Students Love Cannons

June 15, 2018:

Drake, Nate, Lorna and Marcos are in the kitchen. Rogue comes by with a cannon.


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The other day, Cable had informed the X-men about the future coming destruction of the mutant race and the near destruction of the human race as well. He'd said, 2026… the Sentinels would attack and begin the slaughter. The NIMROD sentinels.. It had led to Lorna training almost non-stop in the Danger Room. She had clearly been shaken at the news, and in the aftermath of the pool attack, begun yet another one of her obsessive spirals.

Lorna had passed Aurora onto Marcos as soon as she'd woken up and gone back down to the sub-basement. She'd stayed there nearly all day, training. She was exhausted, and dragged herself up to the kitchen. She was sweaty, wearing a tank-top and shorts set of dark green. She'd showered and made her way back upstairs to the dinning hall. She popped open the fridge, grabbing a soda and downing guzzling it.


Marcos heard everything about Cable's warning. He had been training really whenever Lorna wasn't. With that in mind, when Lorna handed off their child, Aurora, to him, he happily just…sat in the kitchen and he awaited her to return. He woere a flannel shirt with sweatpants, the beautiful baby girl in his arms. When his wife returned from her extensive training session, he looks at her.

"There you are. I wondered if you'd ever come up." Yes, he's been shocked a few times because of his natural photokinetic absorption abilities with sunlight and the nature of his daughters mutant powers. "The shocks arn't as bad today." he teases lightly, but he seems to be quite relaxed, a simple glass of water in front of him.


Nate Grey arrives from Xavier's Institute.


Drake Riley was not stoked about the situation with the pool earlier. See, he's been feeling horribly useless of late - rather stagnant, in fact - and some people recently made a suggestion to him. Why he hadn't considered it, himself, is anyone's guess. But he's now the official pool-cleaner (and-also-general-tidying-up-the-place'er). Some might expect the streetrat ruffian to've slacked off or shirked the responsibility. On the contrary, he's given it some sincere dedication. Granted, he had to learn how the Hell one cleans a pool in the first place, but after that, he's been quite self-motivated.

He had so much more work to do after the party. God.

However, Drake doesn't know a thing about NIMROD, the impending sentinels, the veritable doomsday, any of it. He's in the know on only a marginal level. So he manages to walk in just in time to catch a hint of what's being said, and grants it a simple, complacent level of curiosity. "Come up? What'cha been up to?," he chimes. He hadn't actually met Lorna's hubby yet, so the stranger gets a cheerful smile after. "Heyo, dude."


Drake Riley isn't wearing hand-me-downs! He got his first little installment of payment. It wasn't much, since the job is quite new, but it was enough to afford a new white t-shirt and matching cargo shorts. He's still wearing those beaten-up sneakers, though!


As typical when there is a fight Nate managed to get hurt despite being (arguably, since Jean was there) the most powerful mutant around. In this case he burned his hands by going hand-to-hand with a weirdo with heat powers. So bandaged hands it is. After this and the latest 'box' Danger Room session he is going to wear gloves.

But in exchange he got a snazzy top hat, which he is wearing oblivious to the incongruence.

"Hey folks," he greets as he steps into the kitchen. "Do we have coffee? Oh, is the pool fixed yet, I am going to the city but I will be back at dusk or so."


Lorna turned, moving toward Marcos and Aurora. She smiled at her daughter, setting the soda can down as she came up to take her squirming baby girl into her arms and peck Marcos on the cheek. "Sorry love, have you been giving daddy shocks? Huh? Have you been misbehaving?" She coo'ed at Aurora, pressing a kiss to her daughter's forehead and rocking her back and forth carefully in her arms.

The blue haired baby gurgled and squealed in happiness, and Lorna sent a glance toward Drake with a nod and wave. "Drake, this is Marcos, Marcos, Drake. He's new around here." She murmured. Her gaze then lifting to Nate she tilted her head to the side.

"Hey Nate, what are you doing in town?"


