Showing Off

May 29, 2018:

Lorna runs into Drake and apologizes for the incident the night before.


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Mutant Town. What a weird place. Drake would never have thought such a place exists. He wasn't particularly in tune with mutant pop culture - all a part of hiding who he was from his family, from his 'friends', all that. So it came as a shock when he'd overheard it. And now that he's walking the sidewalk, he's frankly blown away. Mutants, letting powers fly, acting… well, normal. The level of chaos is noted, too, however. With a lack of control, things go Wild West pretty quick, he's sure. But who's going to police them? A department of mutants? Does such a thing exist?
Drake's mind is solidly occupied, sparing just enough cognitive reserve for self-preservation and avoiding running into anyone. He's looking full hobo today, cap perched atop his head, with the unnecessary addition of his hood drawn over that. At least his sunglasses are hanging off the collar of his hoodie. Nevermind the increasing heat of the afternoon or how sweaty it's making him.
Mutant Town was hardly an ideal place to raise a kid, but Lorna wanted.. no needed to keep her options open. As a mother of a visibly mutant baby, she or her daughter could be easily pegged as mutant by the strange color of their hair. She, most days, could pass as a punk-rocker type. A woman with green hair and too much cheap jewelry. But a blue haired new born was something a little too far for people to pass off.
So here she was, walking through Mutant Town and taking note of the neighborhood where Remy Lebeau had given her the keys to his apartment. It was certainly not something people would look at and assume the daughter of Magneto lived… there was that perk.
But here in Mutant Town was also Brotherhood territory and here people knew her face and knew her connections well. No one got in her way or even glanced her way—a lone woman untouched by the chaos of the poverty stricken streets.
Still, she kept her attention on others as she walked, and her gaze landed on the vagabond-type of the young man walking in front of her. It took her sometime to place him, and when she did, she sped up her steps to try to walk alongside him.
"Hey, you're that guy from the other night."
Poverty is something Drake's grown a bit accustomed to over this year. It doesn't warrant any additional focus. But perhaps more telling, he can't rationalize why this area would be anything else. The dreks of society, shunted to a corner of civilization that they can tear up, as long as they keep away from the normies. It's a Hell of an existence. And if he's being honest with himself, it's not one he really wants to be a part of. It'll do for now, but he wants something better for himself.
He exhales a gentle sigh as he watches a girl with obvious avian mutations sail by overhead.
Someone is approaching him quickly. He freezes, frame tensed at the ready to respond with whatever force is necessary. A perk to this surrounding? He could let his real self out and handle business. But what he finds is a passingly familiar face with very memorable verdant hair. What she greets him with is a phrase he doesn't often like to hear, but in this context, he isn't sure how to handle it. She gets a stunned look at first, followed soon by a stammer. "Oh, ah, you do? I mean I am?," he asks.
Lorna shrugged as she shoved her hands into her pockets, keeping pace with long legged strides and not looking the least bit bothered with it. "Yeah, you bolted at the cafe. Pepper, my friend, was hoping that you'd stay and get something to eat." She grinned faintly, "Not that I can blame you all that much. The guy did have a sword thing and well.. you weren't actually doing anything.." She trailed off, glancing around the side walk and training her eyes down the street as they walked.
It was warm, but at least she was dressed for it with a pair of battered looking jean cut offs and a black tank-top. She looked prepared for the heat, despite her obvious fairly pale complexion.
Drake Riley slows his walk, however. It's instinctive; they're talking. And it's not like he has a reason to run away from her. Despite seeing him whip a mug at a dude for giving all the wrong signals, she's coming at him from a position he isn't particularly used to. "Ah, yeah.. it's fine. I'm not a charity case," he refutes, despite clearly being the opposite. Even his voice lacks the conviction of his words. "Anyway, it.. would'a been a nice gesture. I'm not tryin' to be rude or anything."
But that /is/ what he's being, isn't it? Drake knits his brow in thought, then shakes his head.
"Lemme start over. Hi, I'm Drake."
