Vampires in the Nest

June 17, 2018:

Late at night, a trio of street Vampires break into the Themysciran Embassy. The following morning, members of the Amazonians meet with one another to discuss it all.

Diana's Office - Themysciran Embassy in NYC


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The Themysciran Embassy was actually attacked by Vampires.

Last night an alert had gone out that an intruder was spotted on the first floor of the Embassy and had vanished into the darkness. It had been an… interesting hour or so later that the THREE intruders had been corndered in the basement and the realization of 'what' they were had come to light. Quite literally as they were all three bathed in bright white lights from the Amazons hunting them and a pair of on-site security guards. One guard had been injured, but they were in stable condition and had been sent home.

Now, the following afternoon, the three Vampires were in the custody of the Amazons still, the police HAD been contacted but that sort of thing wasn't precisely their speciality so contacts were being reached out to to find out he proper channels of where to send these undead individuals.

Diana? she wasn't pleased, she wanted to know why they'd broken into her Embassy. They'd claimed they were hungry and thought that there'd be powerful prey in here, blood that would satiate them in ways they couldn't imagine, but they'd sorely overestimated their own power and underestimated the power of those within this place…

Diana is in her office as of right now, things were calm throughout the building. Police are in the main lobby with some of the Embassy's Staff and they're waiting on hearing back from said Contacts.

Donna, having been alerted to the danger, had risen when the alarm had gone up, and had not rested in the time since. She did not seem particularly interested in resting now as she paced the office opposite the Princess, not quite pacing, but doing a very fine imitation of the same.

"This city is literally, not figuratively lousy with super-powered blood and metahumans. They could have hunted anywhere. There was no reason for them to come here, not to mention the skill it took to escape our security systems. None of those three were smart enough to have planned that themselves."

Then you have people like Cassandra Sandsmark who wasn't around the scene at all. In the later part of the morning, she was engaged in the very hard work of moderating her hot site, the 'We Wuv Wondy' forums, when she noticed a new topic posted 'News Themyscira Embassy Attacked?' ".. Wait *what*?"

This leads to now, where a suited up Wonder Girl arrives at the Embassy from above and, hopefully, the police doesn't give her a hard time when she decides to approach Diana's office from the window instead of through the entrance like a normal person. Knock knock!

Diana's office doors are both open so she's certainly not unapproachable in this moment where things are calm but a bit tense after last night. The intrusion occurred at around 2:30am and since it was a Saturday night, the Cops believed that even if these three ARE Vampires that they were just Vampires… who like a lot of people on Saturday night, had gotten drunk and likely 'on something' that lead them to being even more reckless than their ilk normally even is.

The Princess is not in her armored uniform as she's not wishing to make people feel as though there is a threat to the Embassy. Instead she's simply wearing a black tshirt and blue jeans with some black running shoes… a very casual outfit for her, but she's quite used to dressing down when she's not on official business, and moments like these also were quite appropriate for dressing down as well.

Diana overhears Donna's words and she moves out toward her Sister (Of sorts anyway). "They got further than any one else who has tried to test the security, but we still caught them. We are all still quite safe here." She tries to reassure, about to say more when Cassie taps on the window. Diana's eyes look over to Wonder Girl and she shows a faint smile and then moves toward said window. It takes just a second before the window is opened and the armored young one is allowed into the office area.

"We are okay." Is the first thing Diana tells to the young Cassie, who is sight-recognized by the Embassy's security systems herself, so she doesn't set any alarms off by her unusual approach and now entry.

Donna was, also, in more casual attire, though, given that her non-casual attire was literally little more than what appeared to be a bodysuit, she might have been wearing anything underneath the wide-legged pants and long-sleeved white button down shirt. "That is what worries me, Diana. Three, if you don't mind me saying, apparently neophyte vampires and they nearly invaded the Embassy itself? It makes no damned sense, unless they were given some sort of assistance. Either knowingly or unknowingly."

