The Hunt

May 30, 2018:

SHIELD goes to investigate empty and forgotten bases and runs into the unexpected (or perhaps the expected)


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It has been over a month since the attack on the very secure Warehouse 13, which housed much of SHIELD's confiscated 0-8-4s. The Brotherhood and the man with them struck a very precise blow to the security and morale of SHIELD when they stole a priceless artifact and murdered Phil Coulson in front of the response team. Ripples were felt throughout the agency. Agent Nakano was rendered intangible, searches went out to find who had leaked the information about the Warehouse, a methodical hunt for moles and backdoors occurred. To the outsider, however, it generally looked like a normal day in an agency known for secrecy and espionage.

Everyone on this mission has felt the repercussions of what happened, either by knowing those effected personally or by being interrogated and investigated. It seems, though, either through passing a rigorous approval or through sheer necessity that everyone on the Quinjet at the moment has passed inspection, because there is a mission to be done.

Agent Peggy Carter has arranged the mission and debriefed the Agents involved as to what they might face and where they are going. From back channels and fears that SHIELD has been infiltrated, there has been intense scrutiny given to old SHIELD bases that have fallen out of use and now possibly be used against them.

Peggy has assembled and sent this group to the Rocky Mountains, where a small SHIELD outpost nicknamed The Boulder has lain in disrepair since the seventies. Its entrance is only accessible via helicopter or flight. This team is to investigate the Boulder, neutralize any targets they might find as well as gather information. The strike team of Rocket, Merrow and Agent Green will open the door, the others will follow as back up and clean up.

The Quinjet has already landed on a snow covered platform, cracked and little used in the past forty years. A large, rusted metal door is set into the mountain, seemingly unopened in decades.


For an agency that prides itself on its technological capabilities, to have one of the door-knockers carrying what appears to be a US Army-issue M-4 carbine might be a little bit of a non-sequitur. Agent Green at least demonstrated competence with the weapon on the flight in, checking the action of the bolt, seating of the magazine, and other such last-minute preparations. Now, as the Quinjet settles onto the platform, Simon rolls his neck inside the warmth of his balaclava, and then moves forward, his booted steps swift across the snow, each one short and quick to keep his feet under him. The M-4 remains pointed at the ground, but grasped in both hands, ready to bring up. With a clear directive to follow, he has no compunction adding in, "I'll cover whoever is working the lock, and break it if need be." That would be why there's a sawed-off shotgun under the barrel of his carbine—a Master Key. The man's arctic fatigues blend into the snow relatively well, except for a bright swatch at his right breast — a commercially-available pad of post-its and a pen that looks tied to his jacket.


Rocket had only made minimal fuss when it became clear that he wasn't expected to fly them out here. He supposes that they're expected to handle this thing as discreetly as possible, so using the firepower on the quinjet wasn't going to cut it when it came to opening the big ol' door that they've landed near. Hopefully he hasn't made anyone nervous by fiddling around with the oversized rifle he's toted along, or the assortment of what he claims are explosives of varying payloads, none of which one would probably like to be accidentally discharged within their current confines or anywhere within a ten mile radius.

"'sabout time," he mutters as he hops to his feet, slinging his rifle over his shoulder before heading in. Having a raccoonoid along for the mission is totally normal, right? Bipedal, dressed in some black and blue padded suit deal. He walks right past Simon as though the man's a human door, heading on over to the old rusty one they're supposed to pop open, arms folded as he gives it a look over.

"Hmmm." He has no idea how well-kept any power running through the place might be, but he presses an ear to the wall to listen for that telltale hum before stepping back. There's a panel to the side that obviously serves as the controls, but no telling how they've fared against the elements and years. Only one way to find out! "Hey Groot, gimmee a b- Oh flark, right," he grumbles, recalling that 1) the team muscle wasn't here and 2) he wouldn't have been the right…size for it.


For what happened only weeks ago, Merrow — Agent Sloane Albright — seems to have recovered from the ordeal fairly well. It wasn't just the funeral, but time spent recovering from holes in her put there by strange quills, torn and missing scales, and a litany of smaller injuries that all piled up into her being both a mess physically and emotionally by the time that Phil Coulson was laid to rest.

