Charlie Work Pt 2 (Car Chase)

June 04, 2018:

Rogue and Gambit flee the Night Club from a crazy Liquid Metal-kind-of-Enemy who chases them to their car!

Night Club in NYC


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Remy has successfully turned Rogue into a true criminal, but it's not quite as bad as it sounds. She's stealing from an anti-mutant hiring gangster who has something worth taking in his office. Something, that Rogue has made Remy promise they would give to less fortunate people once they figure out what it was. The thief reluctantly agreed and is now leading the two of them back down the hallway they came in from and over the pile of rubble and damage caused by Rogue walking through a wall to beat up some guy with a gun.

The padded hallway is still dark and colored with ambient neons, though half the hallway flickers due to the damage caused earlier, adding to the darkness and creepy nature of the whole operation. WIth the two walking confidently, but slowly as they're still expecting the chance for some opposition. "C'mon cheri, we're almos' outta 'ere."


Rogue continues to float down the hallway with the box in her gloved hands and she just has a smile on her face cause… well, its not like she isn't experienced at stealing from perceived 'bad people' its how she survived primarily on her own for so many years after leaving the Brotherhood and Mystique behind (though she's never learned that Mystique had tracked her the whole time and often planted food and money for Rogue to easily acquire).

"That was easier than I expected." Rogue said back to Remy then. "I mean, ya think a guy who treats mutants so badly would prepare t'have some bust inta his place and steal all his prized crap." She's grinning still while floating through the air beside Remy. But she does come to land beside him then. "Why don't we just bust out one'a the windows and I'll fly ya down t'the car where we left it?" She asks him then, glancing down at the safe, starting to get more curious about what all is inside the thing.


"Sounds good t'me." The cajun says, pausing to open the nearest doorway and it's an empty room, as in there's no one in the room, luckily. The cajun turns his attention to Rogue and motions for her to go in first. The room is full of lockers and one wall has a huge bank of computers with a lot of blinking and not blinking lights. A single moniter sits in the large bank, but it's inactive. "Aftah you Rogue." He says, letting her into the room first.


Rogue is looking at the safe when she hears the man aside from her speak her name once opening that door open. "Why thank you, Clyde." She says at him then, of course referencing the dynamic thieving duo of Bonnie and said name above… of course, their story didn't end so well…

Rogue trots into the room with the monitors and the flashing lights and she just narrows her eyes. "I think we've found where the neighborhood watch is operatin' outta." She adds, walking over to a monitor to stare at it. "Ya think this is where they're all worried about…" She looks over at Remy and whispers. "The Greater Good…" Now she's referencing Hot Fuzz, her favorite movie!

Rogue flashes the cajun a grin then.


Remy moves to stand beside Rogue and he rolls his eyes as she makes the joke, but he does smile shyly as she grins that goofy infectious smile. He moves his hand behind her slowly, idly and she'd feel a glove come down on her shoulder. Then at the same time, they would both feel something click against their necks before a metalic WHIRR hisses out and the collars tighten around their neck. The tightness isn't extreme, but it is snug.

Instantly Remy turns to look at Rogue and he's looking at her with brown eyes and he frowns as his hand snaps up to grab at the clunky metal collar. "What tha?"


Rogue watches the Cajun come up at her and she just tilts her head a little to the side before he reaches a hand around behind her. "Ya better watch yourself." She warns the man. "Gonna get yourself down a road thats got a pretty harsh 'dead end' to it." She's told him countless times that he can't touch her, but she's used to him always pushing the envelope when it comes to trying, or teasing her about trying… which sometimes makes her temper flare… and thats not good for anyone.

When the click comes around her neck, with the cold presence of the collar, the safe suddenly drops out of her hands and slams onto the ground in front of her feet. She instantly has her green eyes go wide and her hands go up to grasp at the collar around her throat.

"What the hell!?" Rogue shouts now, having worn one of these things… a few times in her recent past.


The ceiling is drooping, like a painting melting in the summer sun, but it continues to dangle in a rather odd way, like, the bad guy in terminator 2. A pair of arms and hands protrude from the gloop with one on Rogue's shoulder but it pulls away before a voice speaks. "Did not think I'd have to wait so long for one of you to show up, and now I've got two!" A unisex voice says as the goop goes down in a single stalactite to pool on the floor before reforming into a blank humanoid shape. "The boss will be most pleased." It's almost a blank mannequin, a human shape but with absolutely no features.

"What dhe!?" Remy freaks as he turns around and watches the wannabe t-1000 show up in the room.


Rogue's eyes look around frantically while her fingers dig at the collar, she knows all too well what these things do. "Remy, run!" She shouts at him, thinking that maybe if nothing else he can get back out the way they'd come into this room while that 'thing' descends down from above.

The southern belle turns around and reaches for a chair… she may not have super strength right now, but she can at least pick up a chair and use it to slam at the 'thing' that just drooled its way down from above at them while taunting them.

"Eat shit, ya snot wad!" Rogue shouts as she tosses the office chair at the 'thing' and then turns to move but catches an edge on the safe's corner and ends up just tripping and stumbling over it! She's back to being not very graceful without her flight power, and… back to feeling pain, and boy did that hurt on her shin!