What else she might say is caught and held, as she hears the tap on the window, her attention immediately focusing their, as she watches Wonder Girl enter the room, and receive Diana's reassurances. "Thank you for coming, Cassandra. You've heard the news then?"

"Oh thank goodness," the relief is pretty evident in both Cassie's features as well as the slight slouch accompanied with a sigh. She slips inside once the window's opened, and greets Donna with a wave as not to inturrupt the conversation too much further. For the briefest of moments she's distracted by the casual attire of the both of them, though it actually brings a bit of a smile to her face- which is dropped to a more serious expression and a straighter stance.

"Th- thank you for having me!" As for having heard the news? "*Have* I! The embassy got raided by vampires, arachne and skeletons, all heavily armed with machine guns and broadswords, right? Did they come from Themyscira? What in the world were they after??"

Diana glances from Donna to Cassie and then when Cassie speaks her summation of the… events… Diana just releases a light sigh and reaches out to place her left hand upon Cassie's right arm. "We have to find a way to lessen the amount of time you spend on the internet." She tells the younger one with a soft smile. Diana then shakes her head, drops her hand to her side again and walks toward the open doors that go into her office, assuming the others are going to follow her.

She looks back over her right shoulder at them while she moves. "It was nothing that dramatic, Cassie. It was intruders, of a Vampiric nature… but still just intruders all the same. They are still on site, but they are sedated. We are waiting for a Contact who can take them into custody."

Diana doesn't directly address Donna's concerns, partly because there may be more to this story than she's let on up to this point and to broach that subject is a challenging one without raising more concerns. For now she's walking to the kitchenette in her office to get her cup of tea she'd left on the counter with the sink.

Donna's laughter breaks the relative calm and repose of Diana's office. Or perhaps it is simply her presence, which invites and inspires such quiet and contemplation, "That might, possibly, have been more exciting than the reality. It was hardly a fight at all, barely a skirmish. There were many sisters in residence, and the threat was quick;y neutralized.

As Diana lead the way into her office, Donna allowed Cassie to precede her, before she brought up the rear. She was not, it was easy to see, entirely at ease, but she clearly seemed to be making an effort for Diana's sake.

There's no mistaking the heavy tread of someone nearly running down the hall. None of the Amazons would make that much noise, and it's certainly someone with a heavier step than most.

Caitlin plants her feet and skids to a stop, bracing a hand against the doorway so she doesn't just slip and fall. In jeans and a lightweight green camisole top, she isn't exactly kitted out for a fight.

"Iheardtherewerevampires!" Caitlin says in almost one word, a little breathlessly. Her green eyes resembling tea saucers. "That is so COOL! I mean, it's scary, but it's COOL! Is everyone okay?" Caitlin barely stops talking to breath, babbling right along.

"Where are they? How'd you stop them? Crosses? Running water? Hi Cassie! Hi Donna!" she says, barely interrupting her own train of thought.

"If it's holy water I could get some Super Soakers from Wal-Mart, but if you need like, silver, I can probably suspend colloidal silver with garlic extract in a pressurized aerosol container!" She's babbling almost as fast as she can physically speak, clearly already building something in her mind and not really waiting for anyone to respond.

Cassie's a bit taken aback by Diana's response and she sheepishly raises a hand to scritch her own cheek as she follows along. "O- Oh. Well, I admit not all of my sources were confirmed…" she admits as they move along, though she does find comfort in Donna's amusement. "I see.. But that's still pretty strange; but I guess they must have thought amazon would make them even more powerful, I gues-"

Inturrupting Fairchild! Cassie quickly turns toward her bestie in mild shock- In her head, she had imagined that Fairchild would have apprached this in a more veteran-like and less spazztic manner, yet this way is just so very much like the Caitlin she knows. The greeting sent her way is responded with a wave and trying desperatly not to chuckle. "H- hey."

Diana is taking a collection of glasses over to the table in the seat lounge area and setting it down with a glass jug of the dark amber tea, incase any of them wanted a glass. She then picks hers up off of the tray and is sipping it while listening to them… and then turning her blue eyes toward the entryway when Cait comes charing in. Diana cannot help but smile at the… excitement put on display?

