over and drops a log down and looks to Dani, "First, yes. Nightlight." SHe then takes a sharp breath and glow sbrightly as she simply whips her hand through the middle of a log. She then smiles and chuckles, "I am, by the way, not a student anymore…well…sorta." She then shrugs, "Guess I'm going to college classes now."

The sound of Molly chopping a log with her bare hand draws Wolfsbane's attention back that way and she becomes aware of attention on her, mixed in with eyes focused on the spot she'd indicated. "Hold on.." she says, but not before flashing Nate a disapproving look, probably something he said. She's sniffing more closely, but this only leads to further confusion out of her. "I know I did, but..there's nae sign o' one, nae scent either."

Is she just seeing things? Imagining something? Just in need of a good sleep? Doubt creeps into her features and she rubs at an eye. "Maybe it was just muh eyes playing tricks on me."

Nate's words bring her gaze over to the man and with a brief shake of her head she says simply, "Nothing there." Or so her senses tell her, which brings her brown eyes back around to Rahne. "Probably just tired." She agrees and even with that agreement the Cheyenne can't quite stop the slight frown settling upon her features now.

"A good nap and some food will probably fix you right up." She finishes with, before she reaches over to give the red-head's shoulder a squeeze.

Then it's back to Molly, because Dani is a-ok with making sure the conversation stays off the topic of bears. "Well, I guess I can see where the nightlight comes from." Muses the black-haired woman and then with a rueful tone, "And college classes still make you a student. What do you plan on studying?" She asks, striving to keep something of a normal conversation going, although that doesn't stop her from giving Rahne a bit of side-eye. To make sure the Wolfen is really okay.

Nate tsks at Rahne. "We had a giant bear thrash the school last fall. Long story. Damn critter was larger than the mansion." His left eye is now glowing pretty brightly since he has about a hundred tons of metal, stone and concrete in a large groaning ball of compacting rubble. He really got all the big pieces.

"I better dump this by the gates," he adds, floating away. "You let me know if killer bears of avenging beavers are about to hit us, okay? I think Rogue shot at a beavers dam with that relic of a cannon she stole." Only in Xaviers, really.

Looking over at Wolfsbane and then at Nate and then at Dani and Molly frowns, "And I was away when that happened…" She sighs, "I would have liked to fight a mansion sized bear." She nods her head with a sigh and then shrugs again before looking to Dani again, "I really don't know what I'm going ot be studying." She sighs and nods her head, "I am taking general classes first."

A frown from the wolfen mutant. "I should have been there," Rahne says, as the past is brought up, the physical contact following in the form of the hand at her shoulder, leading to her leaning it slightly toward the Cheyenne.

Other than adding, "It must have just been muh imagination," which she still doesn't sound very sure of, she takes to rubbing at one of her elbows in a self-aware way as she studies Molly and the displays of strength and toughness she's been showing again.

She'd have liked to fight a mansion-sized bear - that brings Dani's dark gaze right back over to Molly. There's silence from the Valkyrie for a minute as she considers how to respond to that. "I'm sure it sounds incredibly heroic, to say you fought a mansion sized bear, but it really wasn't." Continues Danielle Moonstar, sixth victim of said Demon Bear, "Souls were nearly torn asunder. People nearly died. For all your strength it'd have done very little against the Bear. It's weakness was magic, the arcane, not the physical."

And while more could be said, Dani understands logically where Molly is coming from, it's only the Cheyenne's more emotional knee-jerk reaction that causes her to speak with such bluntness.

That bluntness is abated somewhat when Rahne speaks and forces Dani to regroup mentally. "I'm glad you weren't there, Rahne. I wasn't myself." And there's a particular slant to her words, something left unspoken by the woman. A look turns back to the treeline momentarily, "I think so. Just too much jet lag."


"But, thank you both for saying that. It's the thought behind it, I know." It's just still an incredibly sore spot for the woman.

A sigh and she nods her head as she looks over at Wolfsbane and nods before blinking at Dani. She stares a moment before considering, "That stinks…sorta." She nods her head, "Maybe though that's what is needed though!" She seems to grin and nods her head, "I bet the Juggernaut is weak to magic!" She nods her head as she takes a breath before looking over at Dani, "I punched him twice…" She nods her head, "TWICE!" She holds up two fingers, "And he shrugged it off!" She considers, "Gonna have to step it up…"

"Friends are there for their friends when they need them," Wolfsbane states, voice quiet and flat. "That's how it's supposed tae be." She wasn't. She was somewhere else. Molly receives a patient but thin smile at her enthusiam for hitting things, but she says, "No' every problem can just be..punched away, Molly," she explains quietly.

Then she shifts away to look into the woods one more time, and back to Dani. "I didna mean tae bring up bad memories. I really thought I saw something there, though. Ye know I'd no' make a thing like tha' up."

Dani can't quite stop the stare she focuses on Molly, when the young woman speaks. It's only after, when Rahne speaks up again, that Dani shifts her attention from Strong Arm, to Shifter. A quirk of a smile lifts a corner of Dani's mouth upward with what the red-head says initially. "If you could have been there I know you would have." Moonstar murmurs, before she nods along with the comment about problems not being solved by punching.

"What Furtop said." Dani agrees, "And whether he has a weakness against such things or not, I don't think fighting him again is something you should try to attempt on your own. That's a team excursion, not some sort of solo mission. Especially if he shrugged off your hits. What's your max tonnage of strength?"

And then back over to Rahne and again Dani reaches out to the woman to squeeze her shoulder. "It's okay, Rahne. I know you'd not make anything like that up. Never worry. We're good." But there's crimp between her eyebrows as she now frowns with worry again.

A look over at Wolfsbane and she sighs, "I know…" She shrugs, "But it's the best I got." She then looks back at Dani and then sighs, "That's what Lorna said." She then rolls her shoulder, "He ain't so tough." She nods her head as she then looks over at Wolfsbane again and then blinks. She looks back at Dani and then bites her lower lip, "Well, that's kinda up for debate. I can get a little over a 100 tons above my head for a short time." She nods her head, "But it drains me super fast…though Remy thinks in the right circumstances, I could do a lot more." She sighs a little, "Though honestly lifting that much weight is like running wind sprints, so I don't do it often."

Wolfsbane's hands fidget with themselves, one moving to adjust a few folds of the outfit that doubles as her costume. Still the same one she's been in for a while since returning stateside previously. At least Dani seems to know Rahne would have done what she could. A hint of gratefulness is sent through their psychic bond, then she slips her way free.

"Just keep working on testing yuir limits, Molly. That's th' only way ye'll know whit ye can really do an' how far ye can go." She yawns, covering her mouth, adding, "I should take th' advice, go in an' nibble on something, an' get some rest." And, perhaps, dream. But will they be normal ones, or something more?

"A hundred tons isn't something to scoff at." Dani says, her voice almost taking on the cadence of a teacher, "And for him to shrug it off? That should be a clear warning to be careful." Not that Dani can say she's never done crazy things, because she has, but in this instant she doesn't mind being a hypocrite.

"And Rahne's right, practice makes perfect. I often run some Danger Room sessions weekly if you'd like to join in on them?" Moonstar offers to Molly, "Usually midweek."

That gratefulness that's sent through the bond brings a faint smile to the Cheyenne woman's lips. "Feel better and let me know if you need anything Rahne. I'll be around most of the weekend."

"Thanks for helping with the clean up too. Both of you. It'd have gone much slower without it."

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