Marcos smiled warmly to Lorna as she carefully took the baby from him. Well, more like Marcos gave Aurora to Lorna, because their baby hasn't seen their mother all day. Accepting the kiss to his cheek, he soon stands up when he's introduced to people! "Hey Drake. Nice to meet you." He extends a hand to the fellow, going for a firm handshake.

Then Nate comes barging in, though his expression appeared as though he also sought the answer to Lorna's question to Nate. Regardless, whether Drake shakes his hand or not, after the fact he'll move to Lorna, wrapping an arm around her waist so he can stay close to his family.


Drake Riley's eyebrows lift at the peck to Marcos, at dots quickly connect. Makes sense why the other dude would be holding the zappy baby, doesn't it? With a wider smile, he takes Marcos's hand for a shake. "Nice to meet'cha," he replies. His own handshake is friendly, before both hands stuff neatly into his pockets. He came for a reason, but that reason can be on hold for a minute or two. "I was wondering when I'd meet you."

No one had answered his question, but he's letting that go. It wasn't something he was nosy about, anyway.

"Huh?" Attention turns to Nate, another he wasn't very familiar with. Had he even met him? He doesn't remember it. But the question regarding the pool is something he can answer! He's even a little proud of that. "I think it should be good to go by later today. I'm pretty new to the upkeep, but things move really fast around here, and the major things someone else already saw to. I was gonna do the last touch-ups in a bit." He's even kind of proud of that. "Nice hat, bro."


+MEET: Rogue has arrived via +meet.


Nate adjust his hat and smirks, "fireproof too," he comments. Not that a fire-proof top hat is really of any use. Unless the person using it had the head on fire, as it happened to be. "I am going to help some people that is moving into Mutant Town. There have been a number of vacancies. Mutant families leaving for Genosha." He gets to the coffee machine, grabs a mug and pours to half full. "But also plenty of people moving in all the time. The recent anti-mutant movement is forcing people out of smaller towns. Same is happening in the Suicide Slum in Metro and the Hill in Gotham. It is a fucking mess. Most mutants do not have real superpowers."


Outside on the backyard lawn, a girl in her mid twenties with brown and white hair, a flannel shirt unbuttoned and tied up around her stomach with a white tanktop on beneath, a pair of short jean shorts, and some cowboy boots on walks by… pushing a Civil War era cannon. The muffled sound of her music playing off of her cell phone thats hanging off of her back pocket can be heard as she happily moves along wheeling the cannon across the yard toward the west.


Lorna shrugged, she still didn't plan to answer Drake's question about what was downstairs. She wasn't cleared to tell him about the Danger Room, and until someone else did it, she wasn't going it. She kept her focus on her daughter, rocking her back and forth, cooing and smoothing her fingers over chubby cheeks and drawing a few sparks from her daughter's figure. A charge playing between her finger tips as she glanced toward Drake and Marcos speaking. She smiled, "Drake is an electrokinetic mutant I met in Mutant Town." She offered to Marcos as he slipped his arm around her waist.

As Nate spoke about what he was up to in town, she nodded, her lips pursed together. "I wish there was something else we could do to help them." She muttered, her voice tight. "Especially given recent news.." They'd be slaughtered if what Cable claimed would come did.


Marcos seems to smile happily to Lorna as she speaks. "Oh? Well, always cool to have a lightning-thrower around." he says in good attitude and happiness. Happy to stay near his wife and child, Marcos seems to become far more serious as Nate speaks. "I see." and he takes a breath. "I wish we could help too….but we need to stay aware of the calamity that Cable said was coming…" a sigh. His eyes fall upon Rogue as she arrives, greeting her with a smile.

"Hey Rogue." a small wave is presented for her before his eyes fall back upon Nate. "But, no matter." a happy smile then. "Either way, it's good to see another mutant around." he says happily to Drake.


Drake Riley catches the sound of music from outside and tilts his head to peer out the window at the girl who's obviously a little bit country. Or honky tonk. He realizes just then that he has no idea what the difference is. It's impressive that she's hauling that old metal apparatus, though.