"Once they saw five of us all armed and pointing pointy swords at them, they submitted." Diana explains to Caitlin who's likely to be quite disappointed by that answer. "It was an hour long gamve of Cat and Mouse. But we found them in the basement and that was that. They are in custody now and they will be transported… I am not sure, yet. Perhaps to a place where we keep other powered villains."

Diana glances then to Donna and shows her a understanding look, sympathetic. "I am sorry that this place likely seems less secure to you now. I… will find a way to see to it nothing like this happens again. I promise."

The Princess then looks all three of them over. "About a year and a half ago, I had a run in with Vampires. I took three of them into custody as I tried to figure out what to do with them, or… find a way to cure them of their Curse. It went fine for a few weeks… fine as can be. They stayed in a locked section of the Embassy. But ultimately, it ended poorly…" Thats wonderfully vague.

"Oh, Diana, I am not concerned about myself. It is you, sister, that I am worried about. There are few targets worth as much trouble or as much reward, I have no doubt, as you." The fact that this is, at Dian's own admission, the second time that they've been so infiltrated. "I have been in less secure places than this. You shouldn't worry yourself about that." Caitlin, charging in as she is, receives as welcoming a smile as Cassie. As though there were some part of the woman who well remembered how it felt to see the world with that brilliant clarity of youth, "All is well, Caitlin. Perhaps a drink to calm your nerves?" She moves to serve three glasses, and to offer them around as needed. If none are wanted but her own, she'll simply leave two standing on the tray.

"Aww," Caitlin says, face falling. "I've always wanted to fight a vampire," she explains to the others. "There's so much lore about them that it's hard to separate fact from fiction. Not that I wanna be the next Van Helsing," she clarifies, moving to join the others.

"Sorry. Got all excited over getting to build vampire-fightin' equipment," she says, with a rueful smile that turns into a sparkling laugh. She enters the room fully and gives Cassie's shoulder an affectionate squeeze-pat, smiling, and turns to Donna at the other woman's offer. "Ooh, if that's hot tea, I'll totally take a cup," she says to Donna, moving towards the other woman.

"How's you? Did you get to punch any vampires?" she inquires of Donna, eagerly.

".. That *is* true, particularly about vampire lore," Cassie agrees as Caitlin's gesture is returned with the same. 'Note to self: create a secret handshake,' she thinks to herself before taking in Diana's lore. For some reason it really surprises Cassie that Diana had involved herself with vampires in such a manner, but it does make sense. She takes a cup for herself as she frowns. "Oh no.. I'm sorry to hear that. Do you think this is connected to that incident, then?"

Another glance is given to Donna- It isn't unusual for amazons to call one another 'sister', but, "Um, if I may ask… What do you mean by 'less secure', Donna?"

Diana's personal cell phone beeps with a pair of text messages and she's lifting it out of the front right pocket of her blue jeans to look down at it while standing near the lounge area with her tea glass in her other hand. "It was hot tea." Diana quietly replies to Caitlin. "Now its likely simply warm." She glances up and shows a light smile toward Cait before looking back to her phone to read the messages.

"I believe its connected, Cassie, yes." Diana says then after swiping the screen of her phone with her thumb. She releases a light sigh and looks back up to the three of them. "A friend is on his way over… He deals in this sort of thing and says that he will take the Vampires off of our hands." She quietly mutters next. "That should please the Police." And then another sip from her tea glass is had.

The tall Amazonian princess then sinks down into a chair behind her and crosses her legs at the knees as she leans back and exhales heavily, her phone dropped on the table beside the chair and her hand now running through her dark hair, seemingly a bit exhausted by this ordeal. Or relief of someone coming to take care of the 'captives'.

