[CUTSCENE] Clarifying a Statement

May 17, 2018:

Cable investigates the X-Arrests of May 12th.


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Mentions: Polaris, Cyclops, Rogue


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X-FORCE LOG - May 15, 2018: Members of the school were arrested on Saturday after unnecessarily escalating a basic encounter with law enforcement. I do not often have the opportunity to exercise my legal talents and have determined that in the interest of keeping my skills sharp I will intercede on their behalf.

[Interior – Music Store]
A black and white security camera feed. The door to the shop opens. The feed goes to STATIC.

[Interior – Music Store]
The door to the shop opens permitting a man inside.

Nathan Summers; seemingly the fusion of Ben Matlock and a power lifter. He wears a department store quality gray suit that stretches against his physical form. In his right hand he wields a leather executive business bag. Upon entering he lets the door close and reaches to turn the deadbolt before moving for the counter.

The store’s manager, Chris, is occupied. The young man is in the process of taking the protective case off his phone to pull the battery because it suddenly froze. He’s only peripherally aware that someone has entered the store and it isn’t until the man is at the counter, and begins laying stacks of paper bound together by black binder-clips that he stops, “Uhh,” he says with understandable confusion, “Can I help you?”

“Good morning Chris,” Nathan begins, “I’m investigating a crime that occurred on May 12th. Your initial statement to the police was a bit vague and I was hoping you’d clarify it for me.”

Chris blinks and looks to the three stacks of papers, “Uhh, sure. I guess. Detective?” The question hangs a moment and he idly thumbs through one of the stacks without paying much attention to its contents, “What’s all this?”

“That’s your Internet Service Provider’s history of you web access for the past ninety-days. The tagged pages indicate instances where you’ve accessed pornographic sites as well as the videos that were viewed. The final nine pages summarize the content that you have viewed. It seems you are bisexual.”

“This,” he puts his finger atop the next stack, “Is a log of your MMS transactions, your texts, for the past sixty days. The tagged pages indicate where you are sexually explicit with a contact who is not your girlfriend.”

“And that,” he puts his finger atop the third stack, “Is your credit card transactions for the past one hundred and eighty days. At 7:15 on the days you work you depart your residence at 1134 Northwind Blvd and stop at the Gas N Go where you spend approximately $3.48, presumably on coffee. Have you ever considered how useful these transactions are for determining an individual’s location?”

Chris can feel ice in his veins his heart racing, “Wait, no, I don’t —,” his mind is blown, “What do you want?!”

“To discuss your statement,” Nathan produces a final one page document that he sets upon the counter, “In your statement you wrote ‘the mutant asked the officer “what is this about” and then the mutant took apart his gun’”, Nathan says, “I believe what you meant to say is ‘the mutants were leaving when one of them stopped and asked “what is this about” and the officer drew his weapon,” Nathan’s eyes focus upon Chris, “And that you were scared for your safety because they were doing what he asked but seemed to want to know why they were being made to leave.”

“What?” Chris’s hands trembling, “No. The Mutie,”

Nathan’s glare bores into him, “The mutants were leaving when one of them stopped and asked ‘what is this about’ and the officer drew his weapon. You were scared for your safety because they were complying and just wanted to know why they were being made to leave.”

“Think about it,” Cable begins to collect the reams of paper, “The DA will reach out to you soon to confirm your statement. As you spend the rest of the day thinking about this you’ll no doubt be upset that I was here and want to report this,” he begins to close his bag, “but as you calculate your next step remember you have no idea who I am and no proof that I was here but I know /everything/ about you; a fact that could irrevocably change the course of your life and your personal relationships.”

“Think about whether reporting this and facing those consequences is a better decision than clarifying a few words on your statement,” lifting the bag then he nods and in the friendliest possible way says, “Have a good day, Chris,” before exiting the store.

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