Remy has started to move towards the door and halts to hold it open, and watches Rogue through the chair and he balks when it gets lodged into the liquid living pudding figure. It doesn't seem to hurt the thing as it turns with the chair in it, without moving the chair, it's 'face' following Rogue as she moves.

Remy leans forwards with his hands out to catch Rogue as she tumbles and he does his best to keep her on her feet while orienting her out back into the hall. "Go! Ah'm right behin' ya!" The cajun says with a frown as he tries to slam the door behind them.

Footsteps clomp loudly as they try to get down the stairs, while the seam of the door is clogged with the Mannequin and it starts to rise up, but not in a human shape, but in a weird large egg shape that rolls down the hall towards them.


Rogue does stumble, but Remy's hands help steady her and in this condition with the collar on there's no fear of touching the southern belle and facing consequence, right now she's just a normal woman like any other out there… at least in some respects!

Rogue looks over to the Goo Man as she starts to run, bolting out back into the hallway and actually being able to slow herself down so she runs right shoulder-first into the wall which knocks the air out of her, but not enough to stop her, just slow her down some. "Come on!" She shouts after Remy before turning toward the stairs and moving to descend them. "Is that a mutant?" She shouts, "What the hell!" IF they can get back home, she knows they can get tehse damn collars off… and smash them!


"I don't know!?" Remy says with a gasp as he goes down the steps two at a time and draws a playing card and throws it at the doorway they're running to, only to have it bounce off the wood and fall by the time they reach it. "Right. Stupid Remy." He says to himself and he pushes his feet harder to get ahead of Rogue and he slams his shoulder into the door.

The thief is having an easier time than Rogue because he's not used to flying, or being invincible or any of the things she's used to. He's still basically himself, except it's harder to see. "I don't know WHAT dat was! Jus' get to dhe car!" He says, ducking as they enter the dance floor and the Mannequin is already there waiting for them with a large meat pulvierizer for a hand swinging at them!


Rogue sees the Cajun toss the card lifelessly toward the door, at least it was still a good throw… whenever she tries to toss a card like him it just flutters around in the air and drops down near her feet generally…

"Come on then!" Rogue shouts back at him, her Dodge Charger was just parked outside across the street, not far at all!

But when the Shapeshifter appears again out in the main dance room, she sees the mallet hand just before it swings it at them! Rogue screams, a rare noise out of her, but since she can be hurt now she's back to fearing pain!

But rather than getting hit, the southerner drops down to her butt and sliiiiides across the dance floor underneath the mallet and right into a table and chairs set!


Glass and drinks come crashing down on and around Rogue as she hit the table and chair's hard enough to knock them all over and even the next table over. It's going to be a hell of a mess. The Mannequin's missed mallet smashes into the door as Remy also ducks under it and he twists while sliding on the tile, his boots catching the tile and vaulting him back to his feet in a single motion. Like a baseball player.

He moves the step over to Rogue, his boot crunching on top of broken glass and ice, "C'mon love. It's gonna hurt later, but lets go." The cajun's hand is extended and grabbing onto Rogue's wrist and pulling her up.

The Mannequin is using the mommentum of the missed attack to spin and land onto the floor with a kind of splash before it moves as a pile towards the pair and a reverse lawn mower type of blades starts to rise up rushes at them, spinning sharp and huge blades.


Between the two of them, Remy definitely was the more graceful… even without mutant powers, he could move in ways that Rogue simply couldn't… she was a wrecking ball and he was the figure skater (or ninja, ninja is more manly right?)

Rogue is back onto her feet with his help, through her scarf has come undown from around her neck and is hanging down further on her right side than on her left. She's covered in water and some other drinks… alcoholic likely, but it doesn't seem to bother the girl.

AS she runs, she knows that that Thing is behind them so when they pass by a cart of drinks and glasses she grabs onto the top of it and shoves it over behind them! Glass and liquids goes everywhere!

"This guy is a better shape shifter than even Mystique!" Rogue shouts at Remy while they're pursued by the Lawn Mower Man behind them!


The blades seem to absorb and pass right through the drinks and cart and everything seem to not phase it in the slightest. "You will halt." The thing says in a calm voice as it continues to persue the duo. It changes it's spinning blade shape into something more speedy as it is now a large oblonged wheel that somehow keeps changing to where the heavy end is nearly on top and keeps making it go faster and faster. A pair of arms weilding lengthy blades form out of the center of the tire and it keeps zooming closer and closer.

Remy keeps pulling Rogue as he really wants to get into the metal car to get away from the … whatever the hell that thing is! He lowers his shoulder once more and plows into a bouncer with a heavy arm, but he spins and is slowed down by the smash but he keeps moving towards the door, quickly getting back up to his high gear.


Rogue is right there with Remy and she steadies him after he plows into the Bouncer. "Sorry!" Rogue shouts to said bouncer. "I mean, run!" She corrects herself before tugging on Remy's arm. "I don't think that thing is even a person!" She shouts as they make it outside and toward the street!

