Logan's Return

June 06, 2018:

Logan returns to the mansion!


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It's been a while. The smells and sounds of the mansion are instantly recognizable and a slight touch of nostalgia hits him as he wanders his way back into Westchester. He reckons it's been around a year since he's been here and he has mixed feelings about being back. He's been busy and now that things have slowed down some, he figured he'd drop by to see what's going on. And what better way to start than by strolling right on in and grabbing a drink.

Trudging through the mansion, he's a bit surprised to not really see anyone as he makes his way to the cafeteria where he hopes they still carry a few bottles of whiskey for him. He makes his way to the kitchen and can already smell the sweet odor of his favorite drink in one of the cabinets. Tugging it open, he grabs the bottle and twists off the cap with a subtle grin. Taking a long pull from the bottle, he exerts an 'ahh' before wiping his lips with the back of his hand. It's like some kind of twisted commercial for the whiskey with a murderous runt as the star.


As Logan held the fridge open, a can still there, jiggled and flew out, past him and into the awaiting hand of a green haired magnokinetic. "Huh, hey Logan. Long time no see." She paused, considering him and arching a brow. "You are, our Logan, right? I'm assuming because I don't see as many gray hairs as on the last one." She murmured, popping the top off the can of soda as she paused to sip at it.

Lorna had decidedly changed since Logan had last seen her, a few years ago now. She'd graduated High School, joined the X-men and then fled to go get her degree somewhere. Now she was back, rocking her green hair proudly, and with a more punk-rockerish vibe of clothes. Extra cheap nickle jewelry and a new wedding band on her finger. Of course, beyond all of that was a sling around her front that held a gently dozing blue haired baby in it.

It was definitely her own judging by the smell. Not that Lorna ever came across as maternal.. and three years ago she had been fooling around with Alex Summers.. who was definitely not around.


While Logan and Lorna were chatting it up, they would soon be joined by one Marcos Diaz. AKA Eclipse, and Lorna's Husband. He smiles softly to Logan. "Hey Logan! Long time no seeee…" he tilts his head a bit. "…you're not our Logan, are you? Not as many gray hairs..which means you must be their Logan?" He rubs his head just a little bit. "Man…this alternate universe shit is confusing sometimes."

Marcos was more…casual. He often wore flannel shirts, like he is right now. Blue jeans, a wedding band on his left hand on the ring finger. Yep, he was a taken dude. He kisses Lorna rather casually on the lips, then leans down to kiss baby Aurora on the forehead. "How are you Logan? Doing good?"

He looks to his wife and daughter. "and how are my favorite ladies this morning?"


Must've been too focued on the thought of tasting some booze that he didn't sense Lorna around. Idly tilting the bottle in his hand so that the whiskey sloshes around within, the Canuck swivels his gaze in her direction to take in a Lorna that he hardly recognizes. The hair and scent give her away. 'Our Logan' however is a toss up. "Depends, kiddo, I haven't seen you in a few years so I'm guessin' some imposter's been hangin' 'round here in my absence." Hell he can't even keep up anymore, himself.

He rests against the counter as he lifts the bottle to his lips once more and takes a swig just in time for Marcos to stroll in. Taking in the sight of Lorna's apparent hubby, Logan nods in his direction and tilts the bottle towards him in a mock greeting gesture. To be honest, he isn't sure how it's doing at this point. Other Logans popping in and out makes him a little uneasy, but a simple, "Good," is his response. Based on his reaction, it's probably clear to Marcos that there's no recognition coming from the younger version of the man he knew so well.


Lorna grinned as she sipped at her soda and rocked back onto her heels. "Some old-man version of you from another dimension parked his ass on your bed for a few months. Yeah. He was grumpier than you too. Not too bad as a drinking buddy though. Came to my trashed and ruined wedding in Genosha. So there was that." She laughed lightly, as if Sinister crashing weddings was an every day thing.

Of course then Marcos was there and being cute and Lorna was grumbling already as he pecked her lips and then kissed the dozing Aurora. She rolled her eyes, and gently bumped him with her hip as she made to steal a stool and slid into it with a little magnetic help so as to not disturb her daughter.

"Logan, this is Marcos, ah er.. husband. That's still awkward as hell. Sorry, and our daughter.. Aurora. She's new." She murmured, her voice dry and laced with humor. "Marcos this is the not-old-man Logan, and I mean, he's still older than dirt, just not older than .. hmm, the continents? Yeah we'll go with that."


