Gem Heist - The Smash-quel

June 01, 2018:

A tip on a possible Cyttorak Gem Shard leads Juggernaut to come calling after the last one turned out to be fake. Somehow there's property damage involved.

Midtown Manhattan


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Despite the Law Enforcement frenzy caused by a sighting of The Juggernaut about a month or more ago, the famed super-villain hasn't actually been publically seen in New York so far as activity goes.

Oh sure, he's been around. A news story from Metropolis speaks of a sighting and a brief encounter with the Man of Steel himself, but beyond's at best rumor and heresay.

The same can't be said of a particularly gigantic red haired and slighlty unshaven brute of a man who has been in and out of bars and dives in Mutant Town, Salem Center and various coffee shops and yogurt joints scattered around Manhattan. Such a behemoth, though big, isn't really any more outrageous then some particularly big men - or metas - and so life goes on. Life's even going on as said red haired brute watches an armored convoy pull up outside of a private business specializing in private vaults and securing holdings near the edge of Central Park. He glances at his watch. Up at the large building, back at his watch and then the convoy and then shrugs and casually steps onto the sidewalks only to eventually disappear into a large alleyway. Maybe to take a leak.

Meanwhile, the convoy guards, private security, busy themselves unloading various goods and sundries to take into the facility. A red gleam from something small briefly shines from within one particular crate as its unloaded.


When one is slumming it, any alley can be a harbor. At least, until someone kicks you out of it. And today, Drake the vagrant teen is trekking Midtown Manhattan in search of somewhere next to bunker down. It's wisest to not stay in one place for too long, especially after making his presence known against an odd, amorphous supervillain with the help of a gold robot. Who knows what kind of enemies he may've made with that little stunt? But for now, he's just trying to beat the heat in a hoodie, hands stuffed into the central pouch and head canted down.

Nothing seems out of sorts for him yet. His mind is occupied with finding shade and probably afterwards, procuring food.


For her part, Molly was simply in the area running errands. She wasn't really doing anything as interesting as Juggernaut or even as simple as slumming it, so to speak. She was simply going to grab various things that were needed back at the mansion and a few things for herself. She'd only just gotten started when she walked toward the area with the armored convoy and is stopped by one of the guards and directed to go around. SHe blinks and nods before shrugging and going to cross the street.


There's a sudden flash of red light from the alleyway the big man vanished into a mere seconds before Drake steps near its entrance. Then—

Seismiometers across the city begin going off. Heavy *TOOMS* resound through the area. People stumble. Cars screech to a halt, windows crack and then suddenly Juggernaut appears, bursting into view through the walls of a parking garage attached to the alleyway and thundering into the streets, heading into traffic and across it towards the convoy and the vault in question. Growing chasms and massive footprints are left in his wake as he belts out a deep rumbling, "Make way! JUGGERNAUT'S HERE!!" as if the panicking people needed any reason to scatter and run for cover.

"Holy..!" shouts one of the guards near Molly, who then immediately takes out his firearm and begins unloading on the approaching behemoth. The earthquakes causing the steps behind him to sunder and shatter and the building itself to quake violently.


What a merry occasion to be out this fine day, taking part in the great urban experiment that is civilized America. Take in the colossal buildings! The vendors hither and yon! The earthquakes! Wait, earthquakes? Drake hadn't experienced one of those since leaving California. The source almost immediately appears before him, and the teen bowls over onto the sidewalk. "Waugh!"

He pops back up to a seated position, hands bracing behind his back on the ground as he stares in confusion after the self-proclaimed Juggernaut. It takes very little time to determine his target. And with another quick look around, he doesn't spot any hero-types in the area. "Alrighty, then…"

The hat currently perched on his head is quickly joined by the hood of his outerwear in what most would describe as overkill. The shades hanging from his collar are placed over his eyes. It doesn't go very far to hide his face, but it's /something/ to lessen identifying traits.

In short order, the teen is on his feet, hands held out to either side. Shimmering brilliant blue electrical energy appears to be gathering in his palms, but it's more for show than anything; he doesn't need to 'charge up' for his projections. But sometimes the threat of being bolted is enough to end a situation.

