Ma Kent's Pie

June 06, 2018:

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman meet in the Hall of Justice to share information on their recent activities as well as enjoy a few treats that Superman brings along, like pie!

Hall of Justice Conference Room


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The Justice League Founders having established one of the most important movements on Earth may be the public faces of the group but they still have their own commitments and lives that can make it hard for them to see each other on a regular bases. Clark wanted to see if his two friends had the time for some apple pie and coffee so he reached out to Wonder Woman and Batman in hopes they could make the impromptu meeting.

As he sits at the table, Superman has his red boots up on the table and leaning back in his chair as he balances on two of the legs. The Daily News Reporter Lois Lane is on the monitor doing a report on Lex Luthor's newest military investment. A slight frown on his face as he takes a sip of his coffee.


Diana probably visited the Hall of Justice more than either them do, she's here quite often with one or two of her Amazonian sisters and they're offering combat training to other members of the League. Since there is often a wide array of people coming and going from these heroic halls… most of them have little to no experience in the kind of hand to hand combat that the Amazons excel at… training is needed.

Plus its good for the League to operate as a team where they all use the same, or at least similar, tactics and techniques in fighting styles. Leads to less confusion on the fields of battle.

As of right now, Diana is stepping into the room NOT in her traditional armor, but rather a blue tshirt and some black leather pants… a very casual look for her. She has her dark hair tied back into a pony tail and she smirks when she sees those red boots up on the table.

"Someone said pie?" She asks as she enters, a grin spreading over her red painted lips while she walks toward the table and glances toward the television to see Miss Lane.


When he was contacted, Bruce almost didn't come to this 'social call'. There was far too much work to do in Gotham and globally, and even with delegation to his apprentices and other vigilantes inspired to take up the Crusade, there were only so many hours in the week between Wayne Enterprises and doing nightly patrols.

Most of his Justice League involvement lately had been handling his technologist angle, and responding to the on-call emergencies. Bruce… is not a social creature. He's a master of manipulating the social fabric of the room around him… but that natural extrovert personality that someone like Tony Stark exhibits is just not in his DNA.

So, it shouldn't come as any surprise when Bruce steps out of the teleporter from the Watchtower right on time in full Batsuit, instead of in casual wear. A minor reflection of the innate paranoia the man has at all times.

"You called?" Batman gives in a statement, more then a question. At least the voice modulator he's taken to using lately is off; a sign of the implied trust he had with Superman and Diana.

He steps over to the table, his cape around him almost like a protective cocoon, and sits. Red lenses betray nothing of the neutral expression he sports as he looks between the two.


As the woman walks into the room, Superman sets the chair down and stands. He might be the strongest man on Earth but his mother taught him to stands when a woman like Diana walks into the room. A soft smile escapes his lips as he nods, "Ma sends her love to you both." He chuckles and shrugs sitting down, "I mean…you know what she means by that…" Superman runs a hand through his hair and looks over at Batman, "I zipped over to Italy and got that "Death Wish" coffee blend they have…I know you and your coffee. Just be careful…" He sips it and hmmms, "I guess it is the strongest in the world and I don't taste much difference from the Dunkin Donuts I get Perry."

As he nods and set the cup down, "Thanks for coming. I know the both of you are most likely caught up in…what we are always doing. I wanted to see how the both of you are. I have watched Diana flourish and become an amazing leader for the League, and I have been monitoring that Gotham is still in chaos but seems to be much more controlled chaos thanks to you these days. I feel as if I have been…absent on multiple fronts due to my own challenges. I just wanted to check in with you both." He pushes two plates of Ma Kent's pie in their direction. He picks up his own plate and takes a bit of pie, "I plan to be more involved in League matters…and want to help you both of course in anything I can."


Diana's eyes go over to Batman when he zaps his way back down to Earth in all the fancy regalia of his Batsuit. She affords Bruce a soft smile. "Hello, you." She says back at him as he strides toward them. Her eyes then sweep back to Kal when he rises up, showcasing those wonderfully sweet manners of his. "Awww, I would very much like to see her again sometime soon." She says to Kal with regard to his Kansas-native mother.

