To Duck Or Not To Duck

May 29, 2018:

Kara and Drake show their penchant for awkward misunderstandings.



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Kara is dressed rather casually, a funny print off the shoulder top, and a red, fluttery, knee level skirt. Her shoes are very funtional red converse, and a whole slew of cheap bracelets jingle about her arm as she walks. The way she looks at the sights and sounds of Chinatown, she may well be a tourist. Then again, she has rather striking looks, so maybe a model with some time off?


One wide-eyed teenaged blonde girl who may well be a model wearing fun, stylish clothes? Counter that with an equally expressive-eyed teenaged male with dark hair who's wearing clothing that looks like it's on the south end of their life expectancy. Drake is milling his way through the crowds of people, tilting and weaving with expert grace. Little does he realize he's on course to meet the blonde right in front of a stall.

"DUCK!," shouts the vendor. Indeed, he's holding a duck on a slab of wood. But as soon as Kara and Drake near him, the duck is raised in all its flapping, quacking glory. "DUCK!," he repeats.

"Gah!," startles Drake, recoiling. "Yes, yes, it's a duck, take it easy!"


Kara is rather oblivious of Drake, but her attention does veer towards the very loud man at the stall. The moment he shouts his instruction, she follows immediately, Kara ducking directly underneath his stall, expecting to be under attack at any moment.


"You want duck!?," demands the vendor.

"I- what?"

Drake's attention is taken from the duck and to the pretty blonde now ducking under the stall. He bursts into bright laughter and leans down in an effor to make eye-contact with her. "He meant the animal!"


Robert Berresford heads out to Lower Manhattan.


Kara is rather confused by Drake's laughter, as she motions for him to get down as well, "he said to duck, there's something dangerous afoot!" It's not true, but that's what Kara understood. When Drake suggests the man meant an animal, she just blinks, "I know what 'duck' means!"


Her accent isn't foreign, at least not to Drake's ear. She doesn't look exotic - if 'extremely pretty' doesn't count. Drake's starting to match her level of confusion. "No, no. He means- hang on a sec."

Turning, Drake reaches for the duck. The vendor withdraws the specimen with a scowl. "You want duck?"

"Yeah, gimme the duck."

"Okay, get pay!"

"Hold on." Drake doesn't have the money to pay for the duck. He barely has any money whatsoever, in fact. He won't be bringing the duck to the girl, so he'll hopefully coax her to see the duck. He offers his hands down to her with a wry smile. "Come'ere, I'll show you."

Meanwhile, the vendor is fetching his butcher knife. Someone said they want the duck, so he has some prepping to do!


Kara very tentatively takes Drake's hand, concerned about the trouble that may still be afoot, until he points out the duck. But there's also the man with the knife, and she immediately calls out, "no! I forbid it! There will be no killing of duck!"


Drake Riley's hand takes hers gently with an approving smile, perhaps less rough and gruff than his wardrobe may have suggested. And as soon as she's joined him at full height and they both turn to view the duck, both are in immediate protest. "Nono, stop!"

The vendor looks confused. He regards the pair, then the duck. "You want duck!" He raises the knife.

"Stop! Wait!"

Confused, the vendor insists, "I kill duck!"

"No kill duck!"

The duck adds its own views to the argument via quacks. Confused, flustered quacks.


Kara walks up rather confidently to the man brandishing the knife, and informs him, "I have decided to stand for justice, I will not let you kill that innocent animal!" She manages a surprisingly fierce look on her face, considering she doesn't give the impression of much of a fighter.


The vendor looks /so/ confused. They wanted the duck, now they don't want it?

Drake moves in beside her and gestures emphatically with his arms, as if a runner just hit home plate. "/No/ kill duck."

The vendor seems stayed. As the knife lowers gradually, it becomes apparent that he may understand what they mean. At last, the knife is set aside. Suddenly, the duck is thrust out to the pair. "You buy duck," he nods.

"What, no, come on," protests Drake.


Kara nods assertively along with Drake's pronouncement, "yes. No kill duck." She agrees, though it may well be every bit as confusing. Then he offers an alternative, and Kara nods, "okay." She then reaches into her purse, and takes out a credit card of all things, "this magic card should do it."


The vendor passes the confused bird over to Kara and takes the card. Naturally, he doesn't have a card reader, so he's giving it an odd look. When he identifies it as a credit card, he waves it in the air. "Credit no good, need cash!"

Drake is so at a loss. But he doesn't interrupt, as drawing attention to himself won't benefit anyone. He certainly can't pitch in. And on some level, he's aware of how absurd this whole thing is.


"But it's a magic card!" Kara insists, "it always works!" Judging from her expression, she feels like that should be enough to convince him. Of course, it sadly isn't. She has no cash.


Drake Riley is quickly realizing that something just doesn't add up with the blonde girl. It was apparent before, but the extent is really sinking in. This won't end well if it continues the way it is - he has to do /something/.

"Card no good!," the vendor barks back. Drake suddenly sweeps forward and plucks the card from his hand. "Hey, hey, it's alright!" With his free hand, he subtle swishes his hand to attempt to signal Kara to take the opportunity to slip away. "She's just confused. Foreign," Drake continues. "Exchange student, know what I mean?"

"Pay for-"

"What else do you have back there? Do you do noodles here?"

The vendor glances briefly to Kara, then focuses more on Drake in an effort to keep up with his English as well as answer his questions.


And it's just about then that Kara shows something weird, she moves incredibly fast, snatching the duck and disappearing. One moment she's there, the next she's not, along with the duck. Hopefully, Drake isn't going to get in trouble for it.

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