Donna hands off first a cup to Caitlin and then to Cassie, before she settles with her own, considering Cassie's question, "I have not lived among other Amazons for more years than I could easily count, Cassandra. Time stretches and splinters when you move through the may iterations of the Universe. So much so that I could not tell you, now, even how old I am, though, if the life of mine that Diana remembers is the life I was born to, I am at least as old as she is. And in that life, I had only a handful of years with her. So to be in a place like this, where there are others who have skills similar to mine, who are martial minded and quick to defend their home…has been a luxury to me." A shake of her head, at Caitlin, "I did not, in point of fact, get to punch any vampires. Although, if you wanted to spar with one, I could possibly point you in the direction of half of one at least, but none of your weapons would work on him."

Caitlin gulps down her tea, heedless of the temperatures of the hot liquid. At Donna's offer, she smiles and shakes her head mutely— but gives Donna and Cassie a quizzical look, drifting towards a seat not far from Diana's and (carefully) settling her weight into it. Donna's explanation addresses some question Cassie has, and while the tall ginger is equally intrigued, she curbs her enthusiasm long enough to quell a half-dozen questions on her lips so Cassie can ask her own questions.
Cassie's expression is surprisingly neutral as Donna answers her, but the truth is that it sends her head spinning and she can barely comprehend the explanation given to her. "I think I get it. Wow, that's really wild." She wonders if Donna considers this world 'home' then, but is afraid asking it at this time may come off as insensitive so opts to save it for next time.

Cassie also feels particularly sympathetic toward Diana, though is briefly at a loss of how to approach. She feels nervous about prodding for more details on Diana's end as well. "Diana.. Are.. You going to be all right?"

Diana's eyes raise up and she stares at Donna while her sister speaks, it pleases her to have Donna here and to hear her voice, its soothing to her like a burden you'd lived with with a very very long time was sudden eased away. "I have punched Vampires. It is not very different from punching other things." The greek accented words are spoken from the Princess and then she flashes a little grin before she looks over to Cassie and shows a soft expression, a warm smile.

"I am fine." She replies quietly. "This is just one of those days that… you yearn to have settled, to move back on toward the better ones." She had had to cancel a lot of arrangements today, summer was always a very busy time.

Diana then glances toward Caitlin. "There are more Vampires amongst us than people realize. But the modern Vampire generally does much better at hiding their presence… Generally. I learned all of this a year and a half ago." She'd gone to see many different people about it all and they'd all given her insight into the darker side of the world around them.

There are simply so many, possibly too many things to unpack in anything even remotely related to Donna's life, that she simply doesn't bother, when she can avoid it. It's quite as mental as it sounds and she knows it. "If there was a burden I could lift from your shoulders, Diana, you know that I would do it gladly." And yet, as much as Donna would do, she could not be Diana, and Diana was, for better or worse, worse in times like these, what the world demanded. "You have good company here, and the police are doing everything they can. You will, I hope, be able to set the day aside soon enough."
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Cassie Sandsmark has connected.
"Ooh, 'one of those days', I think know what you mean.." Though unlike Diana, Cassie actually has time away from her stress (this case being College). Though following Donna's words, Cassie does perk up, "Me too!" and likely Cait three, are more than happy to help wherever they can.

Donna's situation is a lot to think on, but Cassie isn't one to shy away from a challenge like that. After a moent of thought about vampires though, she murmurs aloud, "I don't have an awful lot of experience with vampires myself-" There was that *one* time but she prefers not to think about that. "My mom's an archaeologist and she always took me along with her when I was way younger, and I don't recall any civilizations that she explored haveing much to do with them." a pause, "Uh, anyway, so once Diana's guy gets here, do we have time for a temporary distraction?"

Donna, having found a place to settle, seems content to hold the tea, rather than actually drink it, taking some measure of what warmth remains from it, "As we have little that we can do until he arrives, I am fine with a distraction now, Cassandra. I am certain that we could all use it." She turns her attention to the younger woman, her expression now curious. "I have always had a soft spot for ancient places and the history they preserve. Perhaps, one day you will share those stories with me."

