Boomerangs and Ninjas

June 11, 2018:

Owen brings Danny an artifact with a link to his power. No good deed goes unpunished.

The roof of Luke's unfinished bar


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Like most missions that Amanda Waller has sent him on, there were very few details in the brief that greeted Owen. There is an object of interest being kept secretly in a temple monastery in the remote mountains in the Himalayas. The team being sent is tiny, very little resistance is expected and the size of the item is said to be tiny enough to fit in your hand. The drop is in the middle of the night local time. Armed with appropriate night vision and cold weather gear Boomerang and one other member of the Squad land and make their approach without much fuss.

The mission may have started smoothly enough but soon enough it's gone dreadfully off course. The monks of the temple are far more vigilant than assumed and far more militaristic. While Owen does his best to stick to the mission and keep his focus on retrieving the artifact, his partner, some two-bit would be villain with a penchant for bloody massacres is distracted by the opportunity to exercise his base nature. Finally Owen manages to slip past enough defenses to find the objective. Only upon finally finding it does he see the main symbol emblazoned on the metal pendant. He may not know anything about the monks of this temple, but that symbol means something to him. A winged dragon. Shan-Nae-Nae the Undead? Or something..?

"Rand. … Shit."

A plan forms before Owen has even turned to make his exit. He needs to get this to Danny and his murderous partner might make some noise about that. A spear from a dead monk mysterious is sent at super speed into his chest though, so that's one obstacle down. Now Owen needs to find a passable forgery artist and get something back to Waller before he can get the real deal to Rand.

Back in the States, Owen removes himself from self imposed exile to slip a note into the mail room at Rand Corporation. It simply says:

Danny- We need to work on our juggling routine from Christmas. Meet me there tonight. Bring your gear. -Owen

Which brings us to tonight. Owen standing on what will eventually be the roof of the building that will house the new Luke's. He's dressed in his Captain Boomerang gear, something he's grown more accustomed to wearing over the past month. Full on scarf, multiple boomerangs, the whole nine. He does have his mask on, which is helpful even if keeping his identity a secret is a ship long sailed.


Danny's world has been board rooms and press releases. There haven't even been any other formal public appearances since his last one was met with such mixed reviews. His handlers have been trying to keep him out of the public eye and keep him focused on reading things he needs to sign.

So that note, when it finds its way to him, is something of a relief. He suits up in the green and subtle yellow armor and slips out like the ninja he is through a service entrance around back.

Now, no one has ever accused Danny of being the brightest bulb. He's half a block down before he realizes he's not actually sure where he's going. He pauses, looks at the note, frowns, then…oh, maybe?

No, not at the joke shop around the corner. Ah!

Owen will be forgiven for thinking he might have been stood up, since it's a few hours after dark before he lands neatly on the rooftop. Backlit by the streetlight, he certainly does cut a superheroic figure. But then he opens his mouth, "Oh, hey man. Are those boomerangs?"


Owen trusts that Danny will understand the reference, even as obscure as it is. Well he does for the first hour, then he starts questioning himself. He is about to call Emery and force the issue right about the time that Danny appears on the rooftop. The phone is casually put away and a hand is raised in a half greeting.

"…" Owen blinks at Danny and narrows his eyes. "I did mention that I'm Captain Boomerang. Were you expecting harpoons? Baguettes?" He considers keeping that going but he instead is distracted by the armor he designed.

"Suit looks good. It move okay? Have you had a chance to try it out at all?"


"Uh, I don't think so? But cool, cool." If Danny remembered the voice scrambler, he's clearly not using it now. He pats his chest and shakes his head. "They've been keeping me in another kind of suit lately." Even in the dark, his dopey half-smile is visible. It seems you can put a puppy in hi-tech body armor, but he's still a puppy. "What's this all about?"


"Oh. Well fuck me. Yea, that seems like something I usually tell people." Owen usually enjoys the look of WTF on people's faces when he brings up his codename as it were. As way of apology Owen pulls off a boomerang, just a regular solid weighted one for knocking heads it and tosses it to Danny in an easy manner.

"Oh. Right." Owen called a secret rooftop meeting. Being brought back to the reason for the meeting makes Owen pat at his pockets and produce the medallion. He starts to explain, "I .. ran across this. I'm guessing it's something from your.. past?" Owen doesn't know many of the details of Danny's time in K'un-Lun but he certainly recognized the dragon. That and the fact that Waller was interested in it meant enough for him to swipe it. He tosses it to Danny, much like the boomerang.


