[CUTSCENE] Titanic Explosion

March 27, 2018:

Superman is called to the Hall of Justice. The Titans Tower has exploded!





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[Interior – Communications Room — The Hall of Justice]

The night duty dispatchers like it dark. Their subterranean lair lies one story beneath the Hall of Justice two semi-circles featuring a half dozen duty stations is broken by and eight foot span with one direction leading to the copy area and the other to the makeshift office that sits adjacent to the two unisex bathrooms.

Only two such stations are active and manned their eight monitors displaying GIS mapping, Computer Aided Dispatch screens, Facebook, and Netflix. The latter of which is paused at current.

Outside there is an electronic ‘bleep’ and the electric CLACK as the locks cycle. The door opens..

Superman strides forward with purpose entering the break between the semi-circles. Offering a hurried but polite wave towards the attendant at his left, "Evening Craig," he turns right and addresses the young woman stationed there, “Helen, how long long as he been on hold?” The Man of Steel asks with a pensive tone.

“Umm,” Helen answers pointing at the call screen, “Forty-Six seconds,” she thinks for a moment, “I /just/ sent out the alert,” quickly explaining, “I didn’t know you were in the building..”

There’s a beat, the Man of Steel’s eyes meeting hers — and then she realizes, “Oh. Wow.”

“Cancel the alert,” Superman affirms before looking across the workstations, “and which headset?”

“This one,” she hands him one of the wireless headphone-gooseneck microphone which he slides over his head before nodding. At that she punches the ‘HOLD’ button on the call screen and the line turns green.

“Mr. Mayor,” Superman’s voice swells with a timbre of confident authority, “It’s Superman, I’m sorry to keep you holding.”

Then he stands there, listening, “Mmhm,” he offers, “Mmhm,” his face darkens, “That is concerning.” Turning he orients himself to face the south of the building and seems to peer upward at a forty-five degree angle, “I can see from here. No sir, it’s not nuclear. No sir, I don’t think it’s a dimensional rift,” then “I’m not sure. Yes sir, I understand that the mid-terms are soon. I agree,” pause, “We’ll take care of it,” he barely nods, “You too sir. Have a good night.”

Exhaling there, Superman lifts the headset from over his ears and hands it back to the dispatcher.

“Would you mind, if I..” He points at her keyboard and she rolls backward. Using mouse and keyboard he opens Lexsoft Word and types out a short paragraph of text with as much speed as a mechanical keyboard will allow.

Then he steps away and addresses the room, both dispatchers, beginning with, “First, thank you for your hard work tonight,” then touching the tips of his pointers together, “If the press contacts us about the explosion in the Titan Tower give them that statement,” then touching the tip of his pointer to the middle finger upon the opposite hand as if moving down the list, “If any league members call let them know that there’s been an explosion and that we’re working on determining what has occurred,” his pointer to his ring finger then, “If the president calls. Let me know.” Nodding there he turns and makes his exit.


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