It's … strange, being back in the field already. Dressed in wintery white version of her reinforced suit and jacket, the Inhuman waits for Simon's take on the door lock, and for the space raccoon demolitionist to move into position. Stepping back and lowering herself into a crouch, the young Agent's eyes flick from Rocket to the door and back, letting her hand ball up into a fist. The air— even if it's the Rockies— gets a bit more humid for a moment as she pulls ambient moisture from the air into a tight ball around her offhand, clutching an Icer in the other. "You still got this, Rocket?"


Being incorporeal has it's perks, but the downside is that some of the higher ups would rather bench Agent Nakano while she's in this form. Thankfully she found ways around it, one by getting Stark to create a suit for her, and two by finding some alien technology in Naria. She's brought all of that with her today, the suit is a little unnerving, as it is all black, featureless and Rin's voice floats out of it when she talks. Second Stark's suit is ready to go near by, incase things go horribly wrong. It's black and has several Pacman Ghosts all over it, because Stark is an ass.

Still she doesn't mind being in the second wave, let the people break through the door, after all she'd rather save her energy for any battle that might come along. She's standing next to Stark's suit watching as the jet lands on the ancient building. "I really hope this building can still hold an entire jet., filled with people."


Dani has likewise dealt with the death of Phil Coulson in her own way. Like trying to find his escaped soul and while that particular adventure is keeping her quite busy, that doesn't stop her from being there for her SHIELD responsibilities. As such, Dani is there with the B team.

Content for the moment to watch the backs of Team A.

After all, her powers aren't necessarily fancy enough to do anything against decrepit heavy doors.

While she has her standard issued sidearm from SHIELD upon her self, her other weapon of choice is a touch more archaic. A bone and wood bow and steal-head arrows. A quiver sits strapped to her back and holds a little over two dozen arrows, while her bow is casually held in her left hand. Once outside her brown eyes flick around the area, before they turn to Rocket, Sloane and Agent Green to watch the progress of the door demolition.

When it becomes apparent that Rocket may require a boost, Dani waits a heartbeat and if needed the Cheyenne will step forward to offer that leg-up to the raccoon.


"Yeah, I got this," the small Guardian says, having in the interim managed to jimmy open the panel below the old controls. Screw using buttons, he's gonna hotwire this sucker.

At least that's the plan. There's a crapload of wiring and color-coded or not who knows what they do. …or if Rocket can really see colors. Shhhh‚¶

"Okay, whoever made this thing needs to get shot!" comes his muffled complaints as he's elbow-deep in wires. "-think I got it." He gives something a yank and squinting, moistens his fingers with the swipe of his tongue before jamming it back into the mess to give something else a twist. There's an electronic fizz and the groaning of gears within the rusted walls flanking the doorway before they ponderously slide open with a heavy screech.

Rocket extracts himself from the panel, grinning toothily. "Well?"


[Simon Green rolls 13 on 1d20.]


[Rocket Raccoon rolls 17 on 1d20.]


[Sloane Albright rolls 10 on 1d20.]


[Rin rolls 14 on 1d20.]


[Rin rolls 20 on 1d20.]


[Steve Rogers rolls 1 on 1d20.]


[Moonstar rolls 16 on 1d20.]


[Steve Rogers rolls 5 on 1d20.]


[Moonstar rolls 17 on 1d20.]


The door screeches open. It's not subtle and it's not quiet.

Those around Rocket get the brute force of the nails on chalkboard sound that rattles the teeth. Those in the second team may still wince at the horrible noise. Inside, there seems to be the echo of that noise. It passes down a dark hallway. The light bouncing off the snow and the late afternoon bounce off of motes of dust that were disturbed by the sudden puff of air. The opening strike team makes their way down the hallways. That hallway branches in the way of stairs. They either go up or down.

Teams pick one way or another, guiding themselves into this abandoned facility. The echo of footsteps carry off the walls. The doors are all closed, neatly left for the next person. There are papers skewed about, but as well as latent keypads. There is dust, but no cobwebs. Some snow drifts about lazily. For now it looks exactly like the creepy abandoned SHIELD facility that it claims to be. It's cold, and a whistling wind now blows through the hallways, brought in by the open garage doors Rocket has managed to open.

Downstairs, the wind quickly starts to cut out. Instead, things start to get warmer - vastly warmer and more quickly than should be possible.

Upstairs, the wind gets worst. It gets colder.


