June 13, 2018:

Spoiler spots Drake after watching him zap Octotreerexasaurus Max.


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Drake Riley has had a day. It involved possibly rescuing a bright gold robot in the late afternoon, and helping him beat down and possibly apprehend an honest-to-goodness supervillain. It was a flashy affair, involving streams of lightning, dinosaurs, and dramatic one-liners. And in the end, he helped the one-armed goldbot bring the villain in. Not to jail, for some reason, but to a shop. To the bot's credit, he tried to explain. Drake did not get it. It's cool, though. He feels fulfilled.

Thankfully, no police got ahold of him. What videos people shot of the situation would surely have him, but he was wearing his hood, cap, /and/ sunglasses to do what he could to keep his identity secret. He may be burning up in his hoodie, but what's he gonna do? And now that the sun has dipped over the horizon and the city has fallen to night, the heat isn't so bad.

Lacking anywhere to go or really be, Drake is shuffling along the sidewalk, head canted to stare down at his feet. His hands are stuffed in the central pocket of his outerwear, hood lowered and sunglasses

It was interesting, watching that fight on social media. Spoiler was intrigued by it, but really wasn't planning on doing anything about it. Not really her town. Not that that fact stops her from trying to protect it. Like she is now.

Spoiler doesn't ofter patrol in New York City. Mostly because school work on top of night time patrols in Gotham gets really hectic. But there's still a week or so until the summer semester starts, and so Stephanie doesn't see the harm of one little patrol in New York.

It's late. It's dark. It still feels so bright and unoppressive when compared to Gotham. Perched on a low rooftop, Spoiler spots the hooded man, and her head tilts.

A few quick taps on her phone and what she can tell of his is enough to have her moving to investigate further. The blonde in black and purple Bat armor slips down from the rooftop, cape fluttering faintly, to slow her decent so she can land not-quite ninja silent on the sidewalk just inside an alley and straighten up. For a moment, the batsymbol on her chest, emblazoned aubergine against charcoal-black is visible, and then her cloak sweeps down to obscure it.

Drake Riley is just shuffling along, minding his own business as any vagrant would; making property owners worry that he might set up camp in front of their establishment. But no, he's just roaming the big city, taking it in from the lowest possible perspective. Literally and metaphorically. There's a sound in the alleyway nearby. Most people would pay it no mind; they have places to go, things to do. Not Drake. Life on the street calls for a constant, ambiant level of spatial awareness, and sounds emanating from alleyways warrant at least a glance.

So he glances.

His heel moves forward to step, but falls just short of planting down on the sidewalk. Drake is frozen, looking at the somewhat menacing, but distinctly feminine figure in the alley. She's treated to a slow, owlish blink.

Nightvision in the AR lens of her cowl. They make the world around her as easy to see in as broad daylight. To the world, they make her eyes glow a very faint white-lavender. Blinked at, Spoiler's head tilts faintly, and her dark purple painted lips are swiped at by a a quick flick of pink, leaving moisture behind. And as she silently studies,she's trying to place where the hoodie and the cap are familiar from.

"Interesting fight against… Octo-rex Man," Spoiler says after a very long moment of peering at the still frame of the thing in her HUD and trying to figure out what it even IS, and then what to NAME it.

Drake Riley continues staring. He can't see her too well in the shade of the alley, but but he can definitely tell she's female. The voice that accompanies only enforces it. But the question is, did he beat up on a friend of hers, or is she a 'goodguy'? He opts to play it a little guarded, but there's no hiding the fascination behind those expressive emerald eyes.

"Octo-tree-rex-tapus," Drake notes. "He had tree legs for a minute."

Turning from his awkward position to face her fully, he takes a single bold step forward. "You, ah.. enjoy that, tall-dark-and-spooky?"

Spoiler can see he's guarded. She can see the fascination. His comment has her lips curling up at one corner, the smirk visible as she steps back and to the side. It's a smooth motion, not jerky nor screamign with ill ease or tension.

"It was a bit loud and flashy for my usual taste, but it wasn't half bad," is the retorting quip. She waits for his bold step to bring him just close enough for her to hold out a hand. Her cloak falls back from her again at the movement, revealing the bat symbol again.

"Spoiler," she offers the codename along with her hand.
Drake Riley is keenly watching her body language, his mind tuned to the defense. Stepping any closer would be a risk, and if he can discern any reason to be concerned, he'll have to err on the side of caution. But she steps back, making what he believes is a deliberate gesture to seem less threatening. He'll take that olive branch. His curiousity all but demands it. So he moves forward a step, then another, countering her.

"When your powers are like mine, you can't really avoid the flash. May as well own it, right?" His gaze dips to her hand, and a smile brightens his features. The hand is taken eagerly, but the shake that follows is on the gentle. She's a lady, after all. "Spoiler?," he asks, lifting his gaze to her face again. "Drake. Let's not talk about movies I care about seeing."

He's read the motions correctly. Spoiler smiles very faintly.

"True enough," she comments. She really can't relate, given that she doesn't have powers of her own, but Avengers. She gets that sometimes, flashy is something that happens. Hulk does too, but that's a different story. She shakes his hand, her grip frim and confident and otherwise completely human in feel. No amazing resistance tht is telling of invulnerability. No overly gentle bearely there grip telling of suoer strength. No too hot ot too cold. Just a girl wearing slightly armored gloves. His quip earns a giggle and a bright smile.

