99 Red Balloons

April 22, 2015:

Balloons are released over New York as cover for a robbery on a S.T.A.R. Labs truck by two second rate villains from San Fransokyo

New York

A street!


NPCs: Nintendo Knight & Invisible Man


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2 Hours ago

"Marty are you sure this is going to work?"

"Don't worry Dave, this is my most brilliant plan yet. We're going to show everyone we were the smartest kids to come out of San Fransokyo once and for all!"

Dave looked at his friend Marty and sighed, the last time they had tried something like this; they had been stopped by those pesky Big Hero 6ers. This time it would be different.

This time they were in New York, not San Fransokyo and so there was no chance that Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago would be able to stop them. Right?

New York City, 6PM

Cars were stopping in the streets near Central Park, motorists hopping out of their vehicle to take photos of the hundreds, if not thousands of balloons of varying shapes and sizes that were floating over the city.

They seemed to be originating near-by and already there had been several accidents from distracted motorists the police had to respond to and all flights out of JFK International had been grounded due to the hazard the balloons presented.

Whatever the reason for this, the red balloons floating through the sky were causing major problems for emergency services whose lines were clogged with calls.

"So, where are we going to eat? I mean, it's a whole new city, full of so many people and new restaurants and new ideas and new flavors … it's just great!" Aiko offers, in her usually bubbly and infectious manner, as she exits the lab building just ahead of GoGo, who is - as usual - lagging behind. Weird, right? The speed demoness is lagging behind. But if the alternative is being right beside Aiko's effervesant personality at ground zero, lagging behind likely seems a reasonable solution.

And then the incredibly tall, thin blonde spots the traffic. The congestion. Everyone pointing. And she turns to look, eyes already magnified by those big glasses of hers now gone huge. "Wow. Look at that, GoGo. Red balloons."

"More than ninety-nine." GoGo says as she peers up at the sky. Why is she lagging behind? Because she's not currently on wheels and Honey Lemon's legs are as long as GoGo's entire body practically. "Cops will shoot them down. Let's get pizza." Because this is New York, right? You don't go to New York for Chinese. You go for pizza. She continues walking, heading down the street. "Found a good spot for it. Few blocks east."

Lunair is supposed to be in hiding, due to a small Nazi/HYDRA problem she has. But she's been kind of worried about a cowboy running around and is bringing him some beef jerky, drinks and stuff. Maybe a nice sleeping bag. For her part, she is also bringing a nice pizza. And then, balloons. She kind of blinks at it all. "Nina was so, so wrong." What if they're HATE BALLOONS? Lunair looks surprised, blinking and standing where she is.

GAME: Spider-Gwen has set the pose order to Gwen - Honey - GoGo - Lunair - Banjo Benji

Benjamin's been wandering the island of Manhattan since he got there a few days ago. For the most part, he's kept Central Park as a sort of 'home base' for now, setting up a camp in any random, out of the way spot he could. A few ducks have gone missing, and a few squirrels. There was food there to be eaten- and Benjamin had no compunction about hunting the animals of the park for a bit of a meal. After all, it wasn't every day he got duck, squirrel, and swan. A bunch of balloons though- that's interesting to anyone involved. Benjamin sets out from his little 'hidey hole' to look up into the sky, shifting his hat. "Hrm. That's a bit odd, ain't it…"

Chicago is the place to go for pizza. At least, that's what Honey had always heard. But, this is pretty weird-looking. "It seems like everyone is very bothered by the balloons." the tall, thin blonde comments, as she adjusts her smartphone and picks up news reports coming through her earbuds. "They've even had to ground the flights at the airport. Looks like I only barely got myself landed safely before trouble started." Aiko slows her long-legged gait a bit, now, as she is staring at those balloons, eyes swirling in her head. A little hydrogen, some sulfur, she could program the purse to make some lighter than air acidic gas in pretty short order that would melt through those balloons. But should she do that?

In the street near the aforementioned Pizza place with some of the best pie in New York City is an armored truck, it's unmarked and definitely the kind of vehicle you would use to transport dangerous or highly valuable goods.

The driver and the passenger of the truck appear to be eating pizza, likely from the pizza place not too far from the truck. Beeping the horn the driver groans, "Stupid new york traffic."

"Seriously Phil, you were the one who suggested we stop for pizza. The doctor was very clear, DO NOT MAKE ANY STOPS."

"Shutup, you're eating Pizza to."

Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago might spot what appears to be a pair of shimmering figures moving between the cars heading directly towards the armored truck.

Lunair spots what appears to be a little robot of some kind that resembles a large rat running between cars towards the front of the armored truck. Definitely not a normal rat. If Benji saw it, he would probably consider eating it; that was one mighty tasty lookin' critter.

