Catching Up

May 31, 2018:

Dani and Nate managed to run into each other and catch up on X-things.


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Fade In…

Summer break and field trips to Scotland and other interesting places have left the school somewhat empty. Which to be honest is how Nate prefers it. Not because he dislikes the students, he is surprisingly tolerant with even the most annoying children. It is the absence of mind-chatter.

It is one of the reasons he comes here is to put some distance with the millions of minds in New York. He lives in Mutant Town, but the place is sometimes asphyxiating for a powerful telepath. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons he likes to pilot the Blackbird. Fifteen miles up do help.

Look at this: it is early, but he is the only mutant on sight. Oh, he is sure Scott is somewhere. Maybe planning more dangerous Danger Room sessions. But outside? Only Nate. Or maybe not, he does a telepathic sweep to be sure. Because it is not paranoia if they are out to get you and all that.

Paranoia or not, when Nate does that generalized sweep out side he'll find very few minds.

Almost none, but there are two.

One a familiar beacon of thought and emotions - Dani. And then there's another and while the mind-glow is bright, almost painfully so, the thoughts and emotions are more alien, more closed off. It becomes apparent who that is as Brightwind (with Dani) lands lightly upon the ground, not too far off from Nate's position.

As soon as Brightwind is upon the ground, Dani is easily dismounting with a swing of leg and thud of feet. Automatically her gaze turns towards the lone figure of Nate and with a vague squint, the woman raises a hand in greeting. "Hey Nate. Long time no see." Which is more her fault than his to be honest.

Minds up in the sky? Nate peers, and spotting the descending winged horse he jogs to the landing spot. "Dani… yeah, it has been a while. How have you been?" He looks at Brightwing too, curious. Nate had never really studied the magical horse's thoughts because he assumed the Asgardian creature was just an animal. But now he is not so sure, Brightwind's mind looks way too complex.

Still too strange to understand it right away and snooping is rude anyway. So back to Dani. "What's up? Has SHIELD kept you busy?"

When Nate turns his attention upon Brightwind the horse gazes calmly back at him and the underlying flavor to his mind is amusement.


Though what a winged horse has to be amused at is hard to say.

That amusement turns to something less when Nate turns back to Dani and asks the state of her life. Now there's worry and for Dani her expression turns sour, the edges of exhaustion perhaps peeking through. "Very busy. We've lost a friend and we're having trouble finding them."

And while her expression is weary suddenly there's a sharpness as she gazes at Nate speculatively. "Yourself?" She returns in a polite gesture, as she considers the telepath so near her.

"Me? Hmm." Nate lost more last year than he had since he escaped his native reality. The wounds are not healed yet. That is not really what Dani would want to know, however. "Do you remember the illusion that hit us during Lorna's crashed wedding?" He asks. "Those two ended up marrying in Dallas without telling anyone, tsk." More amused than outraged, really.

"Anyway. Nothing in my personal life worth mentioning. Oh, Cable is back, which might mean he expects trouble soon," he offers. "Also it looks like the Trasks are not just building better power-dampening collars. They are also employing or creating metahumans and passing them as Brotherhood terrorists. We are going to have to deal with that soon."

The illusion - that's enough to pull a vague head-tilt from the woman, "I don't remember much of it, but I've heard enough to know it created an alternate world of sorts?" Her eyebrows rise upward slightly, "Or a shared dream by many. A friend experienced a drastic change with that dream."

As to Marcos and Lorna's marriage, that actually earns a grin from the woman. "Good for them. Life is too short. They should do what makes them happiest. Just tell them to throw a party here and that'll smooth any ruffled feathers."

Though if Dani were in their shoes she'd not care one way if feathers were ruffled or not.

The mention of the Brotherhood causes the woman to frown now, her expression darkening. "Yes, I've heard some of this. Though I hadn't heard about creating metahumans. Do we know how they're doing that?"

And then Dani motions toward the path before them, moving to walk while they talk it seems. A slow crawl towards the mansion proper.

"A decent party sounds like a good idea," Nate can't remember how long since they had one. Scott's BBQ days do not count! "It was an illusion. Sinister had Mastermind and some machines to boost his powers to the eleventh or something. I remember most of it, you had a Nick Fury's style eyepatch." And Nate likes eyepatches on women.

"Anyway, it certainly spooked Lorna. Poor girl thought Genosha was going to be safe," no such thing, it seems. And Nate is also concerned they got through his mental defenses like that. It was overwhelming and alarming.

"As for Trask… no, no idea," at least he has no idea. "Scott is collaborating with the DEO to investigate this. Which I don't like. I rather work with SHIELD any day."