"HEY!," he shouts. "HEY, JUGS! IT'S RUDE TO PUSH!"


A blink as the ground shakes and she steps back a step as she watches the Juggernaut come out. She stares and blinks a few times as she steps back. She then ducks down behind a car and grabs at her bandana. It was her fallback trick and she folds the bandana down to reveal that it doubles as a mask. The pink bandana has two holes cut in it for eyes and when she folds it down and ties it tight, she ends up with an almost Zorro like mask over her head. She then comes out and hops over the car to point at Juggernaut, "Hey…" She then stops when Drake yells and frowns. She then points at Drake, "What he said!"


"What the…this is what is what's passin' as the local do-gooders these days?" grunts Juggernaut as he eyes the two would be heroes and just blinks a few times. By now he's making his way across the main highway. Abandoned cars are flattened under foot as if he were a living Monster Truck rally and given his outrageous size and weight..that's not to far off the mark here.

"Stay out of the way pip squeaks, or should I say sidekicks - cause you sure aint the real deal! You're out of your league and I got something that belongs to me in this building here!"

In short order he'll be plowing right into and through the armored convoy and up the steps. The case with the glowing object has long since disappeared into the building itself though that doesn't seem like it's bothering the incoming freight train with legs overly much.


Drake Riley watches the cars flatten under the behemoth's feet, and his eyes widen. "Holy /crap/." It's the most eloquent observation he could manage. After a quick shake of his head, he refocuses on the scene unfolding before him. The addition of a feminine voice takes his attention, noting the pink Zorro mask. It's a challenge not to grin. It's a challenge he doesn't meet. But he quickly returns his gaze to Juggernaut.

Did he just call him a sidekick? Is he being /ignored/? Drake moves forward, now standing in the ripped-up wake of Juggernaut's rampage. He thrusts his right hand forward, palm out, and issues forward a sudden, sharp 'snap' of a bolt of electricity aimed for Juggernaut's back. It's far removed from the full power he could bring to bear, but he's hoping it'll be more distracting and diverting than damaging yet.

"Better watch who you turn your back on, Jughead! Broad side of a barn mean anything to ya?"


A blink and Molly stares at the big man, "Excuse me?! Did you call me a sidekick?" She then watches him get zapped and shakes her head, "Sidekick?!" She tehn rushes forward and gestures, "Watch the lighting!" She then keeps running right at Juggernaut and jumps up into the air. As she leaps, the ground beneath her feet cracks as she begins to glow. Her eyes first but as the anger on her face grows the whole of her hair and body begins to shimmer with purple glow and she calls out, "The name is PRINCESS POWERFUL!" And she knows she promised Juggernaut something last time…only this time he might not be ready for it as she hits him with a punch that could cause diamond to crack.


Well it looks like it's lesson time.

Princess Powerful takes the baiting of the behemoth, it seems. Just before her leap the energy attack slams into the giant but he continues on, not reacting to it. More power then that will be needed to get his attention. Perhaps it's incoming? As Princess Powwerful lunges in towards Juggernaut, the behemoth just sort of raises an eyebrow and keeps coming. What happens next is something out of a mini version of one of those asteroid impact movies as her fist lands wholesale against him with force that would do the Hulk proud..except it's against The Juggernaut. In motion.

Newton's Third Law kicks in, sending the shockwave of her attack rebounding backwards along with Juggernaut's own charging force, long considered one of his signature attacks even when he's not coming full speed. Her invulnerability will save her but she's going to go flying along with the armored cars, the sidewalk and ground as it peels up around them in a rapidly expanding crater, nearby trees and cars and anyone else on the fringe of that attack. Fortunantely most of the guards had cleared and given some distance so there's no casualties but windows shatter up and down the street, raining shards down onto combat zone as people as far away as the edge of the park are knocked from their feet from the earthquake.