The medallion disappears in mid-air, carried by an arrow through the strand which then stuck in the unfinished wall beyond. That single arrow is barely in the wall before a hail of arrows follows. Maybe Danny can sense the ninja assassins hidden amongst the rooftops, but even with Owen's enhanced vision he can't locate the source of the attack. He dives for cover and slips down to a floor below through the open girders.


Danny catches the boomerang and flips it around in his hand, feeling the weight. "Whoah, cool. Kinda weird, but cool." And then he's reaching for the tossed medallion that never comes. His senses kick in but only a second or two early. It's only enough time for him to dodge out of the way before the projectiles whizz through the air.

Then he's immediately moving along the roof, back towards the source of the arrows, keeping low and behind what cover he can find, scanning for the movement of a target.


There are at least 4 assailants firing from different positions making it very difficult to pinpoint any one of them, at least for Owen. Danny might have an easier time of it, but before he has a chance to pinpoint any of them a man clad in what would be called at least in NYC traditional ninja garb. There are no words, just swords. Two long straight katana style blades slicing towards Danny.

Down below Owen curses loudly trying to get a look at the source of the attack or get eyes on the artifact that brought him here. He manages to swing up and get closer to the medallion. His favorite knife is pull and ignited.. only to sputter out?

"Oh for fuck's sake!"

Cursing his luck, he returns the non flaming knife to it's sheath to pull out two blue tipped boomerangs, which are flung in a wide arc trying to find their targets or at least get close enough to discharge a massive shock.

Closing in on the target, Owen manages to free it from it's arrow hook, only to get another arrow through his hand for the trouble.


Pulling his hand free, he manages to keep a hold of the golden colored token, bleeding profusely over it.


Danny falls into a dance with the sword-wielding ninja. He dodges neatly as the blade cuts the air and barely avoids cutting his flesh. He's still holding Owen's boomerang, which he uses like a bludgeoning device as he strikes out at his attacker's head. He also uses the shape of the boomerang to catch and twist the sword. He does it at such an angle that it should only bite into the wood a little bit, and should give him leverage to disarm. Whether that move works or not, he follows it up with a firm kick to the solar plexus.

He's momentarily distracted by Owen's yelling. Then he curves his hand and throws the boomerang towards the source of the latest marksman. Unfortunately, he threw the damned thing too well. It was a throwing star type of movement, which is designed to give a thrown object cyclical motion. So, the damned thing returns back on him. He makes a little 'eep' sound and moves aside. If he gets damned lucky, it might hit the swordsman.


Owen's shock boomerangs find at least one of the assailants, and manage to take him out. However that is only one of the three firing arrows. Danny's boomerang is well thrown, but less effective at taking on the bowmen and it is easily batted away by the swordsman who still has one katana, though the other was successfully pulled away by Danny. The kick merely sent the would be murderer into a series of back handsprings.

Owen still with an arrow in one of his hands manages to pocket the prize before snapping the shaft of the arrow and pulling it through. The arrow doesn't look anything like what was used by the monks of the temple.

"Rand. Any ideas who wants this? Or any reason for me to not murder them?"

Yes, Owen is asking very specifically if he should hold back from murder. Maybe it's guilt from what happened at the temple. Maybe he's just trying to be better in general. But either way, once another ninja lands in front of Owen fully armed with wicked sickle and chain, the idea of not killing seems to lose its appeal. He pulls two razor sharp boomerangs and starts to alternate between throwing them and blocking with them in a well practiced dance.

Though it doesn't show, Owen's wearing his own version of the underweave, something he's thankful for as he can't dodge both arrows and the sickle head at the same time. Thankfully the arrows mostly bounce off, redirected by the armor, even if it's less heavy duty in some places.


Danny recovers well from his kick not finding its target. He may be a world class derp and really bad at press conferences, but fighting ninjas is sort of the one thing he's really good at.

"Kinda hard to do archaeology right now!" he calls back. He's so not used to wearing a mask, because he doesn't realize that Owen just made the whole bit about wearing a mask kind of pointless when he used his real name. He bends over neatly and picks up the dropped katana, then starts to parry and thrust at his opponent in a practiced dance. "And uh, they started it!" He steps, thrusts, swings the sword out with speed and precision. He's going for debilitating rather than killing blows, but unlike Daredevil, he doesn't have a creed against killing people. Believe it or not.


