First Question; Can You Fly?

May 29, 2018:

Sif comes to and is wandering the Hall of Justice. She encounters a Lantern.


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Fade In…

Sif fully Awakened in the Hall of Justice, and while she stands there one hand bares a sword, the other an axe.

Across her back a shield she felt no need to wield, but it was no wonder. Considering the time and place and people.

Braided locks are a pitch laced with tiny threads of platinum, perhaps aging shown in the Asgardian woman who remains standing after such a feat?

A battle she had never lived before!


The Hall has so much open to it, a museum of Heroes and their statues, as well as effigies of remembrance, and along this palisade is where Sif stands now, attired much like Wonder Woman, but in red and silver along her armor instead. Braids fall over shoulders, down her back, while one hand clutches the hilt of one of her defensive weapons, staring upward upon a statue of a 'Remembered Hero' in this "Hall of Justice".

The Hall of Justice is used to traffic of all sorts, civilians, first responders, politicians, tourists, would-be heroes, fan boys and the Leaguers themselves. It is not an uncommon sight to find someone standing in the museum wing with its souvenirs and collected artifacts of past missions, a half crushed seismic device, an Apokolips terror shard, Atlantean war chariot for an oversize sea turtle, an inhuman shell husk that crystalized…

There though where Sif stares is up towards one of the All-Star Squadron former heroes from the Golden Ages, the Champions of the Allies back when Hitler himself had ahold of the Spear of Destiny. Times when hero and villain were clearly defined…

"Skyman or Star-Spangled Kid, take your pick. I think that costume was some transitional phase for him." Hal Jordan in full Green Lantern regalia remarks, flicking a black gloved finger up at the statue itself. The costume a mixture between blues, whites and reds full body, old school and more fitting an acrobat than anything else.

The Lantern puts his hands on his hips and gives Lady Sif a long stare, "Asgardian, huh?"


Pteurgis' skirt cadences against the weponry the woman carries, as a few steps are taken to bring her before another stony figure.

Sif's chin up-tilting - Defiance or acknowledgement? Perhaps both.

Her hand extends to touch the sandaled feet… No booted foot!

A blink changes everything in her perception and her hand slowly withdrawls to curl a fist towards corseted bustier that bares no emblem like that of the 'Superman' or the 'Lantern' addressing her.

Standing in front of … "Skyman. As he earned it."

A look back towards Hal from Sif with pale blues that have finally filtered the Emerald fully from the iris' depth. No more is she 'enchanted'.

Her moment of hesitance is attempted to be regained in front of the Green Lantern, her posture straightening, the press of palms seating her weapons with spread fingers.

"Just as I would not like to be remembered as As-Girl in the plaque at my feet." No pun intended! But her accent ruins the seriousness if Hal has not already.

"Asgardian." Sif's affirmation is one that is firm, and her pose becomes more proud, more statuesque before Hal, as well as the honor she owes the man and his League for their risks that freed her.


"You're a long way from home but then… there are a lot of Asgardians around these days. Like Kryptonians and Amazons you lot appear to have decided this is the place to be and… punch things." Hal grins, giving her a rather casual once over before he motions at the other statues.

"Neat names are part of the gig. Trust me, As-Girl could be much worse and is far more catchy than a few I can think of."

"This whole… magical possession thing you went through, how are you holding up?" He doesn't call her 'Amora'.


Hal did not pick up the 'Punniness' of that wording?!

Sif knows no better, standing there in this Hall before a renowned 'League of Midgard Justice' - Green Lantern, she simply remains unwavering and stoic.

A warrioress of Asgard and a representati—- His words incite splayed fingers over the hilts of sword and axe to clench.

Sif's own casual once over in return is pensive, but not as tense as the white knuckled grip upon her weaponry that rests over each hip. Exposed in the gaps between beltline and that of the tattoed abdomen baring a dragon of Old Pictish Woad Blue. A twist of faded ink that peeks from hip to disappear at the corseted halter top of armored leather.

"How many… Asgardians?"

Seriousness returned in the keen point of her gaze upon Hal.

A light lowering of her lids, not quite a blink as she watches him and shadows her true reaction. "The Lady Sif is as fine as the Lantern of Green."

A rise of one hand to cross breast and slam fist to shoulder in affirmation and solidarity.

"I will return the debt to this League, find these other Asgardians, and return home in full health." Her 'Thanks' unspoken openly, but pledged then and there.


"Oh I don't know, enough. It doesn't take many Asgardians to make a lasting impression." Hal muses, his arms folding over his chest.

"I am honestly not sure if that was us who freed you, Lady Sif and Green Lantern is fine. Lantern of the Green… so archaic and weird sounding. Corny."

A chuckle at her gesture, "At least you're not as loud as Thor. Prettier too… just barely." The Emerald Warden jokes, "You're welcome all the same and the Hall does work well as a sort of embassy for the outside races and refugees, it's set up to house a number if peaceful. League protective custody or some such."

Hal realizes hes sort of rambling on and half-turns, "I need some coffee. You're free to join me otherwise i'll catch up with you soon, Lady… Sif. Can I just call you Sif or is the Lady thing some royal demand thingy?"


A slender brow rises towards Hal as he is evasive about numbers of her Asgardian kin, but his note on impressions gains him a slow smile.

"Green Lantern, it is." A nod and that tension is slowly dwindling off of her form as her hands return to loosely rest at the line of her belt, hooking thumbs just at the bow of either hip.

"Sif." Lady was never her desired title, nor would it be. A tilt of her head has braids falling over the slope of her shoulder as her gaze peers curiously at Hal.

"Corny?" A tension along the slender contour of her throat. "Thor?…"


Hal turns to walk away and he has a very attentive Asgardian Valkyrior at his heels. "What is this corny, will it harm those like Thor as well in title?? Is he well too?" A slap of palm upon Hal's shoulder if she catches up to him. "Sif." Doubly affirmed now as she looks around as they leave the Hall. "If you are Protective Custody, where is your Shield… Ward Lantern? Where are the Chains?"

Sif already knows, but she cannot help but remain stoic abd neutral in expression as they wander.
"Corny. campy, cheesy. Earth slang I guess… it just means… you know, nevermind I can't see this getting any easier. You'll figure it out eventually. I'm sure of it."

"Yeah, Thor is one of our heavies."

The sudden palm slap has Hal staggering back on his heel, not entirely prepared but not thrown like some flimsy mortal should be. Nature of the power ring to be thanked.

"Oh I have plenty of shields, chains, boxing gloves, whoopie cushions and toys. Don't worry your pretty head on that one, Sif." Hal flashes another playful grin though it fades awful fast, "Coffee it is then. Walk this way."

"First question, can you fly?"

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