While watching the demonstration of strength, he soaks in the conversation happening around him. And he'd have to be somewhat deaf to not pick up the very noteworthy hints of doom and gloom. So a weaker smile is cast back to Marcos when he's addressed and nods. "Happy to be around. Definitely a sort of culture shock. But, uh…" He glances from Marcos to Nate, then to Lorna a few times. "…what's coming? What recent news?"


"We are moving on Trask soon, I am sure," comments Nate. Although Cyclops is taking a forever at planning. Probably because he is trying to do it everything by the book and working with the goddamned DEO. "Also, don't let Cable doom and gloom bother you too much. He is like Scott, the cup is always half-empty." The again Nate has really low standards of what is a decent world to live.

Spotting Rogue outside, Nate shoves the mug in the microwave oven a minute and opens the backdoor, grinning. "Rogue! What are you doing with that old thing? I am shocked Scott or Jean have let you keep it."


It only takes a second before Rogue hears the voices calling her over and there-after she appears in the doorway, hugging one of the edges of it, with her old straw cowboy hat on overtop of her head and her wild hair framing her face. She's all smiles. Her music blaring out from behind her butt is playing some classic rock song.

"Heeeeya." Rogue says to all of them in the dining hall. She glances around at each of their faces, only not recognizing Drake. Her gloved fingers all wave-rap on the doorframe that she's leanining against and athen she glances back over her shoulder toward the cannon out in the yard, then back in to them.

"Some'a the kids spotted an old Beaver dam out on one'a the creeks leadin' inta the river. We already tested it, it ain't got any Beavers livin' in it anymore." She huffs out a heavy sigh. "So. We're gonna shoot it with the cannon." And she flashes a big grin. "Storm the castle kinda thing."


Lorna huffed a breath, half laughter, at the sound of music and Rogue rolling the cannon along. She shook her head, her hand gently running over her daughter's blue hair. Green eyes flickered back to Nate as she leaned back against Marcos. She nodded to Rogue as the woman entered, explaining what the plans were for the cannon and the abandoned beaver damn. She smothered a laugh, but her smile didn't remain.

"I want in on whatever we do against Trask. We can let them go on. Or we'll be at war." She muttered, her humor fading. Still, as Drake asked she shook her head. "If I start on it, I'll get angry."


"Good." Marcos comments. "Sooner Trask is out of the picture, the better that future looks like for Mutants." because Marcos hates Trask with practically every fiber of his being. With that in mind, He turns his head to Rogue with a smile as she greets all of them. "A beaver dam? with a cannon? really? Don't you think that's a bit…ya know, overkill?" Marcos asks curiously before his eyes shift to Lorna, happy to stand firm as she leans against him. "Likewise."

He looks to Drake. "Trust me…don't get her started." he says with a teasing glance back to Lorna. "But we're happy to have ya. skilled are you with your powers? Like…basic zap level, or can you like…be your own personal storm?" he asks curiously.


Drake Riley wasn't getting an answer again, and this time it seemed like something really worth knowing. He understands being kept out of the loop since he's not been 'inducted' or whatever, but if there's something going on and it's being referenced right in front of him, it feels like it's something he ought to be aware of. The teen's upbeat demeanor weakens a little further with a sigh. "Yeah. Sure." Independent research, ahoy. At least he has kind of a lead: Trask.

His left hand raises in a modest wave. "I can do a few things with it. If you're talking about how hard I can hit, we're looking at, uh…" He pauses, glancing down in thought. "…honestly, I don't know. I've never hit something or someone with my full power yet. I know it gets easier the more I push it, but I don't wanna /kill/ anyone."


Nate laughs briefly at the cannon use, "oh, alright, know what? Trade hats with you," he reaches for her cowboy hat, to change it with the top hat he took from Luminous Jon. It is old and worn out, but also seems a genuine late nineteen century top hat.

"Oh yeah, the new guy is Drake. Apparently he has been appointed to the rebuild-pool team. Bunch of aliens destroyed it." That is: not his fault this time. "Cable and Hope were here. I wanted to talk with Hope. She didn't seem to remember me," he grimaces. More Omega Event fallout, it seems. He retrieves his coffee mug and adds half a ton of sugar. Milk. What else? Rummaging the fridge now.