Simon watches Rocket move up past him, his stance stiffening just a little as he tries to keep his eyes on possible sources of danger rather than… you know… the walking, talking raccoon with the big gun. Keep it together, man. Keep it together. He's just another friendly. Nope, still totally weird. At least Merrow is the right height and nominally human-looking. Nominally. "Do you need a hand?" And then he realizes that the totally-not-human needs a boost up, but Dani is already there to offer, and he grimaces, "Sorry. Trying to adjust my thinking." At least he's up-front about not being used to working with… whatever Rocket is — for some reason calling him a raccoon doesn't seem diplomatic.

When the machinery in the walls starts to groan, Agent Green turns to put his shoulder against the wall alongside the door, ready to present the barrel(s) of his carbine toward anything inside. Instead, he gets both an earful of screeching gears and the pleasure of the vibrations running into his body from his shoulder. Squeezing his eyes closed for a moment, he grimaces hard, then lets out a breath. He moves quickly inside, turning as necessary to cover corners and doors. Reaching the stairs, he frowns slightly, checking up and then covering down. "Stairs. Covering down." As the teams divide and he starts to descend, Simon bites back a comment about the split, a little smile touching his lips for a moment before it fades away. As the heat starts to rise, he reaches up to tug at the collar of his jacket, sweat starting to gather between his shoulderblades. And then he stops, his left hand rising over his shoulder in a fist, directing the rest of the team to stop. Further quick hand-signals follow, indicating the sound of voices ahead.


While everyone else has made their way roughly on time, Steve Rogers is running late. But well, how was he supposed to know that the Rodent Ringleaders had that many supervillains in their ranks that were based on small furry creatures. But the melded mind of Rat King was no match for Cap's tried and true brand of justice and as soon as the cuffs were put on the ironically deranged hands of the Guinea Pig, the first Avenger was riding off on his cycle toward the warehouse in question. Once there, the kickstand is thrust down and Rogers moves to catch up toward the group that is taking the higher road.

Which seems wrong when one considers that Rocket is taking the higher ground. Regardless of mismatch in wordplay, Steve seems quiet and calm for the time being, his trademark weapon attached to his arm while the other holds onto a rather weighty flashlight that is used to bring light (literally) toward some of the darker areas of the building. The blue eyes of the American Hero scan out, looking for trouble without nary a word, perhaps making up for his usual wordy nature or deciding to catch up with the heroically minded souls here AFTER the mission.


Sam Wilson leaves back to East Side


Hearing that door open, Rin winces. "So much for the element of surprise." She says dryly to whomever is near by, however she'll finally get herself in to her suit properly and follow the others inside. It a little bulker than she's used to, but at least if she hits something it's going to feel it, and that puts her at ease.

When the group splits she heads down, mostly because it seemed like more people were heading up. Though as the further down she goes the more aware she feels. Granteed this is her first field test with either suit, so maybe it enhanses more than she thinks it does. When Green pauses them due to the voices she tilts her head. She'd speak up, but they're still pretending that no one knows they're in the building. Instaed she gets the ICER gun Stark strapped on ready to go.


It would have turned out very counter-productive if Simon had decided to question the presence of, much less call Rocket a raccoon. He cringes from the tip of his tail to his toes as the door opens the rest of the way, his clawed feet making thin furrows upon the powder dusted ground. But the way is open, and there's nowhere else to go but inside.

Unslinging his rifle with practiced ease, Rocket keeps it in its compacted for as he steps inside after Simon Green. As they come to the stairs, he nods as the other opts to head down, the Guardian choosing to go up. He starts up the steps with hardly a sound, his nose twitching, ears perked.

The air's gotten noticeably chillier the higher he climbs despite having just gotten out of it once they'd breached the door. It's also fresher, and the wind's a pretty telltale sign to him that there must be a hole somewhere. "Looks like the old place has a leak," he murmurs, glancing back at whoever's accompanied him up. He flashes a grin at Steve. "Oh hey, look who decided to show." And then his grin freezes, and he whips his head around, holding a hand up as his ears perk again.

"…heard voices. Don't think we're alone up here…"


"Crap. It's getting colder."

The further up they go, the more the Inhuman's pupils pull into tight slits; the lighting doesn't seem to change, but there's something in the air that gives her pause. It's cold — this cold means humidity is a bit of a problem. She's not going to be able to rely on her powers as much as she'd like. Fortunately, she packs canteens — it's usually a good primer.