GoGo narrows her eyes. At first, she wasn't sure she saw it but there… yeah. The way light distorts. She'd recognize an optical redirection cloak anywhere. "Honey Lemon. Howell/Choi cloaking device." She's already removing her jacket. The helmet comes out of the bag and gets popped onto her head. The wheels are on her back but a quick magnetic twist and they leap off to hover near wrists and ankles. Then GoGo's off like a shot. She knows Honey Lemon will catch up.

Well, Lunair is on the trail, looking for Benji. She do care. And besides, he might like some beef jerky and a sleeping bag, right? Right. Nevertheless, things just got kind of weird and not in the 'whee, surreality' kind of way. Her expression is blank, as she seems to have difficulty emoting properly. Her mouth falls open a little. Although, she blinks. Giant. Freaking. Rat.

"Oh god. It's going to bubonic the CRAP out of people." Freaking rats, man. "Either that or I'm about to off Master Splinter's cousin." Ponder. Eh. A shrug and she goes after the rat, pulling a little net gun out of nowhere. Netting the rat is going to prove - interesting. She doesn't seem aware of the others yet, but rat catching is serious business.

Benjamin's eyes narrow as he spies that rat-like creature. It looked off to him. Something about it was just odd- so he checks his weapons and begins to mosey on towards the truck, rat and the rest. He even notices Lunair, and her little net gun- his vision so much sharper than most human beings. "Best make sure it don't attack her."

The driver and passenger of the truck are too busy eating their pizza to notice anything amiss, "Hold on, maybe we should call in to Doctor Wells and let him know we'll be late?"

"Oh man, don't do that. I want to keep my job man."

GoGo Tomago is a hard sight to miss as she starts heading towards the cloaked figures and the pair of men, better known as Dave Kwan and Marty Singh began running towards the truck as fast as they could; which wasn't that fast considering their own physical conditions.

Marty reached into his belt buckle and threw a disc into the air which separated into six spinning discs with electricity arcing at the ends, "Not you again!" He yelled as the little drones began flying towards GoGo attempting to hit her.

The rat began to beep as it neared the front of the truck and then turned around and hissed at Benjamin before a pair of little red laser beams shot out of the rats eyes towards him!

For her own part, Honey Lemon is still eyeing the balloons when GoGo goes zooming off. The blonde blinks, head dropping, gaze sweeping looking for … there it is. Refractive camouflage. But who would be doing that … oh no. Not near a big, heavy unmarked armored car. Aiko may not be the most practically-minded woman in the world, but she is a genius, and she learns fast. She learned how to be a hero in a hurry, and she wasn't half bad at it. And /that/ is a setup for a supercriminal!

Honey could have used a ride, but GoGo is gone, so Aiko pulls her helmet from her backpack, and activates her underarmor. In moments, her outfit is completely changed. And then she programs her Power Purse, and starts hurling her little programmed spheres.

And then Honey Lemon is ice skating through stalled traffic in New York City in late April. Incoming!

Awww. Did that make the footing difficult for the scampering ratbot? How awful for it. Seriously. All iced over. So sad.

"I know that voice." GoGo says as she swings her arm forward. Her left wrist wheel goes flying off, spinning through the air and taking out two of those flying drones. The others she has to divert her path for, zipping into a high speed chase through traffic. Between cars. Over cars. Up a wall then flip and land. Then she's heading back for the duo, the drones right behind her.

"Marty Singh." GoGo says. Her helmet comm picks up in it, the voice transmitting to Honey Lemon. "And Dave Kwan, too, huh? Losers."

She's gonna get 'im. She's gonna get 'im. "I've got you now! Wait, what." What. Lunair kind of blinks. "Look out, Mr. Enoch!" She is more than a little worried. Benjamin's probably got no idea what lasers are or do. Oh dear. She dismisses the net gun to produce a large, electromagnetic hammer that looks almost ripped out of an anime due to sheer size. She's going to get the HELL out of that rat.

Benjamin's eyes open rather wide as the laser begins to come towards him- he dives, his single action pistol coming out of its holster. He fires- not once, but three times- his hand 'fanning' the hammer at a speed that is simply inhuman- "Watch out!" he shouts towards Lunair, "That rat's got some sorta weapon!" he rolls to his feet- already running towards Luna with an aim towards protecting the kind woman however he can.

The rat slips and slides from Honey Lemon's ice and takes a few shots from Benjamin's pistol only to be SMASHED into a pancake of metal, wiring and circuitry. A faint beep emits from the pancake before it fizzles and crackles.

"HOLY!!!!!!!!!" The driver of the truck hits the gas and smashes into the car in front of him, alarms starting to go off.