Owen has plenty of deeply held beliefs. Like smoking bans are stupid and you can round up on one night stands when recounting the story later, oh and it's perfectly acceptable to kill anyone trying to kill you. Granted the fact that he's willing to do so, doesn't necessarily make him able to do that at any given time. He is sweating just trying to keep that sickle thing away from his fleshier bits while at the same time avoiding any arrows that are ridiculously well aimed for his neck or other exposed points.

Using a burst of speed that he's purposefully kept under wraps, Owen sends a razor sharp boomerang not at his opponent but at Danny's. The idea is that it might slip through on account of both the unnatural speed and the fact that Danny is doing a more than fair job of keeping him busy. Of course it also means that Owen is then momentarily more open to an attack. He leaps to the side to avoid the sickle and throws what should be an exploding boomerang at the man. Sadly, due to some well intentioned enchantments, the device simply fizzles out and is knocked away harmlessly.

"Are you shitting me?! What is going on with my fuckin' gear?!" Owen yells at no one in particular but he could swear still that there is a whisper of laughter to be heard in the night air.

The arrows, swords and chains all whiz through the air with little noise, much like the men who are sending out such attacks. Two more leave their post to join in hand to hand combat. Armed with claws and sais they are sure not to commit the high sin of duplicating weapons in a fight and one charges at Danny and the other Owen.

"I might need some help here.." Owen is a decent fighter, who can hold his own against one expert martial artists. Two.. that's pushing it. He makes use of his speed to evade and get some distance to launch boomerangs, but they are fast and fare more adept at dodging thrown weaponry than Owen's usual foes.


If Danny were on his own, he'd just fall into the rhythm of the fight and probably eventually be able to take all the guys out. Well, at least now that he has the suit that deflects arrows. But the key there is eventually, and every minute they're both in the fight, the possibility of serious injury goes up.

So the Iron Fist ignites his namesake. His fist glows brightly, shining like a beacon on the dark rooftop. "Jump!" he calls over to Owen as he slams the fist down on the ground. It's strong enough that the air ripples and the roof shakes. Bits of new tar dance upwards and fuse together into something that looks like obsidian.

Danny's prepared for the shockwave because he made it. He gets lifted off the ground too, but he's braced and manages to land neatly. Anyone else not prepared is going to find themselves shaken off their feet - and if they're lucky, off the edge of the roof.

He'll apologise to Luke later. Good thing he's paying for most of the bar construction anyway.


Getting the timing of such a maneuver takes a lot of teamwork and time spent practicing, or cheating. Cheating in this case coming in the form of Owen using his speed powers to be able to get the timing just right. The jump is timed perfectly as is the draw and throw of the dagger from earlier. While still not igniting, it is quite capable of still being thrown at near bullet speed through one of the attackers skulls. It's return to Owen's hand is much slower, and aided by some tech bits he's built. Obviously hitting people when they are down is not against Owen's rules either. And the other assailants also go down or get tossed back by the force of Danny's fist's impact.

"Let's go.." Owen is all for the runaway strategy, particularly since it might mean doing less damage to what will someday again be Luke's bar. But he's also not about to leave Danny to tackle the rest of these nut bars by himself. So he makes a beeline for the next roof but waits there, a gravity boomerang thrown over his shoulder to hopefully ensnare at least one of their pursuers.


Danny swings his still-ignited fist around as the katana-wielding man manages to recover more quickly than he anticipated. When the blade meets his ignited fist, the metal shatters and causes a shockwave back along the blade that's strong enough to break fingers. He's setting up for another series of strikes when he hears Owen's call. Damn. This was just getting kind of fun.

But he is a team player. He was taught to fight as a unit and to always be aware of his allies. So he doesn't argue the withdrawal. Instead, he moves into a full-tilt run and leaps across the rooftop. He lands with a spin and ends up back on his feet again. "You OK?" he asks Owen with a note of concern in his voice. "I dig the suit, by the way."


Owen is looking back over his shoulder and literally head tilts as Danny's hand shatters the blade and sends the ninja to his knees. He looks confused, especially when Danny doesn't press his advantage but instead follows.