Tugging on her jacket, Sloane physically sets down the small glob of water she's been carrying on the floor, holding it's form while she grips and zips the cold weather jacket up. Lowering down into a bit of a squat while the chill stings the skin of her ears, she fits both hands on the grip of her pistol— and rolls the little ball of water along the floor at her side. Her gaze snaps back first, with Cap joining them, then she shifts to the side to stay out of the Star Spangled Hero's way while giving him a firm nod.

Rocket announces voices — and Merrow gives a nod, lifting her Icer pistol to a tactical angle that keeps both Steve and Rocket out of her line of fire. "I'm ready."


Rocket's opening of the door earns a smile from the woman and then a wince, thanks to the screech of noise that follows. "Well." She mutters mostly to herself, "Guess that's our calling card. Better than Avon I suppose." Then she moves with the team and steps inside, though there's a look to Rin and a flash of a grin for the other woman's similarly themed words. Likewise the arrival of Captain American isn't missed, but then it's onward to the business at hand.

An arrow is pulled from the quiver that sits upon her back and its loosely knocked against bow and string. The arrow itself is kept pointed downward, as she moves as silently as she's able to.

At the choice of up or down, the Cheyenne woman frowns. "And whoever built our various HQs really needs a stern talking to." And while she says that mostly-not-a-real-threat the woman's gaze turns to the stairs leading downward, decision made. Down the stairs she goes following Green and Rin, and much like them she too feels the oddity of the heat. It's enough to bring a frown to her features, sweat to her forehead, as she narrows her eyes.

The raise of Green's fist causes the woman to pause her steps. Her head tilts to the side as she tries to make out the voices that can be heard and it's only with that focus that something else tickles her senses. It brings a widening of her eyes and a silent curse, and while speaking isn't necessarily the best thing to do there isn't a hand signal that adequately says 'there's magic afoot'. As such the woman hisses the quietest whisper she can manage, "Magic ahead. Careful."


Those downstairs that could hear the words and the noise can suddenly hear nothing. Then, there is a blast of air and gunfire as bullets start to fly and the doorway becomes a contested area. Pieces of old tile splatter and it seems as if those in the downstairs are attempting to take those approaching with conventional means.

Here, there is steam that rises from the floor in random intervals. There are hisses that try to throw the newcomers off their game. It seems as if there is quite a bit of atmosphere down below.

Upstairs, the wind remains cold. Those traveling upward finally find themselves in a room where half the wall is entirely exposed. A streak of movement happens and suddenly a person is there launching themselves at Captain America.

Much like below, happens above. Gun fire explodes.


Simon nods at the input from Moonstar, considering for a moment, and then he lowers his carbine on its tactical sling, reaching instead for the pen from the front of his jacket. Then he grimaces again and shakes his head, keeping his voice to a low murmur, "Magic. Don't know how that'll stack — " and then gunfire erupts from below.

Agent Green fires off three quick rounds down the stairs, just enough to distract those below, and then he ducks back to try and grab some cover. As the steam starts to gather and rise, he grimaces, leaning out to fire off another two rounds toward the nearest source of gunfire he can detect, "Either someone hit something, or there's something really strange going on down there. We need to keep moving." He glances to the armored suit, considering, "You want point, or you two want to cover me?"


There is a mere shrug from Rocket's response as Steve advances upward. Why? Because this is a mission of stealth and spy-ness which means that if you give away your position, bad things happen. Even Captain America knows that.

Moving past Sloane and giving her a nod of respect, the Star Spangled Man with a Plan moves forward a few steps as he prepares for? A dude rushing for him!

Sadly, while Steve gave Dani a 'sup' look, now that they are levels apart, the talk of magic is missed. Not that Steve really has special anti-magic stuff. .. well, save his fists, those are good for punching most magic users.

Though speaking of magic and fighting, back to the individual that may or may not be trying to kill Steve. Acting more out of reflex than anything else, the shield is brought to bear, trying to swipe the attack to the side, which will not only defend Rogers, but also possibly bring the attacker into a place where the other two gun wielding companions of Steve have something to shoot at.

As this all happens, the gunfire happens below. "This just got complicated," Cap notes darkly.


See, there are times when Rocket can appreciate his smaller stature. Makes him less of an obvious target, for one thing, and since Cap is good for taking point, the raccoonoid hangs back with Sloane, giving her a nod.