But then the pie is presented and now Diana is pulling a chair out on the table and seating herself gently down upon its edge. She's known for a sweet tooth afterall! "How splendid!" She exclaims in her heavily accented English, while reaching for a utensil off the edge of the plate.

Her eyes look up to Superman then as he speaks and she listens closely to the Red Caped One's words. "It has been a difficult time lately." She admits. "If you can find a moment to speak with Green Lantern, he will likely explain much of it… J'onn is in need of our help too, if either of you care to reach out to him. He needs to relearn… much." She's of course referring to J'onn losing his memories from the Red Lantern event from earlier this year.


There's a small, formal nod to Dianas' direction as Batman acknowledges her greeting, before he looks to Superman, "Gotham is going to be a mess for a long time to come, but I feel confident in changing that in time." Batman offers in affirmation to Clark, before he takes the coffee, and smells it. A moment later, he takes a sip. But only a sip. Then, he replaces it on the table, and looks back to Superman, "So far, the magical and Asgardian issues have been more of a priority lately for League business. That Speedster that attacked Metropolis is practically impossible to find if he doesn't want to be found. I've been working on finding a means to detect the energy he uses… but by the nature of it, disturbances are hard to accurately find; they have to be using the energy to be picked up."

Then, Batman gives a look to Diana, "I haven't been too involved with his recovery. Is it serious? I was given the impression he had taken precautions to keep his mental faculties intact after the Red Lantern mission." Batman asks, with a note of concern.


A frown crosses the man's face as he presses his lips into a fine line, "I have been focusing on Conner's abilities, and teaching him some of what it means to be…human. I think he is adjusting but has been lonely as of late. I have asked Krypto to keep him company now and again…especially when he is off on missions with his team. I also had a run in with a very large mutant by the name of Juggernaut. He got away but I have been keeping my eyes out for him. I will focus less on the mutant and more on our own team. It seems there has been alot going on and I am sorry I have no been here to help." Clark takes another bite of his pie, "I will look check in with Hal and J'onn as soon as possible."

Batman mentions his challenges, "As Flash likes to rub in my face he is faster then I am. I can hold my own against most speedsters. I can do some patrolling of the city…but magic…we all know that I am not the best for that." He turns his eyes towards Diana, "That is her gift. But I am happy to help against any Asgardian. It would be nice to stretch my muscles." He chuckles softly.


Diana frowns when she hears Batman mention that speedster, she's well aware of the one that he speaks of. "It is something that we need the Flash's assistance with, to be sure. This particular one is very crafty and very… without morals." She is forking at the pie on the plate while she listens to the other two speak.

She does show a brief smile when the name Krypto is brought up. "That is the cutest dog on the entire planet, which is a tall feat to achieve, but that one has accomplished it." She declares, giving a glance and a smile toward Kal. Diana then averts her eyes over to the Batman to see him sipping that special coffee of his.

"Why do they call it that?" She asks then, as curiosity has overtaken her. "Is it overly caffeinated? Is your heart about to -burst- after drinking it?" She asks the man, expecting a grumpy or terse response to her, but she'll ever continue to poke and push at the man beneath the Batsuit to get him to show some emotions, Alfred and she stare that trait.


"He hasn't been very active beyond wrecking a port in Gotham recently and some reports of Central City getting visited, so it's been a wait and see approach." Batman then takes a small device from his utility belt, and places it in the center of the table. His wristcomp is brought up and buttons are pressed, before a holographic display pops up above the table of a file, a few pages on Asgardian myths. Leave it to Batman to bring his work with him to a social table, "With Asgardians starting to become something we're dealing with on a more consistent basis, I've been doing research on all the stories behind them. I would familiarize yourselves with this material in case more trouble from their realm shows up."

Then, Batman taps his coffee mug, "It's a marketing ploy. I just like the taste." There's grumpy for Diana. There's no comment on Conner from Batman; he's never been one to pry into personal relationships with no relevance to serious issues.