Diana dips her head in a quick nod to Donna's words. "The Police are wonderful, all things considered. The variety of emergency calls that they have to attend to, its astounding what they must face on a day in and day out basis. It is why I do everything in my powr to make their lives and jobs as easy as I can." Diana voice is soft and a little quiet, indicating she's taking this moment to relax and unwind a bit after the hectic past several hours.

She raises her blue eyes up and looks between the two of them, her lips raising in a smile again at them both. "Once they have been taken into custody, I say that the four of us slip out of here and find a nice place to take our minds off of all of this. Perhaps even something as simple as a movie would be good tonight?" She poses it as a question for them to see who'd like to go with her on such an outing this evening. "Hopefully not a Vampire movie though." She lets her smile shift into a sly grin then.

Again, Cassie falls silent but this time it isn't out of any sort of discomfort. Donna's interest in hearing her stories causes her heart to skip a beat as well as a grin to grace her features, "Y- Yeah! Sure! I mean.. Uh, I tell stories like that better with photos so, how about I bring one of my photo journals next tim- Actually now that I think about it, I *do* have something to share though it's kind of embarrassing."

She's reminded of something but if her heart skips from Donna's words, it nearly leaps out of her mouth following Diana's suggestion to a movie. "YES!" she blurts out, only to slap her hand over her mouth after and her cheeks flush. "I mean.. That sounds like a *splendid* idea. Not to mention a second vote for non-vampire movies." She has her own favorites, but she's interested in hearing what the others might suggest.

That said, she takes her own phone from her pocket, fiddles with it, then flips it around to show Diana and Donna: A photo is on display, particularly a picture of what might be recognized as Hermes' sandals and Atlas' gauntlets within a display case. "Know what these are?"

Donna cannot help but laugh, at Diana's suggestion, her eyes shifting between the woman who looked so very much like her. Or, perhaps fairer to say the woman she looked very much like, and the young woman sitting between them, "You are not, I take it, a fan of life imitating art, Diana?" It was meant in jest, of course, but in truth, the two women were still getting to know each other again after a long absence. "I doubt very much that it would be at all embarrassing, but of course, I'd love to see it." She sets the cup aside, leaning in to study the artifacts displayed. "A messenger's sandals and the gantlets of a man with the strength of ages."

Diana grins at them both with regard to the not wishing to see a Vampire movie, but to Donna she centers her gaze upon. "In this instance?" She asks, tilting her head a little toward her right shoulder, smiling big and then shaking her head a bit exagerated from right to left. "I am not, I am sorry to admit." She then grins to Donna before her eyes are pulled away by the phone of Cassie displaying those… items.

Diana sits up in her chair then and leans forward to get a better view of the phone's display, but Donna mostly answers the asked question for her. With a nod toward Donna's words, Diana's eyes go to Cassie's phone again and then up to Cassie's face. "Where did you take this?" Diana asks the young Wonder Girl, curiosity thickly lacing the tone of her husky hued voice.

If she could, Cassie would be content just sitting and watching Diana and Donna talk all day- There's just something incredibly fascinating to her about the way they interact that differs from the way Diana does with the other amazons. That's actually oversimplifying her thoughts but that aside, Cassie appears pretty pleased with the duo's reaction. She'd already told this tale to Caitlin, of course. "Well this in particular was taken at mom's workplace: the Gateway City Museum. It has the largest collection of greek artifacts! These are the real deal." she proudly explains, "But I took a picture of these in particular because I.. Er.. Well.. Before I got the powers I have now, I 'borrowed' these to help people. I guess you could say these started my life as a superhero."

Cassie's revelation seems to be, well probably completely outside of the realm of anything that Donna had imagined. But that aside, she does not look disbelieving. Clearly, the younger woman has powers, a good number at least from what Donna's seen quite like her own and Diana's. But to gain some older, perhaps simpler version them in such a fashion, "That is a…Diana, have you ever heard of such a gifting?" Of course, such blessed artifacts do exist, Diana herself wears and wields quite a number of them. But Diana is also blessed by the gods. Or the daughter of a god…the stories vary.

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