As for Juggernaut? Well..again he's The Juggernaut. He just keeps going, plowing through the punch and past the impact zone with a visible shockwave around him only to deliberately slow towards a stop near the outside of the battered entrance to the vault.


Drake Riley's projection lands, and it may as well have impacted with a fart sound. The teen blinks, then slouches. "Oh-kay, then. Make me do this the hard way." His right hand starts to raise, only to be shouted down by the girl. "Wha- you can't be serious…" In his eye, a normal-sized teenaged girl is leaping at a monstrocity of force. He's pretty sure he's about to see a girl die today. "Don't-!"

She's glowing. Impact happens. Drake is close enough that he's bowled over to the sidewalk again. When he recollects himself several feet further than where he'd been standing, there's a crater and a Juggernaut still moving forward. He nips onto his bottom lip, severely concerned for the girl, but knowing Juggernaut needs to be halted before more happens. Running forward to clear himself from the confines of the alley again, his arms ignite in torrents of roiling electricity. The arms thrust forward, and a heavy blast of concentrated electricity is shot towards his target's back.

"Don't make me fry you, bud!" For everyone's sake, actually. The more power he puts out, the more he risks killing someone. That's a line he doesn't want to cross a second time.


The impact is what Molly expected. The impact part that is. Not the reverberation part. She figured that punch would be more than enough to stop the Juggernaut and she's sent flying backward. She slams into a wall of the building and craters it with an oof. Her purple glow vanishes a moment later as she slumps down and debris falls on and around her. She coughs and wheezes as the wind was knocked out of her, halting her powers back to their base line.

She slowly reaches down to her pocket and pulls out a small device that was built to withstand this level of force. She then speaks into it, coughing, "Hey…" Cough cough "This is Bruiser and…" Cough. "Juggernaut…Midtown…" Cough cough "rampage…" And then she drops it and winces, "Whoa…"


A thunderous roar of rock being sundered and metal being twisted and the earth shaking occurs as Juggernaut reaches forward, grips the walls of the exterior of the building and then flexes, pulling his arms apart and literally ripping the front of the structure in half. The brutish feat of strength wasn't necessary as it's clear he could have just walked right in..but occasional acts of deliberate intimidation can be fun. More bystanders scatter as debris rains dow from above due to this action and the foundations of the structure buckle under the giants act of parting it like a curtain.

The energy blasts then strike home. Electricity rolls and boils over him, sparking and lancing in wild chaotic directions as well as rippling along the counters of his massive frame. He turns, lifting a hand up to reach out and push back against the assault, partially shielding his upper body with his forarm now though it's unclear if hte blasts are hurting him yet.

"Ugh..this is embaressin'. For me. Wasn't looking for a fight but damn, where's the Avengers or Justice League? Looks like I need to play school teacher to you sidekicks for a minute."

He plunges both huge arms down now, leaning forward into the torrent of energy while getting a grip into the depths of the concrete. Shoulders the size of buicks heave, his arms flex towards suspension bridge cable thickness and he suddenly lifts and rips upwards causing the ground to ripple wildly like a carpet as he uproots it and lifts it aloft. The sort of ground carpet stunt is usually associated with The Hulk but hey, whose counting trademarks.

The rolling shockwave certainly isn't as it makes its way rapidly in Drake's direction.


Drake Riley doesn't keep the energy stream going too long. Weaker bolts, bolts more suitable to subduing humans or those with reasonably human physiology, those can be sustained for a considerable time! But as he begins to reach the upper levels of his current potential, that becomes less and less viable without risking backlash. But it's quickly starting to look like he'll have to tap into those higher echelons of force to deal with this guy, because holy crap, he's /weathering/ it!

Drake would normally have a snappy remark to make here, but sorry, the earth is doing a thing. He only has long enough to give Juggernaut a confused look before he experiences the brunt of the attack, the ground itself bucking him into the air and slamming him back into the wall of an adjacent building. He rebounds off of it and drops to hands and knees, muscles immediately wanting to lock and just work out the fresh pain and fatigue that goes with it.

"What.. the heck.."