It soon becomes clear enough why things are so cold up here, but that's really the least of their concerns as his eyes track the blur of movement, however belatedly. "It's been," Rocket snorts in response to Rogers' observation even as the man is tanking the attack. He dives to the side for whatever cover's available in case anyone else decides to try anything, his rifle extending with a satisfying click as he brings it up. "We're not takin' prisoners are we?" he asks, even as he aims and squeezes off a glowing shot.


As gunfire rings out, Rin presses herself against the wall as best as she can. While she does return fire, the fact that all this randomness isnt' helping them get any further. "I'm going to scout ahead." She says outloud over the ring of gunfire. It's not that she was really asking permission but she slips out of both suits, leaving her in her incorporeal. At the very least, she'll see how many people are in there, and if all goes well maybe they'll try to fire at her and hit their own men.

Being not real does occasionally have it's perks as she walks down the rest of the stars and into the room they're trying to breach.


Sloane's eyes stay ahead; her tone is a little more dry than normal, but she has her reasons. Still, she replies to Dani, "Imagine the staircase waterslide, though."

There's magic afoot. Merrow frowns; her last experiences with magic were a little more on the annoying side of the fence, demons and monsters and the unfortunate experience of riding Toothbender. Still, she closes her eyes for just a second, recentering herself with a breath pushed out between her teeth and past long fang-like incisors bared for a moment.

Cap advances, and — gets jumped. Merrow throws her weight to one side, skidding across a bit of the floor before scrambling for cover, cracking off a few shots with her Icer at the offending party even while Rocket asks the most obvious of questions. The Inhuman's head turns slowly, giving him such a /look/.

"How are you not like, /extra/ space arrested or something?" she asks, squat-leaning out from cover to check her angles.


"Scales, I've broken out of every prison they've put me in," Rocket replies almost too casually, even as he lines up his next shot. You know, just in case.



A quizzical look is sent Simon's way, "Stack?" Is about all she can ask before suddenly the area explodes with gunfire. "Why does it always end in gunfire." She asks, rhetorically, even as Dani ducks for cover. Green and Rin return fire and then finally so too does Dani, as she leans out just enough to send one arrow, then a second. The projectiles twhip through the air towards where the gunfire originates from and the movement down that way catches her eyes.

Before she can extend her senses out further, Rin steps outside of her suit and Dani says, "Be careful! We don't know what the magic is capable of." With that warning given, Dani pulls two more arrows from the quiver upon her back and once again readies her shots. It's only as she leans outward again to send those arrows on their way that she /truly/ looks for the people opposite of their group. As soon as she can see one or two, she lashes out sharply with her powers at them.

The psionic energy reaches out invisibly to try and grasp at the seen people's mind, intending to pull from their depths their deepest fears. Fears that will hopefully knock them insensate.



Shots ring out. Simon lays down proper cover fire. There is an appropriate cry out of pain as someone out of formation gets tagged by one of his bullets. The constant fire staggers for a moment.

Rin phases out of her armor and moves through. Like a ghost, she is able to see everything in front of her. As she passes through the doorway, she feels a tingling even in her phased form. There are four guys behind desks and Rin can see them all - as she does so they start to crumple in fear. In fact, one notices her in a strange ghost form and decide to change target. With a cry out, he starts to shoot at her. Around them, to Rin's phased eyes she is able to see glowing runes that start to flare upward. This might be the magic that Dani has warned them about. From her incorporeal position, Rin can tell much of it is meant to point inward, to prevent things from leaving. However, something is brewing, energy is building.


The attacker is deflected by Cap's shield. With a clang, he bounces and rolls toward the edge. Rocket's question may be rhetorical as his shot hits the attacker straight in the chest and he careens out the open wall and then down the mountain.

However, there are others that move their way through. ICER bullets crash against the wall and there is a cry of anger and challenge as three more people charge forward toward Merrow, Steve and Rocket.

One woman in athletic gear gives out a cry and swings her legs at Cap's in order to bring him to a halt. "It doesn't matter what happens here! Two more will grow in its place!" she shrieks.

The two others attempt to attack both Merrow and Rocket. They both have automatic weapons and shoot forward, in an attempt to incapacitate.


"That is a lousy catch phrase and makes no sense!" Rocket opines, but at the gunfire spattering in his direction he jerks back around his makeshift cover. "Crap!"