Rogue is grinning at Lorna and Marcos but its Marcos' response that draws her attention. She lets her hands slide off the doorframe and then leans against it on her left shoulder, her gloved hands hooking thumbs under the front of her jeans shorts near the buttonfly. "Well, how would -you- blow up a Beave'ah dam then, dummeh?" She teases Marcos in that silly way of hers, even rolling her eyes and lifting her left hand up to motion at him and then look to the others. "This guy… am I right?" She then tsk-tsks quietly and drops her hand to her side, shaking her head softly.

When her hat is swiped by Nate, she looks up and then reaches up to feel that its a top hat. She can see herself in the reflection of a framed painting across the room and it makes her grin. "Sweet. Now I look like a hotter version'a Slash." And then she does a little air guitar thing before laughing in a nerdy sort've 'Huh huh' kind've way.

She finally starts to 'get the air in here' and her eyes look around at everyone. "Ya'll are talkin' about somethin' depressin' in here, aren't ya? I can feel it already harshin' on my mellow.""


Lorna rolled her eyes, even as she settled more firmly against her husband and smiled down at Aurora distractedly as she rocked the baby girl back and forth in her arms. Rogue's question toward Marcos has Lorna releasing a short chuckle. "He'd use his hands, obviously." She drawled, winking as she glanced back over her shoulder at Marcos. Her gaze swung back to Drake and then to Nate and she pursed her lips.

"I can't keep up with all the Summers that come and go here from strange places." She muttered and huffed a breath as she nodded to Rogue, pushing her hair back behind her ear. "Not my fault there's always someone trying to kill us."


Of course it was something worth knowing Drake! Either way, his response about his powers causes Marcos to give more of an 'ahhh I see' kind of expression as he watched onwards. "I see. Well, don't worry. here you'll learn better control, in some way or another." He shrugs lightly before Marcos's eyes fall back on Rogue.

"With my h-" DAMMIT LORNA. Marcos gives her a playful kiss on her cheek. "Really though, I wouldn't go that crazy. If anything, use tiny explosives. Or telekinesis."

His eyes shift to Nate. okay…guess everyone's on board with Rogue still usin' the giant cannon. Oh well.

A light shrug. "Guess you can say that." He looks back to Lorna and chuckles at her words about the curious case of the Summers family.


After a point, one stops trying to insist that control is one of their strongsuits. What is it they say in cinema? Show, don't tell? Drake just deflates a little further and shrugs his shoulders. "Cool."

Everything seems kind of scattered at this point. He really wants to know what's going on, but that'll have to be sussed out on his own.

Drake slips back a step and raises a hand to the belle. "Hey. Rogue, huh? Drake, like he said. Nice to meet'cha."


Of course Nate is okay with Rogue and a bunch of kids using a cannon to blow up a beaver dam. It is Nate we are talking about. He would probably go show the kids how to use dynamite, Semtex and C-4 for real demolitions if anyone asked.

He learned to blow up train tracks with dynamite when he was fourteen.

Also, he has a cowboy hat now. Outstanding. "If there is always some asshole trying to kill you it is you are doing something right," he points out.


Rogue listens to the lovebirds response and she grins over at them as Marcos gives Lorna a kissin' peck. "Thats cheatin' an' ya'll know it." She tells them as she reaches her right hand up to flick the brim of her hot new Top Hat so it sits back a bit further off of her forehead. Then she adds with a grin about the rest. "Maybe it is our fault, have we ever stopped t'consider that?" She doesn't elaborate on that thought, mostly cause she doesn't really care if she's right or wrong about it, it was just a thought.

Her eyes dart over toward Drake and she gives him a big smile. "Rogue it is, Miste'ah Drake. Its a pleasure, I assure you." She says in that sort've overly flirtatious way of hers. Even if Drake is just a teenager, its… its her style and her southern accent! She also reaches out to accept the raised hand and gives it a firm squeeze and shake!