There had been a call out and well, Lorna was on hand. Marcos stayed behind with Aurora, and the rest? People were busy. It wasn't that Juggernaut wasn't a threat, it was simply that, at that second, there were other things going on. People weren't available and the green haired mutant was. So she'd jumped into the jet, a few autopilot programs popped on and was cruising to the coordinates picked up from Molly's last comm. The jet screamed and while it took some time for Lorna to arrive, it was faster than other forms of travel more or less.

Then, the green haired mutant came flying from the jet, dropping down from the sky at speed. She'd traded out her cut off jeans and tank top for her costume. A tight fitting solid green suit, lined with steel grey outlines. Tall boots, gloves, and a face framing metal plate that kept her hair from flying into her face.

Plus a cape. She was her father's daughter after all, and had a flair for dramatic entrances, and knew the value of a look in the mind's eye. As she flew down she threw out her hands, metal screaming in the air as she ripped up street lights and cars to build a barrier between Drake and Molly and Juggernaut. It wouldn't do much, but it might gain an element of surprise as she landed beside Drake.

"Alright, who started what?"


The rippling ground flips Molly up but she's able to land on a knee and coughs softly as she lands. She winces and shakes her head, "Jeeze…" She looks back over at the area and then clears her throat. She then sees that Lorna is here. Drake might have lightning and she might have strength but Lorna was like a real X-Man, right? She was all magnetic and stuff. Molly puts her hands on her hips and points at Juggernaut, "He is trying to rob this place and needs to be stopped." She then gestures to herself, she's using a bandana as a mask, holes in it for her eyes, "I, Princess POwerful and another do gooder…" She looks over at Drake, "Teen Lightning!" She nods, "Have been trying to stop him but can't." She nods again.

She then turnsa nd looks at Juggernaut and points at him, "You're in for it now. You got the drop on me once but not again!" SHe then cracks her knuckles and nods.


"Had enough??" thunders Juggernaut after seeing Drake tumble thorugh the air. He spreads his arms wide, swiveling at the waist, turning from side to side like some show boating wrestler on tv. "HuH?! I told you. I'M THE JUGGERNAUT!! i—-I…uh.."

Well that's..unusual. The scrap metal and abandoned cars seem to all be taking on a life of their own, splitting him off from the others and granting a moment of respite to the heroes.

"Mmm..alright fine." he rumbles while dusting his hands off, "Looks like the kids chaperones have showed up. Figures."

He considers his options. Pettiness and the urge for more chaos could send him after them still, but he also came here for a reason.

He points a tree trunk of a finger at Molly after she shouts at him and booms: "I'll crush you clowns later! I'm on the clock here!" he then turns, stepping into the ruined foyer of the Private Vault. The heavy *TOOMS* of his footsteps shaking the ground even as he moves further away from them, granting them a moment to regroup and plan or fall back if they choose - the rumble of his movements continuing to echoe and rumble through the area.


Drake Riley shakes his head a couple times, fighting through the ache in his joints, and very pleased to find that he's not being rushed. That would suck hard. But what does seem to be afoot is a series of metal debris and damages cars starting to block his view of Juggo. "Muh..?"

With a grunt, he pushes himself up to his full height again. The voice draws his emerald gaze to none other than Lorna. "Lo-," he cuts himself off. She's in costume. No real names, probably! But /look/ at her! She's in a legit costume! And despite the punishing slam he just took, he can't help the broad, enthused smile on his face, eyes taking on a sparkly quality. She looks downright majestic, and he couldn't be more impressed. "Ohhh, that's so freakin' cool."

She had been warned last they spoke.

"How lame would it be if I say he started it?," he shouts up at the greenette, still grinning, despite the predicament. "I-"

What did that chick just call him? Teen Lightning? "What!?" He can feel any coolness he'd managed to amass in light of this altercation slipping through his fingers. "Nonono, Hell no, come on!," balks Drake. "I am /not/ Teen Lightning! I'm-.. we'll figure it out later!"

