[CUTSCENE] Copy-Paste

April 19, 2018:

Cable copies the TRASK collars.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: cyclops, the brotherhood


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Fade In…

X-FORCE LOG, April 19 2018: I have been able to successfully procure a prototype TRASK collar from the BROTHERHOOD. My affiliation with Scott Summers and the X-MEN has left them understandably skeptical of my long-term commitment to our partnership. In truth, I respect both their hesitance to allow me any closer than necessary to meet our joint operational goals and their understanding that the task at hand requires both a consolidation of resources and a strong stomach. I believe that Scott will also see the value in my role as an intermediary although given the recent restriction of my access I am not certain that he will express this value. Regardless, it is a conversation that must occur.

Interior – Fabrication – Graymalkin

The cavernous room stretches wide before Cable whom is dwarfed by the advanced floor-to-ceiling fabricators in an unending assembly-line conveyor. In its hay day the room would have supplied equipment enough to support the advanced colonies set-up by the ancient celestials at the dawn of the time when they still played an active role in the creation of the universe. Now, much of the equipment lies dormant – obviously damaged – the technology required to make repairs unavailable beyond a barrier of time and dimension.

Nathan Summers walks down the center corridor of the seemingly endless room his steps traversing a path designed for the giants of the cosmos. Approaching one of the few active fabricators the space around his body shimmers as force-of-will renders him weightless allowing him height enough to view within an octagon shaped port in the side of the machine, “Professor, how close are we?”

«It is complete. The duplicate’s atomic structure is virtually indistinguishable from the original. It’s rudimentary mechanical and digital function will be unaffected by the variance.»

“Good,” and he reaches for the view-port which splinters into an iris and rolls away permitting him to reach inside. Removing the duplicate collar he turns it over in his hands for a moment an inscrutable look upon his features, “Repeat the process and I’ll seal the original in the vault with the Psimitar.”

«Acknowledged. Will you attempt to reverse engineer the device?»

“No,” Cable says floating back to the floor, “Not the whole thing.” Nathan begins to walk towards the exit, “There’s only a few pieces of it that matter for now and there’s not enough time to pursue advanced degrees in this era’s microprocessor design.”

“I need help; but first I need an accounting of who I can rely on. Prepare the transporter. I’ll be returning to the Institute.”


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