Rogue laughs then softly at Nate's summation of it all. "I like that." She says quietly before turning to aim herself back for the yard. "I bette'ah get on… Got a whole gaggle'a teenagers waitin' for me, and you know what happens if teenagers go sittin' around too long. Stuff gets blown up!" She gives a wave and starts back toward her cannon, minus a sweet cowboy hat, but now sportin' an arguably sweeter Top Hat!


Lorna snickered at Marcos' look and peck on the cheek. "What, I've told you I like your hands, haven't I?" She wiggled her eyebrows up and down, shifting her grip on Aurora before she coughed and cleared her throat as Rogue called Marcos' hands cheating. Oh well. She glanced back to Drake, and then Nate and pursed her lips together. She really wished she was a telepath some days. It would be so much easier to just think a conversation.

Still, as Rogue left to blow up the beaver dam, she grinned. "Jean is gonna be so pissed when she hears about this." That or Scott. One of them was sure to disapprove. Her green eyes flickered back to Nate though at the mention of 'doing it right'. She frowned, "Well that's a load of bull. Because that would mean my family is more right than wrong.." She muttered, voice dry.


Marcos grins at Lorna as she teases him, giving her a playful and highly flirtatious wink. He smiles and hugs her juuuust a little tighter to be playful. His eyes shift to Rogue with a big smile. "Whhaaaat? How's that cheating?" he teases Rogue very lightly, his eyes looking then to Nate. Oooooof course he'd be in on it! Though honestly, one of these days, it might be a good thing to learn if one or all of those kids knew how to plant a solid C-4 charge.

He turns his head to Drake as he meets people and has a little chuckle. Though he wonders if Rogue will give him a legitimate handshake, considering her steal-powers-on-touch mutant ability. He watches onward…what will happen? who knows.

His eyes look back to Lorna. "Regardless, did you get good training today?"


Drake Riley easily takes the hand for a quick, if slightly awkward shake. The eighteen-year-old isn't quite used to that more mature gesture between people. And thankfully, there are gloves being used. No powers-stealing going on today! As for the flirtatious tone used, he just gives a chuckle and ducks his head slightly, cheeks a hint of a rosy hue. But he's not really looking into it. 'Rogue', as it were, is hitting him as a carefree sort.

Afterwards, Drake simply lets the older folks in the room have their discussion, turning to begin perusing the fridge.


Nate sips from the coffee mug as it cools down, not staring to the retreating Rogue's backside too much. Gotta love a girl that likes to play with artillery, right? He is sure her students are thrilled.

"Eh? I mean that for us, Lorna," mentions Nate. "Someone is always after the X-Men. Because we are in the way of all kinds of scumbags. While the X-Men are here the Purifiers can't raze Mutant Town and your dad can't go in murderous sprees. Except he can do it now in Genosha." With the approval of the UN. Bah. "No, lets talk about something more fun. How is Aurora doing? When is she supposed to start speaking?"

Right. Nate knows nothing on babies. And still impatient.


Lorna shrugged as she glanced to Marcos over her shoulder and then made to sit down on a nearby stool. "It went. Less well than I wished." She muttered toward her husband, that was still so strange to think about. And she stole his glass of water that had remained otherwise untouched. She adjusted her grip on Aurora and then leaned over the little gurgling infant, sighing as her gaze swung toward Drake.

Of course, whatever else she was planning to say, broke off as Nate spoke. She pursed her lips, looking back down at her daughter. "It's more than just us, though, and my father—" She broke off, glancing toward Drake and then back down at her daughter. A shrug followed. "I dunno. The internet says it could be like a year or more. Some kids don't talk until late.."


+MEET: Molly Hayes has arrived via +meet.


As Lorna sat, so did Marcos. Sitting next to her in fact, listening to her words as he happily tickled Aurora's cheek, causing the baby to 'smile' and coo at her father. "Well, how about I go train with you next time. Two's better than one, after all." he smiles happily to Lorna. Nevertheless, his eyes soon fall to Nate as he speaks. "It's true…you guys have awful luck." he laughs a little bit. "But…guess no place I'd rather be."