Self-preservation instincts say to remain behind the debris barrier, but Drake skirts it to get a better look at what's going on. Juggernaut has now entered a building, and he frowns. "Hey. What're the odds there are people in there still? And what're the odds that they have a fire sprinkler system?" Drake shares a very particular, very nasty relationship with water where it concerns his powers. It brings out the worst in them; and arguably the best. If the fire sprinkler creates enough of a downpour, he can make it pure Hell in that room. Normally unthinkable, but this monster of a man has to be stopped.


Lorna shot Molly a look, her expression flat and her lips pursed together as she listened for a beat to hear the Juggernaut's retort. She reached up, pinching the bridge of her nose and roughly exhaling. She hadn't suited up in months. Not since Genosha. Now here she was.. in relative 'public' with a bunch of green kids against Cain Marko. Joy of joys. "No, you're not, Bruiser. You and Drake are getting your asses out of here. You don't have the abilities or the training to handle him. We need a team to handle him. What you're doing is making more damage." She sounded like Scott. When did that happen? Geeze.

It must be that maturity that comes from being a mother or something. Ew.

Green eyes flickered toward Drake briefly and she bit back a sigh. Oh boy. Still, she rose into the air, perching on top of her metal-barrier-construct. "Marko, I'm just here to take the kids home." She called, what did she care that he was robbing a bank? She couldn't take him, and she knew there were protocols in place to do so. A team would be assembled and he'd be tracked down eventually. "You know this won't be the end of it."


A nod and Molly is standing there waiting for Lorna to let him have it when…she gives up! Molly blinks and looks over at Lorna before saying, "I was just gettin' started!" She states and then grumbles as she looks back at Juggernaut and then back to Lorna, "Come on!" She grumbles and looks at Lorna with a stomp of her foot which cracks the ground under it just a tiny bit, "Dang it…" She sighs and then looks back at Drake and apparently missed his dismissal of the great name she just gave him. Totally great. The best! She then looks back at the Juggernaut and poitns at him, "You haven't heard the last of me!" She nods her head and then turns to Lorna, "Fine…"


Having ripped the front half of the building in half does much for making it visible what Juggernaut is doing. A large protective vault door lies infront of him and he reaches for it, digging his fingers into the reinforced metal as if it were little more then soft butter. A loud wrenching of stone nad metal occurs as the behemoth literally rips the entire vault free from its moorings and explodes it out with a shower of debris and a further ruining of the structural integrity of the building. "I always like easy check out lines."

Then he hears Lorna and he frowns mildly. She's not totally wrong here. He may have been able to lay low after his stunt in Metropolis but the X-Men are likely to make this personal and keep on hounding him.

"Hey again, greenie. I heard you got put back onto the straight and narrow. To bad, I liked the gleam of mischief in your eyes when you were talking about making trouble." He swivels, holding the vault aloft with one arm, balancing on his palm as he points out of the ruins to the trio, "Maybe I oughta pay my ol'house a visit for a sleepover. Keep things nice and cordial between us all."


Drake Riley is clearly eager to take action. And now that Lorna, a true costumed superhero, is present, he's certain they'll be able to do this with ease. He's even offering a plan of action, sort of, without being able to lay out the whole details. It's time-sensitive, after all. Gotta take the guy by surprise while not hurting any bystanders. And then Lorna drops the bomb.

Drake stares at her, deflated and agog. "The /kids/?," he asks. "/Home/?! This /is/ my home!" Rather than submit as Molly seems to, Drake isn't taking this so well. Outraged may be the better word for it. "Is this what it is you do!? Show up and tell the criminal that you'll just get'em next time?!" But to Polaris's credit, he's not attacking Juggernaut again at this time.


Lorna expected to be fought on both accounts, to hear Molly relent was a relief. "We have protocols in place, He'll be handled later.. I promise." Drake on the other hand? That hurt. But Lorna had fought in Genosha's civil war, she had learned when she was in over her head. And she'd learned when to retreat. Scott would be shocked. A sigh and her hand flexed a gesture as a beam of steal shot out to wrap around Drake's middle soundly. She didn't need to do it to lift the young man into the air..