"I can see what files my father left me on the Asgardian's as well. I only remember what I have learned from school. Yet…it might be something to meet one…yet I highly doubt they are Gods." Clark finishes his pie and sets his plate down on the table, "We all know that those who consider themselves gods are merely a more advanced civilization." He looks over at Diana and says, "No offense to Zeus or Hera…but just because they are immortal does not make them gods. Even some have debated from my culture that Rao was a God…I am on the fence myself." He looks back in Bruce's direction and smirks at the explanation of coffee, "I think it means that because the caffeine is so much higher then an average dose it is called that…I figured you could use it with your nightly exploits and all. I had Amazon drop off 10 pounds to the Alfred." As he turns his attention back on the files. Clark leans in and taps the button and it begins to move at super speed and is done within seconds. He nods and says, "Got it."


Diana smiles a little at Bruce's response and dips her chin a single time in a nod. "I understand then." She says back to him as he sets that device down with the Asgardian information. Diana lays her fork down on the side of her plate and then sits up straighter on her chair with her hands on the edge of the table. "Thor is a trusted ally to the League and has recently assisted us in combat, against the Red Lanterns and then the foes that were pushing on the borders of the Bana Mighdall." She throws that tidbit of knowledge out before she sweeps her gaze over to Superman.

"That depends wholly upon one's definition of what a God is." She responds to him. "To you or I, perhaps the Asgardians do not fall under such a title. But… to those that lack the strength and powersets that we possess… then they very much would see those individuals as God-like in nature. This is the same for the ancient Greeks and the Gods of Olympus. With great power…" She lets her words trail off there and then just smiles faintly. "It is a matter of perspective, is all."


"Being an ally now doesn't mean he won't eventually turn on us in one form or another. We've all dealt with mental and mystical control, and his priorities are to Asgard, not to Earth." Batman counters to Diana. Ever prepared. Ever paranoid.

Ever Vigilant.

"I've been meaning to talk to Strange, but I've been busy handling matters in Wayne Enterprises for the last while. We're going to need to work on reinforcing the defenses for the Watchtower and the Hall beyond the physical, if we're going to be effective in defending against further invasion." Batman taps the wristcomp again, and the display turns into a satellite map of the Hall of Justice, "I've been working on methods of detection for the energy used in the recent attack, but I'll need Strange or someone similar for a consult for strategy."


A slight wrinkle of his nose reveals his attitude towards magic, "Always one for back up plans on your back up plans." He smiles softly, "I am here to help in any way I can. I can try to meet with…" As he cocks an eyebrow towards Diana, "You mean the actual Thor from myth? You have been busy my friend." He chuckles softly, "I can try and meet with Thor. I can spar with him and get an assessment of his strength and skills if you have not done so Diana. I have to agree with Bruce. I am not immune to attacks and there are things in place that if it were to happen I would expect you both to follow through with. There is no harm in being prepared." Clark stands up and floats over to the closest counter and gets one of the to-go cups. He floats back to the table and begins to pour Bruce a cup of coffee. He sets the cup down in front of the man since he knows the man will not stay longer then he has too…or wants too. A smirk escapes his face, "Speaking of sparring. I do believe you promised me a few lessons in some hand to hand Diana in a place that we won't wreak."


Diana doesn't comment on Bruce's response to her, she knows full well that he'll pursue this understanding of Asgardians regardless of what she says about them either way. She offers Bruce a slight smile then before turning her head back to the plate of half finished pie piece in front of her. "Thor is a very capable fighter. He very nearly threw his hammer right into my face in a fight that we desperately needed him for. It was great to have him as well… I hope he returns to us soon, he is quite fun company as well." She looks up then to Superman and shows him a faint grin while her dark eyebrows rise up at his sparring suggestion.

Diana looks back down at her plate then while shaking her head right to left and using her fork to wedge off another piece. "I did not ever say that." She replies. She lifts up a piece of pie and just before she pops it into her mouth she speaks again. "I said that I would show you how you, in all your Sun Powered Greatness, cannot stand up to an Amazon like me." She then grins as the pie piece is placed within her mouth and behind her red hued lips, trying to keep a grin at a minimum while she tastes the oh-so-good food.