He looks at Lorna at that, before he looks to Drake. a smile for him as he and Rogue apparently make friends. a nod of approval. Anyways, he looks to Nate. "She's doing good. Healthy. We'll start teaching her soon, though don't expect results for a while…"



That's the sound of Drake's head thumping into the ceiling of the fridge at the mention of X-Men.

He pulls back from the appliance and shuts its door, turning a curious look to Nate. So he knows that he knows? Seems like a good assumption, right? And it makes things a little easier. At least, that's what he's hoping. "So, uh," he begins, chiming in with a fingerbob in Nate's direction, "You're an X-Man?"


Nate glances at Drake and finishes his coffee mug. Then shrugs. "I guess Scott didn't tell you much, uh? Well, there will be some orientation session or something soon, I am sure." Given Drake saw them all fighting the alien bounty hunters… no, it is not a secret that can be kept from the students for long.

It is no longer a secret for the public this is a mutant school. Sometimes Nate has to wonder if Xavier is doing some kind of massive telepathic 'cloaking' to prevent people from realizing the X-Men are based in his school.


Lorna leaned her head against Marcos' shoulder, and snorted. "And who is going to watch Aurora, hmm?" She drawled, adjusting her grip on the gurgling, happy infant. Still, her smile faded as she looked down at her baby girl. A cloud of dark emotion passed over her, and it didn't take a telepath to notice. She pursed her lips together, even as Marcos smiled and laughed. A arch of her brow followed, her gaze lifting to land on her husband as he mentioned teaching Aurora soon. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Maybe in a year." She drawled.

As Drake thunked his head and asked about Nate, Lorna snorted, and shrugged. "Scott didn't tell him shit. Do you know how hard it is to not just tell him everything? He deserves to know, Nate."


Jogging in, Molly grins as she sees people and waves, "Hi…" She stops upon seeing Drake and her mouth goes into a line as she sees him and then clears her throat before saying, "How is everyone?" She then walks over to a fridge to retrieve a drink and pull it out. She takes a sip of the drink, current wearing a tank top and a pair of jogging shorts. On her head is what appears to be some form of road runner hat.


Marcos looks to Nate. "…A part of me Scott tells anyone anything when they are that new." he teases the high-rate telepath. Nevertheless, he turns his head to Lorna. "I dunno. Maybe Jean or even Rogue….actually, better ask Jean." He doesn't want baby Aurora anywhere near a cannon. With that in mind, his eyes shift to Molly as she arrives, raising a brow to her. "Hey there." He wraps an arm around Lorna's shoulders, his other hand playing with Aurora lightly. Like holding her hand, playing with her finger, etc. Cute stuff.

His eyes shift finally to Drake as he just watches, waiting for the heap of information that may be given to the fellow.


"Nothing, really. I know the X-Men are a thing and that they're here, based on other things I've picked up and found out. But anything really important? Or why I'm even here? Any of that? Nothin'. I know it's not just because I'm a mutant. There's a whole subdivision of those, and they're not here. I'm not a student, I'm just existing."

And, more recently, tidying the place up and taking care of the pool. Aside the point!

"I get your guys' position, I really do. I've lived with secrets, too. And when I trusted the wrong people, well - here I am, right? So I'm trying not to badger everyone I see about it." Trying being the key word. His craving for information and equilibrium has lead to some probing questions of older individuals, and a little towards one who's his age. But they've been guarded, cautious questions, at least.

"I just wanna know what's going on; how I fit into it. What I'm doing. Options, /something/." With a quiet sigh, he slips to the side to give Molly easier access to the fridge. The look she's given in return isn't so neutral. It's just a small, sullen frown in response to the straight line she gives him.


Nate handwaves the whole issue. "Really, you need to talk with one of the teachers. I am here just to lend a hand and because I have family here," not-explains Nate. "Rogue would be fine if Scott is not available. Also, you can blow up beavers dams with her."