"What.. the? Why didn't you start with that?!" Here Owen mimics the punching, only with terrible form and no chi powered glowing. The question and movement are short-lived though as they are still being pursued. Thankfully Owen's gravity boomerang has entrapped another one of the assailants so the numbers are dropping but still not quite in their favor.

"Yea I'm…" He looks down at his hand with a literal hole in it. "Whatever." He instead takes this time to pull out the medallion and hand it to Danny. "This is yours. They want it apparently and you are a bit more equipped to sto-" An arrow launched at them is plucked out of the air and thrown back with sufficient force to go through the attacker. So yay, at least no more arrows. Owen frowns, "Stupid arrows." Maybe not so much because he doesn't believe in their effectiveness as a modern weapon, he throws boomerangs after all, but because they remind him of someone. And one of the last things he wants to be thinking about right now is his other life with the other Danielle Moonstar.

Not waiting for more ninjas to come or for more weapons to come raining down, Owen leaps off the roof to a nearby fire escape, smashes a window and makes his way inside. He is out the door and out another window making unpredictable decisions as he weaves his way down to street level.


"It takes focus and I need to preserve my…nice." Danny's explanation of chi is interrupted by his arrow whip-back.
He looks down at the amulet in his gloved hand. He frowns at the symbol on it, but there's obviously not a lot of time to investigate it right now. So instead, he tucks it away in one of his interior pockets, then leaps down on to the fire escape after Owen. "Meet back at the homestead?" But without waiting for an answer, he jumps down to street level from the fire escape rather than follow Owen through a casual B&E.


A simple thumbs up over his head is all Owen gives before randomly smashing through someone's apartment. Any screams of indignation are ignored, he's basically doing hero business right now. And truly Owen doesn't care about things like boundaries for the most part.

Thankfully for Owen he manages to allude any of the attackers as he makes his way back to a safe place to strip off his outer gear and mask and throw on a ball cap. Having dropped the bag earlier just in case as a precaution, he is thankful that his training actually paid off. It's not the type of thing he would have picked up from the Rogues though if he had listened better he might have.

An hour later after doing his best counter-surveillance work which is admittedly not great he makes his way to Rand's house. Hoping the roof door access has been left unlocked he makes his way up there and slips in, holding the makeshift bandage of a tee-shirt wrapped around his injured hand to hopefully stem the bleeding.


It's a mystery how Danny manages to avoid any leftover ninjas, get out of the mask and slip into his fancy mansion. Ninjas are pretty good at disappearing though, with or without smoke bombs. But when Owen descends from the roof, he's standing in the kitchen, just pulling off the helmet and ruffling up his matted down curls. He's got a bottle of water that's uncapped that he's drained most of it. The amulet sits on the counter. He's pulls off his gloves.

For a moment, he tenses when he senses movement, but then relaxes. "That was weird. Ninjas are…uh…both more rare and less rare than you'd think." How does that work? Don't think about it too hard.


Dressed now in just the long sleeve under weave and pants of his uniform, his would be tee shirt wrapped around his hand Owen looks a little more like his usual self. He isn't surprised to see that Danny has managed to beat him back. He drops his bag down and takes a seat at the counter in the kitchen.

"Yea. I thought I was being secretive with the whole note and rooftop meetup. Apparently I missed some tails." He doesn't sound too apologetic about it, or really too down on himself. He thought he was hiding from Waller and the DEO, not ninja assassins. Lesson learned.

"I don't even know what that is. I just know it was important to .. other people. And it didn't belong to them."

The details are left out and Owen seems to be verbally dancing around how much to say about where that came from or how he ended up with it. But he does ask, "That is something from where ever you were. Right? That symbol, that's not a coincidence." Here he sounds a little more desperate even, wanting to make sure he didn't just kill a squad member and heap a whole buncha trouble on him and Danny for no reason.


"It's the symbol of Shou-Lao the Undying, the dragon that bestows the power of the Iron Fist." Danny pats his chest to indicate the rough location of his tattoo. "If someone bad wanted it, you were right to take it from them." He's not very aware of Owen's criminalities, so he doesn't even think that he might have stolen it in the first place. Then again, the people he hangs around with who are dyed-in-the-wool heroes still bend or break the rules now and again.