The mechanical armored cowl betrays nothing of Batmans expression… but when Diana offers to spar Clark, a small frown comes to his face. "I can recommend some mountain ranges far from populated areas, if you two are looking to do a little landscaping." Dry humor. It's a specialty of Batmans, even with the broody look. He takes another sip, before he taps a button, turning the projector off.


"Stop that press! Was that a joke?" The journalist blinks and cocks his head to the side making his attempt at some humor of his own but the man can not tell so he smirks just the same, "I am sure Diana has some magical floating isle where I can show her…" He looks in her direction, "My sun powered awesomeness…was that it?" He chuckles softly as he smoothes his facial features and says, "In all seriousness."

He takes a sip of his own coffee before adding, "I am happy to see both of you. My comm will be on more often and I will be anywhere I am needed within moments if you call upon me. Now that I know of the Lanterns plot, and J'onn's challenges I will check in on them. I will also make a point to me try and meet…Thor. Is there anything else you two want to discuss while we are all here?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.


Diana just leans back in her chair then and sets the fork down once more on the plate. She crosses her legs at the knee and places her hands on top of one another over her upper thigh. She looks from Superman over to Batman and then back again. "Ha ha… I am not going to tear up mountains in a fight that does not need to happen. Cute offer though…" She smirks just a little. "I have to stand up for my people and remind all of you that Amazon means more than 'shopping on the internet' these days." Diana can joke too!

At Kal's last question then, Diana's head his shook in dismissal. "Nothing else is pending for me at the present moment. I have been focused on my day to day, patrolling Manhattan's skies when possible but otherwise focus on the work at the Embassy and the Cultural Center that I have opened down the street from it."


"Nothing that requires immediate attention on my end." Batman replies as he begins to sip his cup, before he glances to Diana, "Any sparring match between you two is going to cause collateral damage unless you're in a vibranium arena. Adamantium might be an effective barrier, but that'd require testing." There's a moment as Batman purses his lips, "Making a cell for superpowered entities from those materials might be worthwhile, at least."

Batman then gives a glance to Clark, "I've been told my humor is unique," Batman offers. "I like to think of it as refined."


As he smiles, "I think refined is the perfect word." Superman looks at Diana as he stands, "I know the both of you have alot on your plate. I don't want to take too much of your time. Thank you for stopping by and for the down load. As I said…use the comms and I can be anywhere on the planet within minutes. I want to start taking a more active role now that I have some of things in order for myself. And since I trust either one of you with my life. My offer goes to you first…and branches out from there."


Diana just grins at Bruce's words. "I would do my best to try to be careful. Besides… I am not sure there is enough of those rare metals in all of Wakanda, or the entire world for that matter." She then smiles to Superman as she rises up to take her plate. She's a refined woman and is prepared to clean up after herself, the Hall's kitchen is just down the corridor a ways.

"I thank you for calling us together." She says to him before looking at them both. "It inspires the whole League to see the three of us united. I have seen it in their faces, felt it in the air." She shows them both a smile then before she turns to walk for the double doors. "Tell your mother 'Thank you' and that it was delicious!" She says back over her shoulder to Clark.


Batman listens, but says nothing as they talk about trust and inspiration. it works for some… but the Dark Knight has never been one to rely on those concepts, not in his style of vigilantism. He says nothing against it though; it works for others sometimes, "status updates are important." Batman concedes as he stands up, and looks to Superman, "The Flash might be faster then you, but if we're going to have any hope of actually stopping Professor Zoom, it'll be with the whole League coordinating. Zoom is just as fast as Flash, so the only way he's going to be taken down is interception while The Flash is keeping him moving. That will require a level of precision we've never had to use before." The holo-projector is taken.

"I have a few ideas in that regard, and I'll keep in touch about it." Batman starts to head back to the teleporter, giving a goodbye nod, "Diana."


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