Lorna's amusement remained firm as she listened to him, and arched a brow as she eyed his clothing and posture as they walked along. At least he'd slowed his pace, and he wasn't as bad as her half-brother in terms of speed or rudeness. So, really, the guy earned a free pass in her book. "I didn't say you were… Mostly I think she meant it as an apology for the guy threatening you.. It's what she does. Trust me, she likes to try to help people in general.." As far as she'd measured of Pepper's character at least, the woman was downright saintly when it came to public works projects. And for dealing with Tony Stark.
As he shook his head and started over, she inclined her head once. "Polaris. Nice to meet you officially and all. Whatcha doing out here in Mutant Town, Drake? Down on your luck, or curious?"
Drake Riley gives her a curious look at the name she gives him. Polaris. "Is that.. like.. Scandinavian..?," he asks. He'd adopted a monicker of his own, but he's far from used to addressing anyone else by them. Maybe it's the fact that she's dressed like any other person. Though to be fair, he doesn't exactly have a cape to flash around, himself.
"Either way, it would've been nice of'er. But she seemed to know Slim Shadey, Marquis of Stabs-You-For-No-Reason, and that's the sort of thing that just puts a guy off." Despite his words, he flashes the female a small, boyish grin. "And to answer your question," the grin dims, "can't it be a bit of both?"
Lorna's eyebrows shot upwards as the young man tried to follow where or what her code name was. It was easier in Mutant Town to use it. People knew it. And the fact that he didn't… well, it made it clear that Drake simply wasn't the regular crowd. Interesting. Still, she smiled, and continued her easy walk alongside him. Her flip-flop clad foot kicking at a pebble on the sidewalk.
"It's the name I chose for myself. It's just easier for me to by it here." She supplied, "It's not Scandinavian. Polaris.. like the North Star. Magnetic North.. That's sorta my thing." She shrugged, and glanced side long in his direction.
"She is nice, but yeah, she knew Stabby-Mc-Stab-Stab. He was sort of a one word type guy from what I could tell." She fell silent for moment, glancing around the street again and pursing her lips.
"Few people actually want to be here you know.."
"Oh, so you're a… with the green hair..," Drake concludes, sparing his left hand to wave about his head in indication. "Huh. Polaris.." He looks forward, the grin starting to resurface. "That's cool."
His hands stuff into the central pouch of his hoodie, and the grin subsides once more. "What're they gonna do? Walk around with everyone being weird with'em? Maybe even getting attacked? I dunno what it's like out here, but back home, it wasn't something you just told people. At best, it was the end of your social life. Probably career, too."
Lorna nodded and shrugged once, "Yeah.. I'm a mutant. With green hair. My brother has white hair. My daughter has blue." She smiled faintly, and heaved a breath as she considered the street once more, surrounded by mutants all about. She dragged her hands through her green hair and she glanced back to him.
As he mentioned why people were there, she nodded, "Well, that's like here.. Got arrested myself for being a mutant in a music store last month. I didn't even do anything.. But that's what happens around here. Cops killed a kid not too long ago." She grimaced, "Laws say you can't discriminate against people with genetic differences.. but.." She shrugged again. "It's why Genosha makes an attractive option to people that can afford it."
"Yeah, I bet," muses Drake. "But this… this is just depressing. I dunno if I'm supposed to be sad about wanting to be able to blend in, but…" He glances around them. There's no shortage of oddness to see here. "…better that than this, right? Until things change? It's just so freakin'…"
What's the word he's looking for? Lonely? Crushing? Isolating?
"…miserable. Managed to not get arrested for it yet, but hey, I'm young yet, right?" He shoots her a sidelong look of his own.
Another nod followed, and Lorna fell quiet for a long time, thinking for a long moment, considering. "People here at least can be themselves. They don't have to hide.. and well, with the registration acts being debated.." She grimaced and shook her head. Her voice soft, "I've been looking at moving here just to get lost in the crowd. To not have to deal with humans trying something just because of who I am or how I look.." She sighed softly again.
