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June 08, 2018:

Teaser Trailer for an upcoming miniplot picture…

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NPCs: Thanos, Wheez, The Babysitter

Mentions: Death

Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…


"It is time." THANOS' hand reaches out towards a hooded figure that's bowing before the oversized throne upon which the Mad Titan rests. His gauntletless hand reaches out towards the kneeling figure, holding within the huge purple palm a glowing orb that almost seems to blink at the same rate as someone breathing. It's complicated.

The hooded figure reaches out with a three fingered green hand, a forked tongue flicks in the midst of the creature speaking, "Yeeettth, my lordeth. Wheez will deliverth to lordeth's madame as he wishes."

"No." THANOS booms without raising his already powerful voice. "You hold in your hands the greatest gift that I have ever found for Death. You hold… the Ba'Bi Sitare."

"My lordeth! Wheez had no idea!" The scales on the alien's hand raise slightly as its grip becomes more careful. "May Wheez ask where my lordeth has found such an ancient and powerful artifact?"

"No." THANOS waves a dismissive hand at the inquiry of such a pitiful servant. "You will take the Ba'Bi Sitare to Earth. Where you will hide it among the pathetic human race. When it is time, I will present the gift to my love, myself."

Another bow, "By your will, Almighty Thanos, it is done."

A swirl of green and black smoke snatches the alien out of frame. Well, if it actually is smoke. Who knows. It's space.


The bustling city is, well, bustling because when does New York not bustle with hustle. When there cars. The gridlock that people in their vehicles are experiencing doesn't get any better as we pan through various cursing New Yorkers and camera toting tourists before pulling up for a zoom in on Michelle Trachtenberg-ian features of woman that looks as though she has no idea where she is.

Or does she?

She blinks a couple of times before she's bumped into by a series of fools crossing the street. She gets spun around a few times before she finds herself looking even more lost.


The voice of God's Perfect Idiot leads the way as Deadpool comes running into the shot. "WAIT! This is the wrong scene. CUT! CUT!"

Everyone stops and groans as the camera pulls back even further to reveal the entire movie set. Extras start heading off their marks and things start getting reset. Deadpool rushes up to the camera and covers the lens with his bloody glove. Don't ask why it's bloody. It just is.


"Taylor! Todd! Tad! We're leaving!" Sue Ellen fiddles with her earring as she twirls around in the foyer of their decidedly expensive home. "Kenny! Come on, we're going to miss our flight!"

Kenny walks into the shot, pulling their suitcases behind him. "Yes, dear."

"KIDS! I said—"

"Like, we totally heard you, Mom." Taylor pops her gum and goes back to thumbing away at her text messages. "Just like, go already, 'kay?"


"Oh thank god! Finally!" Sue Ellen spins towards the door and yanks it open. Once again, we're smacked in the face by the Michelle of Trachtenberg Look-A-Like.

"Hi!" She beams brightly without any of the confusion she had before. So this scene must be later in the episode or something. "I'm uh…" She pauses for a moment because SOMEBODY FORGO TO GIVE HER A NAME IN THE SCRIPT APPARENTLY. "… the Babysitter?"


Fade Out.

Coming Soon: Don't Tell Thanos The Babysitter's Dead

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