Then green haired mutant frowned, crossing her arms as she glared at the Juggernaut's figure as he more or less threatened the X-mansion. Also that reference to her time when Malice was in the lead, her frown deepened. "Yeah, well, being evil is boring. You know how any visit'll go too, Marko. Let me take the kids, and we'll continue this dance some other time."


A grumble and she eyes Juggernaut before pointing at him, "This isn't over." she then wlaks toward the exit only to look at Drake and then at Lorna before saying, "Not helping you with him." She poitns at Drake before walking past and grumbling about how she totally had more in the tanks and could take him if she wanted to…


"I aint evil, greenie. I'm just 'bad'…and that's only as borin' as you let it be." responds Juggernaut though there's the -vaguest- hint of him being pricked by that a touch. Evil? Him?

No time for a personal crisis of identity though. He's also, as he put it, on the clock. Not just due to whatever nebulous deed he's been hired to do but because the longer he lingers the more there is a chance of others showing up. He doesn't dream of losing a fight. It's not his nature to contemplate such possibilities. He can, however, envision matters being complicated to the point he doesn't complete his task.

"…Alright, consider it a token nod towards .. 'What could have been.'… I'll let it all slide…" He gives Molly 'wink'? And then turns and is suddenly charging away from the trio, carrying his prize and with the ground violently rocking as he thunders away and through another wall.

Some distance away authorities will find the vault broken open and ..all of its contents inside? Odd..

Either way, he makes his exit.


Drake Riley's outrage becomes a silent boil as Polaris, once again, refers to him as a kid. He doesn't even fight the metal as it's wrapped around him. But those eyes that were full of admiration are now balefully glued to the green-haired woman. No amount of sunglasses can hide the betrayal behind them.

"She's got nothing to worry about," Drake says lowly, likely not even able to be heard by Molly. "I don't hurt bystanders."


Lorna shook her head, glowering herself rather darkly in Juggernaut's direction. Then promptly floated down from her position on top of the wall. She glanced at Drake briefly and heaved a sigh, letting him go when it seems he's not about to go and do something foolishly reckless (like she used to do). The metal fell with a clang and Lorna pursed her lips together. "You both don't know how to handle him. We have profiles on the guy. We don't have a full team together and going in with anything less is stupid and reckless. Okay? I'm not saying that because either of you are weak. I couldn't take him. Not for long anyways." She shook her head.

"Drake, we'll get him. Just not right now."


Storm had heard the call over the comms for aid, familiar names flickering over the readout and interface - but Drake… A relative Unknown save for recent 'Hall Pass' to Xavier's.

Storm's wake up call was admittedly late, but she had bargained and fought (literally!) to take on a load in regards to Golconda so Scott would actually rest, but only under th threat of her tranqing him if he refused.

Juggernaut, however, was not forgotten, nor her extended 'offer' that had yet to lead to the Gates. Here was a midway point at least? Almost there, but not quite…

Lowering to the streets, the upheaval is still full force as the Nubian Mutant casts a turbulent chilled blue gaze across the surroundings and settles upon Lorna, Molly, and Drake. "Who will we get? Juggernaut?" A look around and Storm seems just as calm as a Summer Day. Pausing upon Polaris and Drake, her captive? Storm tilts her head and smiles lightly, but it is tense. "And who might you be?"

Knowing or not, Storm is using a booted foot to shove debris aside as another steps over some shattered concrete to approach them.


Drake Riley gives an irritable little snort when the metal is unwound from him. He pats his hoodie down with his palms, as if being bound in such a way had managed to make his hobo-threads less presentable. "You have no idea what I'm capable of," he retorts, voice still at that low register. His left hand then raises, palm out. "Whatever. We were here, we could've done something, you could've just lifted that friggin' vault away from'em, couldn't you?" There's more he wants to say, and it's written on his face. But he doesn't. He just turns to start leaving her there.


