[CUTSCENE] Searching for Faora

April 04, 2018:

Superman searches for Faora.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Faora-Ul


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Fade In…

[Exterior – Thermosphere, Planet Earth – Western Hemisphere]

The yellow light of the sun has travelled almost ninety-three million before it found him. A figure seemingly fixed into place and yet also moving as if locked into synchronous orbit five hundred miles above the island nation of Genosha.

The Last Son of Krypton’s countenance is one of supreme focus. The knot of his dark brow assists in narrowing his gaze; an incredible mixture of telescopic and X-Ray capability searches the war-torn state for someone quite particular.

The Master of Magnetism and his acolytes. Millions of citizens attempting to eek out a purposed existence amidst continual conflict over the right to rule. Each one of them is examined and identified for who they are not before he moves to the next. It is a painstaking search occupying nearly a quarter-hour of his time.

. . o o (She’s not there,) Kal-El thinks with relief as he blinks away the strain of focus and seems to regard the hemisphere as a whole . . o o (But if not there, where?)

So many areas of the world hostile towards the evolution of humankind. It could take him hours to search them all and what if it were not futile? What if he finds her?

He shakes his head and the lines of his face darken with a scowl, . . o o (She is obfuscated by anonymity,) he decides, (to find her she must be exposed to those who might have cause to encounter her.)

The suppression of Krypton’s dark past has given rise to this situation and so he must be wiser than the council had been. Bare their sins before the light of Earth’s sun and let mankind decide their fate.

Like a flash he moves towards New York. Towards the Triskelion.


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