Molly arrival is noted, and Nate grins at seeing her headwear. He has a cowboy hat on his head right now. From switching his top hat with Rogue a few minutes ago. "Hey, Molly," he greets.


Lorna smiled at Molly as the young woman entered, though her attention remained at the conversation at hand. "Scott doesn't tell anyone anything until the last minute. And even then, unless something is exploding, that's debatable." She sighed, rocking Aurora back and forth but it soon became apparent that the infant was getting fussy for once reason or another despite Marcos' lavish attention.

Lorna slipped out from under his hand, and leaned over to peck him on the cheek. "I'm gonna give her a diaper check." She glanced toward Drake and then toward Nate. "If he's cleared to live here, I don't get why he can't know the basics. He's a good kid, obviously, and it's not like he's blind. He deserves to know how often this place gets blown up and why." She muttered. Making to leave with a nod toward Molly in departure


Looking over at the others, she gives them a smile but Drake doesn't quite get that. She just gets out her water and downs it before frowning at Lorna's leaving, "Goodnight, Lorna." She then looks over to Nate and nods a little in agreement before saying, "Yeah, talk to a teacher. THey might be someone who you CAN talk to." Molly nods her head and then walks over to Nate and smiles, "Hey, when are we gonna get a chance to spar or something?" She hmms and tilts her head, "I'd love to get some training in."


Marcos smiles softly to Lorna as she makes her departure, blushing at her kiss and he watches her leave with a smile. Yep, he was in love with her and he loved their child even more. Happy family! His eyes look then to Drake with a small smile. "She has a big point, ya know. Ya might as well know…" he teases lightly, looking to Nate as he waves off the idea to someone else. "Heh, well…" he chuckles softly. But for now, he remains silent. Though a yawn escapes his features.


A long, drawled out profanity plays in Drake's mind.

"Ah. Yeah. Right."

Were his hopes up? Sure. Is he disappointed that he's being shut down again? Absolutely. Is he going to push it? Nope. Though it does feel a bit like Molly is rubbing it in, he doesn't give her any scorn or bale for it. He could be wrong, right? She's obviously behaving differently with him, but he isn't going to make a big deal about it.

That said, between the looks and being iced out again, he's palpably uncomfortable. Having moved around Molly, he now makes his way for the backyard. "Looking forward to it," he offers in departure.


"Yeah, talking to a teacher works," decides Nate. Delegating! Because once he starts talking the young man is likely going to go too far, he is not very good at keeping secrets. As for himself, he was also going to leave.

Spar with… he glances back to Molly. "I am not one of the instructors," when he volunteered to 'train' Lorna and Marcos was for one specific purpose, really. To show them what was likely going in Genosha. And he was pretty much spot on.

But general fighting training? Everybody hates his Danger Room scenarios!

"Er… not now," he replies to Molly. "I am going to Mutant Town to help some newcomers. You are welcome to join, but it going to involve a lot of hauling old furniture and maybe some plumbing work."


Looking at Marcos a moment and then in the direction Lorna went, Molly hmms before looking back to Drake. She considers him a moment and then smiles at Nate, "I just heard some stuff about you and…well, I thought it'd be interesting." She shrugs and then looks over at Drake, "But I'd be glad to help people out. It'd be…nothing." She states and eyes Drake more before wlaking over and looking to Nate, "Don't know a lot about plumbing but I can lift things really well. Especially when people are willing to actually talk to me." She nods her head.


Either way, Marcos stands up to his feet and stretches a bit. "I think it's time for a nap for me.." he smiles soflty to everyone. "Good to see you guys. Nice to meet ya Drake. Take care man. Good to have you." then he looks to Molly. "Good to see you too Molly." he'll walk past nate, patting his shoulder. "See you soon." and with that, off he goes!


"Okay, Molly, you are drafted," decides Nate, nodding to the departing. "Grab your working hat. I am with a group of folks that help newcomers settle in Mutant Town. Nothing very exciting, but they are a colorful bunch, it is never boring. I'll fly you there 'cause I am running late," as usual for Nate.

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