GoGo is able to outrun the disc drones but they are still chasing after her with singular purpose. Unfortunately, Marty was also slower than GoGo and she is able to gain enough ground on the out of shape man to quickly take him down if she chooses.

Unfortunately Dave is already at the back of the truck, using what appears to be a Nintendo Power Glove to rip the back of the truck open. Before he uses his other hand to touch a few keys on the power glove.

In the air above, the Balloons begin to *POP* and StarkWatches that had recently been stolen begin to rain down from the sky.

People immediately exit their vehicles to try and snag some loot!~

Zipping along on the ice, skating for all she's worth, Honey Lemon is incredibly graceful. It's ironic, really, that she can be this graceful when she's fully engaged, yet can be such a spastic ditz physically when she's not. She sees what is unfolding, the door ripped off the armored truck, and she taps the controls on her Power Purse rapidly. No more insta-freeze solution. No, now she needs something else. Something different. Highly conductive sticky polymerase. She loads up one, then two balls, and skates to the end as she hurls them forward, the first bouncing off Dave's shoulder and into the inside of the truck, exploding in a burst of enveloping, expanding goop! The second one is likely to smack more firmly into Dave and engulf him as well. It'll be all goey and restrictive and annoying, and get EVERYWHERE.

But the best part is that it's highly electro-conductive.

Poor Dave. Built his own doom. Sparky the rat just became the 'tazer' of energy supplied to the expanding goop. BzzzZOTT!

Yep. GoGo can pass right by Marty. That's the whole point. As she's zipping by him she slaps him lightly on the shoulder. "Tag. You're it." Then she side steps so she's directly in front of him. To get to her, the drones will have to go right through Marty. Buzz! Never play tag with a speedster. Even an artificial one.

GoGo leaps, flipping over the ice path left by Honey Lemon's chemicals and lands, spinning before throwing another wheel. Just in case the drones didn't lay Marty down, a wheel upside the head should do the trick.

Stop! Hammertime! Lunair looks relieved as the rat is pancaked. She beams at Benjamin. "Thanks! Yeah, it's called a laser," She explains. "Well, sort of. That sort of beam - think of it as really focused light that can burn through things," She remarks. "Are you okay?" She asks Ben, obviously concerned. And then she gets nailed atop the head as a watch lands on her head. She winces, blinking.

"Ow, what the heck?" She reaches up to pull it off. And chaos is breaking out as people are going for the watches. "Oh geez."

Benjamin frowns, hurrying over to Luna's side. "You alright there, Luna?" he asks, as he holsters his pistol and pulls the rifle off his back, "Seems like we got some sorta double-switch. Some sorta loot fallin' from the sky. A distraction, if I ever saw one. Just like throwin' a load of gold into the air to make an escape on horseback. Real old trick…" he begins to scan along the area- but hears Dave tear the truck's back open. "Looks like we're about to be into the difficulty directly." The lever action of his rifle is clicked into place. *CLICK*. In the late 1800's, that sound meant Death and Justice. "Yeah, I'm fine." he finally replies to Lunair as he looks around the corner of the van- rifle raise with almost impossible speed. He fires at the drones in the air. His aim? Unerring. The bullets? Designed to put down an American Bison. Luna might see as his hand flashes- its a blur. Truly inhuman in speed. "Hey!" Ben shouts towards the pair of 'criminals'. "You done woke up the wrong passenger! Put your hands up in the name of the Law!"

"AhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Pessssskkkkkkyyy medddlllling——" Dave falls unconscious from the electricity surging through his body, his supersuit and gadgets all shorting out; rendering him little more than a nerd with a major superiority complex.

Marty was smart enough to insure his drones wouldn't attack him and they continue right back at GoGo as Marty is bopped in the head by a wheel and falls to the ground unconscious.

A stream of webbing grabs the drones that Benjamin had not taken out with his marksmanship and bonks them together, sending them sputtering to the ground and Spider-Gwen leaps in on a car near GoGo, grinning beneath her mask, "Just another day in New York right?"

Inside of the back of the truck is a metal box about five feet long labelled S.T.A.R. Labs. Gwen webs it out of the back of the truck and then tosses it towards GoGo, "Think you could get this to STAR Labs and make sure nobody else tries to steal it? I have um, some contacts there, if you ask for Miss Gwen Stacy she can arrange for you to meet Doctor Harrison Wells to Deliver it!"

Spider-Gwen probably sounded very familiar to GoGo

"Right. Pesky meddling kids. Dave, you jerk." Honey Lemon opines, as she comes to a halt by the truck, giving the unconscious form a good swift kick. Then she drops a couple more balls, which dissolve the goop. She'll use something else, more aggressive but limited in scope, to bind up the two cretins now that they're caught and disabled. The brightly armored blonde does eye the black and white web-motif girl curiously. "Uhm. Hi. I'm Honey Lemon. That's my friend, GoGo. And you are … ?" she queries.

