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May 26, 2018:

Cable speaks with the Westchester DA regarding the X-Arrests of May 12th.


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Robert Scartino; the Westchester's District Attorney’s grey hair and mustache are neatly trimmed. He wears a dark suit – the attire he wore both during his tenure with the FBI and later as a judge.

There is a knock on the door and a male paralegal sticks his head in the door, “General, Mr. Summers is here.” Scartino closes the lid of his laptop and motions for him to be brought in.

Nathan Summers; seemingly the mixture of Atticus Finch and a Professional Wrestler. He is dressed in a crisp seersucker suit of white and dark blue stripes. He carries an accordion file and gives Robert a knowing smile.

“Nathan,” Robert stands and moves to the side of his desk to take the fellows hand, “I only see you at election time or when you want to give me a hard time and I don’t run for two more years. This is about the individuals from the institute and the music store?”

Summers shakes the other’s hand, “Unfortunately, General,” Nathan says in his gravelly baritone, “in my opinion the State doesn’t have much of a case on this one. No audio. No video. A witness statement that’s vague and written at a fourth-grade reading level. You’ve got Officer testimony—"

“Let me stop you right there, Nathan.” Scartino says, “I read your motion. I’ve spoken with the Sheriff and I know all about the officer’s disciplinary history. Just because a man has used a racial slur doesn’t mean that he can be violently disarmed for doing his job. You’ve got one woman who claims she’s bullet proof and another woman who is apparently tied to goddamn Magneto. He had every right to draw down on them.”

“Graham v Conner,” Cable asserts, “He doesn’t get the benefit of hindsight.”

“Okay,” Scartino concedes, “but the other girl said she was bullet proof.”

“Why would she say that unless she thought she was about to get shot?" Nathan asks him, “Was he trained to draw a firearm on pair of twenty-five-year-old girls because they wanted to know why some bigot was kicking them out of a record store? Don't you think that his own racism, documented by his department, is a more likely motivator to what escalated the situation?” Summers takes a deep breath there, “I’m trying to do you a favor. This is peanuts; no one was hurt. Its also an issue of police profiling, racial intolerance, and Westchester County's failure to appropriately take corrective action against a bad officer.”

The DA's gaze narrows in mild offense,“So your position is that if I don’t cut you a deal on this you’ll take this to jury and then everyone to federal court? Sounds like you have your closing argument worked out. It’s not my job to back out of a fight.”

Nathan nods there, “I know. That's why I support you,” rolling his shoulders, “happy to fight this out, Robert. I just feel like given the situation we probably both have a better way to use our resources.”

Robert Scartino just nods as if to only indicate that he’s heard the other man’s words, “I understand your position. Glad we had a chance to catch up. I've got another appointment coming in just behind you."

Cable nods and then exits.

A few minutes later Scartino pulls out his phone and dials, “Ed,” Robert says, “I need you to contact a witness and verify some things for me..”

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