He readjusts his hold on his rifle, gritting his teeth as he tries to gauge their rate of fire. There are only two, and Cap's engaging the other. Three total seems a waste of a good explosive. Fine.

Throwing a quick look towards Sloane he gives her a nod if she catches his glance, and in the next moment Rocket throws himself around the edge of his cover, leveling his rifle with a clawed finger practically locked around the trigger as he lets a stream of energy bolts fly. His aim may not be very accurate, but if he can disrupt the fire they're taking, maybe Sloane can get a clearer shot.


"You're going to what…?" Simon blinks at Rin, and then he just shakes his head, evidently trusting her to do her thing beyond the instinctive short-form query as to how in the heck she is going to scout down a bullet-filled hallway. The cry of pain draws a fierce grin to his lips, and he leans out again to fire off another spray of mostly-aimed covering fire. At least he's still in semi-automatic mode, firing individual shots rather than hosing the area down. Dani's question draws a chuckle, "Because we bring guns everywhere we go?"

The slackening of the incoming gunfire has Agent Green gathering his feet under him, but he's not going to rush ahead until recon is back — if it's coming back. Then there's more shouting, and less gunfire aimed at him, and Simon moves before he can rethink his 'plan,' ducking low around the edge of the doorway and letting the M-4 drop onto its sling so that he can draw his ICER pistol instead. The handgun is cradled in high and tight against his chest in both hands, the agent leading with his left side as he looks to grab the nearest cover inside the room and searches out a target.


Rin doesn't answer Green as he questions what she's doing, figuring that her actions are going to talk faster than words would. So she dashes forward down the hallway, not affected by the bullets and dashes through the door. Her new favorite thing is to scare the shit out of people when they see her. It's really the only thing bringing her joy right now in her dark little soul. While she enjoys the fear of the men in the room, she's got a purpose and she looks around the room at the men behind the desks. When they start firing at her, she raises her brow. "You missed idiot. Try again, maybe next time it'll tingle."

But something is tingling, and that's all the magical bullshit she doesn't understand in the room, and she feels like there is a lot of it. This isn't her department at all but at least she can report back. Shoving her head back through the wall, she pops out near Green and smirks. "Four idiots in here behind desks, they have guns. There is also a fuck load of magic down here and I have no idea what this shit means, but I'm assuming it's some sort of vortex that is going to give us more problems. We should probably stop it. Or someone should."


One's out the hole, three are left; Merrow's gaze flicks from one to the next to the next and to the next. One is going straight for Captain Rogers, but the super soldier can hold his own while the other two — the other two start going straight for herself and Rocket.

The mightiest trash panda in space gives her a quick glance and then nods. Sloane reaches out her hand toward the little rolling blob of water, pulling it through the chilly air toward her palm to catch it like a soggy baseball. Ready. Set. And /Rocket/.

Twisting out from behind her cover, Merrow takes advantage of the covering fire by popping up behind Rocket, cracking off shots from the Icer in her right hand and flinging out the sphere of water in her left— adding a bit of extra velocity and pressure to it in flight!


[Sloane Albright rolls 1 on 1d2.]


[Rocket Raccoon rolls 1 on 1d2.]


[Sloane Albright rolls 3 on 1d20.]


[Rocket Raccoon rolls 15 on 1d20.]


[Simon Green rolls 11 on 1d20.]


[Rin rolls 11 on 1d20.]


Steve Rogers arrives from East Side.


As Rin returns to Simon, the build up starts to happen very quickly. As she passes through the doorway the magical snap refocuses. Things seem to be very localized.

The hair on the agents' arms start to rise. It's like static electricity building in quick succession. Outside the doorway there are a few charges that ignite between anyone who attempts to touch the walls or anyone else. Rin comes back through the doorway without managing to ignite any of it. Her incorporeal state keeps her immune to all of it. However, her information is both informative and a warning. Inside, however, a whirlwind starts, pulling equipment and people up into a strangely colored vortex.

Upstairs, while people are attacking. Rocket manages to smash the man attacking him right in the chest. There is a cry of pain. He collapses onto the ground, gasping for air. However, things start to knit back together. His skin starts to glow slightly and he crawls back toward the Raccoon with quite a bit of purpose. "We will serve, we are many" he says, winded..