"Fair enough. But the boat sinks at the end and Vader's his father," she retorts, finishing the 'I am not a threat' physical manuveuring in the alleyway. Still, it puts her back at a wall, just in case, and gives her a clear line straight up, where her hover bike waits just out of eye shot.

Drake Riley continues to smile at the giggle. Okay, she can't be evil. No one who smiles like that or giggles could possibly be evil, right? And once their hands depart, he stuffs both of his into the central pouch of his hoodie. Her tease gets an affected gape and crushed look! "What, no, I said don't! You're a monster." And just as quickly, he's back to his default boyish smile. "So you're a superhero? The costume's pretty rad. Is that a bat?," he asks, looking towards her chest.

Just for the bat emblem, honest!

When he realizes he's basically staring at her chest, his eyes zip immediately to her face.

Right. No way Spoiler's evil. Just wait until she has to infiltrate the criminal underground again in her more villianous persona, Miss Terry Clue. Because dad is a jerkface.

The giggle turns into a cackling sort of laugh, shoulders bouncnig up and down a bit at the motion. Really, it feels good to laugh like this again. THe moments have been few and far between as of late.

"Spoiler Alert," she warns with a SorryNotSorry smile on her face. Hands on her hips keep the cloak open and she looks down at the emblem on her chest when Drake points it out.

The possibilities of what he's pointing at and why are like The Point in that GIF meme with the stick figure: Goes right over her head.

"It is," she confirms, looking up a half heartbeat after he does and so misses how fast he jerked his face to her face. She just smiles, likely oblivious to it all.

"And thank you. I'm partial to it myself."

Look, there might be something inherently attractive about a girl in costume who fights crime. Drake will just have to come to terms with this new discovery. It isn't helping that the posture and attitude she's putting forward are assuredly cute. No, those eyes are staying on her face. They have to! It's a personal goal at this point. The last thing he needs is a karate chop for checking her out.

Drake shoots her a mirthfully chastising look, but it quickly melts back into that boyish smile. "How long've you been doing it? What all do you do? What's your power? Besides enraging the Internet and co-workers." A thought crosses his mind, and his eyes widen. "Wait, were you looking for me?"

"How long have I been doing.. oh! The whole Spoiler thing? Hmm… five years? Or so? I took a break for a bit, but came back. Personal reasons. Rther not tlak about that," she confesses with easy aplomb, grinning further at the question of her power. Because, like all the Bats, she doesn't have one. So, instead of answering, Spoiler just smiles that smile women can smile. The one that's filled with soft-bodied coy dainty mystery.

"Maybe. More like a chance spotting," she replies to the sudden widening of eyes. She winks, but it must go unseen. Stupid AR lens.

"Relax. If I was going to beat you up and drag you into the authorities, I would have opened with a one-liner about how I was going to kick your butt. Which I didn't, so for now: you're safe."

"Five /years/?," Drake marvels. She doesn't seem any older than him! Certainly not by more than a year or two! Of course, a part of her face is hidden, so he's having to add more focus to her mannerisms. But this would mean she was doing this kind of thing when she was still in school. That's impressive, and that's plainly written on his face.

Naturally, he can't just let her boast go unanswered. Sure, he's looking at an actual superhero, but as the scorpion said to the frog… "For now? Did you /see/ that fight? I think we know how things would go down." He lets that hang in the air for just a moment, letting it present itself as a sort of challenge to her martial prowess, before delivering the punchline, "/I'm/ the one with the snark!"

Spoiler nods to his amazement, letting him take that affirmation how he wishes. Started in high school, continues with her now in college, and holding down and internship, and working with two different super teams. #WhatEvenIsSleep

"I saw the fight. So, yes. I know exactly how it would go down," Spoiler quips, grinning and bringing her arms up to fold over the bat. By the posture and the school-girl grin: she's sure she'd win.

and then he snarks.

"Oh! Your -real- super power," is the sarcastically snarky remark, said on a bubble of mirth and a dance of a giggle.

Drake Riley winks at her. "I hit'cha both with the power and the mindgames. Total package. Watch out." He then leans forward, presenting her with another version of that playfully-challenging look with a faint turn of his head and favoring of his left eye. "I bet you do. But let's not. Your hair looks good the way it is, probably not so much stickin' straight up." Not that he'd even /want/ to hit her with anything beyond a little static to achieve that very effect. He can't tell it, himself, but judging by how other people react? Electricity /hurts/, and that pain doesn't stop even after the stream ends. He has to really want to hit someone with it to justify it to himself.


"Double threat!" Spoier fires right back, grinning to his boyish playful challenge, sharp mind noting he favors his left eye.

"But, sorry, Sparky. I'm terrible at driving trains and leading orchestras." And she waits for it.

Drake Riley might, but it's a tricky assumption. It's certainly the best one to be used for conveying something through a look, such as a squint or, indeed, challenge. But the reason for this is simple: his hairstyle. His back straightens again, and he gives her a puzzled look. It lasts only a moment, though, before he catches up to her pun. "Aw, you never know 'til you try!"

Speaking of trains, the one labeled 'thought' seems to change tracks. "That's really impressive, though. Why'd you start doing it so young? Didn't it freak you out?"

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