"What, am I an old woman because I got arrested?" She teased back.
"You do have it a little rougher, given your.. circumstance," Drake submits, his head canting. His equally green gaze falls to his feet as he walks on in silence, letting the situation mull between them. But she seems to have some pluck about her that he didn't see coming! Her tease gets a surprised look from him, and he quickly fires back with an impish smile, "I dunno, is green what we get instead'a gray?"
Lorna arched a brow upwards, and she kept pace, "I can dye my hair, it's not quite as bad as some people have it. They've got tails, or skin that's different.." She stretched her hands behind her arm, rolling her shoulders as they walked. A grin returned to her expression as he shot one back her way.
"Nope, my dad has white hair and I'm pretty sure he's way older than me, last I checked. So… green is not the new grey."
"Well, that's kind of a shame," notes Drake as he walks along. "You could do way worse than being a greenette." He shoots her a quick wink, then looks ahead again with a more relaxed smile. "So, you have a kid, huh? Did'ja give'em a fun name, or something that's all," he nosewrinkles, "/normal/." By this point, he's certainly playing with her.
Lorna snorted lightly, her hands shoved back into her pockets as she walked along, and nodded to a crumbling store front with a battered looking bench outside it and a half battered in cigarette tray. She plopped down to it, and gestured for him to join her. "A greenette? Never heard that before. Not sure that it sounds any better, but why not.." She drawled, crossing her legs as she peered along the street and the few mutants out and about, just.. living.
"Her name is Aurora. Should've waited until we knew what her powers were.. really, now it just seems silly."
Drake Riley moves along with her to the bench, head tilting slightly. He really isn't into the state of affairs in this district. He's used to slums, thanks to a few years of his life in California, but this seems somehow… more sad. "Greenette. It's a thing now. Deal," he chides with an uptilt of his chin, affectedly smug. The look is abandoned promptly. "Hey, no, if Polaris is the north star, Aurora is like the northern lights. Right? I think it's nice'n thematic."
Lorna shifted on her position on the bench it creaked dangerously beneath their weight, before she smoothed a hand over the edge, green illuminating her finger tips. The metal beneath lurched once and seemed to settle more firmly than before. She shot Drake a look, testing his reaction as she watched him carefully. A beat and she crossed her arms, leaning back once more. "Better than being 'greeny' I guess.." She drawled, "Or Shamrock." Tony Stark was to blame for that one.
Still, as he continued onward in regards to naming her daughter she grinned faintly. "She's a bit more shocking than a nice, pretty, Aurora.." She murmured.
Drake Riley tilts and adjusts to keep his position on the bench as it bows awkwardly. And when she applies her mutant-tastic touch to the situation, he startles - but only a little before settling. "That was trippy."
Satisfied that the bench isn't going to dump him onto the concrete, he pivots to face her. "Shocking, huh?," he asks. "Shocking how? Shockmaster shocking? Or..?"
A wiggle of Lorna's fingers followed, and she leaned back, green buzzing around the tips of her fingers as she idly summoned up a few scraps of metal to her hands. A nail, a broken bottle cap, all floated around between her fingers in a bored fashion. "That was nothing. I figured the thing was going to break. Gave me an excuse to fix it without anyone getting all grumbly." The mutants of Mutant Town were proud, as much as Drake was and didn't look kindly on 'charity cases' either.
Lorna often got a free pass from such behavior, along with a few X-men.. but the place was Brotherhood territory and it all depended on what faction was in charge where..
"Shocking like…" She hmm'ed under her breath, "Picking up an electrical cable and while standing barefoot in a puddle of water..?"
Drake Riley's eyes widen as her fingers take on that green glow again, only this time drawing some bits of metal, well, debris. Pupils fix on them in an almost feline way. "You're showing off, aren't you?" The gaze shifts from her fingers back to her face with a sly grin. "It's fun, right? Getting to, like.. indulge in it? Because it's something different. It's something that makes you you. Just one part, sure, but it's like the spears part of a fork, or the bowl part of a spoon, or.. some example that isn't silverware." His expression bunches briefly.