The attacker is hit by the same rounds, but attempts to hold onto Sloane. He's quite adamant. He is not shoved backward. Instead he grins. "Live in the Light, we must all live there. Embrace it. You are like us, are you not?" He, also starts to glow from his wounds. He keeps quite a grip on Sloane as that grip turns brighter and warmer.

Cap's own attacker keeps attempting to put him on the ground.


When Rin appears out of nowhere beside him, Simon starts in surprise, twisting his body to turn the ICER toward he… and then recognizing her and holding off from firing. Not that shooting at her current form with an ICER round would have done more than embarrass the ex-CIA agent. He nods at the information passed along, "Four. That's doable…" and then he trails off his his sweat-laden arm hair does its best 'at attention' impression. Looking ahead, his eyes widen at the sight of the vortex, "Time to go." Instead of advancing, Simon straightens up out of his cover, firing off rounds from the ICER toward the nearest couple of desks as he retreats back toward the stairwell, calling out on the comms, "Evac time, people. There's a magical vortex sucking up people down here."


The manic grin that often accompanies Rocket's mad hail of gunfire freezes as his target's wounds begin to mend. Gaping, the Guardian shakes his head, taking a step back. "What the hell?!" he exclaims. As the man advances with such creepy words, raccoonoid snarls. "That don't sound good…"

Clearly there's only one thing to do in this case.


His finger yanking hard against the trigger, Rocket yells as he pours concentrated fire onto the crawling man. He only stops when Green's voice speaks up. "-wait, what?? Magical vortex?! We got people that don't stay dead up here! What kinda screwball funhouse did we walk into?!"


Blows rain down on the shield of truth as Captain America finds that his foe is a lot tougher than his originally thought. Cap backs up a few steps, but for the time being doesn't attack as he merely assesses. The fact of their resilience given more credence in the wake of Rocket's firepower not taking down the attacker. He doesn't speak about taking prisoners as, well, it seems rather pointless at the time being. Time to try and turn the odds on them.

As Rocket appears to be relying on superior firepower, Steve merely takes a few steps back as the shield is still keeping himself from harm's way. There isn't an attack. At least not at first. However, once the enemy is lined up toward the one grabbing Sloane, Steve attempts a bull charge with his shield out forward, attempting to plow into not only his foe, but also Sloane and Rocket's to make a glowing pile of nope that he'll try and slam into the wall.

"We either need to get what we came for and work around this or everyone needs to get out of the pool and we'll light this place up!" Steve replies firmly. After all, if they can't turn this down and they are outside, SHIELD can call down the fire to take down the place. Of course, this tactic is not the first time Cap has used this tactic.

Small Village in Italy, 1943

"Cap, these plants are growing and nothing is stopping them!"

"Get out, Fury, radio the bombers, we'll get to the secure point and light these guys up from the air!"

Mysterious Mountain Base, Swiss Alps, 1944

"I never thought I'd die to a growing pile of mutated Nazi chocolate!"

"Bucky, we need to fall back to the drop zone, we'll call a Flying Fortress and see what sort of payload these monsters can take!"


"Dude, don't shoot me it'd be a waste of a bullet." Rin says to Green as she startles him. Granted it's her own for for startling him, but that's besides the point right now. Watching at this magical shit gets worse, Rin looks to Green and nods. "Yep, I say that we should invoke the GTFO clause. I really don't feel like watching everyone else get sucked up in a magical vaccum. I'd have so much paper work to fill out."

With that Rin hops back into her suits and runs back up the stairs, because fuck this magical bullshit.


[Simon Green rolls 16 on 1d20.]


[Rin rolls 2 on 1d2.]


[Rin rolls 19 on 1d20.]


[Rin rolls 13 on 1d20.]


'Live in the Light.' Merrow's brow creases; Rocket continues to fire at the other, but it looks like these two are f'ed up on something more insane than their ideologies. Snagged, the young Agent's expression is a mixed bag of well-trained, well-taught control and a powerful spin of confusion, shifting her weight and pulling against the grasp of the glowing, warming-up man.

"Like Hell— I'm /nothing/ like you!"

The move is simple; Sloane brings her arm around in a broad, fast-moving circle trying to break the grip, then thrusts her other hand forward at his chest pretty hard— hard enough to cause damage to bone and tissue for a normal human, and hard enough to serve as a reminder that while she does not have proportinate strength to a spoder, the Inhuman certainly hits harder than she looks!