The green and black Charger sits down the side street on the opposite side and Rogue rushes out into traffic, only to stop a Taxi moments before it plows into them both. She puts her hands down on the hood of the yellow cab, glares at the driver for a second and then races off around the driver's door toward her car in the distance.

Rogue starts fishing the keys for her car out of her pocket, she'd fallen on them back there inside the Club so she knows they're still in there, along with her phone and a money clip. "I got it, I got it!" She frantically utters while unlocking her car and preparing to jump inside it!


As Rogue's grabbin' her keys, Remy slides across the hood and opens the door before he slides into the seat and motions for Rogue to step on it. "Go go go go!" He is crying out, bouncing up and down, looking out the window and leaning over the seat to keep an eye on where that /THING/ is.


Rogue is inside the car in a flash, the door shut, the keys in, the car rumbling to life with a growling perfection of machinery in muscle car, and then she's shifting the stick into drive and roaring out into… New York traffic.

"Shit!" Rogue shouts as she glances over her shoulder quickly, then looks forward and just yanks the wheel to the left to zip around the cars ahead of her. She tears out into the intersection to a series of loud honks and angry onlookers.

"At least we're not far from the edge'a the city, we can get outta this congested crap in a few minutes!" Rogue looks over to Remy quickly. "You didn't know about whatever the hell that was did you?!" She shouts at the man.


"Of course I didn't…" Remy says as he climbs over the back of the bench seat and into the back seat so he can look for the Mannequin with a horrified and rapid scanning.

In the darkness it's impossible for either Rogue or Remy to keep an eye on the creature, and yet, they wouldn't see it if they could. The reason is because it stayed inside the club. The thing had no further reason to pursue the two. But they wouldn't know that.

"Ah didn' have a fuckin' clue dere was a kinda t'in' like dat at all! No idea." Remy says between glancing out the back window and scanning out of the passenger Window, with his hand hooking a finger between the collar and neck and tugging with zero luck at budging it.


"Well did I summon it??" Rogue shouts back at him after he crawls into the back of her car while she speeds down the street… She's a remarkably good driver, a skill she picked up from Carol Danvers: Action Hero Extraordinaire. Rogue is of course referring to her taunting the security on that place back there while they were making their escape, right before the 'Thing' showed up.

She flexes her neck inside that collar and releases a loud annoyed groan. "Gotta get this damn thing off'a me!" She shouts while using one hand to tug at it like Remy was. "I don't like feelin' like a caged animal!" She also didn't like knowing that a collar was altering her genetics… fucking science nerds!

Once the traffic lets up some, Rogue lays her foot on the gas pedal and her muscle car roars forward at tremendous speed, better hope no cops are nearby!


"Ah'm notta fuckin' Warlock! Ah don' know if ya summoned it like some backwater witch o'not!" The thief says as he slides across the back seat to look out the drivers window and then the back again.

"Ah don' see it." He says, his breath shallow and his heart beating incredibly fast but he does see Rogue freaking out about her collar and he leans forward and puts his hand on hers, "You focus on drivin'." He says, his hand starting to look at the device and spinning it against her bare skin.


Rogue mutters at his words and when he reaches over and touches her to calm her she does-so, remarkably, and mostly because he's right… she's not invulnerable right now and if they wrecked they'd both be pavement pancakes. So when he says he doesn't see it, she lays off the gas a little and just moves on across the bridge to the northeast out of Manhattan. It was the quickest way out of the city but it'd be a bit longer to get north to Westchester from here.

"I can't handle this thing bein' on me, Remy." She tells him. "It brings back all'a the worst memories." Her eyes dart up to the rear view mirror partially to look behind them and partially to look back at him behind her. "I don't care if Colossus has t'rip this thing off'a my neck, I need it off'a me!"


"Ah don' like it, but Ah'm sure ya are much mo' uncomfortable dan I am." He says with a frown but he does brush her hair softly behind her ear as he keeps looking at the device.

"Ya know Petah would probably still hurt ya real badly, ya's a human until aftah dis t'in' comes offaya." He says with a frown to Rogue as he realizes now that they don't have the safe any more either. Shit he's going to HAVE to go back eventually. And the sooner the better.


Rogue feels the hand stroking her wild hair back behind her ear, and after he speaks those words she shakes her head side to side. "I don't care if he does." She tells him. "Just… get Logan in the same room and I'll lay a head on him for a second." Its a dark humored joke, that might be laced with more not-joke than Logan may like. But hey, at least he mostly recovers from her touch more than all others do!

Rogue is breathing a bit more easily now that they've got the city behind them and they're rolling along past the commercial center of an outerlying New York City zone. "I'm sorry I dropped it." She told him. "The safe. Once this damn… thing… got put around me, the safe just turned inta a brick. I hate this… I hate bein' this weak. It feels like I'm weaker than a piece'a a wet paper!" She slaps a hand against her steering wheel and her hand just bounces right back off of it again, and it hurts a little too which just keeps fueling that raging temper of hers… that she's trying to keep contained.

"We'll be home in thirty minutes." The southern belle mutters, her eyes glancing at the rear mirror again.


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