"Is your hand OK? I can heal it for you." And since he's not reaching for a first aid kit, he doesn't mean with gauze and rubbing alcohol. "Where did this come from, anyway?" He nods towards the amulet.


"Right. Of course it is." What that means is almost totally lost on Owen, except he kind of remembers that Danny punched a dragon to get apparently a glowy fist. So this makes some weird kind of sense.

"My hand's…" Owen is about to say fine without thinking about it but then he quirks an eyebrow at Danny. "Wait you can heal shit?" Owen's been magically healed all of once by Strange after the run in with the bear, but it taught him a valuable lesson. You don't pass up magical healing. He unwraps the bloody tee-shirt from around his hand and takes a look at it with a wince. "It's a clean hole, super sharp arrow traveling very quickly." That's good at least.

On the topic of where it came from Owen winces, this time not from pain. He hesitates for a minute before saying, "I was hired to steal it." Ooh, that's not great. "From a monastery." Yea, not getting better. The murder spree of his teammate and his subsequent death are left out for now.


Danny doesn't give people disapproving looks very often, but the combination of 'steal' and 'monastery' do provoke it. It's also tinged with disappointment that he manages to tamp down. "Oh." He reaches for some paper towel and wets them, then motions for Owen's hand. If he's allowed to, he'll clean up the dried blood so he can get a look at what he's dealing with.

"So um, were the guys who attacked us from the monastery, or do you think they're someone else who wanted the amulet?"


Catching the look from the otherwise preternaturally laid back billionare Owen gives a weak smile of 'oops' with a small shrug. Like he knicked someone's bumper parking. He quickly offers his hand to get washed out, hoping to get Danny interested in that.

He's so grateful for an apparent change in topic that he walks right into it with his reply of, "No. I don't think so. They weren't dressed like that and the weapons were totally different." Yea.. weapons. From when he fought monks to steal whatever this is. Good job Owen.


Danny is for the moment overlooking sacrelige and disrespect of an ancient order in the name of good intentions. After all, they could have been evil monks. Those sometimes exist. Occasionally. Well, once or twice. Some individual monks are capable of being evil. Or at least jerks. Maybe they were some jerk monks.

"So a group that pays attention to ancient artifacts that are removed from the protection of their sanctuary." He doesn't mean to sound judgey, but a little bit does creep in. But you can't be raised by a group of monks and not come away with a certain reverence. He does try to distract himself with Owen's injury. He ignites his fist again, but then slowly, unfolds his fingers, concentrating on keeping the light ignited. It's clear this is taking him focus and concentration. This isn't like some metahuman abilities where they can just be turned on and off at will.

Fortunately for both of them, a puncture wound doesn't exert much of his chi. It's a good thing, otherwise he'd end up passed out after also using it in a fight. After he makes contact, Owen will feel an odd hot-cold sensation tingling through his hand, a moment of itching, and then the pain ebbs away.


"Yea. I swapped in a fake for the job." Which Owen now realizes means that he might have set off that chain of events by getting a forgery created. "But on the off chance that this thing had some mystical dragon power shit I couldn't let her get a hold of it." Owen doesn't react to the fact that he just nearly referenced Waller, but maybe it's because he's staring at what Danny's doing to his hand.

"That's.. some crazy shit Rand."

He stares at his hand as if he's going to figure out the secret to what is happening through intense observation. But then it starts to work and his eyes widen.

"Hey, uhm. You mind if I crash here tonight? I still don't have a new place in the city, and I don't want to hike back to Gotham.." For a lot of reasons, most of which rhyme with Smarley Fin. Plus Owen may or may not already be thinking about reuniting with his beloved shower in one of the guest baths.


"I transferred a bit of my chi to you. It…took me a little while to figure out I could do that." Danny's smiling a bit sheepishly. "Oh yeah, of course," to crashing. He's got no reason to throw Owen out on his ass. He may be talking about robbing monks on behalf of shady people, but he also risked a lot to bring the amulet to him. That's worth something. That, and if Owen was going to rob him, it probably would have happened already. "Your old room's still empty."

After Owen's ascended the stairs, Danny picks up the amulet with bare fingers. The dragon emblem on its face starts to glow with the same yellow energy of his fist. His fingertips, where he's in contact with the object, glow in soft harmony. He holds it for a moment, swallows a sudden tightness in his throat, then sets it down gingerly.

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