Oooh. STAR Labs. They're supposed to be good. Not as good as SFTI, in her not so humble opinion. Or THINK, she hopes. But still, pretty darned good. And Honey is interested, definitely.

But there are others here, as well. A cowboy. And … a girl with a giant hammer. She's no Baymax, but still, cool. "Hi." Honey offers, waving to Lunair and Benjamin.

Get box from point A to point B quickly. Yeah, GoGo can handle that. And since, as far as she knows, STAR Labs is on the up and up she doesn't even mind. She grabs the box from Gwen and takes off. By the end of the block she's weaving through the stand still traffic like an experienced bike courier. Mind you, one traveling on maglev suspended wheels made out of carbon fiber wheels with an adamantium mesh… and going over three hundred miles per hour…. but a bike courier.

"…" Boggle. "Is it just me or did that rat just taze someone?" Lunair looks baffled. Then a smile at Benjamin, "Yeah." She pulls the watch from her head. "Really?" Her eyes widen. And then she watches him do his thing. Holy crap. Her mouth opens, then closes. Okay, then. Lunair looks puzzled a moment. Her hammer disappears into thin air. She waves back to Honey. "That was pretty cool," Nod.

Credit where it's due after all! She is quiet as Ben is arresting the dudes. Pause. "Hi there!" Lunair is socially impaired in the way Bieber is a little rude. She waves to GoGo who is … going. "Wow. Huh."

"Ma'am." Benjamin offers simply, rifle put back into its sling on his back. "Marshal Enoch." he introduces himself as he looks down at the punks, frowning. "Bandits." he grumbles, "The more things change, the more things stay the same." he mumbles to himself as he kneels down to grab the guy who'd been knocked out with a disk to the skull. He gives him a couple of slaps to the face. "Hey! Wake up!" he growls, taking that bottle of water Luna had given him to splash some across the young man's face.

Spider-Gwen extended a hand towards Honey Lemon as silly as that seemed and replied, "I'm Um G-Spider-Woman." It was still taking her some getting used to, "I've heard about you before! I'm sure the package GoGo is protecting could use some extra protection if you want to catch up with her later.. not that I have anything to do with Star Labs."

"It's nice to meet you, love the work you and GoGo have done." Gwen gives a glance towards Lunair and Enoch, not quite sure what to make of him before she leans over to Honey Lemon, "He's a hardcore larper superhero, isn't he? I have to give him credit, he dresses like an old cowboy and acts like one to."

Neither of the men wake up, but police sirens could be heard in the distance, doing their best to try and get in the area.

Near-steel is what Aiko calls it, and she slaps Dave and his partner with balls of it at wrists and ankles. Carbon fiber nanotubes within a titanium matrix. That should hold them. Honey Lemon wows softly at Spider-Gwen. "Spider-Woman. I've heard of Spider-Man; he's supposed to swing around through these buildings. Of course, I've never been here before. Are there a lot of spider-people, then? A whole race of you, I bet. Right?" Too much time with Fredzilla, to be sure, with those conclusions.

"I wouldn't be able to catch up with GoGo. But she'll call if she needs me. I should go, though." Honey offers. "Thank you for your help." Honey Lemon jogs away … amid a billowing, rising cloud of gas which eats through the balloons, causing them to drop by the dozens.

Yes. By the time Honey Lemon is gone from the scene, all of the balloons will be down. Sadly, most of the StarkWatches distributed in those balloons will be broken, and more than a little acidified. How sad.

But maybe there will turn out to be pizza after all?

Benjamin frowns, "Well, he's out like a lazy negro." The man states, as he stands, "Ain't going to be able to get much outta him, unless one of you got some spirit of hartshorn." he looks up at the sirens, frowning. "Probably best if we get a wiggle on, Luna." he says over to the young woman. "You got off lucky, kid." he whispers into the young man's ear. "If you ain't up the river, you and me, we'll meet again. You ain't even a man, between hay and grass like you is. Someones gotta knock some sense into you." He then releases the young man as he stands, and looks over to Luna. "You alright then, Luna?"

Lunair waves as Honey goes. Weirdly, she would probably turn the StarkWatch in. Probably bad luck to keep something that clonked you on the head. She smiles politely at Spider-G. Then a look to Ben. "If you hear those sirens, those are the police coming," She explains. "I did bring you some beef jerky and sleeping bag, but I sorta got distracted…" Hawkward. "Um." She falls quiet. Then a blink at Ben and she nods. She looks amused by Ben. Get a wiggle on? "Okay! Sounds good, I'll follow you a bit. I am okay. The watch wasn't very heavy." Plus, she's youthful and resilient.

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