Lorna was in the process of stalking toward Drake, her features thunderous. "He is an immovable force. Does that mean anything to you? He's able to keep moving through anything. He's not going to stop until very specific things are done to try to take him out. I'm an X-man. I have been since I was in high school.. And when I say that we can't handle Juggernaut, I mean we can't handle him." She hissed sharply, her famous temper spiking sharply.

She exhaled a breath, glancing toward Storm as the other woman arrived and she nodded. She exhaled, seeming to cool some of her temper now that someone else was there. "We didn't have a fully trained team ready to go. I came on standby. Extraction."


Polaris is paused upon, her words making Storm lift a brow in a show of curiousity.

Tilting her head, the fringes of mohawk slide over a bared shoulder and the down her back to join the cloak of her 'wings' at her back. "It is good to hear you claim /Us/ now." Storm states to the green haired woman while looking towards Molly, and then Drake, leaving /the unsaid/ lingering.

"What did he take, and why are you," A pointed look to Drake as her hand rises to his retreat. "So riled about this?"


"You mean /you/ can't. You don't know me. /None/ of you know me," Drake replies tersely. "So maybe I can. Maybe I can't. But I was sure gonna try. And that was /my/ choice." Drake would've been impressed with the claim to X-Men, but today has left that image sorely tarnished.

Storm's arrival serves as a nice distraction, though. Normally, Drake would be fascinated with everything about the entrance, but as it is, she's treated to a sour disposition. "/Someone/ should be," is his sharp reply.


Lorna's lips pursed together, a flush crossing her features as she glanced between Storm and Drake in turn. She had tried to be responsible, to make sure that Drake and Molly lived to fight another day and that they kept the damages restricted. People were jumpy about mutant powers at best, and wrecking a ton of the city wasn't going to help anyone. She'd been reading the papers, the X-men needed pristine reputations just then.. Not out of control and chaos..

"I'm taking Molly home. Storm, if you want to chat up Drake here, you're more than welcome to. Two electrokinesis based powers.." She shrugged and turned her focus to Drake.

"And you don't know me." She hissed, eyes narrowed before she turned and stalked after Molly to head back to the mansion.


Storm only grants Polaris a light-hearted smile with her departing words. It was a moment of 'cute'…

Molly is regarded with a pause, while Storm looks back upon the path of destruction by Juggernaut. Both of them present in similar circumstances, and yet it carries on. A weight is levied with a glow cast around Storm's eyes as she views the wreckage and slowly a light wind begins to build, all the while the mohawked Goddess picks up a piece of rebar and slides it aside towards the curb to clear clutter by hand! "I am aware on how little I know you, as well as how much this should be considered." Stated as the rubble is dropped and her hands are dusted off upon hips.

"I make no assumptions. I am an X-Man, and all we truly want is peace," A sweep of had over the chaos left behind while sirens of First Responders sound in the backdrop. "Not this. Can *You* help this be righted?" A look to Drake is strictly passive, calm despite the chaos that she is trying to gather bit by bit… By hand.

"What is your name?" She asks, looking his way as she clears a path through the debris for said Responders, still looking over her shoulder for their Juggernaut.


Drake Riley is less humored and definitively less cute with his parting remark to Polaris: "You got /that/ right."

But at that point, Drake has only two things to focus on: the woman who still remains present, and the distant sound of sirens. The latter is the most concerning, and it earns a few furtive glances down the street in their direction. "Might've been able to. If I wasn't stopped," he replies before looking back to her. Storm isn't given the same level of disdain and frustration. It wouldn't be fair to her, and it really wouldn't make sense in general. She didn't interfere, after all. She didn't let the villain get away.

"Drake. And you know you're not gonna be able to fix this before they get here, right?," he asks, thumbing in the direction of the sirens. "I dunno they're fine with you, but me? I'd get thrown in jail and left there."


Storm does not stop in her motions to clear a small path, behind every footstep is the drag of her winged 'cloak' of pitch black attire with silver lining. Perhaps that is her view? The reason for such a cam mannerism in regards to the situation at hand.

Juggernaut is no joke. Golconda is no laughing matter.