"An eyepatch." She repeats looking amused, though not surprised, so apparently she knows that partiuclar part. Or possibly recalls it.

"Genosha safe?" She continues with, her mouth twisting into a grimace, "That's funny. Sure a patina of niceness has been smeared across it, but there's still bad seeds there. Just like everywhere and now some of them have found their way to the states." And here Dani falls silent her expression pensive, her gaze shifting off the man beside her.

Brightwind, who's trotting near the two snorts softly, pulling the woman from her dark thoughts.

"The DEO - professionally I'll say they're not terrible and unprofessionally I'll say it's better to work with SHIELD. Oh sure we have own issues, but I think we're a bit more humane that the DEO. Just between you and me."

There's silence from Dani for a few steps, "Tell me -" She finally says, "IF a soul were lost from its body could you possibly sense it? Telepathically?"

Nate nods in agreement. About Genosha. Even more so about the DEO. There is genuine hatred there. "No, SHIELD has always been square with me. And with the X-Men too, I think. Except maybe about Darcy, I miss her." And still, they could have been much harsher with Darcy.

"A soul? Oh… yes, definitely. Not very different to an astral projection," points out Nate. "Unless it has been warped somehow. Some 'souls' that stay away too long have forgotten so much and moved so far from humanity that are more aliens than most aliens. Did you lose a friend into the Astral space?"

Darcy. That brings a bit of side-eye from Moonstar. She could say something, she really could, but she chooses not to. She understands missing absent friends and so the woman simply nods.

Thankfully the fluidity of the conversation allows Dani to side-step the whole Darcy topics, as the two move onto the topic of souls. "He hasn't been warped - not yet, I don't believe. And I wouldn't say lost to astral space, more like the powers that be weren't careful enough with this soul while they passed judgement. Now he's missing and we'd like to get him back in his body."

Which brings another frown and the idle thought of 'wherever his body might be'. "I've tried to locate him by other means than psionic and it's a little bit of trying to find a needle in a very big haystack."

Nate glances at Dani, about to crack a joke about her dropping a guy when carrying him to Valhalla. But… it is probably not funny. Not if her friend is in danger. And definitely there is danger for normal humans losing their astral selves and unable to return to their bodies.

"If I knew him then I could try to find him," he mentions instead, leading the young woman to the main building back entrance and holding the door open. "But it sounds more a metaphysical problem than a psychic one. Man, I didn't meet any judgmental power when I was bodyless, or maybe I have forgotten." Or maybe the Phoenix counts as one. That would suck.

When it becomes apparent to Brightwind that they are indeed heading towards the Mansion he simply turns and heads toward the stables. His farewell to Dani is sent via their empathic link, which causes Dani to glance over a shoulder briefly.

When Nate holds the door for her, Dani dips her head in a nod of thanks. "You could have forgotten or you might not have met any." She agrees, "Agent Coulson didn't necessarily meet any 'higher powers' either. He was stuck in a … well, waiting room. Neither in Heaven nor Hell, just waiting for those higher powers to decide on the outcome of a battle."

"Did you ever meet Agent Coulson?" She asks then, pausing inside to wait for the young man to likewise step inside.

Coulson? Nate thinks. Ah, he was Darcy's boss, and he remembers Scott mentioning him once or twice. But… "No, never met the man. Heard of him once or twice, but that is not going to help. I need a fresh telepathic signature to find someone. I mean… I could try psychometrics, but that is hazy and probably won't work."

So chances are he can't help directly but… "Xavier might know what to do, he probably has explored a lot of the astral space, and there is always Illyana. She can sometimes find people and things from her Limbo scrying thing."

Dani considers the options Nate presents and at the mention of Illyana, Dani's eyes brighten. "Those are great ideas. Thanks, Nate." States the Cheyenne, even as she steps further inside, "I'll tag Illyana next time I see her." Her head tilts toward the general direction of the kitchen, "Hungry? I could make us some grilled cheese sandwiches. It's been a long day for me already and food seems the next logical step."

Before she goes chasing after the soul of a man most believe is dead.

"Or we could just see what's in the cafeteria. Pizza doesn't sound half bad either."

And just like that Dani turns the conversation away from lost souls and to something neutral, like food.

"This early?" Nate smirks. Must have been a busy night for Dani. As for himself, as usual, sleep comes slowly and at irregular intervals. "I could eat something," he admits. When is Nate not hungry?

"You get the sandwiches, I will take care of the coffee," he offers. Moving away from talking about lost souls to food is fine. He needs to update Dani about the place called Golconda, too, but it can wait. Maybe Scott will show up and can do it himself, since SHIELD might need to have an official report, too.

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