Marcos takes note that this Logan has practically no idea who he is, and that makes him look slightly sad. But after Lorna bumps him playfully with an eye roll, he chuckles. "What? was it something I said?" He teases her, moving to her side once more as Lorna makes introductions.

"Nice to meet you again, Logan." he chuckles softly. "Or at least…another you? It's weird." and he smiles. "I'm Marcos. Nice to meet you. Old but not as old as the continents huh? Good to know…" maybe Marcos is starting to think that Logan is like those guys who chill on the mountains and give 'wisdom' to passerbys.

"So then…where -did- you go then?" he asks curiously.


An old-man Logan, eh? The idea actually sounds kinda interesting. Although as miserable as this Logan is, he can't imagine the pure hell that just being alive must be for an even older version of himself. Guy must've seen some real shit in his day.

"Sorry t'hear yer weddin' was ruined, darlin'," he says with about as much sympathy as his voice is capable. He glances over at Marcos after introductions and offers a nod in his direction, "Nice meetin' ya, kid." If a Logan from another dimension liked the kid, he can't be all that bad he supposes. "Went to Japan for a while," he answers and suddenly looks like his mind is elsewhere. He is similar to an old wise man dishing out wisdom on a mountaintop, if that wise old man was a grumpy murderer whose tryin' to be a good person. So pretty much the same. "Ran into some old friends," must explain being gone for a year or so clearly.


Lorna shrugged as she sipped at her soda, and as Aurora half awoke, shifted the sling to better heft up her daughter. The cranky baby's stirring caused electrical sparks to break out all over Lorna's skin, lifting her green hair for a brief instant before it all faded. "Eh, we lived. Mostly intact. We did a Vegas wedding instead. I wanted to go to Dennys, but Marcos didn't want to. So we ended up at Graceland." She murmured.

"You missed it, the older you tried to clock Scott a few months ago." She grinned and glanced at Marcos and back. "Still glad to see you back."


Marcos ahhhhs just a little bit to Logan, nodding a few times. Logan does look like a rage-happy murder machine, but he's actually a totally nice (COUGHS) guy! He does show a bit of a sad look on his face. Yeah, he remembers when everything went to shit the first time they tried to get married. But thankfully, it took two tries to get it right. Second times a charm? yes? No? okay.

His eyes shift to Lorna as he tilts his head at her. "What is with you and wanting to get married at Dennys?" he laughs a little bit, leaning in to kiss her cheek just because he likes to tease her.

Eyes shifting back to Logan. "Yeah, you probably would have loved it too."


It would appear that age doesn't make you less annoyed at Scott. "Too bad the old man ain't still around. Could trade a few Scott-slappin' war stories," he says, another grin creeping across his lips.

He glances at Marcos and offers a slight shrug, "Would've been a good time I'm sure, although I'm not too sure about the booze selection at a Denny's." The hand not holding onto the whiskey bottle idly slips into his pocket and fingers the fresh cigar he's saving for later on tonight as he glances down at the child, "Aurora's a good name, kid." He steps closer to get a better look, trying his best to soften his expression so he doesn't terrify the poor girl.


Lorna grinned as she looked up at Logan as he came over from the fridge and she set her soda down to properly hold onto her now awake daughter. The little girl blinked wide, brown eyes around and made a few gurgling noises as her mother eased her back and forth in her arms. "Hey, pancakes are awesome. Don't diss 'em." She drawled even as she glanced at Marcos and he kissed her cheek again. She gave him the look, and passed Aurora into his arms.

It would seem Aurora wasn't scared at all, and continued to look toward Logan, in curiosity. Tiny, chubby hand shoved into her mouth where she drooled. Lorna smiled again. "We named her after the Aurora Borealis, Marcos has solar powers.. and well, when they hit my magnetsphere we make rainbows.. I know, I know it's sickenly sweet. We thought she might end up with those powers.. But well, she's a little electric storm instead. Which.. is commonly seen when there's high amounts of solar flares or spots.. hitting the Earth's magnetosphere.. again. I just got the wrong science part. Oh well." She coughed, coloring as she glanced between the men.

"I'll be right back. I forgot her bottle upstairs." She murmured, and hurried off.

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