Drake gets a small smile then as the wind causes debris to groan in the slide away from the path along that byway. "Fix?" Storm's smile fades to Drake, now. A final gust rocks a vehicle to tilt as tires impact the curb and cause weight to teeter upon axels!

Storm looks upon Drake as his name is like a reveal to his soul, those turbulent eyes of a pale flickering blue stare upon him… "As an X-Man, there is nothing to 'fix'. We can try to mend, repair, unify.." No, the sirens do not bother the tall Nubian woman.
"Drake. Do you have issue with the Authority here?" A glance from him back over her shoulder in small sparks of electricity that surround her eyes and accent the platinum mohawk.


Drake Riley can't make heads or tails of this woman. He's concerned about the oncoming police and first responders, and she's doing.. whatever it is she's doing, while giving what's starting to sound like a lecture in semantics. Between this and what happened just minutes before, he's mentally drained. Her control over the wind is impressive, but he's much more hesitant to fawn now. Once bitten, twice shy.

"The authority? You mean the cops? Cops tend to have issues with transients. Especially transient mutants, I'd say. So yeah. Best avoided." He raises a hand to pinch the brim of his hat and bob, which shifts the hood he's wearing over that. The indicative motions ends with a flick against the corner of his sunglasses. It's overkill by a longshot, but no one wears this much in June because it's fashionable. He's making a clear attempt at obscuring identifiable features.


Storm is clearing a path, cleaning the wreckage as best she can, and creating an Image - Of a mutant that cares, despite the disarray made by another of her kind.

Juggernaut may not be her 'people', but he is still a mutant like her, and Marko… There is a past, but nothing she will excuse him for, even as the Juggernaut.
R A deep inhale and she glances Drakes way, and while he spaks the winds shift, redirecting! A single card in her hand is rolld between knuckles and then *flicked* his way ~ Only to be carried to him, to either land at his feet or be caught. "You don't always have to hide, you know?"

Lecture. Semantics. Pragmatic. Realist.

Storm would not mince words if it was not for the current atmosphere and setting, she knows, but is also ignorant of Drake enough to extend twice the offer. He deserved it.

"You have a Safe Place. I will handle this." And just as headlights peak over the highway, Storm is redirecting the winds to push a van off its side to its wheels and towards a curb with a loud groan of metal and squeal of rubber!

"Or you are welcome to remain by my side. Choice is yours." Lecture, weights and measures, whatever! Semantics, right??


Drake Riley can't see what she's doing for the metaphorical stormcloud hanging over his head. Idealized visions of someone, near-swooning in admiration, and the devastating realization that what he thought would be wasn't. It's perhaps unfair, but that's not something he'll be able to see either. Not today, at least. So for now, he just sees this dark-skinned woman blowing around debris and pays it little mind.

Moreso, those sirens are getting closer. He shoots another look over his shoulder with a frown. When he looks ahead again, it's just in time to instinctively catch the card as it flutters his way. As he stares at it behind the tinted lenses of his shades, it's probably clear there's more that he wants to say. Questions, comments, no doubt a multitude. But the nagging sirens have grown louder, and now he can see the service vehicles start to round the block.

Without a word, Drake turns to dart away and vanish into an alley; an alley with a conspicuous Juggernaut-esque outline near its mouth, at that. Things went down, yo.


Overhead clouds have rolled in, the climate i New York goes from a humidity and climate that could be felt as 'balmy chill' to a 'sticky warm'. No matter the discomfort remains even as the shift is Storm's responsibility to play Cover Girl for.

A blow of lightning comes from the atmospheric friction, a loose bit of concrete splintered to allow the NYPD Undercover SUV to slide in sideways with Cherries and Berries flashing! Doors fling open and the click-cock of weapons warily drawn resounds into the breaking dawn. "Hands up, Mutant!"

Storms hands rise, her cloak spanning as wings in the gap between her palms and her body, chin rising in a regal posture akin to a Goddess she is known as in Africa. "I can explain, officers."

No glance given towards Drake or that Juggernaut-shaped exitway!

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