[CUTSCENE] Guardian Ad Litem

April 25, 2018:

Cable babysits Aurora whom he saved the day before.


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Fade In…

X-FORCE LOG, April 25 2018: I have unexpectedly obtained custody of Magneto’s grandchild. As of this date I do not know what series of events drove Lorna Dane, daughter of Magneto, into a madness so severe that she would risk harming the newborn, Aurora, although I suspect the incident is a culmination of events which were set into motion by Nathaniel Essex. Unfortunately, the X-MEN have been unable to provide me with any actionable intelligence related to the abductions.

In the near-term this is unimportant as scientific evidence has made clear the importance of human contact during neonatal development. As other than myself Graymalkin is uninhabited and the fabrication of a cybernetic faux-human nurse-maid seems more than a bit ghoulish I have resigned myself to personally providing temporary care. Relevant to my own perception of time, I have not provided care for an infant in many years. In truth, I am finding that the temporary companionship of a living dependent not motivated by ideological war to be refreshing. As an infant she is often asleep and so I have busied myself with a matter related to her long-term care in that downtime.

Adverse Childhood Experiences have a tremendous impact on future victimization, lifelong health, and opportunity. Given the assumed circumstances surrounding Aurora’s birth, daily struggle for survival, the recent abduction, and her current conditions I have calculated that all of these situations intertwined greatly increase the chance of developing chronic physical and emotional conditions. The plasticine nature of the infant mind presents an opportunity to overwrite many of those experiences and replace them with a more pleasant construct.

I have begun devoting my resources to creating complete psychological profiles of Marcos Diaz and Lorna Dane in order to fabricate what I predict will be an ideal history that aligns with the future behavior of both individuals. An ideal situation would be the construction of a reality based upon her immediate future when released from my care. Unfortunately, her future guardianship is hazy at the moment and so I will continue along what I feel is the most probable resolution.


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