As Simon calls the magical Evac, the whirlwind pulls at Simon and Rin. Dani's own magical awareness has pulled alerted them and she is up the stairs. The magical pull tugs at their souls and russles their clothing, but they pull forward. Rin feels the pull the strongest until she is back into her magical armor.

A howl follows them upward, as well as shrieks of the people they were stalking.

Upstairs, Rocket unloads his gun into the guy lunging at him. He shrieks and falls backward and out the edge of the wall. He plunges down the mountain with a Wilhelm Scream, barely missing Steve's Shield. The one that has attached itself to Sloane is first tossed by the agent's simple effective move and then crashed against Steve's bullrush and is trapped against the wall. The man glows brighter and grins, looking directly at Steve when he says, "End of the line?"

Then, he bursts forward. Most of the energy is absorbed by Steve's shield. There is a loud gong, like that of a church bell. Much of the blast is absorbed, but the spill over still tosses Steve backward, and also splashes out toward Rocket and Sloane. The heat is intense, but the impact is far less than it might have been should he still have been holding onto Sloane.


"I didn't," Simon protests at Rin's warning not to shoot her, and then he flashes a toothy grin and adds, "not quite." Evidently even super-serious SHIELD Agent Green can poke a little fun at himself. And then they're both up and retreating, and Simon holsters his pistol and gathers up his M-4 again. After all, if he ICERs someone and doesn't carry them out… they're getting sucked up into the vortex, which is probably at least as bad as getting shot by a 5.56 round. Plus it's much better for cover fire. "Agreed. GTFO Clause Invoked." His mind is usually a steel trap for names, but this time he was thinking, 'That's a damned talking raccoon with a gun,' and so it takes him a moment to come up with, "Rocket," the soul-sucking feeling certainly wasn't helping his memory, "you want to put this place down for good on our way back to the plane?" His boots ring on the stairs as he swarms up them behind Rin and Dani. With the vortex tugging at his clothing and something very uncomfortable inside him, and especially with those shrieks behind him, he doesn't bother covering behind them with the carbine. He's pretty certain there's no pursuit.


Rin leaves back to East Side


Was it really a good thing to shoot someone off the edge of a mountainside knowing that they could magically knit themselves back together from the damage? Eh, he'll worry about that later.

Rocket's only slightly aware of what's going on with his current comrades, so focused is he on taking down the target that just won't stay down. Then Cap comes into peripheral range, but not soon enough to gather all three of their attackers. Not to mention that guy's glowing. That…can't be good. "Oh sh—"

He gets knocked back, head over rifle over heels, and nearly goes tumbling all the way down the stairs, his rifle snagging the edge to save him from a bumpy fall. "Ugggh… Cap?? Scales? -som'unny talk to me-"

Another voice altogether speaks up. Well, at least team magical vortex is in one piece. "Don't even gotta ask twice, Green," he responds, shoving himself to his feet. "Cap! Sloane- make with the exiting! I'll catch up!" Because as soon as he verifies those two are good and moving, he's dashing back down, fishing out one of his custom-made explosives. See how magic portals like this.


She's free— but things get really hairy, really fast. The man goes up like a light — quite literally — and a gush of heat blasts out through the air. Arms sweeping upward to shield her face and chest, Sloane is taken off her feet by the blast. She hits the door, buckling into it with her equally more-than-it-appears weight.

Getting her footing quickly, Merrow shakes her head to clear the swirl, blinking back the blur to keep an eye on Steve. Why? Well … Rocket makes it pretty clear, pretty fast. Get /out./ "Let's go, Cap!"

Jumping rails and hopping steps at a dangerous level, she's on her way to catch up with the team on the way to extraction. She won't relax until they're all on the quinjet. "Milk run," she murmurs, letting her gaze fall. It's not a milk run unless they get shot at, Phil said to her. The thought is enough to make the young agent frown.


There is quite a lot happening at this abandoned bunker of SHIELD from the seventies. As both Team Upstairs and Downstairs make their way back to the Quinjet, the bunker is left in both magical and explosive disarray. It's clear now that SHIELD's enemies have some sort of line to the past and have been using old SHIELD bases as hubs and safe spaces.

In some categories, this is a win - more information is made to narrow down how exactly it is the Warehouse incident happened. However, there are also new threats to be examined.

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