"Unless you're like me, apparently." His left hand raises and his fingers splay. Tiny, but brilliant blue arcs of electricity dance between his digits. And with a musing smile, concludes, "Where a baby can do what I do."
Lorna grinned, "My powers are part of me, yeah.. I wouldn't give them up for the world. They make me different, sure.. but so does my hair.. It's me. And yeah,.. I'm showing off. A bit. A little bit. I can't help it. It's as natural to me as some people find twirling their hair or tapping their feet." She murmured and glanced at him as he brought sparks to his finger tips. She grinned, leaning forward.
"Hey, don't be too down, my dad can do what I do a thousand times better. There are plenty of magnokinetics out there. And I know at least half a dozen telepaths.. Just because someone else can do what you do on some level doesn't make you any less unique.. or makes your powers worth any less.." She arched a brow.
"And besides, I'm literally one of like two people that can hold my daughter. Electro-magnetism and all.. she won't shock me to death.."
"Yoouuu were showing off because it's fun, and you like having guys go all 'ooh' at you," Drake playfully accuses. "It's cool. It's fun, too. So don't worry. I'm not judging." All of this is said while his fingers continue to spark.
His hand lowers, and the miniature lightshow comes to an end. "I like to think I've got a pretty good handle on my powers. Am I the strongest around? I'unno. But I do know what you're safe with me." He then purses his lips in thought. "So she's already showing off powers. That's really young, isn't it? You can't be older than twenty, tops."
Lorna chuckled softly, and shrugged. "A bit. I'll admit, but it doesn't make it any less natural to me. I swear. You should be thankful it was just scrap metal." She says as it floats back to whatever corner of the street the bits of metal had come from. "I usually play with knives if I'm being honest." It drove Marcos nuts. Oh well, all the more reason for her to do it. A green eyed glance followed to peer at his fingers as the sparks faded from the visible spectrum. She grinned and shrugged, leaning back as she crossed her arms.
"I think I should say that you're safe with me, Drake." She drawled, and as he continued onward she snorted and laughed again. "My daughter is, was sort of just born.. well, it's complicated. I'm legally able to drink though, geeze.. First I'm old and now I'm too young to get my own drinks."
Drake Riley pretends to flounder, his hands raising in an animated shrug. "I'm bad with age, and you're throwing me nothing but curveballs!"
He then cants his head to her. "And why would I be safe with you? What else can ya do?" It's almost like a challenge, but it's really him providing a little prodding to see how much she might actually show off or brag. He doesn't think less of her for it, but it is pretty entertaining. Seeing people's powers in general is entertaining, to be fair.
Lorna kept her highly amused look upon her features as she considered Drake and shifted on the recently reinforced bench. "You can't judge mutants based on appearances you know. There are way too many out there that don't look their age." Cable was only a few years old technically, and Logan… well, she wasn't sure how old Logan was other than old. And her own father? He was well over 70 years old and didn't look much past his 30s if that..
Still, as he asked her what else she could do, she grinned. "A lot. But you'd be safe with me because well..electricity and magnetism go together like, peanut butter and jelly. They work well together, all those charged particles and what not. Electricity gives me a boost."
"Well, /clearly/ we need to team up and fight crime," jokes Drake, mirroring her grin. "I'll wear steel-toes shoes so you can magnet-throw me around or whatever. Magnet-karate. Polar-Fu. And I boost you like a jumper cable. In less than a month, we'll have a movie deal."
Lorna smirked, trying and failing to hide the laugh from her expression. It didn't work. Her eyes twinkled with amusement even as she kept her arms crossed. "Sorry, I've got my schedule filled up on crime fighting these days.. Still, last guy I threw around by anything complained that he was gonna die.. I mean, you're not semi-invulnerable are you? Healing factor or something?" She arched a brow, partially serious.. partially joking, right?
