[CUTSCENE] Googling Man of Magnets

June 09, 2018:

Thor takes his shift at the watchtower. Utilizes the power of the mighty technomancer, Tad Williams, to locate the foe Atli spoke of.

The JLA Watchtower


NPCs: Tad Williams, Randy Nelson

Mentions: Atli, Mega Man


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Interior – Rest Room – The JLA Watchtower]

Randy Nelson stands in the bathroom anger twisting in his chest. As shift-supervisor for the monitoring womb he cannot leave until he is relieved and his relief was supposed to arrive twenty-three minutes ago. Twice he has paged Thor upon his communicator and received no response. Once has he tried calling the personal cell phone they have on file but Odinson’s voicemail is full.

‘You could always try praying,’ Tad Williams had mocked him and so he had stepped off the floor cool down before he tried the on-call hero; before he had to bother /Superman/. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Randy mutters looking at himself in the mirror, “Thor,” he says through gritted teeth, “I pray to you. Come relieve me. You’re late.”

He begins to wash his face with cold water. As he finishes there is a knock at the bathroom door, “Randy,” says Tad Williams voice muffled through the door, “Thor just arrived.”

[A few minutes later]
[Interior – JLA Monitoring Room]

“Enjoy your evening, Randy Nelson,” Thor says waving cordially as the man teleports back down to the Earth. There is a long pause then and Thor turns around hand slapping the head of his hammer with a metallic THUNK, “And so,” he begins with good-humor, “What is it we do up here all night?”

“We monitor the Earth for danger,” replies Tad Williams.

“Ah,” Thor says looking at the complex array of controls, “Very well, Tad Williams, press the buttons and alert me when there is danger,” he begins to pace then. From time-to-time as he spins Mjolnir, boredly. Once he stops to look at the various consoles with wonder, “So many lights and buttons with which to find danger,” he mumbles to himself. Then, barely two minutes later, inquires “Tad Williams, how much danger have you located?”

Tad turns slowly around, “None..”

Thor gives an exasperated groan, “And how long will we be monitoring for danger this night?”

“Eight hours.”

Thor spins Mjolnir again. Faster now for his agitation. He begins pacing again. THUD. He sets Mjolnir down upon the holographic table. The projection of Earth that displays hotspots becomes an array of confused photons. Completely unreadable. Firm hands grasp Tad Williams from his back at his shoulders and Thor squeezes as if to massage the other man in a fraternal way, “Tad Williams,” Thor says, “Can you open an electronic window so that I might speak with the diviner, Google?”

Tad tenses under the god’s hands and opens up a browser to www.google.com, “Okay.”

“Who. Is. The Man of Magnets?” Thor asks, and takes his right hand from Tad’s shoulders to touch the screen, “There. Place the question there.”

Tad begins to type, “Man of Magnets?”

Thor bends at the knees in a full body display of realization then clasping the mortal at the side of the arms, “Of course, how foolish of me,” Thor says, “Who. Is. Magnet Man.”

Tad types that in and immediately an image appears. Thor studies what the diviner has provided. A sketch of the magnet man, he observes, no doubt drawn from some tome. It displays a powerful figure in royal red with an ornate metal helm who appears prominently within the electronic window. In one image he is even using his magnet powers to attack some unseen foe. Tad Williams smirks.

“Yes!” Thor says, “Noble bearing. Powerful. Metal. This image contains all of the things Atli spoke of. Very good, Tad Williams. Now, consult Google again. I wish to know with whom the Magnet Man doth quarrel. Who would wish ill upon his people?”

Tad’s hands tremble with anticipation. He already knows where this search will lead and so he types and as the images load he responds, “Mega Man. Magnet Man’s enemy is Mega Man.”

“Mega Man,” Thor says with grim conviction and glares at the image of his would be foe, “Whose severed arm hath been forged into a canon to make violence upon the magnets.” Thor glares at the image for a moment, “Utilize the electronic scribe,” Thor orders taking his hands from Tad Williams, “I wish for you to provide me with all of the knowledge Google doth possess on the villainous Mega Man. Together, Tad Williams, we shall assure that the magnet people can prosper once more.”

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