"Healing what now?," asks Drake, probably answering the question without realizing. Though it's also possible that he doesn't yet know the full extent of his own mutation. He's less interested in that than what she did say. "Your schedule's filled up on crime fighting? Whaddaya mean?" It sounds a bit like she's already doing that. And that's something that his him entirely too intrigued.
Lorna arched a brow, her amusement settling in with something far more subtle. Still, she shrugged once as he asked what a healing factor was. "Do you heal really fast if something cuts you up or survive horrible things that would kill most people? That's basically what it is.. I have a few friends that can take hits and keep going, others that.. well, they take a hit and get better immediately.." She murmured and glanced around the block once and heaved a sigh.
"I'm joking? I really haven't done much crime fighting.. Mostly trying to figure out where I'm gonna move in with a mutant kid that has no control over her powers.." She grumbled
"Ohh. I'm tough, I guess? But I don't think I heal super fast or anything..," Drake says. Of course, he really doesn't know what would constitute faster-than-usual. He can only speculate. That aside, this remains the lesser of two interesting trains of thought.
"You haven't really done much crime fighting," he repeats. He all but didn't even hear the second part. She has his undivided attention, and he's looking at her more keenly. There's some excitement behind those expressive emeralds. "That means you /have/ done that before, doesn't it?"
A blink and Lorna tilted her head back as she considered Drake beside her as he latched onto the phrasing she used. A hesitant look crossed her features only briefly before she rolled her eyes and dug out her phone. "You don't spend too much time on the internet, do you?" She drawled, and lofted an eyebrow upwards as she tapped over the screen a few times. She glanced side long his way. A measuring look followed.
Funny how she seemed fine to oust herself as a mutant easily enough but this was something else entirely.
Drake Riley is only more curious the longer it takes her to give him a direct answer. Knee folded upon the seat of the bench, now fully facing her, his gaze flits between her phone and her face. "The Internet's a big place. Lots of things on there. Are ya famous?" There's no taunt in his words, just pure and unadulterated interest.
Lorna considered, and shrugged. "Famous, infamous.. ehh.. really with my family it could go either way." She smiled thinly and clicked the cell phone off. "Spend some time poking around on the internet or don't. Either way, it's nice to be around someone that doesn't hold up gossip as an end all be all for who someone is." She grinned and tucked the phone away.
"Now, if you'll excuse me Drake.. I have to head home to check on my baby girl. It was nice chatting with you." She paused, standing before digging around into a pocket and pulling out a battered card. "If you need help or anything, with your powers or hell just want someone to talk to, you can call me up there."
Drake Riley's eyes steadily widen. That sounded like a confirmation to him! "That's so cool," he swoons. He looks her over again, almost certainly seeing her in a new light. But then as soon as he begins letting his mind wander, she announces her departure. The expression on his face switches abruptly to disappointment, jaw even hung. "Aw, come on! You can't drop a bomb like that and leave me hangin'!"
When she gets up, so does he. He eagerly takes the card, gives it a quick look, then back to her. "Oh, you'll be hearing from me again. I want details from the source, not secondhand!"
Lorna chuckled softly under her breath, and shook her head slowly. "I've got a baby that I'm responsible for, Drake. And like I said, one of a few people that can hold her without getting shocked.." She murmured, even as she shoved her hands into her pockets once more and shrugged as he got up and took the card all too eagerly. She'd have to talk to Jean, or someone about getting the kid off the streets.. If the X-men weren't a good fit?
Well she'd had the luck of running into another half dozen heroes over the past year or so.. Something could be done, she was sure.
If she was less sure about inviting someone on her own. "Don't go telling me you're a reporter.."
"Dude. No. Look at me. Reporters are supposed to wear peacoats and fedoras," Drake chides. "And sure, you've got responsibilities, but I still wanna hear all about it. It's /cool/. Deal." Despite his words, the teen is wearing a brilliant smile. "But, ah, hey - go do what'cha gotta. I can bug you later. It was nice actually meeting you, /Polaris/." Special emphasis now, because it's totally a superhero name. He's so sure of it.

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